Sunday, December 3, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday from the house of anxiety! I'll be so glad when everything to do with Scott's parents stuff is over and done with and I never have to talk to anyone ever again :)

Yesterday I spent all day working on my quilt squares.  It's a furry family affair. Tina telling me I can't iron the blocks yet lol

Snookie and Simon had a great time messing things up while I was trying to decide how I wanted to lay it out

I ended up just sewing 4 squares together and now have 12. I'm thinking I'm not going to use the yellow/orange now.  Then I'll probably decide to take the green out too haha. Good thing I still have time ;)

This morning Scott ran to Home Depot and got us a new kitchen sink so he can fix the big leak under it. I asked him to make that his first job now that he is home. I think he might be done. Only minimal cussing too! 

While he was gone I washed all the dishes and made this breakfast casserole.

and then I re-patched the arm of the couch that Simon thinks is delicious. I should have embroidered her name on it. I told her if she eats it again I'm stuffing her in there ;) I don't think she believes me. I should make some arm covers like the grandma's had to cover it all up. I usually have a sheet on it anyways unless it's a party to cut down on the dog/cat hair. Eventually I'll buy new couches but she's not even 2 yet so might as well wait.

The kids are coming over in a little bit for me to babysit while their mom works. She said she doesn't think she'll be working much longer since she is 31 weeks and everything hurts.  Yesterday they went to the Oakland Zoo. Daniel is so into the safari animals I bet he was in awe of them in person. I might have to tag along next time they go ;)

I'm so tired from Scott not sleeping. I can actually feel when he has anxiety and I don't even have to be in the same room. It's great (not).  Ok off to clean up before the kids get here!

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Saturday, December 2, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

Yesterday I was looking through my scrapbooks for a picture of Scott's mom to use for her services. It was fun looking through them. I need to get back to scrapbooking. All these pictures just hanging out in the cloud. 

I found this and thought it was funny. That's my mom's writing for my name and the date. She must have sent away for it or something.

I think this is my favorite one to possibly use. I sent it to Scott so he can maybe tell them to use it if his brother didn't already pick something. 

After work I did some cooking. I made this soup which I didn't try yet but I know I made it once before.  Italian Vegetable Soup. I like to have soup for lunch so that is why I made it. Good filler food.

and Beef enchiladas. They were a little spicy but good. 

I made some Mexican Rice A Roni and forgot to turn the heat down so it cooked REAL QUICK lol. I had to add some extra water to it and scrape it off the bottom of the pan but it survived. I forgot to buy more vegetables for dinners. Pretty much sick of salads. It was fine though. 

I made 12 blue blocks to add to the quilt. I think I will make 12 green and 12 yellow ones now and then see how they look all together. Oh I made 2 more blue and yellow blocks too to round out the ones that were missing from before.

Yesterday I took some old blood pressure meds I had stopped taking because they made me have leg cramps. I was thinking that my new meds was the same but it must be just a tiny bit different because oh boy do my legs hurt now. Have to go pick up my refill of the good stuff today and the old ones are going into the trash.

Trevor worked from 11-4 or something last night. I was awake around 4 feeling Scott's anxiety buzzing over to me (and my legs were bothering me) so I heard Trevor come in. Eventually Scott went onto the couch and I fell back to sleep after awhile.

When I got up I was like what no coffee? That's my perk for him being home and no perk today ;) I told him and after I went grocery shopping and cooked for you too! Just kidding of course but had to make my own coffee this morning.

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Friday, December 1, 2023


Hello happy Friday! Oh shoot I just remembered I still need to do my time card.

It took me a little bit to get all caught up on emails this morning but got done before noon!
Yesterday evening I finally made a menu and grocery list and then went shopping.
The fridge was looking pretty sad lol. Now I have food for 7 days of dinners. Of course I was too tired to cook anything when I got home so we had some of the cold fried chicken I always buy. Scott didn't get home until after 8 so that's too late to be expecting dinner from me. 

I went to bed early last night but I got this much done on the quilt I'm working on. I need to make a lot more lol. None of the blocks are sewn together yet so it might look different later too depending on how they are arranged.

Lucy this morning being a heating pad on my hip lol.

No plans for today/tonight so I can just sew. I had to cut green strips yesterday so that took me awhile. I should have enough for a bit so I'll be able to whip more out once I get back to it!

