Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today was Trevor's actual birthday! The boy is 8!! Crazy! My kids are all growing up so fast. We celebrated the day but doing the usual. Going to school, Jess had a dr appt for her sports physical and then we went to dinner at Applebees.

The waitress totally forgot about his birthday dessert until Jessica reminded her for us. She's all, umm it's his brithday and he's feeling kind of sad (we had watched them sing to another person and bring out a sundae when we first got there). She was like OMG I'm so sorry I totally forgot. So thanks to his sister he got his birthday sundae :)

When we were almost ready to go Jessica was messing with her phone and while we were walking out she said that someone had left her a crank call message. Someone called her phone (blocked their number) and left a message calling her a fat bitch and saying a bunch of other nasty stuff.  Our night instantly went from being nice and carefree to being upset. I can't believe how mean kids are. And the balls! I could never think to do that to my worst enemy. I don't have ANYONE enough to be so mean. 

It just goes to show, they can preach their "anti-bullying" campaigns all over the place but it doesn't do any good. Bullies start at home. Someone has obviously done something to this child to make him so mean. I still hope he walks in front of a bus. Whoever he is. What a jerk!

AND then on a kind of weird note, Jess just got out of the shower and she's talking to a friend of hers. The friend (17) just found pot in her mom's purse. Way to go Mom!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm so totally getting a massage on Monday

Well I made it! By the hair of my chinny chin chin but I made it!  I apparently spent a little too long messing around in the morning on the computer because I totally almost ran out of time before the party. 

I got home from the store about 10 minutes before people started showing up. Thank God it was just our family or I would have been totally frazzled. I'm also really glad I told Scott to call his parents and invite them the day before because I TOTALLY forgot about them. What a horrible daughter in law! When he said they were coming I was like OMG I totally forgot about them. Sheesh. I probably should have told him to invite his brother too. Whoops.

My mom took a ton of pictures and I forgot to get her camera card downloaded before she left but she's coming over today so I'll try to remember to do it then.

Today is book club. At my house. Weeeee I need to go take a shower and run to the store and get some wine, snacks and a desssert. Good thing I don't have to clean the house!Pin It

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party Day!

Today should be a fun day!  Scott is going to take the kids and my nephew to go play laser tag while I clean up and get some stuff for a family birthday party. Everyone is supposed to come over around 4 for some pizza, cake and ice cream. I ordered a cake last night (nothing like waiting until almost the last minute!). I need to decide where I'm getting pizza from, probably Costco. I just need to figure out how much money I need since I have no debit card. SUCH a pain in the ass! I can't wait to get my new one.

Speaking of the bank. Ugh so frustrated. Went and checked this morning and there is another charge from the asshole that is using the card number in UTAH, which obviously we aren't in Utah. The charge was made the same day as the other one so the guy is making his way across a few states there. (The first one was close to Vegas). I called the banks fraud department and was like WTH why are you still taking these fraudulent charges out of our account? He said they have to take it out of the new account so they can credit it back there. Sounds like a bunch of bull shit to me. If one more thing happens we are going to go change banks. Nothing like getting an ulcer while sipping your morning coffee. All I can say is Thank God we actually had money in there when all this happened, otherwise we would have been bouncing all over the place.

Anyhow, I've been trying to keep the house pretty clean so I don't have to kick my ass today getting it ready for the party. Just need to do some straightening up and we should be good to go. No heavy cleaning.Pin It

Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting back on track

I'm feeling way less stressed today, and only about $200 poorer. Not too bad for taking my son in to get three teeth pulled out! They pulled out the one tooth that was bothering him and two other baby teeth in the front that had the adult teeth up back behind. Those teeth still had the full roots on them. No wonder the kid wouldn't pull them out, even though I was offering him $20 a piece for them!

The new dentist office was MUCH better than the other one we went to. Except for the slightly hyper hygienist. I was almost ready to drop kick her by the time we got out of there. I'm sorry lady but I don't need to hear all about how YOUR kid had perfect teeth because you took such good care of them. ::EYEROLL:: I know I'm a horrible mother because my son's teeth are all fucked up. Really. I know. You don't have to make me feel any worse.

