Monday, July 31, 2023


Good morning happy back to work Monday! I'm almost caught up with work just have to do a couple more letters. I'll have to go mail them tomorrow. Hopefully all the equipment will be working correctly.

Babysitting went pretty good yesterday until about 8 when Daniel had enough of us and wanted to go home. His dad was home so I took them home. Then he wanted to leave with me again when I left lol. Crying one way or another! Time for bed!

These two have become pretty good buddies. Snookie makes some awful noises when they play but it's all fun for them.

Me and the little cutie. Hopefully they don't still have stomach flu germs and I didn't give them my stuffy nose.

Daniel is so cute when he wants to sit with Scott.

Today I want to go pick up my sewing machine but they close at 3 so not sure if I will get there since it is already almost 12 and I need to jump in the shower. 

Here's a few more pictures from my trip. We went into the little downtown touristy area and went through the shops. They are so cute! By the end though we were like not another t shirt place. Also if anyone wants to open a plus size t shirt shop there you'd probably do great. Finding a shirt in a size about L is pretty much non existent. Fat people travel too!

More elk hanging out with the tourists!

We found the public parking and the public bathroom by the raging river creek lol

Cute shops

Lots of pretty planters

I took this picture for Chris from Diet Coke Rocks since she collects Britto

Scott should make stuff like this and make us rich

This fabric deer was so cool

Just 2 grand plus

Hundred and a half for a cool pillow

loved this stuffed animal store

Whiskey sampling!

The garden and the glass here was so pretty!

After walking around town we went to the movies and saw the Barbie movie! I only nodded off for a little bit haha. Sheesh it's so annoying when I do that. The movie was actually a bit deeper than I was thinking it would be. 

See you tomorrow!

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Sunday, July 30, 2023


Good morning! Happy Sunday! Tina is helping me type this morning.  She's been extra loving since I got back from my trip. I guess she likes me haha.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up my sewing room. What a mess! I got most of the loose fabric cleaned up although I just looked over and there is a little bit on the tv tray next to me. I serged a bunch of the cut edges on fabric that needs to be washed. So much better that way. Keeps it from getting all unraveled and wrapped up in the washing machine. 

I switched up some boxes to the cardboard ones. So much better to keep the fabric from getting dusty.  Although I do like being able to see all the colors. 

I should have taken a before picture. I can actually get over to the closet now. I cleaned up the 3 shelves on the top left. I need to do the bottom ones. I have a lot of stuff saved to scrapbook. I think I will try and do a bit a week to get that stuff cleaned up. My friend Sarah still scrapbooks and she was motivating me a bit talking about working on her albums. If nothing else getting the rest of the kids school stuff in albums would be nice. I picked up one more album and 3 packs of page protectors on our trip. We went to a couple thrift stores and I got the album for $3 and the page protectors came from a craft resell place for $4 a pack. I definitely can use those.

I need to clean up the little bit that ended up back on the desk. That bag of pictures came from Scott's mom's house. All pictures of my kids that she took.

I cleaned under the desk. The light pink album is the new one I got. All those albums I got for $3 or less. They are so expensive to get online now.

I am thinking of picking a box here and start selling them in remnant lots. I have too many boxes and they are starting to tumble lol. NOT GOOD!

I put this stuff out for free last night. The baskets and the bag are gone so that is good since they take up room. Anything left over I'll put in the car to take to donate. I might see if the sewing machine guy would like the serger to fix up or use for parts. I have to go pick up my sewing machine tomorrow. He said he got it all fixed up.

Found this picture of Jessica while I was cleaning. It was her first picture. She was so tiny! Her hair would stand straight up but if I got it a little wet it would curl. She is only 7 weeks old here.

She's about 3 here vacuuming at Grandma's. Disgustingly that carpet was old then and it's still there. 

Trevor made us some spam rice things for dinner last night. He bought himself some little tools to make it look pretty. They are good and I had one more after this one.  Now if he'd just wash the dishes when he's done it would be great. 

I didn't even talk about my trip yet! After looking at day 2 pictures I'll just share our breakfast. We took so many pictures!

For breakfast we went to Notchtop

Sarah got this interesting looking cinnamon roll French toast

Bacon and eggs for me. It was all yummy. 

I just had coffee but did you know a screwdriver is a morning cocktail? lol

After breakfast we went to Starbucks for more coffee for Sarah. I got a strawberry lemonade thing. Someone made all these great signs on their chalkboards. Someone has some talent!

