Thursday, September 30, 2021


Good morning happy Thursday! Just taking a few minutes to wake up more than I need to clean up the living room. I am going to watch the little one while Jess cleans the neighbor's house.

Yesterday my friend Dee came over after work to pick up some stuff she ordered and hand out for a bit. She works at a school office and OMG she's got some crazy ass parents to deal with. Talk about some drama.

When she left it was time for bingo and Melissa & Trevor went with me. My friend Cassi is back from her trip to Oregon so she came and hung out too.

I worked on these make up bags on and off all day yesterday. They are just ready to sew together.

I got two done after bingo last night. They are nice and easy to sew since there are no corners to clip. Just sew around the edges.

Today is the last day of the fiscal year. We got an email yesterday about possibly being furloughed if they don't pass the budget that includes the USDA by midnight tonight. I'm just like well why wouldn't we be furloughed with this year the way it's been haha. We finally got the last two contracts done yesterday at the last minute. Here's your reward an unpaid vacation! 


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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Good morning happy hump day!

I finished all the keychains I had been working on yesterday. 

I looked over at some point and Lucy was laying like this. I was like what is she thinking about? lol. She closed her eyes after a minute or so and fell asleep.

I had ordered some more zippers since I was out of pink (I just get a variety pack off Amazon since it is a good price). I got them yesterday so I finished up the scrappy zip bags I had been working on. The bottom right is my favorite :) I have so much stuff hopefully I can fit it all in the car AND my mom on Sunday lol. Might have to switch some stuff to bags instead of boxes so it takes up less room.

I made pork chops last night and tried a different recipe it was so good. I usually buy pork chops with the bone in but Scott had got some without. Something about he had them in the cart for his mom but then found something else and didn't want to walk back lol. Now that he's been shopping for his mom again I can have him pick up a few things and do Instacart to fill in the pieces.

Probably going to go to bingo tonight. I need to see if Melissa is planning on coming. If she isn't I might skip it since my friend Dee is supposed to come over and get the stuff she ordered from me. She might be ready to leave by the time bingo comes around anyways.

We are down to two contracts that have to get signed. One the guy has to resign the original application because they signed it with an electronic pen type thing. Pretty sure they've let a few of those through, funny the things they kick out. I don't get why it makes a difference. The other one keeps being "too busy".  I'm pretty sure I'd make some time to get $110k grant money. Might just be me though? lol

So far the only work stuff I have today requires me to go into the office to print things out and mail them so that's not going to happen today. Maybe next week. I'm off on Friday and Monday woohoo. I think I am going to get a massage on Friday my neck has been bothering me.

Ugh Rusty is kicking things because he wants me to take him out. Anyone else's dog do that? Such a little poop head. Ok back in he just wanted to look for the yard cats. What a faker.

Still watching the Handmaid's Tale, Almost done with season three. Part of me wishes it was over so that they "get out". If there are more seasons then you know that didn't happen.

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. 

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Good morning happy Tuesday! Apparently today is the last day for people to sign contracts. I think we have two left! We'll see if the stragglers decide to finally take 5 minutes to get a bunch of money.

I pretty much just worked on keychains all day yesterday. I used all the interfacing I had bought, which wasn't a ton but I was surprised I used it all.

Anyhow, they are all ready to just sew around the edges and then they will be done!

Still binging the Handmaid's Tale I'm on Season 2 Episode 9! I've been using someone else's Hulu account and it has commercials. I've been debating just getting my own and paying for no commercials so I it doesn't take as long to watch.

Last night after Scott was home I went into the kitchen and got stew on the stove and washed the dishes. I went back in the sewing room while it was cooking. I would go in the kitchen every so often and stir the stew. About an hour later Scott was like "are you cooking something?" Why yes, yes I am cooking something, that was all that noise in the kitchen you apparently didn't hear. I swear he is so in his own little world. Drives me nuts sometimes. BTW the stew turned out great lol. 

I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I think I will make pork chops. 


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Monday, September 27, 2021


Good morning, it's Monday already blah! Why is on the weekend I can't sleep in but on Monday my body is like it's ok you can just lay here allll day. But not of course.

