Friday, September 10, 2021


Good morning Happy Friday! Only 3 more days that I have to be "quarantined". If everyone else is still home I might run off to work in the office to get a break from everyone haha.

Trevor has a phone doctor appointment around 11. Not sure what it is going to do besides charge me $40 since he can't exactly listen to his lungs over the phone. Kind of annoying. Scott is like barely even sick which is good but also annoying since we're all hanging out together. Well not really since I have mostly been in my office/sewing room. But close enough ;)

I think I have slept almost all night for the last two nights which is really nice. Although yesterday I was tired mid day and took a 5 to go lay on the couch. They are harvesting almonds now so it's like am I coughing because of Covid or is it the usual almond harvesting coughing. Knock on wood I haven't coughed this morning though. 

I have a bunch of bags all ready to assemble but finished one up last night. This is the left over scraps from my other scraps haha. They are never ending ;) I like the way it turned out.

I just finished off the tapioca pudding my mom made me. I probably shouldn't eat this stuff at all since it's milk and eggs which are both on my sensitive foods lists. It is yummy though.

My little sewing buddies when I was turning everything off to go to bed. Lucy always goes to bed with me. She's not a snuggler but she sleeps right next to me.

Tomorrow is my oldest niece's birthday.  She is going to be 12!  They are doing her party a week from Saturday so hopefully we can actually attend. I missed her baby brother's birthday party when Trevor first got sick. 

Trevor ordered a Playstation 4 before he got sick and it finally showed up today. Guess they will have something new to keep themselves busy now.


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