Friday, September 24, 2021


Good morning! Happy Fri-YEAH! My friend Dee sends me and Carolyn an email every morning and she started it off with Happy Friday and I was like oh she messed up it's Thursday but uh no, it is indeed Friday haha.

Yesterday I worked for a bit and then went and got my blood drawn. I was like man the people that work here are so crabby. Then I started thinking about how everyone that goes in there had to fast so they didn't have any coffee or breakfast and that's why EVERYONE is crabby haha.

I already got my results back this morning. It says I'm a little bit fat and unhealthy and should go on a diet. Just like I thought it would.

After I got done with that I went to Walgreens and got some more Zyrtec D since my ears like to plug up in the afternoon. Drives me crazy.  I need to go see an allergy doctor I think.

Jess asked if I could watch this guy while they went to the dumps so I took my work computer over to her house and watched him and worked. I had to put him in his little play area thing for a bit since he's like a one man wrecking crew. He sure can crawl fast!  He will be a year old in 2 weeks from today.

Got home and worked some more and then had to stop working around 3:30 and just go lay down for a minute. I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept for about 1/2 an hour and then logged back into work to do a few things.4 more work days of the fiscal year woohoo. We are ALMOST done with contracting. Finally.

My mom wanted to  hang out so we went out to dinner. I took a 2 pictures of her. One she blinked and is making a face and the other she blinked and made a face haha. So here's my dinner. I didn't eat it all my taste buds are still a bit messed up though. The chips tasted almost stale to me and the food just tasted kind of bland. I think it was just me though. 

After dinner we went to Joann's. I got more fall & Halloween fabrics since they were on sale again.

and some more Mickey Mouse since someone bought all the masks I made and wanted more.

Thought this Looney Tunes print was cute, someone wants more masks than I have fabric for already so I'll have to go see if they have anymore, it was almost the end of the bolt.

I got these for a customer for some masks

It was so hot in the store I couldn't wait to get out after my fabric was cut. I was like is it just me or is it hot? Worried I was like having something wrong with me lol. My mom was hot too so I guess it was the store.

Sat on the couch for a bit when I got home. Lucy was laying on the back and Tina came up. They touched noses and then I was waiting for Lucy to smack Tina like she usually does. Tina was waiting too haha. She didn't hit her but Tina didn't stay there long.

Decided to get up and work on my scraps a bit more. I'm a little short for the bag on the right I was working on so I'll have to get creative with that one, but I sewed up all the left over squares. Now to finish them into bags. Then I will work on some more masks and then back to keychains since I got some more interfacing.

I am pretty much caught up for work at the moment so that is good! We have darts tonight! Hopefully I'll do better than last time and Scott gets home on time.

No plans for the weekend. There is a party down at the clubhouse on Saturday but I am not on the Entertainment Committee anymore since my friend resigned from it and different people are running it. Woohooo. I probably won't go down to the party but might change my mind too lol.

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