Trevor did great while they worked on him. He got x-rays, a cleaning, some nitrous, 3 teeth pulled out and a flouride treatment. He whined for about two hours afterwards because his lip was numb but then he was fine and even ate dinner. It's amazing how fast little kids bounce back.

They worked up a plan for getting the rest of his teeth fixed up and it will be about $800 and 3 more visits, which is way more do-able than trying to fork out 3K like the last place we went to.

I think I'm going to start carrying around a toothbrush and floss for everyone in my purse...Pin It

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm SO Stressed Out

This is apparently the week that is trying to kill me. If I'm not drowning in a bottle of whiskey soon it's going to be a miracle. Actually I could really go for a nice drink right now and it's only 8am.

It all started on Tuesday when I had my review for work, which went fine but I was very disappointed that I didn't get a raise and I felt like they were mocking me when I asked about them helping to pay for some college classes. Which by the way I never would have wanted to take on my own, I'd only be taking them to satisfy them.

Tuesday was also payday and our bank account was a little low so I left work a little bit early (since I was in a bad mood anyways) and stopped by the bank to deposit my check then went home and got the kids. When I got home I was checking my bank account online and noticed a weird charge for $89 to a gas station casino place in Nevada. I sent Scott a text and asked him if he knew anything about it (you know how sometimes you buy something and it gets charged through somewhere different). He said no so I called the bank. The bank cancelled out his card, since that was the one used to make the purchase. I called him and told him what had happened.

After work he went to the bank and deposited his check (inside) and then went and talked to them about getting a replacement card. When they were confirming the address they had an address with a C/O someone someone and a different address. Which was OMG RED FLAG RED FLAG something is freaking going on!?!? Sooo then they froze our whole bank account.

At this particular moment in time I was at the grocery store trying to buy toilet paper and water and my card was declined. Lovely. Had to use a credit card to pay for it and went out to my car and called the bank and was being transfered to the fraud department when Scott was calling me over and over but I kept ignoring it because I was on hold. Eventually I just hung up and called him and he told me what happened.

Trevor was at baseball practice during all this time so when I went back to the field to wait for him to finish Scott calls me back again and says he recognized the name that was on the account. I swear that man has a memory of an elephant (except when it comes to putting his dirty clothes IN the hamper). The name was a lawyer that we had used 7 years ago when we filed bankruptcy. We've had no contact with this person for 7 years and we had paid him in cash so there would have been no reason for him to be on our account.

At this point I'm totally freaked out. I called the number of the lawyer's office and the message machine says he's going to be out of town for a few weeks. I'm thinking, um yeah in Vegas with our money! I attempted to go to the police department but the lobby was closed. When I got home I called the police department and they told me I had to call the sheriff because we don't live in the city limits. I called the sheriff's office and talked to someone and just a short time later there was a sheriff at the front door to take our report. (wow!)
So I give him all the information and when we are done he asks Scott if he's Howard's brother and he's all yeah, I know who you are! Such a small world! They used to race RC cars together years ago and the sheriff's dad and my dad used to work together. Hopefully all that means he will work harder on our case ;)

So Thursday morning we get up and go to the bank to open a new account. Instantly there is a problem because guess who just had a birthday? And guess who's driver's license expired on her birthday? And guess who can't open a new account without a license with an expiration date that hasn't actually expired? Why yes! Yes, you are right. That would be ME. The one who pays all the bills and is in charge of all our household expenses. I paid for my new license, it just hasn't shown up yet.

So the banker says no worries! We'll just open the account in his name and then you can come back later (30 days) and we'll add you on.  So after we were all done with opening the account I decided I might as well take care of this now and went down to DMV to see if I could get a paper temporary license with a a date on it.

This was the line when I got there.

Surprisingly it only took about an hour and I had my temporary license. I went back to the bank and got all added onto the account.

Then I went to work until 6:30 to get my hours in.

After work I stopped to get something for dinner (I really need to go grocery shopping). Not too long after dinner Trevor started crying that his tooth was hurting really bad. I gave him some motrin and after about 20 mintues he finally stopped crying. So now I need to see if I can get him in to get this bad tooth pulled out. It's a baby tooth and before they wanted to do a baby root canal on it but I can't see paying all that money on a tooth that is probably going to fall out in the next year. PLUS the children's dentist that we went to before was sadly disappointed when they found out we didn't have medical to pay for everything or a big fat credit card and never called me back with a payment plan. So we'll be trying a new dentist. I need to call them in a few minutes. Thank God he wasn't crying abut it this morning. I hope he can make it until I can get him in.

