Friday, December 29, 2023


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!

This is what I did all day yesterday. I made over 100 of these blocks with the Valentine's fabrics I chopped up. I still have a little bit left that I didn't use but that is the bulk of what I had. I've had some of these forever. I added in pink and red scrap fabrics too.

I discovered I don't really have that much red fabric left. Good! Using this stuff up! Not that you can tell by my narrow walk way in my sewing room haha. 

I think I've finally decided I just don't like what I was going to use for the baby's quilt and I'm going to make something else. It's wasn't cutesy so I think I will make something cuter after I get done with the Valentine's stuff. I will probably have to go buy some more batting at some point. I'm pretty sure these squares are enough for multiple quilts. I need to lay them out and see. 

I've been watching "Untold" stories on Netflix. Most of them are sports related but they are still really interesting. Bruce/Caitlyn Jennings was a good one. I was too young to know all his Olympics stuff so that was fun to watch. The Florida Gators one was kind of long but still interesting. Now I'm on the America's Cup Challenge one. I don't think I've watched them in order since sometimes it wants to bring up one I've already watched. 

I got my time card done this morning. We'll see if I get any other work to do today. Yesterday I had like 2 emails that were people asking me questions they could have figured out themselves.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Thanks for something new for me to watch!! I'll give that a go.
I'm getting bored

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