Thursday, September 29, 2016

Poking My Fingers

Ok I did it! I finally got my sewing machine out and used it. Of course I spent more time trying to figure out wtf was wrong with tension than anything else! I had put the book for the machine in with it one time when I was cleaning and so I pulled it out to look at the bobbin threading since that is where I was having trouble. I found out that I've been putting the thread in the bobbin the wrong direction for 20 plus years. No wonder it was always being such a problem. If all else fails read directions.

So anyhow, I had decided that I wanted to try making these pocket pillow cases. I figured they wouldn't be too hard for "getting back into sewing". I used to make tons of little girl dresses and I was really good at sewing but I'm a "bit" rusty!

Of course, as soon as I got my stuff out I got a helper.

I may have pulled the stitching out of this pieces 10 times. That's when I was trying to get the tension right on the bobbin thread.

and the finished product. It was super easy once I got my tension figured out. Next time I will probably use the bigger rick rack.

I was thinking I'd just use fabric in my stash to make a bunch of these for the nieces and nephew for Christmas but after going to Wal-Mart for thread last night and taking a tour of the fabrics I think I'll buy new cute character fabric for the kiddos. I want to put in a book, maybe a personalized book mark, and then a cute felt animal or stuffed animal. For the bigger kids I was thinking instead of a book a notebook & gift card. Oh and a new pillow to put into them too of course! Anyhow, just a little fun project to keep me busy.
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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Good for you! Such darling gifts! It's amazing how getting the machine threaded right makes it work better. You are not alone in making this mistake. =)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I second Amy - good for you. I want to have time to be bored and knit scarves and the like.
And my machine made me so mad last time I packed it up and haven't taken it out since.
I may just sell it.

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