Sunday, September 17, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! Yesterday I ended up spending most of the day with the littles. 

Rosie is walking all over. Tongue out for concentration. She got that from me lol.

Almost running!

She's not big on Grandpa unless he has snacks lol. She cried big tears when I went to the bathroom and closed the door for a minute. How dare I leave her!

Stealing sisters bottle (it's just milk)

Trevor put the dogs in jail while I was trying to play with Rosie on the floor. Snookie is like what did I do to deserve this? (really need to get rid of that contraption Trevor put on top there).

Simon says I'm a good lap dog!

While the kids were here Tina was in the sewing room wrecking things. She threw off 2 of the little bins of fabric off the top of the bookcase and broke the handle off my favorite coffee mug. She's going to have to be banished from the sewing room when the kids are here today. 

Traded to the bigger boxes. We'll see if she can throw those on the floor too. 

After the kids went home I went and picked up Scott from his mom's (he went there earlier to go feed her dinner) and we went to Chili's for dinner. Afterwards we sat in the car and talked in the driveway. What is our life? So weird. 

She's 11 years old now. 2nd oldest in the house now. 

I love when I can look back on my old blog posts. I'm sure some day this will be gone but it's fun for now. I need to find one of those things to print it all off or something. 

Since I cleaned a bit yesterday it's good enough for today so I'm just going to fart around in my sewing room til the kids get here. Still working on matching up linings for my bags. 


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