Scott is booking his plane ticket to go to Texas to watch the super bowl with his buddies now. No more worrying about leaving his mom so he's free to go! 

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Thursday, November 30, 2023


Good morning happy whatever day it is. Thursday? I was going to work today but I kind of feel crappy. I woke up while Scott was getting ready for work. I temporarily forgot how much he talks to himself. He makes coffee and takes the dogs out though so I might keep him. I fell back asleep after he left into a super deep sleep and woke up around 8:30. Guess I'll take another day off of work. 

Yesterday Scott went to the funeral home with his brother. He had me drop him off at his moms since he had 3 vehicles there at one point and needs to bring them home. He brought the truck home later. Down to motorcycle. Wonder where that's going to go. 

Anyhow, he wanted me to come in and show him which blue dress it was his mom wanted. She had told use that she wanted to be buried in this blue dress for years. I went in and pulled it out for him. Then I was like I'm taking this plant home ok? My goal when I first started going over there 2 years ago was to not kill this plant lol. Some how it is still alive. One time when I went over there the whole thing was laying flat. It has like 6 plants in it and desperately needs to be repotted. I actually bought this plant like 20 years ago so I'm just taking it back. But it's little side kick buddy had to come too. 

After that I dropped him off I went to Joann's and bought some batting, interfacing and white thread. I made it out with just that. Amazing!

Scott came home later and they decided on a viewing on Friday 12/8 (Scott's dad's birthday) from 2-4 and then graveside services on Saturday 12/9 at 10am.  I had my one and only craft show scheduled for the 9th so that is out the window. 

I was cleaning my sewing desk area up looking for a keychain I had set aside for my friend but heck if I can find it. I think Tina must have taken it hostage. 

Since I don't have any more craft shows lined up I decided I should work on a quilt for the new baby. 
I decided to just do a string quilt since I love making them and they are relaxing. I'm doing blue, yellow/orange, and green.

I pulled out my scrap rolls I've made and have been picking out the colors I want out of them to start. I think I will have to cut some green strips but that's ok. Use it up!

 I started by making 10 blocks of blue and yellow at 9:45pm last night lol. Now I'm going to make some blue and green ones. 

I made stew for dinner this picture is horrible. The stew was good though. I'm going to have to go to the store today there is almost nothing left in the fridge. 

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Good morning! 
It's a new day for my mother in law in heaven with no pain since she passed away yesterday around 6pm. Scott was there and had made himself something to eat. He went into his bedroom and when he came out a little bit later to wash his dishes she was gone. I'm glad he was able to be with her on her last day. He just left to go over to the house and work on cleaning his room up that he has lived in for almost two years. He doesn't know what to do with himself. Later today he's supposed to go with his brother to the funeral home and get that stuff started. He was talking about going to work for a bit too since that is how he escapes. I took the day off. I'm going to distance myself from the house as much as possible because this is the time where his siblings who are the type to steal things will act like I am also that way. 

The kids came over yesterday so Jess could go to her doctor's appointment. She got there and they said we tried to call you to cancel. I guess the person doing sonograms went home sick. So all that arranging and no Dr.'s appt. She was sad she didn't get to see the baby but was glad if the girl was sick she wasn't breathing on her.

Simon has decided she's not a big fan of the kids now lol. She was all snuggling with Trevor to stay away from them. 

It was weird last night. Scott packed up some of his stuff to bring home, turning off the lights etc. Now for the next part. I should probably take my stuff off his closet rod now too ;)
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday. I'm feeling a little guilty about how glad I  am that I'm not at my mother in laws today. Yesterday work was dead so I was just sitting around turning to mush. Hospice and my brother in law never showed up either. I had to change her myself and it just kills my back. Aunt Flo showed up today too so I'm sure that isn't helping.

Yesterday I left Simon out in the house with Trevor's door open since he was sleeping. I guess he slept all day and she got bored so she re-ate the couch. Trevor gets to work on his patching skills again. You can see part of the last patch lol. The previous time I was able to sew the fabric back together but she's been rather ambitious. Darn animals. It doesn't really matter at this point since the cats have also scratched it to hell. 

I've already been outside with her 3 times to throw the ball and I just got my coffee. It finally is getting colder in the mornings and she's like this is my weather!

