Tuesday, August 31, 2021


 Good morning although things aren't that "good" around here. Yesterday I whacked my toe on the couch. It's such a pretty shade of purple. Sorry the rest of my foot looks gross too lol.

I only did a little bit of sewing yesterday since work was so busy. Scott and I went to get a little window AC for Jessica's house last night since the air conditioner stopped working again. It is so smoky still it isn't really that good to keep the windows open. PS I'm 47 and keep spelling smoky wrong. Good lord.

I'm so amazed at the lack of customer service skills everywhere I go now. We went to Home Depot because they had 9 air conditions available in their store according to their website. We get there and there are none. No one even knows where they should be other than they used to have some up front.  Then we went to Lowe's and they had some right inside the door. I think we will just try Lowe's first now even though they are farther away since they actually have things in stock.

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Monday, August 30, 2021


Good morning! We woke up STRESSED today. Hoping things start being better soon. 

Along with other things one of the pairs of pants I bought Scott still has the security tag thing on it. Sigh. Guess I'll have to take those in to get that off. Wondering if I can just whack it with a hammer lol.

Weekend recap filled with sewing!
I got tired of making masks so assembly lined ALL the ones I had cut out and finished them off Friday. Won't be making those for a bit unless I make them as I go with the fabrics I'm working on.

After I finished those I had to do a time out to clean. I could barely walk in here but now it is cleaned up a bit.

Some day I'll be totes free haha. 3 of these are paper things that are a mix of stuff to scrapbook and stuff to maybe craft with or sell. I was thinking I could start off by sorting one box at a time separating the memory stuff from the non memory stuff. Later though haha.

After that it was on to keychains. My friend wanted a Care Bear keychain to go along with the other Care Bear items she ordered. I ended up going through all my pink strips I had made up and made fronts/backs. I ran out of interfacing so didn't make them ALL up but here is what I finished. Probably enough pink anyways haha. I need to get some more interfacing so I can work on some more baseball/football teams since those sell well at the craft shows.

Saturday night I made this Mini Turkey Meatball Vegetable Soup. I messed up and bought frozen spinach instead of fresh but it was still good. 

Yesterday after I finished up the keychains I started working on the basket of fabric pieces I had set aside to make some zip bags out of. Still putting them together. I had to go to bed and left this big pile.

And the Sunday night I should clean this before I go to bed because I have to work here tomorrow pile that I never put away.

Side note, anyone think it is weird that the monitors go into sleep mode but then wake themselves up on their own occasionally? Kind of creepy.

I sold a few mug rugs on Etsy this weekend so need to package them up. My boss worked yesterday so I have a bunch of emails to work on this morning. Onward!


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Friday, August 27, 2021


 Good morning happy Friday!

I don't have any work emails to work on at the moment, we'll see if the day gets busy or not!

Finished all the black masks in my pile last night. I have the elastic in all the rest of them just have to sew the ends together and tack them down then I can work on something else! 

When I went to the movies the other day they had a preview for a movie about the Gucci family. I was wondering if they had any documentaries and came across the Versace movie, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (on Netflix). It is a bunch of episodes. I was totally into it and probably would have stayed up hella late to finish watching it but my DOG was harassing me that it was time to go to bed. He kept coming to the door and yelling at me haha. Ok fine Rusty we'll finish watching it later.

I just cooked up the extra chicken breasts we had for dinner last night so nothing exciting there. I need to figure out what I want to cook tonight and pull something out of the freezer.

And that's about all I've got for this morning!
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Thursday, August 26, 2021


Good morning!

I did a lot of sewing yesterday. But I still made dinner! This was Skinnytaste One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta. I just noticed in her picture that she chopped up the peppers and onions but the recipe said slice so that's what I did. It was weird. If I made it again I would chop the onions and pepper and melt some cheese over the top. Would be much better that way.

Finished masks from yesterday plus 2 more that I packed up and forgot to take pictures of.

I'm completely sick of mask now so I decided to just assembly line what was left to get them all done. Just a few more steps to do then I can play with something else.

