Saturday, September 30, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

Yesterday I had my appointment to get my blood pressure meds refilled. Of course when I took it at home it was quite a bit higher than it usually is. Ugh. Even higher in the office like it usually is. So now I have 2 new meds to try. I guess I should lose some weight and stop stressing my heart out. Annoying. Why can't we just be fat and happy. 

After that I came home and worked on my rainbow strip blocks. I had to cut a little bit more strips to get enough to do a bag. I got it all done around midnight. 

I have had this fabric I used for the lining since high school. I still have more left!

I think I'll play with the left over string block pieces today. 

Later I need to reorganize all my craft show stuff, pull out my tables and tent stuff out of the shed and load my car for tomorrow! Yesterday I got change and a car wash. Of course it sprinkled a little bit last night but at least my car won't have a bunch of muddy spots on it now.

Scott just pulled up. Other than him asking if I had darts last night I haven't even talked to him since last Sunday!

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Friday, September 29, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! 
I'm only working 1/2 a day today since I have a dr apt later to get my meds refilled. Bleh.

I worked on my rainbow scraps all day yesterday but I'm short for what I was trying to do so I'm going to make some more squares. 

I had a bunch of black & whites too so I made this. I have a couple coin purses ready to go too but need some little black zippers.

and then I made up some of the Halloween string blocks I had worked on before into a tote bag. Finished that at like 12:30 this morning lol. I still have more left so need to figure out what I'm doing with that. Part of cleaning up what's on my desk.

Tina cracking me up. Eventually the box tipped over into the lower window part and startled her.

My friends are taking bets on how many days we'll be furloughed. It seems inevitable at this point. I'm guessing like 20ish days. 

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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday I started playing with the scraps that are left over from my last round of sewing. I found a bag of some scraps in my to finish later box too so had pulled those out. Playing around making some rainbow-ish blocks. So far I had to pull out another purple since I only had a little bit of that cut. They are kind of fun!

After work Jess and I went grocery shopping. That is much more fun with someone else to go with. Trevor had went over to her house to help get a sink out for my mom and brought Moose back to play with Simon. They played the whole time I was gone and they were both pretty tired. Big panting going on haha.

Snookie does not approve haha

He went home a short time later. 

So far today I got one email about the possible shut down. Everyone thinks it is going to happen and once all those emails start you know the chances are pretty high. Hopefully if it happens it's not too terribly long. I have enough savings that we will be fine but some people live paycheck to paycheck. Thank God I'm a real employee now and not a contract one like the last time we were furloughed for a month. That was a nightmare. Especially since Scott ended up in the hospital and on disability that took forever to show up at the same time. 

No plans for today other than waiting for emails of work to do. People keep trying to get payments and stuff done before the shut down/end of fiscal year and most of it has something wrong with it so I just have to send it back to them to fix. Stuff that I would have taken care of in my past life so everyone has to wait longer to get paid now. Not my problem I guess!


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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I finished the sports keychains. So now to clean up the scraps. 

I took Simon over to play with Moose for a bit. She didn't run around as much as she usually does but I think she still had fun. She definitely got dirty. 

The kids were playing outside in their pool having a great time.

Spaghetti for dinner. I had no idea he'd actually eat Spaghetti but he did!

They definitely needed baths after that. 

I took Simon home and then went to darts. We lost horribly! I stayed after and hung out until 10 and the bar closed. It's nice to get out and talk to people a bit. 

Going to go to the grocery store with Jess after work. I guess I should work on a list!


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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! Darts tonight. The team leader texted me yesterday that I'm the only person from our team playing tonight. The rest will be subs. I guess I'll bring some extra cash to pay for everyone since I doubt they gave it to the subs already.

I finished up my zip bags yesterday! I forgot to take a picture before I packed them up so this is a quicky. 

Now to finish up some keychains

I saw this yesterday. It's not that great. (Although I still have Trevor here lol)


Tubz. She hardly ever hangs out with me. Such a boys cat.

I've been watching Trust about the Getty family on Hulu. It's so well done. Love Donald Southerland he's such a good actor. Of course I had to look up the whole family and remembered about the kidnapping after it came up. The newest "heir" is on TikTok. I can't imagine being so incredibly rich. It's not wonder they were all effed up. 

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Monday, September 25, 2023


Good morning happy Monday. 
Apparently today is meeting day since there are 2 today. (one down one to go!)

This picture was in my FB memories this morning. May have cried. May still be crying. I miss my boy.

Yesterday was kids day! Rosie playing on my horse. She loves it. She can almost get off by herself without getting stuck. She can't get on by herself yet though. 

Lots of snuggles. I did brush my hair lol

Snuggle movie time with Grandpa. Someone may have dozed off haha

They went home around 8 so I worked on my zip bags. I got one basket sewn up and done. 