My friend Dee got Daniel a few shirts, isn't this one cute!

Friday night Scott and I went and played Darts. Scott bought us some darts on the way home from work and I did so much better with new darts! Our team won most of the games (us and another couple). It's funny though since we know everyone so it's just like we're all just having fun together. This is my friend Carol.

This is so cute but all the welcome fall stuff with sweaters and leaves always crack me up since it's still getting in the 90's here.

Currently waiting for an Instacart delivery. I sent this to my friends and told them I'm all ready to start my egg and booze diet haha.

I spent all weekend making masks. Figured I should sew up the rest of the Halloween fabrics my friend bought for me to use. Going to bag them up for the Lodi Street Faire on Sunday!

My Rusty sure is starting to get gray :(

Tina sleeps in the best positions

I finally got my kitchen table all cleaned off. I don't know why that is such a difficult task sometimes. But it feels so much better to have that all clean. Just waiting for Trevor to go back to work some day so I can get the living room cleaned up again. They move all the furniture around to play on the Playstation and make it like a frat house. 

I know I'm late to the game but I finally started watching The Handmaid's Tale. OMG! What a crazy show.

I have no emails to work on this morning. 4 days left of the fiscal year! Once they are done obligating what is left of the contracts I'll have to go into the office to do packets and letters.

I have Friday and Monday off with the Street Faire on Sunday. I am going to go back to working on keychains now that I have more interfacing. 

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Friday, September 24, 2021


Good morning! Happy Fri-YEAH! My friend Dee sends me and Carolyn an email every morning and she started it off with Happy Friday and I was like oh she messed up it's Thursday but uh no, it is indeed Friday haha.

Yesterday I worked for a bit and then went and got my blood drawn. I was like man the people that work here are so crabby. Then I started thinking about how everyone that goes in there had to fast so they didn't have any coffee or breakfast and that's why EVERYONE is crabby haha.

I already got my results back this morning. It says I'm a little bit fat and unhealthy and should go on a diet. Just like I thought it would.

After I got done with that I went to Walgreens and got some more Zyrtec D since my ears like to plug up in the afternoon. Drives me crazy.  I need to go see an allergy doctor I think.

Jess asked if I could watch this guy while they went to the dumps so I took my work computer over to her house and watched him and worked. I had to put him in his little play area thing for a bit since he's like a one man wrecking crew. He sure can crawl fast!  He will be a year old in 2 weeks from today.

Got home and worked some more and then had to stop working around 3:30 and just go lay down for a minute. I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept for about 1/2 an hour and then logged back into work to do a few things.4 more work days of the fiscal year woohoo. We are ALMOST done with contracting. Finally.

My mom wanted to  hang out so we went out to dinner. I took a 2 pictures of her. One she blinked and is making a face and the other she blinked and made a face haha. So here's my dinner. I didn't eat it all my taste buds are still a bit messed up though. The chips tasted almost stale to me and the food just tasted kind of bland. I think it was just me though. 

After dinner we went to Joann's. I got more fall & Halloween fabrics since they were on sale again.

and some more Mickey Mouse since someone bought all the masks I made and wanted more.

Thought this Looney Tunes print was cute, someone wants more masks than I have fabric for already so I'll have to go see if they have anymore, it was almost the end of the bolt.

I got these for a customer for some masks

It was so hot in the store I couldn't wait to get out after my fabric was cut. I was like is it just me or is it hot? Worried I was like having something wrong with me lol. My mom was hot too so I guess it was the store.

Sat on the couch for a bit when I got home. Lucy was laying on the back and Tina came up. They touched noses and then I was waiting for Lucy to smack Tina like she usually does. Tina was waiting too haha. She didn't hit her but Tina didn't stay there long.

Decided to get up and work on my scraps a bit more. I'm a little short for the bag on the right I was working on so I'll have to get creative with that one, but I sewed up all the left over squares. Now to finish them into bags. Then I will work on some more masks and then back to keychains since I got some more interfacing.

