Monday, January 15, 2018

Mom's Birthday

Well today was my official weigh in day (for myself only lol) and I have now lost 10 pounds since Jan 1st. WOOT WOOT. Very happy with that.

Mom's birthday was Sunday but my brother invited us over on Saturday for some cake and ice cream. I had a little sliver of cake and it was delicious!

I love her smile in the bottom pic :)

Before and after going over there I was working on cutting out some fabric and also selling some online on one of the Facebook Fabric Destash groups. I love those groups. I pretty much did that all weekend in between the other things I had to do.

Sunday I had to go to Joann's and my friend's household was finally not sick so I could take the presents I made for her boys over. 

They loved their bags. The 2 younger boys already had the toys I bought them but they just pulled them out and they all battled together.

Monday I had the day off and had planned a lunch with my mom for her birthday (before my brother planned his thing). She invited my aunt Cheryl who brought her daughter Chelsea and I brought my girls since they were all coming. Trevor declined.

For some reason I scrunched down when she took the pic. 

Chelsea is my 1st cousin and she's younger than Jess lol. We have a bit of an age gap in the cousin department on that side of the family. I was the only grandchild for 7 years *spoiled* by Grandma haha. 

We all got the salad bar. Afterwards I was wishing I would have just ordered a straight meal so it was easier to figure out the calories. 

I splurged on a little dessert too.

My aunt and cousin left after a bit and then we sat there and talked for a couple hours. Started to get embarrassing that we were there so long when the waitress shift was changing over  lol. Time go to! haha. 

I so wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I could use a couple more days off. Hopefully I won't get them in the way of a furlough next week though.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Week

So I've been logging my food into Lose It for one week and I'm down 5.6 pounds. Woohoo. Although I really did party it up on New Years Eve so who knows how much of that was just cocktails lol.

The Friday before NYE I went to the grocery store with my list of groceries I needed for the week. That was a good idea.

Here's what I made for dinners last week

I ended up not cooking on Friday night because I had to go to the grocery store (again) after work and I was starving so I had El Pollo Loco. That was my first time going there. It was good and under 500 calories.

So there's proof that you can eat real food and still lose weight ;) My internet at home is so slow lately it's taken my 2 days to get this post done. Maybe it's partially my old computer though too. Who knows. Our microwave died over the weekend. It's always something.
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Friday, January 5, 2018

New Years Eve

Oh my gosh you guys! I only need another $1.36 in ad clicks to make it to $100 which is what you need to actually get a check lol. Not bad for 10 years or so of blogging haha. I put those on there a long time ago when I blogged a lot and actually had hopes that it would go somewhere someday. Now it feels almost like an ancient practice.

So since it's already the next weekend I should tell you what we did for New Years Eve right? As usual the Entertainment Committee where I live threw a NYE party (which ends around 9pm for a "New York" New Years, and then we find our way to the attached bar lol). I went on Saturday morning and helped set up the hall, then Sunday before the party I went and got 20 balloons from the dollar store which is always fun.

They served a standing pork loin something or other, little red potatoes, fantastic salad and a baked apple. It was a ton of food. I ended up giving half my meat to Scott.

Hopefully this will be a great "before" picture in a few months..

You can tell the pictures closer to midnight by how squinty my eyes are haha. We had a great time and got to sleep in the next day woohoo!  Glad for the day off. Work has been so quiet this week with no nasty deadlines and everyone being on vacation. I can't wait for the days when I earn 10 hours of leave a pay period. Although I might be almost old enough to retire by that point ;) Retire. hahah maybe if I had been hired on as a permanent employe back when I first got my job 11 years ago instead of 2. Ah well something is better than nothing right?

So glad that we don't have any plans for this weekend. We really should take the tree down though!

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