Monday, December 4, 2023


Good morning happy Monday. But really ugh Monday. I wish I just had Mondays off. When I babysit on Sundays that makes the weekend go fast. 

My vacuum has 3 filters. This part fell off one day and I was like good God that's disgusting. So I ordered some more off of Amazon. They came yesterday. I wonder if it got some water sucked up or something to make it moldy looking like that.

Rosie was in a good mood the whole time she was here. I don't think she even cried once. She did carry Miss Rachel around with her a lot though lol. 

I figured out how to put Amazon Kids on the tablets and was letting Daniel play with his. He found a bunch of little videos with Safari animals on them. He probably only played with it for about 1/2 an hour though then he was done with it. 

Quick snuggle with Papa. He's getting so big. He only hung out there for a minute this time lol. I swear he comes with clothes and then strips 5 minutes later.

I added some mac & cheese and a hot dog for the kids just in case ;)

Daniel took one bite then took off. He ate about 200 goldfish and other crackers though.

Daniel got mad when he wanted to go home and threw a fit. He ended up putting himself to sleep on my bed. (It was mostly made before he played in the blankets). He hasn't fallen asleep here in a long time.

Today I am doing laundry and need to wash the dinner dishes still. I was exhausted after the kids left and went to bed. I actually slept a bit better since Scott slept in the recliner all night lol.

I have Bunco tonight so I think I will make the chicken fajitas I have stuff for. I just need to get some more tortillas. 

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