Scott took off work to watch his mom today since I am going to watch the littles while Jess goes to her specialist dr appt. Hopefully work stays dead while they are here. I actually got one email of something to do finally but it will only take a minute. 

I also have darts tonight so a busy day!

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Monday, November 27, 2023


Good morning happy (or not) Monday from my mother in laws. Scott is off to work and I'm waiting for a work email of work to do. I had ZERO emails for work on Friday. We'll see how long it takes to get people going today.

Yesterday I puttered around all morning and then did some cleaning. The kids came over around 2:30 and stayed til 5 when their dad came and picked them up. Rosie with her Miss Rachel. She got overstimulated eventually and I took it away. She also played for awhile before she got to watch it so she wasn't looking at it the whole time lol. Daniel was running around playing. He is into throwing things, sometimes at your head when you aren't looking. I got a dinosaur to mine at one point. Dang kids!

Snookie catching some rays

I was sitting in the recliner and she fit just perfect next to me. She's such the lap dog.

Tina napping on the pile of abandoned laundry. Probably will have to rewash all that stuff since they have been laying on it. 

After the kids left I went and got Chinese food and brought it to have dinner with Scott. Poor guy is probably super glad to go to work today so he can get out of this house. He only left to take care of Trevor's truck since Thursday night. That's a long time.  His mom responded to me again and I swear she tried to say I love you back to me a couple times. This morning when I came in she woke up for me too. When she hears my voice she makes a little sound. Breaking my heart a little more each time. I'm too much of an empath for this job. I could definitely never be a nurse. 

Anyhow (cry cry) I stayed til a bit after 8 then went home and went to bed. I was awake forever. How can you be so tired and not fall asleep? Then I was awake at like 2 for an hour or so. So doing good this morning. I locked all the doors and put the top lock on too here so it takes Mr Asshole longer to get in. Just to be a dick and I have more notice of him coming in. Thinking about recording on my phone while he is here just in case he decides to verbally assault me again. Since he only does it when no one else is around. Not that Scott doesn't believe me. 

Tomorrow Scott will have to watch his mom so I can help with watching the kids while Jessica goes to her specialist appointment. I'm supposed to have darts tomorrow too so that will  work out. He really should be here anyways. 

Jess and I were talking about the full moon last night and I was looking up if more people pass on a full moon. I found this and thought it was nice. 

 Today is day 5 of no water and day 4 of no food. How long can a body last?

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Sunday, November 26, 2023


Hello happy Sunday! I didn't have any pictures so here is Tina begging for loves. 

Yesterday Scott and Trevor went and got us some pizza from Papa Murphy's (you bake it at home) so we had that for a late lunch. Trevor had left and Scott I thought went to take a shower and I was laying on the couch because I was exhausted. Scott's brother comes in and looked at me through the screen thing in the doorway and then went into the kitchen/living room where his mom is. After a few minutes I heard a bang of sorts and I was like wonder what that was. I was sitting up and he comes into the doorway and yells at me something about the trash being full. I was like we couldn't take it out because the outside trash was full and they JUST picked it up. (The trash in the kitchen wasn't over flowing either). Then he yells at me about making this house a mess like I live there. I kind of laughed a little and said CALM DOWN WE'RE NOT THE ENEMY and he slams the door and then peels out in his truck and I heard a car honk at him. Sheesh. I think someone needs some therapy. What a crazy ass. I found Scott out in the garage doing laundry and he didn't hear a thing with the washer and dryer going. We went in the kitchen and he had kicked one of the smaller cans over (they have 3 cans for trash so you have to sort out recycling and stuff) and there was 2 pieces of pizza on the cutting board. There was like 4 things in the sink. I guess you're supposed to eat standing up and just put it away immediately.

Anyhow so that was fun and still rolling around in my head today. I decided to go home around 6 and fed the animals and played with the dogs a bit and then I went to the bar where our friend Dave bought me drinks and then I came home and made a turkey sandwich and went to bed. Surprisingly I'm not hung over this morning.

Since it is watch the kids Sunday I think I will stay home this morning. Scott said his mom is the same as yesterday. She's full of little energizer batteries I think. Jess said Daniel will pick them up around 5 so then I can take Scott dinner and hang out then. Hopefully I'll miss the Jack Ass daily visit to show he's boss. 

The hospice people never came yesterday either. So much for coming daily.


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Saturday, November 25, 2023


Hello happy Saturday! Lets start with a few more Thanksgiving pics Jess sent me last night.

