Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Registration Day

Well Trevor made it through registration day without me. Nice to have a big sister that can take him :) They tried to give him the same horrible math teacher he had last year but the kids got it changed. YEAH!

He had a friend come home with him after registration and hang out. I got some pizzas and smores stuff on the way home. Sadly the boy's dad got here before the fire got going. Trevor and I sat out by the fire and had a couple and Melissa eventually came out to join us. Jessica is at work and Scott was too busy watching baseball.

Here's the prices for school stuff this year. He got a lanyard, PE sweatpants, PE Shirt and a yearbook. Over $100. That's not adding in the bus ($180 for a semester), pictures $30 something for a couple small ones and $95 we had to pay for a book that some kid stole out of a shared locker space in a classroom.

I went to lunch at the little mexican place down the road from work today. They make the tortillas fresh on that round thing. Yummo

Fire pit picture. I smell like a dirty fire pit now.

Up late since I had to pay some bills before bed. I was looking through some papers and found the car registration that I thought was due at the end of the month. It's due on the 2nd. Good thing I was going through those papers! 

This evening I've been working on taking some older pics off my phone. Mostly uploading them to FB (and the computer) in case the computer crashes. I'm sick of seeing that my icloud is full. I'm not paying MORE money . I'll just delete a few things!

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Monday, July 30, 2018


Geeze these people make me so stressed out.

Tomorrow is Trevor's registration day for school. Basically they do all that stuff we did on the first day of school a week before school starts. Talk about stupid. Melissa is taking him so I had to get everything ready. This year they want them to do all the paperwork stuff online which is great except it seems to me that one portion isn't working. Hopefully they let him register with how it is because I've tried 3 different computers and don't see anywhere I can put in my emergency contact info.

Only have to do this 2 more times and I'm done woohoo.

I just got home from Bunco (I got 3 but the winner had 5!) and went to try and log onto my computer and it was just a black screen with an arrow. After two tries I got that to log on. I should probably work on backing my stuff up somehow..

Meanwhile Scott is just talking to the baseball game non stop. So annoying.

So how did I do on my weekend to do list?

  • sell a box of fabric (omg I have so much shit here I need another house)
    • That didn't happen
  • finish my little fabric bunting that is all pinned together
    • DONE

  • put away at least one basket of clothes 
    • Scott actually put away ALL the baskets of clothes WITHOUT ME ASKING and vacuumed our bedroom. I'm pretty sure he must be sick. I don't think he's EVER vacuumed our bedroom before.
  • list a few things on Etsy
    • That didn't happen
  • sew a few more things
    • Totally worked on key fobs all weekend. I had a bunch that were all ready to be finished. Before I had sewn them all together except for the last couple steps.

     I got a few more that were partially done but didn't take a picture of those yet.

    In between sewing I went to my brother's house for his birthday. I actually got in the pool since it's like 150 outside. Believe it or not his pool water was still super cold. I didn't stay in too long.

    I did take one picture of the birthday boy AND the dog! I tried to get pictures of her but I startled her and she kept hiding from me lol. She so dang cute. Her name is Sadie and she's a goldendoodle.

    I MAY have finished out the evening at the bar. Jessica and I left Scott at home since we had already listened to him talk to the stupid baseball game all the way home in the car. I can only take so much talking to the baseball game.

Sunday I had book club at my mom's place. I had to pick up Marian and take her back home. Poor girl didn't even remember that I had called her at 1:30 to tell her I'd be picking her up around 2. Luckily her neighbor was there and she was already to go. 

Oh and Friday night I noticed an ad on Facebook for the Lodi Street Fair and I signed up to be a vendor. It's in October. It's a little bit expensive to sign up but my friend said in May they had about 30 THOUSAND people show up. Woohooo. I'm pretty excited about that. So I'll be sewing my little heart out until then ;) The booth sizes are a bit bigger too, 13x13 so I want to play around with the layout a bit to figure out how to maximize that. 

Well I'm ready for bed. I could barely get up this morning. I've been having some really vivid dreams lately. So weird. I just asked Scott if I yelled at him when he left this morning because I was totally pissed off at him in my dream haha. 

Nighty Night!

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Friday, July 27, 2018


Why is it already 7pm? Slow down weekend, I need to cherish you!

I feel like I need to make myself some goals for this weekend. 

