Thursday, July 14, 2022


Good morning happy Friday Eve! Almost there! Working from home again today but will probably go in tomorrow. Yesterday I was dying when my stomach was acting up and I had to go for a walk to get to the bathroom.  So annoying.

After work I came home and worked on my fabric pile. Some of these are from the other day but don't the colors look so pretty.

Jess came over for a little bit. Stole this one from her, is this not 2 kids under 2 ;)

Miss Lillian is 1 month old now

Snookie was very excited to see the return of a baby carrier with a baby in it. She LOVES her some babies. 

Proof I actually washed some laundry yesterday haha. I have it going already this morning. Shouldn't take too long to get it all caught up again. 

Today's plan is work, laundry and work on cleaning off my desk in my sewing room. Super exciting life I lead. (yes I like it like that haha)

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