Friday, July 21, 2023


Good morning happy FriYeah! I'm so glad I have next week off. Work is easy but dealing with everyone's personalities online is not the best. Like did you mean to be a beotch or are you just coming off wrong?

Anyhow. Sold the table cloth I bought in Reno the other day. That was a quick sale!

Tina being Tina, helping with my fabric sales. I just brought in the last 3 boxes from the car. Emptied one out. It is 1/2 stuff I don't want to mess with and 1/2 stuff to list. Looks like the other 2 might be smaller pieces.  Also have the bag of vintage patterns too. I want to finish up listing this stuff so I can clean up my sewing room it is a disaster.

Yesterday after work I went to my friend Carolyn's for swimming and dinner. Jess came and brought the kids. 

My friend Dee's twin boys. I was like wow look how much taller Carter is! No one else had noticed how he had shot up. Preston was less than thrilled with the observation lol.


Little fish Daniel. He jumped in once without his floaty. His mom was right behind him and me with my plate of food behind her. Good thing we were all paying attention.

The middle aged kid crew

Horrible picture of me but Rosie is cute :)

With my friend Dee

Missed getting a picture of Jess :(

The flies were horrible when we were eating. It was crazy. You'd think with the heat it would drive them away but I guess not. 

Tonight I have darts! It's super hot here today already. It says 84 but it feels like death lol. Supposed to be 107 today and tomorrow. Disgusting.

Ok back to work with the fabric. Gotta get it all out of here!

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