Saturday, July 2, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday woohooo long weekend. And I got Tuesday off too to make it even longer. Yes I have hardly worked lately, it's been great haha.

Yesterday after work I went over to Jessica's to get Daniel but just ended up hanging out awhile since my mom was coming over to see the baby too. 

Great Grandbaby #2 for mom. She has 10 regular grandkids ages 28-1 

Stole this one from Jess, so cute. Sheba watching over her

I brought Daniel back with me to play. My mom is staying in her little trailer with my nephew Little Joe. He's been in and out of the house 586 times lol. He's cute but he is a full attention kid. Wants to engage the whole time so it's a bit exhausting. He says what a lot lol. He's going to be 4 the end of August. I'll have to get a picture before he goes home. 

He played with Daniel a bit but Daniel is still learning how to play right. He's not used to playing and sharing with other kids. He did pretty good yesterday though.

He was following the cat up the cat towers yesterday. Um yeah no climbing up there thanks!

Me trying to relax on the couch..

So far the plans for today were to have quiet while Trevor goes hiking but that might not happen since LJ is here in the backyard haha. He went back out, we'll see how long that lasts. My mom got a little pool but my back yard is so uneven it is all willy nilly. I think I will order some dirt to try to even it out a bit. We can start at one end and work our way over right? The backyard, well really my whole yard is super neglected. I'm sorry it's more fun to be sewing right now haha. I need like 26 more hours in a day to do everything I should do/want to do. 

I'm still a little bit sick too. I did my nose spray this morning and my face feels a little better. Coughing little bits of stuff up too so at least stuff is moving. My head was starting to hurt a bit last night so I took some Robitussin and slept like a baby. I think it is just my sinuses all messed up. If I'm still crappy on Tuesday maybe I'll go to the Dr. That would be 2 weeks of being sick. 

Scott asked me this morning if we have any covid tests in the house so I guess he's feeling a little sick too. He said probably just a cold coming on but just to be sure. He hasn't shown up to get it yet though.

Going to eat some breakfast then attempt to get another box of fabric out to go through! Hope it's one worth money haha. $1600 left on my credit card bill. I haven't been credit card free in like 20 years so it is rather exciting. I've been transferring the money from Paypal over to my bank at the end of the round of fabric sales and then padding it to make it an even number and putting it right on my bill. 

Little Joe just came back in with his Ipad :)

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