Two more to go! Hopefully I can get them done today. Sports are my least favorite thing to sew. 

Tomorrow I have darts! I should really go to the store today but don't really want to.  I'm sure I can scrap up some stuff to eat for the day lol.

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Sunday, September 24, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday!

Still working on these bags. Straightening edges and pinning together now. I was lazy this morning so haven't worked on anything yet and it's already 10am. It's babysitting day so I need to get cracking if I'm going to get anything done.

My mom was getting stuff out of the backyard at the cabin and Jess was trying to help so I went to play with the kids. Daniel was all into the Madagascar movie he was watching. 

Rosie was napping when I go there but woke up soon after. I was only there for a little bit then came home and worked on my bags.

Scott came over later and ended up staying the night. He still snores a lot if anyone was wondering 😂. I'm sure I do too though haha.

The Lodi Street Faire is one week from today! I'm going to have to organize all my stuff to fit it in the car I think. I just keep putting stuff in boxes and adding it to the pile.

Ok off to make some coffee and work on this stuff!


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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Watching Reservoir Dogs while doing other things. This show is kind of funny.

Broke open my bold of fusible fleece. It is batting with an iron on side so it sticks to the fabric. I like it for my zip bags.

Yesterday I played with Rosie for a couple hours after work so her mom could get a break lol. Isn't she so cute! She was trying on all her clothes.

Since she knows how to walk now she's just going to climb! OMG!  Probably going to have to find somewhere else to put that white box thing. It is the base for my thread display but Trevor filled it with video game stuff. 

I took her home so she could have dinner and Daniel was so cute when I came in. I sat on the couch and he ran over with his blankets and snuggled for a few minutes. Then he licked my face. Kids are weird lol. I think he was being a dog. 

I picked up Scott for dinner and we went to Texas Roadhouse. There were a ton of people there but it didn't take too long to get a table for 2. I'm like why don't they build a 2nd one of these on the other side of town. Apparently that is where everyone goes to eat. I had steak and grilled shrimp and super salty mashed potatoes and gravy. And rolls of course! I rolled right out of there when we were done. Scott had to run into Winco for a few things so we did that then sat in his mom's driveway to talk for awhile. 

Life is weird. 

Today I am supposed to be working on my sports bags but haven't got to it yet. Finally got my clothes in the washer and dryer. Last night I wore a new bra I had bought awhile back and man it was so uncomfortable. Should have just been like the one woman I saw in her PJ's and XXXL boobies and no bra. Sheesh what is wrong with people can't even put clothes on to go out to dinner. 

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Friday, September 22, 2023


Good morning happy quiet Friday! (so far haha)

Here is my new grandson's first pictures! Just four more months and he'll be here already. 

The little ones ended up going to their other grandma's yesterday so I didn't babysit. Instead Trevor and I took Jess' flat tire into America's Tire to get fixed. It didn't have a hole in it but they said the valve stem was bent so they replaced it (free of charge). While we were waiting for that to get fixed we went to Joanns and I got the fusible fleece I needed.

I worked on trimming one more of the bushes outside. I'll have to get a picture later. One more to work on but it is mostly dead from the dog digging at it so I'll have to see if it is salvageable.  After that I need to gather up all the stuff I cut off. Once it dries a bit it will shrink down in size. Going to stuff whatever I can fit into the trash can Monday morning since there is usually room in there. We used to just throw everything in the empty field but now people get worked up about that. 

Darts last night was pretty good. There was only 2 of the dart boards being used so it wasn't as crowded. I won 2 games and got my highest score ever of 145!  Our team won 5 out of 7 games so we were the winners woohoo. I hung out for awhile after talking to my friend Sheryl. 

Today's plan is to work on these sports bags! 

There is a lot of talk about a possible furlough coming up. Usually when they are talking about it a lot that means it will probably happen. Last time they said we were essential though so we still worked. I could use a week or two off with retro pay ;) Not that I'm working real hard anyways. 

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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

I thought I was going to watch the kids a bit today while Jess gets her sonogram but I guess now they are going to the other grandma's. 

Last night I finished up these coin purses I was working on. 

Tina helped. Now I need to run to Joanns to get more batting so I can work on the rest of the piles. 

Simon was driving me nuts so I took the dogs out and walked to the corner and back then threw the ball for her for awhile til she got tired. Then I went to get her some water and the bushes were all entwined with the hose. Next thing I knew I had trimmed back two of the bushes. I think I have 2 more although Simon has pretty much killed the last one. She dug holes all along there. It was nice working outside without it being super hot. I was working until I couldn't see anymore. My whole yard is a disaster so might as well start somewhere I guess. I haven't worked out there in years. 

