Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Registration Day

Well Trevor made it through registration day without me. Nice to have a big sister that can take him :) They tried to give him the same horrible math teacher he had last year but the kids got it changed. YEAH!

He had a friend come home with him after registration and hang out. I got some pizzas and smores stuff on the way home. Sadly the boy's dad got here before the fire got going. Trevor and I sat out by the fire and had a couple and Melissa eventually came out to join us. Jessica is at work and Scott was too busy watching baseball.

Here's the prices for school stuff this year. He got a lanyard, PE sweatpants, PE Shirt and a yearbook. Over $100. That's not adding in the bus ($180 for a semester), pictures $30 something for a couple small ones and $95 we had to pay for a book that some kid stole out of a shared locker space in a classroom.

I went to lunch at the little mexican place down the road from work today. They make the tortillas fresh on that round thing. Yummo

Fire pit picture. I smell like a dirty fire pit now.

Up late since I had to pay some bills before bed. I was looking through some papers and found the car registration that I thought was due at the end of the month. It's due on the 2nd. Good thing I was going through those papers! 

This evening I've been working on taking some older pics off my phone. Mostly uploading them to FB (and the computer) in case the computer crashes. I'm sick of seeing that my icloud is full. I'm not paying MORE money . I'll just delete a few things!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh children are expensive, aren't they?

I don't like s'mores and yet I love all the ingredients separately.
Weird right?
I did make this in a small cast iron skillet when we were playing games with friends.
I got the pan hot, then filled it with choc chips evenly on the bottom (they will begin to melt) Then I put marshmallows on top and put it in the over to brown and melt and get gooey. I then broke up some big graham crackers into dipping tools. :-) For some reason that way I like this. I know it's a head-scratcher. Fast fun way if you don't have a firepit.

Annsterw said...

I love a good smore!!!! I cant believe how much back to school costs! Good thing I don't have kids, I could not afford them! What is up with Scott?!?!? HA! Since when is basebell better than a campfire and smores?!?! Have a great day Julie!

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