I also found more Halloween Fabric on my other shelf but I'm not making masks with it haha. Well possibly later if someone really wants it but not going out of my way for it. 


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Wednesday, August 25, 2021


 Last night my friend and I went to see the movie Free Guy. They had shown the previews the last few times we went to the movies. It was pretty good, kind of funny!

Other than that I worked on masks all day. These were all for orders

and these are to sell/add to my craft booth stash. I put up some of the ones from the other day on my neighborhood group and sold most of them so that's cool. Working my way through all the ones I cut out.

Jessica came and borrowed my car for the day. The cabin is getting worked on to make the back porch area more of a bedroom with proper doors and all that. So they fled for the day to be out of the way. My boss just asked me to go in for something and I'm like sorry no car!  Only vehicles here all have something wrong with them that I don't trust them to drive to work. Yes my husband is a mechanic.

Nothing on the agenda today other than doing more mask sewing. I need to make a keychain for my friend too so I'll have to do that soon. Nothing too exciting here, hopefully it will stay that way ;)

ETA: the girl in the other department is driving me nuts. I swear she makes everything more difficult than it needs to be.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Hello, here we are again! I keep thinking it is Wednesday today. Nope only Tuesday. My work computer is so incredibly slow today. I hopped onto my regular laptop and it is going at lightening speed! I don't know what they are doing but no work is going to get done  with that problem.

Yesterday after work I finally made a menu and went grocery shopping. I haven't actually went grocery shopping since we bought food for camping. Usually I just do Instacart and have Scott pick up a few things when he goes shopping for his mom.

I went through and picked all the recipes from Skinnytaste since I like most her stuff. For dinner last night I made this up. Turkey Chili Taco Soup. I have some breakfast stuff to make up but haven't done that yet.

I worked on masks last night, the top right was for an order but the rest are to add to my stash for sale ($5 each if anyone is interested). Going to work on some more shortly.

My little helpers last night. These two are so funny. Lucy does not want to be Tina's friend and whacks her if she is sleeping too close to her.

I really need to clean my sewing room it is a wreck! Some day soon haha. Also laundry. Ugh hate laundry. It would be so much easier if it was in the house but I have to trek it out to the garage. There really is no room to put it in the house either so not even something to fix some day. 

It is so nice and quiet with no one here. Yesterday Trevor kept popping his gum which was making Rusty freak out. I swear that dog is so sensitive. Of course the kid just thinks it is funny. Sigh. 

Well that's all I've got today. Hope you have a good one!

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Monday, August 23, 2021


Hello Happy Monday! Just got all my work emails caught up.

Trevor is home making his chair do a long high pitched noise hehehe I might be psycho in like an hour. 

Friday afternoon Melissa came over and then we went to lunch at the Mongolian BBQ. After lunch we went to Costco to pick out some new frames for me so I can finally get new glasses. After that we went over to the eye doctor where I THOUGHT they were going to dilate my eyes but all they did was a couple of those little machine things. WTH. I was so annoyed. They were like "now we'll have the doctor look at these and let you know if they want your eyes dilated to check some more". I was like I thought that was why I was here. So annoying. So I'll either have to go back AGAIN or they will just not really document stuff like they were supposed to. Why can't I ever find an office that doesn't do things all whack? When I didn't have optical insurance every one was always badgering me to get my eyes dilated and now that I'm old and can actually afford it no one does lol.

The upside of not getting my eyes dilated was that I could go to the Graffiti Night in Modesto. Trevor said he'd go with me. It was fun watching all the cars. Usually it's in June but you know, COVID, so we were just glad to finally get to see it.

Check out this "car"

Saturday I just worked on mask orders and then tried to go to Joann's with my friend Cassi. We got there and it was closed for cleaning. So most likely one of their employees has covid. Hopefully it wasn't the cute little guy who waited on me last week.

We ended up going to Chinese food for a late lunch and a couple other little stores. I came home and sewed some more.

Sunday I was working on the Care Bear bag my friend ordered but took a break to spend some time with this little guy. His little cheeks were flushed after he took a little nap on me.