  • sell a box of fabric (omg I have so much shit here I need another house)
  • finish my little fabric bunting that is all pinned together
  • put away at least one basket of clothes 
  • list a few things on Etsy
  • sew a few more things
Today we got invited to go to my brother's house for his birthday tomorrow so we'll do that in the late afternoon/evening. Sunday I have book club for a book I haven't read yet. Whoops. I haven't actually read a book in months. I'm that person that just goes to book club for the wine and snacks now.

Last night I found the top of the kitchen table per request from Jessica. Now everything is everywhere else ;) The problems of too many projects and a small house. Sigh. 

Then since I was trying not to deal with all my crap I told the kids I was going to go out on the paddle boat and 2 of them followed (plus one companion). Sadly the grassy weeds are taking over the lake again. They are going to put something in it to treat them again I guess. I heard it's like $3500. Well worth it though since it makes the lakes so icky and that's our main attraction.

Anyhow, we went around in circles in the middle. The paddle boat is so hard to steer. I think it needs to be greased up or something. Trevor went in the canoe with my friend Traci (her canoe) and then we hung out on the dock and watched the sunset and chatted. Love dock nights.

ok off to read some blogs. I made pulled pork in the crock pot for dinner so that was easy :) Now I can relax until I get to work!

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bingo Night

Last night I went to Bingo. Melissa, Jess and their 2 guys came too so we filled up the table!

I won one game but someone else did too so I had to split it and only got $1.75 lol.

Then I won ANOTHER game with 4 corners and with only 7 numbers called so I got double ($7) so that was nice!

And then I won BLACKOUT but so did 4 other people. Womp womp. I got $8 for that lol. So I almost made back what I paid for us all to play haha. 

Usually we hang out after and visit but my friend Traci didn't come and the kids split so I went in the bar to hang out and finish my drink. This made me giggle a bit.

Today at work I mostly worked on organizing all those files I scanned. I may have started organizing some other files on the work computer too. I don't know how anyone finds anything on there with things all over the place. I guess my brain is the only one in the office that works in an organized fashion!

Well think I might go take my paddle boat for a spin in the lake. We'll see if I can get any kids to go with me. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

4th of July Club Party

Have I mentioned that it's hot here?

And it's windy. WTF. Like a hot hair dryer. We are going to Bingo tonight. Decided I'm not cooking dinner so going to be lazy for a few minutes and do a blog post and read some blogs. I was busy all day at work doing little things that took forever and then doing some scanning of old shit that no one cares about. It's so satisfying to shred that stuff when I'm done.

So way back in the last weekend of June we had a 4th of July party here at the club. I've backed out of helping as much as I was before since it seems like certain people just take over anyways so what's the point. I just show up and ask "where you want me." So I was in charge of a water balloon game and watermelon eating contest for the kids. Not too bad.

Everyone's favorite the cake booth

This was my idea and it was a hit. Old fashioned dime toss (they got to keep the glassware it landed in.) I was going to play but there was always a big line.


Raffle prizes. I always try to win my friend's art work but never win. This new neighbor guy keeps buying like $200 worth of raffle tickers. Nice for the fundraising but no one else wins.  Although I think he scaled it back a bit at this party after people complained loudly lol.

People freaking love this. Kids watermelon eating contest. 

It was a really hot day (even back then..) so we had the party partially inside and partially outside and it still seemed to turn out ok. None of my family came (my girls were working) so I just hung out with my friends. Scott did come down later and hung out at the bar with me when I was done working :)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Catching up from the Weekend

Well it's Tuesday.

I totally did not watch what I ate so I have nothing good to report on that. Maybe next week. I need to take my lunch to work, I know that would help a ton.

Saturday I met up with my high school friends Audra and Twila. Audra was my best friend in high school then we grew up and aren't as close anymore but I still love her company whenever we do get to hang out every few years (she was also my maid of honor when I got married.) Audra, Twila, Cassandra and I all used to hang out together at school, mostly for lunch. I remember eating at school until I had a car then we would all pile in my car and go eat lunch usually at a park. A lot of times I remember going to the grocery store and getting one of those big muffins and a soda or whatever. I don't know how we managed to do all that on our little lunch periods!

Anyhow, we met in Lodi at the The Dancing Fox for lunch. We got a bottle of some yummy champagne to share. I got a french dip since I was too busy talking to pick what I wanted to eat and just had to pick real quick since everyone else was ready. It was pretty good!

I can't believe how fat I am. It's amazing how fast I can gain weight. I need to stick this picture on my wallet for every time I go to buy crap food to eat.  