To add to all this I have a tire that keeps losing air on my car. Trevor forgot the movie he wanted to take to school today and was totally pissed off at me this morning for not going back to get it. Jessica is doing her usual drama and I kind of picked a fight with Scott yesterday. Oh and did I mention that I'm having a party for Trevor on Saturday and have a dozen ladies coming over for bookclub on Sunday?

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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Silence Is Beautiful!

Today is the 3rd day of my 3 day weekend and it's so nice and quiet in the house! Scott had to go to work, Melissa and Trevor spent the night at my mom's house, Jess is sleeping and the dog is so very tired from running around at my brother's house last night.

Overall the weekend was pretty nice. We didn't do anything too exciting. I did learn how many cuss words it takes for my  husband to change the bathroom faucet. Apparently it takes all of them, screamed at the top of your lungs. BUT, it's in, and is looking fabulous. Surprisingly no one keeled over from a heart attack.

Last night we decided to have a little BBQ and hang out at my brother's house. While we were on the way somehow the girls started talking about life science and Jess said she's kind of liking the idea of going into environmental science. You can guess which one of the words in "environmental science" is a bad word to my husband. He instantly got pissed off because "those people are trying to put him out of a job". (He's a mechanic by the way).  I think he forgets that I work for an "environmental" agency too. Let's just say that was a discussion that makes my head hurt and ended with "let's just not talk about this". I can't believe how closed minded he is sometimes. I told Jess she should apply to Berkeley and really piss him off. I'm such a good mom!

It just amazes me at how different our views are on some most things. I guess that's another argument for dating for a LONG time before you get married. Although I really don't remember him being like this in the early years. I really do think he's changed. Either that or my eyes have been opened to a lot more and I'm the one that's changed. Maybe it's a bit of both?

Well that's enough heavy talk! My goal today is to get the laundry done and I should probably go to the store since all that is left in the fridge is a bunch of condiments.Pin It

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date at the Depot

I just spent a really nice afternoon with the man. We went to the kid's least favorite store HOME DEPOT. Whenever we go there they all opt to stay home, go figure haha. Which is nice because then we get to hang out together. We went in search of a new bathroom faucet and some little tile thingies that need to be fixed up in the bathroom. We have super hard water here and it's literally ate away the faucet! One of these days when we are grown ups we're going to buy a water softener, but I've heard from the ladies in my book club that that doesn't even solve the problem.

Anyhow, when we remodeled our bathroom (which we figured out today was EIGHT years ago already, crazy), we got these super cute handles on everything. We wanted to replace it with she same kind but couldn't find one anywhere. We tried Home Depot, Lowes and OSH. While we were out we of course had to also look at all the toilet seats, windows, doors, and of course all the plants. Excuse the gross counter/sink, that's the 16 year old's version of "clean".

After trying all the stores we ended up going back to Home Depot to get this one

which isn't the same but at least it's in the same "family" of looks. I need to go back to OSH and get the toilet seat there, since they have "the one" there for $19.99. Silly isn't it!  I think that can wait a few days until payday.

I also bought 2 calla lily plants and some gladiolus bulbs.

Last year I planted some gladiolus bulbs that were supposed to be some pink and some white and they all came up white. I was totally disappointed. Hopefully these will actually be the color they say they are. I've been looking for some more bushes like I have down our front walk, but can only find the really expensive size (like $20 each vs like $7 I paid for the ones I bought). I want to put 2 more on each side on the end sections by the front walk.

(picture taken last summer)

on the bottom of the picture here on  each side of the walk. The beds on those areas are almost completely bare right now while I figure out how I want to redo them. I'm hoping the weather dries up soon so I can get busy out there! I want my yard to look at least as nice as it did last year and right now it looks so bare!

I think I have spring fever. :sigh:

I'm starting to get excited about the vegetable garden too. I can't believe they already have starter plants in the stores! Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lots of herbs and strawberries are some that I saw.

