Friday, September 3, 2021


Well it is a sad Friday here. 

I woke up to Trevor being upset that he couldn't breathe well and that he thought his room mate was dying. I'm pretty sure he was having a panic attack. he said they gave his room mate morphine. Trevor said he has oxygen on again too :( The doctor called me last night and had said that he would probably come home today but I don't think that will happen if they gave him oxygen again. Very upsetting morning.

And now I have a stuffed up head and one runny nostril and coughing a bit. I am vaccinated so WTF.  My mom is going to get me another COVID test for at home. Pretty sure I have it but hoping I don't. I ordered one of those finger oxygen things off Amazon after the doctor suggested it. It should be here in a couple days. I don't currently have a fever so at least that is good.

My boss just texted me that she is waiting in line for another test for her son, I don't think she ever got the results back from the one she did last week. I don't know why she doesn't just go get an at home one. Results in 15 minutes or less.

It's a bit rampant here. The Governor probably isn't shutting anything down since there is a recall election for him in 2 weeks. Too bad people being sick has to be political and not common sense.

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Sara Strand said...

OMG, Julie. <3 I'm so sorry. And poor Trevor, the roommate probably was having a panic attack, but honestly that wouldn't be my first thought and I think I would completely panic myself thinking I was going to see someone die. I hope that you have a very mild case and that your vaccine keeps most of the awful symptoms at bay. I'm honestly terrified to get sick and I told Matt I feel like hibernating in my house forever.

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts from Michigan, I hope you all heal quickly. That would be so hard to have your son be there on his own.

Anonymous said...

I’ve followed you for many years…I always enjoyed reading about you & your family because you are so authentic. Really hoping everyone in your family feels better soon. Even one-word health updates are welcome 😎

Peggy said...

OMG Julie, I am just catching up with all my blogger buddies since moving. I am so sorry to hear this. As you know you can still get it from unvaccinated people and having been vaccinated you will not be as bad. But it is still bad. Are you guys quarantining together? Should you? Also being vaccinated will allow you to not die. This is no joke and I'm sorry the unvaccinated brought this to you. This is another reason the unvaccinated are only thinking about themselves. Damn it. I am so sorry - hope you ALL get better soon. But just because you had it once doesn't mean the unvaccinated won't get it again and it could be worse. Good luck!

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