Saturday, July 21, 2018

Anniversary Vacation Day 2

Who doesn't love free hotel breakfast? When I'm trying to find a place to stay now I look to see what the pillows on the bed look like and if they have free breakfast. No joke! We were up fairly early and went to the little breakfast room. Waffles!  I got mine and Scott was getting his when this huge family came in and pretty much pushed him out of the way. He was going to make a 2nd waffle but they took over and by the time they were done it was out of batter! Poor guy ;)

After breakfast we attempted to check out but there was no one at the counter. We waited a good 10 minutes before I just wrapped our room cards in a piece of paper and set it on the computer keyboard with a note. Who leave the front area for that long? So weird. 

We went back to the shopping area of Pacific Grove and went through all the little shops. Old phone anyone?

Lots of murals

After walking around for hours we finally got on the road and started heading to Morro Bay. We originally thought we'd go down Highway 1 but it was closed because of road damage. So it was back onto the boring highway. 

I was looking online for somewhere to stop for lunch and found this teriyaki bowl place coming up that had rave reviews.  It was ok but not as good as my local place I go to for lunch all the time.

And what's this? A Goodwill in the same parking lot! I swear I did not plan that out lol. Found a couple of goodies.

Back on the road, hey what's that off to the right? It's the big Morro Bay Rock. Neither of us had ever been to Morro Bay so that is why we picked it for somewhere new to go.

We stayed at the Fireside Inn which I probably wouldn't stay at again. Actually I won't stay at Morro Bay again because it's a bit boring!  The hotel was musty smelling when we first walked in and our "Ocean View" room was like well you can kind of see it over there... I was kind of wishing we had paid a bit more for something a bit nicer but we were already paying quite a bit.

The good thing was that it was within walking distance of everything. The first day we were like oh this is nice! By the last day we were like man there are a lot of shady characters hanging around. Working in an area with a lot of drug activity we know that 2 older guys on bikes (not road bikes..) usually means a drug deal going down.

Anyhow, we were kind of thinking of going to this bar down the street but we ended up just going next door for pizza instead. This place was called Sabetta's Pizza and Pasta and it was pretty good!


After dinner we went and walked down to the wharf area to see what there was to see. There is no beach area here, just the dock and then the water. That was a bit disappointing.

We ended up going into the cutest little bar though. I didn't take any pictures of it since it was pretty small and quite a few people inside. We ended up getting a piece of cheesecake to share (what no picture!) 

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Chris H said...

It looks nice, but a musty motel is yuk! That waffle looks amazing, as does the pizza. I'm literally dribbling. *sigh*

Annsterw said...

I cannot get on board with no picture of dessert!! WHAT?!?! I am lo9ving that bench sign-so perfect! Hugs!

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