My friend Cassi came by later. She went to Joann's again and got the fabric I had been needing plus a FEW others. I'm like let me pay you and she says just make her some stuff. 

Last night I finally finished the Care Bear bag. I was going to make a 2nd one for my booth at the same time but only got the bears sewn together for that one. I think I will just set that aside for now and work on all the masks I had started for my booth.

Ok back to work emails! 


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Friday, August 20, 2021


Hello Happy Friday!!

I'm only working until noon today. I have an eye appointment later. Melissa is supposed to go with me so she can drive me home after I get my eyes dilated. Last time I had that done I was lucky I didn't kill myself trying to drive. This is at the new eye place I started to go to so they can document the drusen that I have in both of my eyes (old doctor only told me one eye) so that they can monitor it. Yeah fun!

If we get there early enough I want to look at their glasses since I still have not ordered any with my new prescription and I could really use them.

Yesterday they finally got that copy machine picked up and paid for. There was a guy at the office so he took care of that part for me. Yeah for not having to drive over.

I mostly worked on masks yesterday. I got this big order done. These fabrics are so cute.

and the two for my neighbor friend that works with the above orderer lol.

Still have a ton to finish but they are all partially done. I just started grouping them up to get some out the door a bit at a time.

I don't have any plans for the weekend. It is still so smoky outside that we shouldn't be doing anything out there. I'll probably just hide away in my sewing room ;) Maybe I'll find something good to watch on Netflix. I've mostly just been watching You Tube and the resellers on there along with a few others but mostly resellers.  Its amazing how many people are able to quit their jobs to do reselling and You Tube. I suspect most of their money comes from You Tube with the reselling part helping out. I definitely would go that route if I lost my job although I'd need health insurance for Scott at least. That boy gets some weird shit to take a chance on him not having insurance would be a bad roll of the dice.

Anyhow. That's all the excitement around here. Just waiting for them to make the new selections for the "pilot program" aka no one knows how it works program. Hope everyone has a good weekend if I don't make it on here again til Monday!


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Thursday, August 19, 2021


Good morning, I'm half dead this morning. Our power went out right after I got home last night. It's just a little warm here and smoky so that's awesome. I sat outside for awhile and then came in and went to bed. Scott of course comes to bed but opens the windows, because you know, it's hot.  Apparently the recliner doesn't work to sleep in when the power is out.  He's grumbling and whining and then snoring so I'm like well I guess he's good now lol.  He woke up later and was talking to himself walking around and taking his temperature? because he's hot. Yeah it was like 100 degrees today, you're going to be hot with no fans or ac.  

Anyhow, we survived the great power outage of the day haha. It came on at like 1am .

Yesterday I cut up all the fabric I had bought plus a few others that people have asked for for masks. The top section is orders and the bottom is ones I am just going to make up. I needed to get more of two fabrics so Trevor and I went to Joann's and got that.

Then we went shopping for some pants for him. It's ridiculous how hard it is to find pants for big guys. I'm just like where do the Tongan guys get their clothes? We finding three pairs of pants for him at Kohls so he was happy. I got two pairs for Scott to try, hopefully he likes them since he really needs some pants. I was kind of looking for some cargo type shorts for him but they all looked like they'd be bikini bottoms on him. Even in their "big and tall" section. What part of big and TALL does not mean LONGER haha.  I should just get brave and learn try sewing some but ick don't really want to. 

After we got done shopping we went over to Chili's which was slammed with people waiting for a table. I asked if we could sit in the bar area and they said yes so we went in and I cleaned up an area with some napkins someone left behind. There looked to be one waitress in the regular area. These poor businesses that can't get anyone to work. Although if they paid people more they'd be able to seat more people and they'd get more business so it's a bit of a catch 22 I guess. 

Right now I'm trying to get the Got Junk people paid so that they can come out and pick up the printer/copier/scanner. They sent over a form that they wanted the credit card info, I sent it on to the gal with the purchase card and she says I can't do that. Now if that was me I would have just called the place and told them that I had to give it over the phone instead of kicking it back to the office. I email back the form that is partially filled in and her phone number to call for payment.