We only hung out for a couple hours. When I got home it was just Trevor and I since the girls were both camping with their boyfriends (in seperate places) and Scott went to the A's/Giants game.  I piddled around with my fabrics and put together a couple little "kits" for my Etsy store. We'll see if they ever sell.

Pretend they are straight like I made them 3 times for this post.

Sunday I did laundry all day and played with fabrics. I ended up cutting out some more triangles to make another banner or two. I have the triangles sewn together and have been working on pinking the edges but I think I need to get my pinking shears sharpened or get another pair since they aren't cutting as well as they could be. 

Sunday nights dinner was Skillet Shepherd's Pie (minus the parmesan cheese that someone ate)

Yesterday at work I finally finished going through the old papers that have been haunting me for months as "something to do" from my boss.  It felt so good to finally get those done. 

Now I'm working on this giant stack of files. Scanning them and saving them into folders so that I can upload them to a site online. Seems pretty dumb to me since that stuff is all online somewhere already anyways. It's all policy type stuff for the most part. Whatever, gives me something to do and it's an organizing thing so it makes my brain happy. Plus I get to shred them when I'm done so that is always a plus to get rid of more old papers at work. (I use the recycle bin as a table since it's next to the copier/scanner)

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and Jess made dinner. Chicken Nacho Bake. I used to make it years ago and it's like her favorite meal. I don't think I've made it since the last time I made it for her, probably before she had moved to NC. I'm pretty sure hers turned out way better than the version I used to make.

After dinner the kids made up a fire and we had smores. My mom was out at the cabin so she came over too.

and look, it's still hot forever.

Guess I should go cook some dinner! 

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Anniversary Trip, Last Day!

Our last day of our trip. We weren't sure if we were going to maybe stay one more night somewhere or not but about half way through the day we knew we were ready to go home.  When we got up we got ourselves all ready and checked out of the hotel. Then we went back to Kitty's Korner for breakfast. I could have just ate a couple biscuits with butter and jelly. Yum yum.

This was our "ocean view" from our hotel. That's a car wash there in front lol. I forgot to document haha about when we went to Taco Bell the night before and we came back and there were no parking spots in the hotel parking lot. Scott was NOT HAPPY and just was so worried about parking on the street. We ended up doing that but where we could see the car from our room. When we were walking back to our room I saw someone leaving and I was like hey you could go move the car now. So he did. Seriously he cracks me up the things he worries about sometimes (but usually not in the heat of the moment..)

After we had breakfast we decided to head up the coast a bit more and ended up in Cambria. Oh my gosh what a cute little town! There was a really cute little motel that we debated on trying to stay at (but now that I look at the pictures online they have icky pillows on the beds so no).

I didn't take too many pictures while we were there but there was a lot of fun antique stores and this really cool never ending succulent nursery that had some other stuff for sale here and there.

I've never seen Holly Hobbie china before. Here's a whole set! For the die hard fans for sure!

This sign made me laugh

interesting picket fence

pretty flowers :)

We walked around forever. We weren't all that hungry after our big breakfast so we decided not to eat while we were there. When we left we headed towards home. Then when we were hungry we couldn't find anything we wanted to eat. At one point we found something that sounded good so we got off the freeway and the parking lot the place was in was packed so we couldn't go there (Scott logic) then we were driving down the road and everything was on the left, and it was a ghetto area and he's freaking out so I got us back onto the freeway and we eventually found a Chilis and I had a nice big margarita. Yep, together time was good and so was that number of days haha. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Anniversary Vacation Day 3

We started off the day by going to Kitty's Kitchen.  This little diner is so cute and has the best biscuits EVER. We actually ended up going back again the next day for breakfast so we could get more biscuits!

After breakfast we decided to drive up the coast a bit and see what we could find. The next town up is Cayucos. LOVED  Cayucos. Lots of antique shops. We spent hours going through them all but I don't think we actually bought anything.

Remember when these masks were all the rage? I had one

For lunch we went to  Schooner's Wharf which had the best calamari ever. I got the ceviche which was good at first but it was a huge portion and would have been better with more chips and less ceviche lol.

After lunch we went and walked on the beach. 

and we found a bunch of crabs in the rocks. Funny how at first you're like oh look a crab! Then you see them everywhere.

We had a great time hanging out on the beach.

After the beach we went back to our hotel and took a nap. When we woke up it was like 8:30 so we got fixed up and went down to Morro Bay wharf area. EVERYTHING was closed. So weird and disappointing.  We ended up going to Taco Bell for dinner. 

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