Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Marcus is 2, Race Car Theme Party

My friend Traci threw a simple race car themed birthday party for her grandson Marcus. You all know how much I love cute party stuff so I have to share!

Poor little Marcus was feeling under the weather for his party so he spent most of the party inside doped up on Tylenol. He did perk up a bit towards the end of the party and opened his presents and had a bit of cake.

My mom and my friend Nancy

This is chalk board paper, the kids and I had a great time drawing on it (doesn't erase all that good though). She said she got it at Hobby Lobby.

She has a great back yard!

Lots of friends and neighbors

Robert playing in Marcus' car

Robert and Adrian having fun (mom brought them to the party :))

Bev playing with Marcus

Cake time!

Sweet little guy!

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Seriously, you are always at some party or other... what a fab life you have mate.

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