I am pretty much caught up for work at the moment so that is good! We have darts tonight! Hopefully I'll do better than last time and Scott gets home on time.

No plans for the weekend. There is a party down at the clubhouse on Saturday but I am not on the Entertainment Committee anymore since my friend resigned from it and different people are running it. Woohooo. I probably won't go down to the party but might change my mind too lol.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021


Good morning!
Just a quick post before I go change my clothes and leave to get blood work done this morning. I was supposed to go back in January but never did. They sent a reminder things from the lab not that long ago so figured I'd go do it now. I'm sure it will say I'm fat and eat too much crap.

Yesterday work kept me busy most of the day. I'm amazed at how we are scraping out what we have left to do. Seven days left of the fiscal year and 5 contracts left to go. We'll see if they get done or not.

I went and played bingo last night for the first time since 2020. I won one of the special games. FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS which I spent on fried mushrooms and a soda lol. Melissa and Eric came to hang out too so that was nice. Afterwards we went over Jessica's for a little bit.

I finished sewing all the little squares I had left into a roll and then worked on making some string type blocks. I have one zip bags worth done up. Probably do the next one different for fun.

Ok off to change my clothes and go give my blood away!


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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Good morning, happy Wednesday! I woke up with a sinus type headache this morning but not really coughing. Go me! I used the nebulizer yesterday which made me feel all kinds of funky. I'm glad I waited until after work to do that.

Yesterday I got that big box of scraps I bought off someone ironed and wound onto my little cards. There are only a few pieces that were to small to do. Now I need to figure out where to put them haha. My drawer organizer is full. Must sew faster ;)

Stole this from Jess, they are so cute.

This is a drive by picture from when I went to get us some lunch yesterday. They are harvesting pumpkins down the road from us. There was a ton of cars so I couldn't just stop in the road and take a good picture. 

After I was done with those scrap fabrics I came across this little quilt top I had started way back in February.

I decided to turn it into a tote bag! I ended up finishing it late last night (again staying up too late haha). I love it so even if no one else does I'll just keep it for myself.

Inside is 3 pockets, 2 little and 1 big one. 

Today I think I will play with the extra squares I had in the bag and make them into zip bags. No scrap left behind ;) I have a few emails to do this morning. Everyone trying to shove stuff into 6 days left!

Tonight I'm planning on going to bingo with Melissa. Not sure if any of the other kids are going, I'll have to see if they want to go. Melissa is excited she has the evening off so we can go. This will be our first one since everything shut down. I missed the last couple weeks since we were sick.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Good morning it's another coughing morning. Hopefully this gets better soon. I might have to call and make a dr's appointment and see about getting some antibiotics soon if it doesn't. Kind of getting that bronchitis type feeling I always get after being sick.

Yesterday we got an email saying that they are projecting that we will all be back to work March 14, 2022 (and everyone will have to be vaccinated but we know how well that worked in my situation). That's kind of hilarious. Like why even bother by that point. Meanwhile my friend who works at a school wasn't even notified that the girl who sits next to her was positive for Covid. She said at this point the only reason they would quarantine is if they personally get it.  Kind of disgusting.

I stayed up late last night working on my keychains. I was like oh I'm almost done, then it was after 11:30 when I actually was. I was still wide awake in bed at like 1am and woke up around 6 and didn't fall back asleep. My body forgot how to sleep correctly apparently.

I still need to finish my "black" pile of keychains but I'm out of interfacing. I will probably run to Joanns at some point today. Part of me wants to go through and make up ALL the keychains I have started but that would be a lot lol. I'm sure I'll be sick of them after I finish the black pile.

After my last show I went through and cut off a bunch of keychains that I had had for a long time and hadn't sold.

Not sure what I am going to work on when I finish those yet. I should make some more wine bags since Lodi is a big wine area. I'm almost out of stock of those. I think when I have my show I am going to make all the mug cozies $3 or 2/5 so I can clear them out a bit. I've had some for a really long time. I have them on sale in my Etsy shop right now too.

We have 9 days til the end of the fiscal  year for work. Woohoo. I'll be so glad when this "year" is over. They have tried to jam so much into the last month it is ridiculous. 

