Thursday, September 7, 2023


 Good morning happy Friday eve!

I just finished up my coasters. They have the hang tags and prices on them so all ready to put on my spinner rack at my next craft show (October 1st).

Final total is 

33 4 packs, 25 2 packs, and 18 1 packs. I sell them for $1 each coaster, so like a 4 pack is $4.

That's a lot of coasters. Hopefully I sell a few. I definitely made a dent in using up my Halloween & Fall Fabrics.

I watched the kids for a couple hours yesterday. The toy box got dumped out which drives everyone crazy but me haha. He loves looking through it for certain things.

Rosie played for a bit and then took a pretty good nap. She was still sleeping when her mom got here.

Right before the kids came over I noticed Rusty was leaving blood smears on the floor where he was laying. I lifted up his tail and his whole backside was bloody and raw :( I knew that was bad since when they sewed his anal glands back up last time the dr said the tissue was weird and might be cancerous. 

I got an appointment to take him in (not the original vet that place has no appointments now) and the dr confirmed that he had a very large mass in his rear area :( So I came home without my Rusty :( Another one over the rainbow bridge. I swear it's just the hardest thing ever having your animals get old. It's too bad they don't live as long as we do.  Thankful to have Simon and Snookie here to help a bit and they have each other to play with. I know they are missing their buddy though. 

I attempted to go shopping last night but ended up picking Scott up for dinner (and had Trevor). We went to Applebees and they took forever to get the food out and forever to bring the check/pick up the check. We went to Wal Mart after so Trevor could get a watch for his new job (can't wear a Fit Bit or take in your phone) . I tried to buy some groceries there but I hate their layout so I just got a few things and then came home because it was after 10 and I was exhausted.

Today I am going to go with Jessica to her Dr appt. She gets so anxious going to them so I told her I could go with her and she took me up on it. That is at like 1:30 today. 

My mom went into get another CT scan to check her stomach area to see if she has a hernia or maybe cancer so lets all pray it's a hernia.

I'd say I need a vacation but I just took like 12 haha.
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Nelson's said...

So sorry for the loss of your fur baby. hugs

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