Thursday, September 29, 2016

Poking My Fingers

Ok I did it! I finally got my sewing machine out and used it. Of course I spent more time trying to figure out wtf was wrong with tension than anything else! I had put the book for the machine in with it one time when I was cleaning and so I pulled it out to look at the bobbin threading since that is where I was having trouble. I found out that I've been putting the thread in the bobbin the wrong direction for 20 plus years. No wonder it was always being such a problem. If all else fails read directions.

So anyhow, I had decided that I wanted to try making these pocket pillow cases. I figured they wouldn't be too hard for "getting back into sewing". I used to make tons of little girl dresses and I was really good at sewing but I'm a "bit" rusty!

Of course, as soon as I got my stuff out I got a helper.

I may have pulled the stitching out of this pieces 10 times. That's when I was trying to get the tension right on the bobbin thread.

and the finished product. It was super easy once I got my tension figured out. Next time I will probably use the bigger rick rack.

I was thinking I'd just use fabric in my stash to make a bunch of these for the nieces and nephew for Christmas but after going to Wal-Mart for thread last night and taking a tour of the fabrics I think I'll buy new cute character fabric for the kiddos. I want to put in a book, maybe a personalized book mark, and then a cute felt animal or stuffed animal. For the bigger kids I was thinking instead of a book a notebook & gift card. Oh and a new pillow to put into them too of course! Anyhow, just a little fun project to keep me busy.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tid Bits of Life

Well I caught up on all my old posting I think! I just have a bunch of random stuff left to talk about ;)

Last night I went to Bunco, which is the last Monday of every month. I missed last month so it took me a minute to get back in the groove but it's tons of fun. It cracks me up how everyone starts off quiet and by the last of the last game the room is so loud with everyone's hoots, hollers and laughter. That's what make life so fun! (And I didn't have to be home to listen to Scott rant about the debate)

It was this time of year 4 years ago that I got my little Lucy. Wasn't she adorable? The "On This Day" on Facebook is my favorite part of the morning when cute pictures like this pop up.

Now she looks more like this. LOL She cracks me up. She really likes to sleep on those pillows there but it seems more like she's just sitting there judging me for sleeping too long.

Rusty doesn't care though, he'll just keep sleeping like a rock star!

I was going through some old books and found this old baptism. I tried to look up and see if the person was still around but couldn't find anything.

I stole this picture off my step-mom's Facebook. A good picture of my dad. I don't think I've ever seen his hair so short though!

I took Melissa to get her senior pictures taken for the yearbook. The school contracts with this place for the yearbook pictures so you have to make an appointment, which could be free but if you want it retouched it's $30 so I did that. They did a ton of poses but sadly I won't be able to buy any.

The cheapest package is $165 for like 3 pictures. ROBBERY! My sister in law is going to take some fun pictures for us with her fancy camera. I'd rather pay her and get lots of pictures.

This cracks me up every time I use my spiral cutter. Scott didn't think it was as funny as I did ;)
 My mom sent me this picture from a couple weekends ago when they were out working on the cabin and all the kids ended up over there. Trevor seems just a bit too grown up here!

I've been feeling crafty lately and trying to decide what I wanted to work on. I ended up pulling out a bunch of patterns and then putting a bunch on Etsy and Ebay (and also maybe have picked some up at the thrift stores lately). The Ebay auctions ended with me only selling one there but I have sold 4 on Etsy. not a ton but it's kind of just for fun and there stuff stays on there for a long time for only a .20 listing price. 

I was thinking about doing some sewing but then somehow I ended up making some book marks out of some old books. Of course first I ended up doing quite a bit of cleaning trying to find some of my stuff and then I dragged everything I had dragged out to the kitchen back into my room since there was better light in there and most of my stuff. Then I ended up cleaning my drawers of my desk...

Eventually I came out with some bookmarks lol.

I love them :) I put them on Etsy so we'll see if anyone buys them or not, I might have to lower the prices a bit IDK. It's just fun to make them. The books were falling apart so probably would have been tossed by most people so it's fun to make something out of them.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

VFW Comedy Show

A couple weeks ago I was at my Entertainment Committee meeting (we usually meet once a week) and one of the gals that goes is also on the VFW Auxiliary. She was selling tickets for the dinner & show that they were having there. I didn't really want to go at first but then everyone else was going so I asked Scott if he wanted to go and he said ok. I left out the part about the show because I knew he wouldn't go if he knew what kind of show it was.

AND  I was right haha. The show was basically a silly drag show where the "gals" went around and collected dollars in their tops/dresses to raise money for the boxes that they send to the troops. Scott pretty much spent the entire time only looking at his phone because he was so uncomfortable. Sorry hunny, I won't do that to you again ;)

Here's a disgusting picture of myself. Note to self, stop eating and don't straighten your hair that way. Also sit up straight.