Last night I saw a Tik Tok of this nurse talking about how this woman got Covid from her sister. How they spent an hour working on this woman trying to save her and how she still died and then the sister came in and asked them why they killed her sister. She was like girl you killed your own sister (basically). Super sad. I'm sure the sister was just grieving and probably didn't really mean to lash out at the nurses. But I also think it is really sad how they blame the sister for killing her. Like anyone really MEANS to get Covid and pass it on. I know everyone feels horrible if they accidentally got a family member sick. She'll live with that for the rest of her life. 

Everyone assumes they are all unvaccinated but they don't know. Obviously you can be vaccinated and still get sick and I'm sure pass it on. No I didn't die but who knows if I'll have lasting effects the rest of my life. Maybe I'll even get something funky from the vaccine that we don't know about until 20 years down the line. We've all seen those class action law suits for those "safe" drugs we took in the past right? I also feel horrible for the nurses and what they have to go through so I'm not putting any kind of blame on the nurse either. Like who signs up for that when you think oh I'll go to nursing school so I can support myself and my family.  The whole thing is just fucked up. Is it ever going to go away or are we just going to keep getting variants and new boosters and live with people around us dying. 

Well there is Julie's mind for the morning. Time to refill the coffee cup!

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Monday, September 20, 2021


Good morning happy coughing Monday! Ugh am I ever going to be back to normal again? Well as normal as I can be haha. 

Friday night I went to play darts for the first time. Melissa subbed for Scott and Eric came along to hang out. It was so much fun visiting with all the neighbors. I totally suck at darts though. See my new glasses?  After darts was over I went to my friend Traci's house and hung out for a bit until she started dozing off while we were talking lol. 

Saturday was my niece Adrian's birthday party. I had asked her what her favorite color was so I could make her a little scrappy zip bag to put some cash in. I actually got it finished up with some time to spare in the morning.

Trevor went with me to the party and we picked up little Daniel to go with us too. Jessica had to work so couldn't go. He was super interested in all the other kids.

This is my brother's daughter Stella she is 4 months younger. 

He was playing with this little wagon so Melissa put him in it and pulled him around

Then my nephew Joey wanted to take over (he just turned 3)

That's Joey's little friend Oliver in the background

Kids hanging out. Adrian is like I was growing up in between the big kids and little kids ages. Trevor is the closest to her in age and he is 6 years older. They spent about two hours playing the piano together. I should have got a picture.  Well I guess Ava is closer in age to her now that I think about it, but they left early.

PINK frosting woohoo lol. (Emma, Adrian, Ava, Dad in the background, Oliver and Joey)

I brought Joey's birthday present and he LOVED it. This cute T ball stand. He whacked the ball for a good half an hour straight. That's my brother Joe behind him.

My mom & Melissa with Daniel. They made such a nice porch area with these curtains going around the sides of the porch covering. Just need something to hold them down when it gets windy.

and here is Fancy who used to not be allowed on the couch lol. She is the cutest little dog.

I pretty much went to bed when we got home. My chest was hurting from breathing which sounds funny but didn't fell that funny.

Sunday I worked on finishing the rest of the Halloween mug rugs (I made 2 of everything)

and then a quick one for my friend Carolyn

I started working on black keychains for my upcoming craft fair (October 3rd). I thought I was out of interfacing but I found some the other day so used that up. I'll have to get some more to finish up the pile I'm working on. Need to get those sports teams done.

and I bought some scraps off of someone on a destashing site. I can't believe how much she got squished into a box and it just kept puffing up after I took it out. I spent a little bit of time ironing some pieces and wrapping them on the little cards but I have a ton more to go. Just been doing like 10 pieces at a time. So far lots of fun stuff I can use for little bags and keychains.

Ok guess I'll go do some work. So annoyed they are still selecting more people for funding. Everything shuts down in 10 days. Good luck getting it all done that quick. I took off the 1st and the 4th for a mini vacation. Plus I have that craft show on the 3rd so I'm sure I'll be wanting a day of nothing lol.

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