Are you planting a vegetable garden this year? What are you going to plant? If you are covered with snow just throw a snow ball on me and we can continue this conversation in a few months haha.Pin It

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I can't think of anything exciting to blog about today so I'm going to do what Krysten did and  do


1.) I'm really sad that Melissa is taller than me now. She's 11 1/2 and is 5'6" tall and weighs 115 pounds. I don't think I've ever weight 115 pounds. I went from kids clothes to a size 9 I think (and then bigger)

2.) I really really hate my neck. I swear it's HUGE!

3.) I've had several people make reference lately to me being overweight. While I KNOW I'm overweight, I'm not like 300 pounds. I don't understand why people have to point out that I'm overweight. Yes I KNOW. Telling me isn't going to make me go on a diet any quicker.

4.)  I had to wash the same load of clothes three times. Our washing machine is out in the garage, which is NOT attached to the house. Makes doing laundry just a little bit less fun than it should be.

5.) I kicked my son out of my bed in the middle of the night last night and the dog still slept in there.

6.) I'm going out to drink with my friend tomorrow night. I'm so happy we are going to our little bar out here so I don't have to worry about driving anywhere!

and one more because I just thought of it

7.) I spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom at work today with the tweezers. I swear the only time I feel hairs growing on my neck is when I'm at work. I finally got smart and brought a pair of tweezers to work. Not to mention we have great light and a big mirror in the bathroom there!Pin It

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Did The Love Go?

I read an article earlier today in my Redbook Magazine. I wouldn't normally subscribe to Redbook but a friend of mine bought me a subscription when they had their buy one get one free promotion. Pretty nice, wasn't it?

They have a section that is written by a man called WHYS GUY. (Oh look he has a blog on their site, but not the article I'm going to talk about). This particular article is in the February 2011 magazine, and it's titled "Where did the love go?"

In the article the Whys Guy is basically complaining of how his wife gives all the attention to the children instead of him. They don't have a typical household setting, since he works from home and his wife leaves the house to work. I know some men are SAHD (Stay At Home Dads), and some men just dream about it. I know most woman with children dream about it, and I did it for quite a few years.

Being a stay at home parent is very difficult. You get all the rewards of being home with your children AND having the time to do the household chores, in exchange for  "being someone" other than "mom".  When you stay home you start to REALLY crave adult interaction. You start wanting to talk to anyone that is anywhere close to eye level. Grocery store clerk, gas station attendant, people at the park, etc.

I remember waiting for Scott go get home. I'd try to time dinner just right so it would be done when he got home. Have everyone pick up all their stuff in the living room so it looked nice. Then he'd work late (and not call to tell me) and we'd end up eating at the table without him and my resentment would build up. He'd come home grab his plate of food, usually eating it cold to "punish himself", sit in front of the tv and eventually fall asleep on the couch. Eventually I quit worrying about cleaning up, setting the table, sitting at the table, and making nice meals.

I wanted to be mad after I read this article. How dare that Whys Guy be jealous of the time his wife was spending with the children?  She works all day. She has to leave her kids! Now I think I've figured out that I'm a little jealous of the WANT that the Whys Guy had for his wife. He really wanted to spend time with her (and no, not just for sex, although he wanted that too). He missed their time of just being the two of them.

I miss those days when it was just us too. When it was so easy to have a conversation. When we couldn't wait to rush home and be together. Not that I'd give my kids up for anything.

How do you keep that spark going in your marriage? What do you talk about? Do you have some kind of hobby that you do together? I'm curious how other people do it.Pin It

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swing Batter Batter!

I took Trevor to baseball practice today. The practice was at the Sport Complex where the high school girls play. I was feeling rather nostalgic walking in. All the grass. The hard metal stands. The freezing cold wind whipping through my sweatshirt. Ahhh I love baseball & softball season!

Even though I saw Jessica's coach from last year and she looked down and away and acted like she didn't know me. Whatever BEOTCH we are done with you! (and by the way your glasses make you look really ugly) did I say that outloud?

As I was walking Trevor around trying to figure out where he was supposed to be, I realized he was the only kid in jeans. My fail! He was also carrying his baseball helmet and glove and forgot his water in the car. Looking like the major loser mom/kid combo there. Sooo I headed off to the mall to try Target for a baseball bag. I was kind of looking for the backpack kind. They didn't have any at Target so I went over to Big 5 and they were $40! So I got him a $15 regular bag and a pair of baseball pants to wear to practice. We'll be styling on Thursday.

