Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sewing Saturday

Happy Sunday!

I wish it was a 3 day weekend! Here's my view when I left for work the other day. Don't mind my dirty windshield.

Yesterday Scott and our friend Allen went to A's & Giant's game. You can tell who is what fan. Yesterday's game was in SF and next week they are going to one in Oakland.

Trevor and I were home alone for most of the day yesterday. We watched all the Jurassic Park movies. I'm pretty sure I dreamt that I was getting chased by dinosaurs last night.

While we were watching I worked on some sunglass cases for my booth. These could really be used for anything but people like them for sunglasses. Just a bit of fleece on both sides, lined and a zipper. I actually have 2 in my purse with random stuff in it. Mostly because I can't find my sunglasses. ..

I had most of these cut out already from when I was cleaning up my scraps.

All pinned together! Then I sewed one and realized I had them pinned together wrong. DOH!

Here's the darker fabrics finished up.

Today I will work on the lighter ones. It's so nice to have no plans for the entire weekend. Next weekend I already have something to do both days.

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Annsterw said...

Enjoy your solitary time - crafting and sewing eases my mind and really relaxes me!! I also LOVE cross-stitching!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Some times I wish my hubby would go away for a few days. I would love the solitude. He can take the dog too. :-)

Julie H said...

I'm hardly ever all alone. It's so weird when I am lol.

Ann, I used to do a lot of cross stitching but haven't done it in years, its coming back in popularity I think.

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