Trying to get everyone coordinated for the timed picture haha This is my kids and (part of) Daniel's family

Yesterday Jess, Melissa & Eric all came to hang out with Grandma a bit. Jess wanted to paint her nails so she did one hand and Melissa did the other. It was so sweet.

Grandma was listening and would move her mouth a tiny bit or her eyebrows but that was it. 

I decided to go home around 6:30 since there wasn't much of a change and I didn't want to sleep on the trundle bed again. That thing was like sleeping on plywood. If I spend the night again I'll sleep on the couch.  Melissa left about the same time as me. Jess had left a bit earlier since she has the littles at home. 

I got home and had some furry snuggles and washed up all the Thanksgiving prep dishes. There really wasn't that much but there was a lot of bulky things. 
Tina head butts.

Tubz didn't want anything to do with me after I fed her some dinner haha. Such a guys cat. 

I went to bed not too long after cleaning the kitchen and eating some pie. I woke up to Trevor texting me at like 11:30 that his truck wouldn't start after work. We decided the easiest thing would be for me to just go get him and deal it with it in the morning. So I went to get him at like midnight. I had to stop and get gas on the way too. Simon went along for the ride.

This morning we went to go see if it would start and no deal so I came and switched places with Scott and they went and got a starter and put it in.

When I came in I said good morning to my mother in law and she opened her eyes and made some noises. Well. Didn't expect that. She was doing a bit of moaning so I gave her some meds and gave her lots of wet swabs with the sponge thing for her mouth. Of course she stopped making noise right before Scott got back. 

I asked Scott to humor me and take the mirror off the wall behind her. The energy feels much better now. I'm glad he did it even though he thinks I'm nuts lol. 

Yesterday we were looking for the photo albums from when Scott was little and surprise they are not where they used to be. We can't find them so far. I told him a long time ago he should have brought those home since most of them were pictures while hew as growing up. I guess he believes me now. We did find more loose pictures while we were looking. 

Not sure when this picture was taken but I like it. 

his mom with 3 out of 4 daughters

His mom with the 2 daughters that have passed away in the last 2 years.  His mom was about my age here, just a bit older. Melissa was impressed with their legs. I said they were all lookers!

Haven't heard when the hospice people are coming today yet. Yesterday the girl said she's showing the signs that it won't be long so they will come every day now. 

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Friday, November 24, 2023


Hello happy Black Friday. Me and like 3 other people are working today lol I had one email that got sent to me after I got off the computer on Wednesday that I did and now it's crickets. 

Wednesday was pretty horrible here with mother in law. She was in agonizing pain and it was just horrible to hear. I kept giving her meds every 2 hours and eventually she calmed down and seemed to check out.  She was pretty much checked out until Thursday night when I came over after Thanksgiving she actually responded to me and I got her to eat a pudding cup. Then she checked out again. 

I think the girls are coming to see her today. The nurse is coming in a little bit too. They sure don't come as often as I thought they would. You'd think they'd have someone come by every day to check on everything.

So Thanksgiving! I cooked the turkey, sweet potato pie, bacon wrapped little smokies and the stuffing of course. Melissa came over and did the deviled eggs and salami with cream cheese and peppers. I cut the turkey all up and put it in the crock pot and that worked out great. Still have to wash all my cooking dishes that I left lol. I figured they'd be there later. 

A surprise double yolker

Scott's brother had come over to his mom's house and offered to sit with his mom for a bit so Scott could come eat with us so that was very nice. 

Little buddy left his clothes on the whole time it's a miracle haha

Spinning with auntie Melissa

have to get the Jess & Daniel from her, took a picture of them on her phone. We took a couple group pictures too. 

These were huge plates. Did not eat it all lol

Little man was running around and wanted me to go with him in the kitchen. I gave him some marshmallows and he fed me some and him some more haha. 

Dessert buffet lol

My cousin posted this on FB yesterday. So funny since when Scott and I talk a lot of people think we're arguing and I'm like we're just having fun.

Well sounds like a hospice nurse is coming in a bit and then a chaplain lady called and I said might as well come since she's religious in her head even though she never really went to church. 

Moving a long at a slow pace but moving along. Oh and hi Rachael thanks for commenting. She's not going anywhere at this point. I don't suspect she'll be here much longer. 

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