Jessica is in "try out mode" for the varsity softball team. She's been a bit wishy-washy about trying out this year. I made some sad faces and told her how sad I was going to be if she didn't at least attempt to make the team this year so she went to try outs. I LOVE watching her play. I don't want to make her play, it's her decision  but I'll be really sad if she quits. Plus it's great exercise and keeps her busy. She's so smart she needs stuff to do!

Melissa is holding down her bed and making sure the remote doesn't get away. I'm pretty sure she didn't get that from me.Pin It

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just for you,
for Valentine's Day!

I knew I should have bought myself some chocolates yesterday when I was at Target!
Not that I need them, but don't they look good?
My favorites are chocolate covered nuts.

Umm Umm Ummm

I know people complain that Valentine's Day is a "commercial" holiday. It's only to get people to spend money on "stupid" things like candy and chocolates and cards and jewelry and the what not.

People say they don't need to have to have a "holiday" to say you love someone.

But what those people are forgetting,  is that some people NEED a holiday. Because their minds don't work any other way! They don't just think to go buy someone something and/or tell someone they love them just because.

Which is sad.

Every day should be like that, but let's face it, for some of us, it's not!

And I'm not saying I need a big fat diamond.

I'd take a heart cut out of some newspaper or a grocery sack with some little love note scribbled on it.

It's the thought that truely does count.

So go tell someone you love them.

Give them a paper heart cut out or whatever.

They'll remember that you took the time and effort to tell them that they are special to you.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lovely Saturday

The most amazing thing has happened today. First, before I announce it, let me knock on some wood.


Ok, here goes.


I know, it's like a freaking miracle!! Mostly I think it's due to the fact that I found MOLD growing on the back of my bookcases when I was cleaning last week. I cleaned it with some bleach, along with the wall and all the windows. I've hardly coughed at all in the last 2 days. I'm hoping I'm done being sick now. For like, ever.

I've been so lazy the last few days. I come home from work, lay on the couch, listen to my audio book, and play words with friends when it's my turn. I'm almost done with my book, it's on the last CD (16 CD's talk about a long book!). I fell asleep to it last night, so now I need to figure out where I dozed off at.

Today's plan is to go to lunch with 2 of my friends at Red Robin then go over to the movies and see No Strings Attached. Let's hope it's good.

After I get home we are going to my brother's house to have dinner and some drinks. I think it might be a consolation invitation for last weekend when they neglected to invite us over for Super bowl weekend but invited my other brother. Sucks being the 3rd wheel I tell you! Hopefully it will be fun. 

ETA: Oh back to 59 followers. Guess I wasn't exciting enough ;)Pin It

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another One Down And Hey I Didn't Even CRY This Year!

Well I had a pretty great birthday! I started off  the morning with my phone buzzing non stop from people telling me happy birthday on Facebook.

Then my friend called and I sang me happy birthday. I laid there for awhile and then got out of bed lol. I got a card from Scott that wasn't stupid and a gift card for a massage. 

OH THANK THE LORD someone finally paid attention to what I REALLY want. 
It's a freaking miracle! I need to call and make an appointment apparently. I can't wait!

I got up and there was a present on the table from Melissa and Jessica. Jessica is at Science Camp as a counselor this week but they thought ahead and bought me a present. Isn't that sweet? My baby girls are growing up! They got a me a flower bulb and a pack of sunflower seeds AND some gardening gloves.

Then I took the kids to school in my robe and slippers. AWESOME. So glad I took the day off! I came back and made myself some breakfast and played around on Facebook. 

Eventually I decided I should probably do some cleaning since everyone was coming over to our house for dinner. I ended up moving all the furniture around. I discovered mold growing on the backs of my bookcases, maybe that's one more reason why I am sick?? Cleaned it with some bleach (and the wall). Love living in an old house!

Stopped to take a shower and realized that Jess took the hair dryer to camp with her. Stressed that my hair wasn't going to dry in time for when I met my dad for lunch. It was ALMOST dry when I got there. Not too bad. 

