Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bingo Night

Last night I went to Bingo. Melissa, Jess and their 2 guys came too so we filled up the table!

I won one game but someone else did too so I had to split it and only got $1.75 lol.

Then I won ANOTHER game with 4 corners and with only 7 numbers called so I got double ($7) so that was nice!

And then I won BLACKOUT but so did 4 other people. Womp womp. I got $8 for that lol. So I almost made back what I paid for us all to play haha. 

Usually we hang out after and visit but my friend Traci didn't come and the kids split so I went in the bar to hang out and finish my drink. This made me giggle a bit.

Today at work I mostly worked on organizing all those files I scanned. I may have started organizing some other files on the work computer too. I don't know how anyone finds anything on there with things all over the place. I guess my brain is the only one in the office that works in an organized fashion!

Well think I might go take my paddle boat for a spin in the lake. We'll see if I can get any kids to go with me. 

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Annsterw said...

Hi Julie!!! Congrats on the wins!! That is awesome - I love bingo but I have NEVER won anything at Bingo ever! I consider my attendance a contribution every time! HA!
I love that coaster - I would have taken that home to use at work - LOL!!!
Have a great weekend - play the lottery!!! You may be on a lucky streak! :-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What will you do with all that money? :-)
Have a great weekend.

Chris H said...

LOL ... I'm an old chub too!

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