Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm so totally getting a massage on Monday

Well I made it! By the hair of my chinny chin chin but I made it!  I apparently spent a little too long messing around in the morning on the computer because I totally almost ran out of time before the party. 

I got home from the store about 10 minutes before people started showing up. Thank God it was just our family or I would have been totally frazzled. I'm also really glad I told Scott to call his parents and invite them the day before because I TOTALLY forgot about them. What a horrible daughter in law! When he said they were coming I was like OMG I totally forgot about them. Sheesh. I probably should have told him to invite his brother too. Whoops.

My mom took a ton of pictures and I forgot to get her camera card downloaded before she left but she's coming over today so I'll try to remember to do it then.

Today is book club. At my house. Weeeee I need to go take a shower and run to the store and get some wine, snacks and a desssert. Good thing I don't have to clean the house!Pin It


Chris H said...

Well done!
Have a nice book club meeting.

nic said...

happy birthday to your handsome guy! (and don't you love waking up to a clean house? i wish we could fast-forward through the actual cleaning part, and just get to the spotless house day.)

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