We decided to walk over to the Mexican place for lunch. Chips and Salsa are one of my favorite food groups. We had a nice lunch. I always enjoy talking to my dad. I just wish we did it more often. My step mom made me a cute card, and they gave me $20 which I promptly spent at Target on a new phone cover for my phone. I've needed one for awhile but I'm too cheap to fork out the money. Thanks Dad!!

I got home and cleaned like a maniac, yelled at the kids, cleaned some more. Finally decided I was DONE cleaning and went in to fix myself up a bit. My mom and step dad got here while I was still doing my hair. Eventually everyone got here and we had Chinese food (tons left over and I'm taking it to work tomorrow or I'll be bloated for years). Rusty didn't try to eat my niece or anyone else (although he did growl at my friend but she had a hat on and he hates hats for some reason). It was a nice little party!  


My friend brought me fresh flowers, my mom brought me a miniature rose plant and tickets to JOSH TURNER my other love ;) He's coming to the big city by us on Jessica's birthday. She'll have to forgive me for spending her birthday at a concert. Something else to tell her therapist haha. My brother and sil got me some packets of vegetable seeds and some violas, my other brother and sil got me a cute little whirly bug that I put in a flower pot outside.

All very nice gifts. The best gift of all was having them all here though! I love seeing my family, they are the best (even though they piss me off sometimes!)

(my own "personal" candle cake so I didn't get sick germs on the birthday cake lol)
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Day Another Candle

Well it's my last couple hours of being 36. I can't believe I'm going to be 37. Times sure does fly when you get old!

I've been getting ready by cleaning grout. UGH. Why did we think tile would be a good idea? Tile in the entry way. Tile in the kitchen. Tile in the bathroom. On the walls and on the floor. That's a lot of grout. I cleaned it all the last 2 days with a toothbrush. I can barely walk. How's that for getting old?

My mom called yesterday to make plans for my birthday. She said she'd bring dinner over to my house and everyone could come over here. Sooo that means I get to clean my house for my birthday because of course no one else is going to do it. I just need to straighten up the living room a bit and clean up my bedroom now. Everything else is pretty much clean. TG! 

I'm taking tomorrow off from work. Every time I go to work on my birthday it turns into a really shitty day so I'm just going to stay home (and clean) and not expect anything. Oh and I'm going to lunch with my dad, who for once in my whole entire life not only remembered my birthday BEFORE my birthday, but called and made plans with me before my mom. It's a freaking miracle! I'm hoping to go to the little deli/hof brau (sp) downtown, it's sooo good. We used to go there all the time way back when Scott and I worked 2 blocks from each other. That was the good old days there for sure!

Have I learned anything in the last year?

I've learned to dance like no one is looking.
And to not care if they are.

To make my own happiness.
And to distract myself with something that makes me happy when I'm feeling sad.

I've read a lot of books
And learned through them.

I've watched my kids get older
And learned that before I know it they will be grown up and not need me anymore.

I've learned to speak my mind
Even though it doesn't always make people happy.

Here's to another year, whatever it will bring!

I wonder if Scott got me a birthday card as "awesome" as last year. We only got in a bit of a fight after that one.

ETA: I have 60 followers!! woohoo 

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thanks for all the book suggestions!

I picked up my library holds Saturday. This doesn't inclued one more audio book set, the book I'm reading or the one other book sitting on my nightstand.

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Swing It Baby!

Last night I went out with the girls from work again. I took my 2 girls over to my friend's house so they could babysit her little boy. (She made $50!-sure beats the $2 an hour I got when I used to babysit!) 

Then we went over to another gals house where we met up with everyone and then headed down to the cowboy bar.

We had a "new" girl in a our group who actually works in another department. She just recently broke up with her boyfriend of a couple years and was in need of a fun night out on the town. Some how she ended up being our driver (big truck with enough seats). She didn't drink at all but was still a ton of fun. Just goes to show you don't have to be plastered to be fun.

She knew how to do the "fun" dance that the cowboys like to do at that bar. I was so jealous!  I need to take some dancing lessons I think. It was like this minus all the lifts, dips, etc. 

Anyhow, it was fun dancing for hours. I got home around 3 am after dropping off my friend and picking up my kids. Next time we are all just going to sleep on someone's floor since that was way too late!

And of course, I was wide awake at 7 am because

1. The HEAVY cat kept laying on me
2. The dog wanted to eat the heavy cat laying on me
3. Trevor was breathing and coughing in my face.
4. The other cat was laying on me after the dog chased the other one off
5. The dog had to pee.

