Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! I wrote Tuesday then remembered I'm off a day. Yesterday I actually didn't have to do anything for anyone else so that was nice. Well except work stuff. 

Tina reporting for duty yesterday morning. Little stinker. I remembered to close the door of the sewing room when I went to bed last night so no tornado messes to clean up this morning. 

I got a new cutting ruler just like my old one off of eBay. It's so nice that it still has all the lines! I'm glad I thought of doing the alert me if one is listed thing on eBay. It's from the 90's and came brand new in the original packaging. I like how clear the lines are on this and I'm used to how it is set up.

All the sports bags are pieced together now if they needed it. I had enough fusible fleece to get most of the coin purses ready so starting with those. I will have to round the corners still too. The ones that are ready to sew I got the fleece fused on so just have to pin the zippers in and I can get sewing.

No plans for today other than that. Trevor is off work again today. Yesterday he geeked out changing his lava lamp up for most of the day. Apparently it is working so he's happy haha. 

This morning I was really missing my Rusty boy. Weird how weeks later it hits you again. 

Oh and just remembered I got an email about student loans charging interest again so went in and paid 1/3 of what is left on my parent loan. I kept hoping they'd approve them being wiped but I guess that is never going to happen. Almost done paying mine off though!

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