Darts tonight, we have a sub for our one guy on the team so hopefully we don't lose too bad lol. He is the one carrying our team most of the time. 

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! I wrote Tuesday then remembered I'm off a day. Yesterday I actually didn't have to do anything for anyone else so that was nice. Well except work stuff. 

Tina reporting for duty yesterday morning. Little stinker. I remembered to close the door of the sewing room when I went to bed last night so no tornado messes to clean up this morning. 

I got a new cutting ruler just like my old one off of eBay. It's so nice that it still has all the lines! I'm glad I thought of doing the alert me if one is listed thing on eBay. It's from the 90's and came brand new in the original packaging. I like how clear the lines are on this and I'm used to how it is set up.

All the sports bags are pieced together now if they needed it. I had enough fusible fleece to get most of the coin purses ready so starting with those. I will have to round the corners still too. The ones that are ready to sew I got the fleece fused on so just have to pin the zippers in and I can get sewing.

No plans for today other than that. Trevor is off work again today. Yesterday he geeked out changing his lava lamp up for most of the day. Apparently it is working so he's happy haha. 

This morning I was really missing my Rusty boy. Weird how weeks later it hits you again. 

Oh and just remembered I got an email about student loans charging interest again so went in and paid 1/3 of what is left on my parent loan. I kept hoping they'd approve them being wiped but I guess that is never going to happen. Almost done paying mine off though!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023


                                                            Good morning happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday I made it through my work review without crying or complaining (much) or getting upset. Go me! Glad that is done for a few more months. I hate that they do them quarterly now. Like it's the same job every day nothing exciting is happening.

Simon was sleeping holding onto the door trim yesterday. She's such a nut. I think it's hilarious when she kicks the door in her sleep. 

Yesterday after work Jess and I went to the grocery store. On the way home Scott called that his car broke down on the way home and he wanted me to go feed his mom dinner. I took Jess and the groceries home then went over there. She was rather entertaining. She said her relatives were all hanging out around the house. I said well that's nice just as long as they are the good relatives. She didn't really say if they were or not. Then she wanted to show me something wrong with her boobs. They were just chilling out down low. I was like we'll they're just tired and she laughed. 

Gave the poor plant a drink. I don't know how this thing survives. 

There was an earthquake while I was there. The chair I was sitting in rocked a bit sideways and the china cabinet rattled a bit. I guess there was one earlier too but I didn't feel that one because I was driving. It was really quick. 

Scott got his brother to come pick him up and tow the car back to his mom's house. Surprised he even asked him but he was too cheap to pay $16 a mile for 30 miles lol. I was like it's not a big deal just tow it. Then to find out he knew the alternator was going out for over a week but hadn't fixed it. I think he deserved sitting on the side of the road for 3 hours. Sheesh. 

I had to drive him back to our house once he got home to get the truck. At least we have an extra vehicle. 

No plans for today but maybe I'll actually get some sewing done since I still have not started sewing these sports bags. Running out of sewing days before the Lodi Street Faire on the 1st! Not that I don't have enough stuff but I always like to add more and try to get stuff done right before haha. 

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Monday, September 18, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! If Mondays can be happy. 

I woke up one minute before my alarm went off this morning. Look at Snookie lightly snoring on Scott's pillow haha.

Yesterday was exhausting. The kids were extra busy lol. They even got picked up early (it was super slow at Jessica's work) and I was still tired.

Melissa & Eric came over before going to Adrian's birthday party. Trevor was sad he had to work so he put in for someone to take his shift. He didn't have any takers until he was on his way there and someone took it. So he came back and went to the party. Kids these days. 

Scott was looking at his phone 98% of the day/night watching football. I wonder how much the kids will enjoy pictures of them with Grandpa and his phone when they are older. So annoying.

I made some stew for us and the hot dogs for the kids.

I don't think he actually ate any food but the animals were all lined up for a feast. I stupidly let him take his plate into my room since he'd been playing on the cedar chest. Won't make that mistake again. 

Almost running!

I almost have all my fabrics matched up and ready to do the piecing ones. Then I was like don't have I have keychains started in my finish later box? Only found a couple but found some fabric cut out into cup cozies so cut those up for little bags. I'll have to match up fabrics for those later. I want to just do some sewing now. 

I have my review at 1pm today. I will not get worked up I will not get worked up I will not get worked up. I'll report back if I got worked up haha.

Fat Tina in a tiny box

My computer took forever to get the battery to charge up enough to turn on this morning. Apparently the plug doesn't want to be all the way in, just "just right". Once I could get it on I could see at what position it was charging. Almost time for a new computer. 

I need to go to the grocery store after work today since the fridge is bare. Maybe I should make a menu of sorts, although half the time I do that I don't cook it all. Jess needs groceries too so I told her just go with me after work. That will be more fun :)

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