Which resulted in me 

1, Getting up
2. Taking a shower
3. Getting dressed
4. Laying on the couch
5. Reading my book 
6. Falling asleep while reading my book
7. Snoring

I'm all kind of awesome when I'm tired.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little less redneck by summer I hope

I have 2 new favorite sites I want to share with you. If you read here you probably have my same sick sense of humor so you'll enjoy them also :)

1.) The Daily What. It's funny, has a little bit of everything, and sometimes makes you go what???

2) Regretsy It's links of "etsy" gone wrong. HILARIOUS. I spent at least 3 hours looking at it the other day.

So in the "what did I do today" news, I'm happy to report I've been having a fantastic time at work lately. I'm sitting in between 2 people that totally entertain me. Just as long as the carrot top "you made me sick woman" is out on sick leave (think I got her sick again LMAO, she's out until Monday!) it's all fun and games. I seriously have laughed so much at work this week.

Didn't get our walk in after lunch today because we went to a yummy place for lunch. WHICH didn't even give us menus at first because they thought for sure we wouldn't need them. WHAT? Don't judge we don't go there everyday, just once a week or so. I had a fab club sandwich. Umm ummm ummm. Someday I might actually go on that diet I'm always talking about.

After I got home from work, I worked out in the yard some more. My husband has an engine hoist. Do you know what that is? Here let me show you. It's like this minus the car and the engine.

Only his? Was sitting in the dirt on the side of the shed. I don't know what I want to put there, but I know it's not this hunk of ugly metal. I had asked him to move it awhile back, which of course he didn't get around to and kind of gave me a smirk when I asked him about it. So today, I decided it needed to move. The wheels were sunk about 4" into the dirt and OMG what a heavy fucker. I twisted. I lifted. I tilted. I shoved stuff under the wheels. Finally pulled out a small piece of siding I found behind the shed and put that under it then moved it a bit. Repositioned the siding. Moved it a bit more. So I got it out of the "hole" where it was stuck but it's only out as far as where I had the vegetable garden. My arms are aching. I think I'll maybe attempt to move it some more but most likely I'm going to sell my soul to my husband to get him to move it. Yeah. It's that awkward!

I guess that means I got my work out in today?

Oh I raked and cleaned up the area where I moved it from too. That's where our big old tree was. Obviously I couldn't mow back there because of the hoist.  I'm bound and determined for it to not look like a junk yard around here.

Oh look, there's another great site to look at. GOOGLE IMAGES haha. Wow. People got some crazy out there.Pin It

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Green Grass

Oh man I'm so tired. I worked an extra hour today, we are in our "busy time" and then came home and attacked the grass that is growing everywhere. I really have to keep on top of it or it will get really out of control. And my neighbor LOVES round up. He's already sprayed a good portion along his side of the empty lot next to us. I know it's easier but quite frankly it looks like SHIT all dead and ugly, and let's face it that stuff is NOT good for anyone.

While I was out mowing, mowing mowing Trevor came over and mouthed something at me. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" 12 times from me and he's finally loud enough so I can hear that the dog has a bird. Poor little birdie! I don't know how he caught a bird while he was tethered to the tree (it was only while I was out there). It looked like he had just caught it and played with it a bit. RIP little birdie.

My husband is the biggest slob there is. I don't understand WHY it so difficult to 1. pick up your shit when you are done working and 2. throw trash in the garbage can. Neither one of those seems to be that difficult, but yet, he can not seem to do them.

So while I'm mowing I'm finding crap in the grass, and really really hoping I'm not going to run over anything that is going to break the mower, kill me, or break glass in the car or the house. Another reason to keep the grass mowed. Easier to find your husbands crap.

I only did a bit of the BIG empty lot on the other side of the house. It was getting dark and that grass hasn't been mowed at all this year. It's probably close to two feet high in some areas. If it's nice outside and I can walk tomorrow I'll try and work on it.

BUT Trevor has his first baseball meeting tomorrow at 6:30 so maybe not. Let's all pray that there are nice parents and they aren't all either the "baseball is our life" or "we own half the town" type of people. Nice and mellow will be just fine.Pin It
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