We decided Starbucks had the best pooping bathrooms haha. They were fully enclosed stalls so nice and private. We may have went back again another day lol. After Starbucks we went into town. I'll save that for tomorrow!

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Saturday, July 29, 2023


Hello happy Saturday! Only mine could be a little better since I now have a stuffed and somehow also ab it runny nose. I took an Advil cold pill and feel a little bit better. What a nice souvenir I got eh? Here's a little cold to recover from your trip with.

So no birthday party at my brother's today. He is 42 today. I didn't want to go over there and get my parents and all the kids sick.

This morning was also the club garage sale. I did go around and do a bit of shopping. I got a new to me whicker set for my front porch for $15. It's not in the bestest condition but the couch part was good and that is the part I miss the most from my old one!  I also got a bag of very old fabric that had some crazy quilts started. There is news paper on the back so I will be able to see how old maybe. It's still out in the car though lol. 

So my trip! Last Tuesday I got to drive with Scott in commuter bumper to bumper traffic for 2 hours to the airport. Good God don't ever schedule that time again Julie. Just stupid. I was so glad to get out of the car. Bye see you later have fun at work. I can't believe he does that every day, I'd be a crazy person.

Breakfast at the airport. My mocha wasn't stirred like I thought it was so it was gross on the top and good  on the bottom lol. I just thought it was all gross at first.

The plane was packed and every seat taken. I had a window seat but it was right smack over the wing so I couldn't take any pictures. I realized half way through the 2 hour flight I could watch Are You There God for free while on the plane so I watched 1/2 of that.

When I got off the plane I went to the bathroom and by the time I figured out where the luggage when my suitcase was doing the round and round with hardly anyone there. Sheesh that was fast.  Got my bag and got picked up and away we went.

We drove up to Estes Park where our hotel was. Everything was so beautiful. 

This hotel is a little janky as the reviews say. I picked up about 6-8 AA batteries that were laying on the ground right outside our door when we got there and put them in the trash. I thought that was rather odd. The room was fine but the shower had a super low ceiling and had removable tiles. Creepy. Scott would not have been able to take a shower in there. We stayed there for 3 nights with no issues and the AC worked great so looks like we may have got lucky on that haha.

We went to an early dinner after we got there and there were elk just chillin there eating grass. So crazy. 

They didn't give a care about us at all. Definitely used to people. Look at the river (thinking it has to be a river and not creek by how fast it was moving) that runs along the main road. 

We had dinner at Ed's Cantina & Grill . It was ok but definitely white people Mexican food lol. I had to put some salsa on my tacos to give them some flavor.

After dinner we went back to the room where Sarah taught me a new trick on curtains lol.

TaDa! Almost fixed lol. Sarah put the AC on frost bite and we hung out and fell asleep earlier than I have in years haha.

More about my trip tomorrow! 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I am writing this Monday night since I have to get up early to for Scott to drive me to San Jose for my flight. I have a little bit later flight but "traffic" means we leave early.

Debating on taking my laptop or not. Leaning towards not so you probably won't hear from me until Friday or Saturday. 

I saw this on my way to town today. True Crime listener/watcher and you know what goes through my mind. 

I still need to pack my suit case. I got most of my clothes washed.
Lucy says oh this stuff? Let me make sure to get some hair on it. 

I took my sewing machine to the shop to get fixed up. Hopefully it only cost the $89 service fee and doesn't skip stitches when I get it back.

I took Rusty to the vet. Poor guy. They said probably just a skin infection. He got tested for heart worm so we could get some fancy flea meds. It was negative so that was good.  He was all excited until I opened the vet door and then he was like DA FK NO! At least they had a little couch seat he could sit with me. 

I'll make these pictures small since they are gross. This is what it looked like Sunday when we found it. It's like blistery. 

This morning it was crusty

Poor guy they shaved his back and there were 2 more than what we could see before. So he got that treated, antibiotics, Capstar, a shot for itching and then another 6 months of oral flea meds. If that stuff doesn't work then I'm going to change his food. I had to change his food awhile back because they just stopped making it. 

Between my town trip and the vet trip I took a little nap. Simon loves me.

Tubz helping with the laundry

I guess I should go finish packing! I'm tired already so I'll probably go to bed early! Hopefully I'll be in Denver by 1:30pm!


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