Dinner was being served with what looked like nacho cheese sauce on everything. I asked them not to put it on mine and then everyone at the table said they wished they had said that too.

The show was funny but I just feel kind of awkward with the whole drag queen type thing. Like is this socially acceptable in this day and age? Maybe I'm a bit too worried about being PC but I know quite a few young adults who are transgender, bisexual, etc and I can't help to feel like a cross dressing show where everyone thinks it's hilarious is maybe not so PC. But then we WERE at the VW hall and most of them could care less about being PC right? Funny how that works.

Anyhow, we left right after the fashion show. If Scott wasn't with me I probably would have stayed around and danced with my friends a bit but we were both pretty ready to go. (you know that feeling when you know your spouse doesn't want to be there, right?) We went home for a minute and then went and hung out at our own little bar for a night cap :)Pin It

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adrian is 7

I can't believe Adrian is 7 already! She has a mouthful of partially in and out teeth. So cute! This year she had a swim party with a taco bar for lunch/dinner.

This is us playing the knot game with the kids. They all LOVE LOVE LOVE Melissa.

They played a game of musical chairs. I was telling someone's grandma that every party I've been to when they play musical chairs someone starts crying. Sure enough, both the younger kids started crying when they got out lol.

Adrian opening her presents. Check out her grandpa behind her sacked out. Naps happen people.

The taco bar for lunch/dinner was great! This was lunch and later I made some nachos for dinner. (we were there ALL DAY)

Ah to be 7 again. When I was 7 my little brother was born and I was no longer the only child. Talk about a life changing year.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Last bits of the Luau Party

Here's a few more random pics from the Luau Party

The bar actually made a fun drink for the party $5 rum banana strawberry something or other. I refilled my cup a few times with the kids punch after this..

My friend Traci with the goofy glasses I gave her

Cutie pie Adrian

Dinner! They made a pulled pork sandwich but it could have used some BBQ sauce. Seemed weird not to have that on there.

People hanging out

Someone who lives in the club is part of this Ukulele group. They played for about an hour.

While they were playing this "hula" girl aka Traci's husband Tom went around and passed out lei's.

Most people left before the dancing got started but the kids and I had a great time dancing! Trevor danced so much he tried to get out of going to school two days later because he was "sore". I told him I think that's a sign he needs to get more exercise.

And, last but not least, a sign that it was a good day, almost falling asleep on the stairs lo.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Giant Hibiscus Tissue Paper Flowers

I LOVE making cool party stuff from items from the dollar store. They always have tissue paper there and tissue paper flowers are a lot of fun to make!

I saw this pin for some giant hibiscus flowers and knew I wanted to make some.

The tutorial to make them is here and they are actually pretty easy to make. Making a template actually took up the most time. I was pretty tickled with the first one that I finished.

Then I made 3 more.

I went back later and made 4 more smaller ones out of the leftover tissue paper pieces. I ended up being in charge of decorating the big covered area where we served dinner for the Luau party. I think the flowers looked pretty nice on there! Someone went and cut some bamboo that was growing by the lake and I stapled it about a million times to hold it up.

The flowers added nice pop of color

I think it turned out pretty well for practically free decorations!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hula Girl Cupcake Toppers

At all our neighborhood club parties we have the cake booth game, and all the cakes are donated. It costs a quarter to play one square! This is actually a great money maker at our parties and usually brings in somewhere between $100-$200.

Lately I've been trying to make something to donate. I like to get a cheap plastic plate and make cupcakes. This will make two or more donations for just a couple dollars.

This time I decided to make some cute cupcake toppers. I found this cute hula girl image online and I was able to separate them so that I could use one girl at a time for my toppers.

The toppers also make it so that the plastic wrap doesn't get stuck to the icing.

Here's Robert with his winnings. What a cheater, they just bought some cookies from the store ;)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toilet Paper Roll Parrots

I originally pinned these cute little parrots thinking it would be fun kids craft. Then later I decided to just whip a few out myself.

Parrots in the making

I know they are totally goofy and childish but I didn't really care because they are so funny! I found these googley eyes at the dollar store and thought they would be perfect.

I just used the glue gun to hold everything together.

At the end of the party I took them down and gave them to a bunch of little kids. Robert made his "fly" over and over. I'm glad someone got some entertainment out of them after they were done doing their decorating job!

ETA: I went over to a neighbor's house the other day and SURPRISE there are 2 of my parrots by her front door. Her granddaughters put them in her plants there. Live on little toilet paper parrots, live on!

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