Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday Sewing

What's up with Blogger not emailing comments anymore? I'm responding in the comments section since that's the only place I can see them..

Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing, it was great! Sadly the day went by really fast though. I've been using a hand me down sewing machine a bit since the light went out in my usual one. This machine sews really nicely but I can't get it to go in reverse or zig zag. I think it probably needs to be taken apart and oiled from what I've read online. It's not worth taking it in to get serviced since they charge so much for that and it's an old machine so maybe I'll give it a try when I get bored one day lol.

I finished all the little zippered sunglass cases I had started. Hopefully I'll sell a few at my next event. I sold all the ones I had before.

I even made dinner. Wow so domestic! Half the time I don't want to cook lately since no one is here or they just ate something 

or it's just too damn hot. It's supposed to be over 100 all week.

After I finished my little cases I cut up a bunch of squares for the next project I wanted to make. I actually got the idea from a customer. I raided my pink box of scraps.

Today at work went by really fast. I have been working on cleaning up some old files and listening to podcasts. Most notable today was Casefile which was about this stalker guy. People are effing nuts I tell you.

I had to go to the post office on my lunch so I went across the street to the "hot plate" mexican restaurant. I'm pretty sure they put the plates in under the broiler before they bring them out. This is cheaper (with tip) than eating a chicken sandwich meal at Carl's Jr if you can believe it.  The world is backwards. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Yes, doesn't that suck about the email comments?
I went to the blogger site and everyone is bitching a fit to blogger. Hopefully, they will change it.
I have a never used Janome machine. I guess from what everyone says it is really nice.
I'd give it to you if you lived near me. But I think shipping this would cost more than the machine. :-)

Annsterw said...

I heard from someone that blogger is working on fixing the comments issue - but it sure has been a long time waiting! I am responding in the comments also,,,lots of time!
I love the zippered sun glass cases - great idea and they are all really cute patterns! Good luck at your next craft sale!

Julie H said...

Peggy, I'm out of the loop on new machines. I'm just like all these people are giving them away I'll just try those for now lol.

Thanks Ann! I'm not planning on doing anymore craft shows until it cools off. Too dang hot.

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