Thursday, September 28, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday I started playing with the scraps that are left over from my last round of sewing. I found a bag of some scraps in my to finish later box too so had pulled those out. Playing around making some rainbow-ish blocks. So far I had to pull out another purple since I only had a little bit of that cut. They are kind of fun!

After work Jess and I went grocery shopping. That is much more fun with someone else to go with. Trevor had went over to her house to help get a sink out for my mom and brought Moose back to play with Simon. They played the whole time I was gone and they were both pretty tired. Big panting going on haha.

Snookie does not approve haha

He went home a short time later. 

So far today I got one email about the possible shut down. Everyone thinks it is going to happen and once all those emails start you know the chances are pretty high. Hopefully if it happens it's not too terribly long. I have enough savings that we will be fine but some people live paycheck to paycheck. Thank God I'm a real employee now and not a contract one like the last time we were furloughed for a month. That was a nightmare. Especially since Scott ended up in the hospital and on disability that took forever to show up at the same time. 

No plans for today other than waiting for emails of work to do. People keep trying to get payments and stuff done before the shut down/end of fiscal year and most of it has something wrong with it so I just have to send it back to them to fix. Stuff that I would have taken care of in my past life so everyone has to wait longer to get paid now. Not my problem I guess!


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