Sunday, July 16, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! It's miserable hot here today. It was so hot last night it took me forever to fall asleep. We just have the wall unit in the living room which is fine for all but like 2-3 weeks of the summer. I had to unplug my little fan from the sewing room and take it into my room. Then later I went and got a wet towel to lay on myself. That helps the most. 

I'm hoping we don't actually have thunder storms since that might cause fires if there is lightening. Flooding & fires & drought what else is California known for. Oh yeah ridiculous laws and taxes ;)

Yesterday I got 2 bags done. My sewing machine is skipping some stitches here and there. I thought I had it fixed when I made this one (actually made it last) but it still did some here and there. It's especially bad if you go over anything thicker. 

When I was making this one it was bad topstitching over the seams.

I think I will take it in to get services next Monday before my trip to Colorado. Maybe they can get it fixed up by the time I get back. If not maybe I'll just buy a spare machine ;) This one isn't an overly expensive one but not dirt cheap either. If I had more room to store them I'd just go buy another one today. 

I have 2 tote bags cut out, quite a few wine totes and some zip bags. Debating what to do next. I need to get some of the other kind of batting for the tote bags and that will be thicker so I should probably just hold off on those. I probably won't sew today anyways since the kids are coming over. 

I spent like an hour this morning washing all the dishes that were tetris-ed into the sink. WTF guys. Trevor is already frying something. I yelled MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN UP YOUR MESS AND WASH AND DRY YOUR DISHES. I doubt he will but I can put it out there. 

My house is a disaster because him and Scott think it's a frat house and just leave their shit all over. Simon is helping to reduce the amount of Tupperware we own by chewing on all the bowls they keep leaving laying around. 

Tina yesterday. She is so funny with this curtain. I always think about cutting it shorter but then she couldn't make herself a little lace fort.

Helping me sew all day yesterday.

Scott is at the store getting some grandkid snacks and stuff to make them spaghetti for dinner. I think they like that lol. Also carpet cleaner to use in the carpet cleaner from his mom's house on my dirty rug. I'm just about ready to throw it away since the dogs won't stop using it as a giant puppy pad. Hopefully her carpet cleaner works. Otherwise it's getting tossed to the dump pile. Sigh. Can't have anything nice around here.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Your weather is 5 degrees warmer but your humidity is so low!!
Our heat index is your temps. We are only in the mid 90s but trust me it's bad enough especially with 60% humidity.

Julie H said...

@Peg, everyone from the midwest over "at least it's a dry heat" haha

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