So today I'm like are these people coming or not? I call and they say oh yeah still on the schedule, we'll take care of payment. Ten seconds later I get an email with a blank form. What the actual hockey sticks. So now I'm playing email back and forth (with the purchase card person copied & her phone number on the email).  So stupid.

I hate being the freaking middle man for this kind of crap.

I need more coffee. 

So might be going into the office today if I can't get someone else to take care of it and they get their shit together.


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Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Good morning! I was so tired this morning and my eyes are so dry. Lots of smoke in the air again :( This beautiful soul of a woman that I met at an event and am Facebook friends with moved up in the mountains a couple years ago and they are now evacuated. Hoping her place is spared along with all the wild animals that she fed in her yard.

I went into work for a couple hours yesterday. There were two new people that I was like "uh who are you?". Well not really but kind of haha. One is a new employee with our department and the other was an intern for the one I used to work for. Average age 20 of course.

I had to figure out how to use the new copier/printer/scanner. You have to take your work ID card and stick it in to do anything. Which means two extra trips to the copier because I forgot it at my desk or in the machine haha. Finally figured out how to scan to myself after asking my boss. I'm too old for this new technology! 

When I got home Tina had rearranged the fabric again. 

She says "What? Not me I'm an angel!" 

While I was gone Daniel came and worked on the dirt pile! The trench is pretty much filled in and we still have some dirt! There is an area in the back that still needs some but I can't believe we had enough. He went and bought us a new wheelbarrow too. We are so adult now.  I really need a chain saw then I think I have all the adult tools haha.  I should go put the sprinkler on the newly filled in areas to see how much it settles in. Maybe in a minute ;)

I picked up some fall/Halloween fabrics while I was out. I just posted the bag and people are like I want to order! So I took pics of what I had and now I have several orders for masks. Trevor wants me to take him shopping for some clothes today (I think so I'll pay haha) so I will go back into Joanns and get a bit more of at least 2 of them that someone wanted 5 of. I only got 1/2 a yard of each so I will need a bit more.

I worked on the masks I had already cut out, these are for orders so getting them done first. I just have to add the elastic to them. I got too tired last night to finish but of course didn't fall asleep for at least an hour after I went to bed. I was like I could have just finished the masks ;)

This is my "work station" when I went to bed lol. I'm constantly moving things from one desk to the other depending on where I'm working.

I ordered some plastic sleeves to put masks in so when I go to the Lodi Street Faire I can put them out for sale without people actually touching them. Well and any other events I might do. I still would like to find something to do in September. The one I really wanted to do is the same day as my niece's birthday party so I guess I won't do that one.

I am thinking about packaging my mug cozies differently also so that they don't look like masks at first glance. I have to tell everyone that walks up that they aren't masks, it is rather annoying lol. I've seen some designs where you can wrap the cozy around a paper/cardboard cup to package them so I'm thinking of doing that and then I can display them standing upright in something. Just an idea! 

I think work is going to be dead again today. We are just waiting on them to make the new selections for this pilot program. Please let them be people who actually have turned in their paperwork. 

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Good morning we're awake again! I would rather be sleeping a bit longer though.

My friend posted this picture of her daughter sleeping with the quilt that I made. I'm glad she likes it :)

I watched this little guy after work yesterday! He's all sleepy here.

Taking a 1/2 hour nap on Grandma. We had fun playing! Definitely tired by the time he went home haha. I need to get a cup for him and some baby food stuff just to keep in the cupboard. 

We ate dinner at like 9:30 since it took me forever to make it. The last Hello Fresh meal I had. I wish I would have mixed the onions with the steak when I first started eating it, it was good that way.

Jess brought me some ice cream sandwiches for watching the baby :) I may or may not have had the last one for breakfast

Went to bed after the little guy left and Lucy was giving me a massage. I didn't know my flash was going to go off, she didn't appreciate that haha.

I have to go into the office today to mail some stuff out. Figure I'll go in around lunch time. I don't want to stay there all day! So spoiled now haha.

I need to stop by Joanns on the way home and get some fusible batting since I'm all out. Also need to figure out what's for dinner! I have some mask orders to make up too. 


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