Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Wristlets

Sooo guess what I did this weekend! Yes, made more little phone wallet/wristlets! These were all cut out last week so I just had to sew them together. That made for a nice relaxing Saturday of Netflix and sewing.

The box that I grabbed first to work on was Sports and Misc so that's what I've got here.

Work has been so agonizing boring lately. Definitely my "slow time"

So it's nice to have something to use my brain on.

I got this dragon fabric in a bag with some others from the thrift store. Isn't it pretty? I only had a couple small pieces.

Every time I see this fabric I think of Jessica and sure enough she liked this one. I tried a little bit different method on this one to do some top stitching on the inside pocket area but I didn't like how it turned out for the inside corners so I won't do that again.

I like the orange with this one

I just had a small piece of this fabric too, "Rock and Roll"

More music notes

And Raiders with a girly touch!

Next up on my pile is some more of the bigger phone wristlets. These will fit a regular iPhone and the bigger ones will fit the PLUS phones. I have them all ready to go, just have to sew them up.

I had ran out of interfacing so I went to JoAnn's to get more. They had a 70% off coupon for interfacing so I bought a whole bolt. Should be good for awhile!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More Wristlet Phone Wallets

 I love this butterfly fabric (vintage sheet)

and another one with the flower fabric.

These are both big enough for an iPhone 6/7 Plus. 

I spent several days working on organizing my fabric and selling quite a bit. So now I've decided to go through and make stuff out of what I kept. I have started just cutting things out for a few different projects and then I'll assembly line them up. I should have a lot of inventory for my next craft show :)

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Monday, August 21, 2017

As Usual

As usual when I make something I tend to make "a lot" of them. I had fun this weekend making up little cell phone wallet wristlets.

This one is really big for a "plus" phone. On the next one I will make the front pocket area a bit taller. On all of these I added fusible fleece to the front pocket and back and used interfacing on all the pieces. On the thinner fabrics I used interfacing and the fleece (I only have some light weight interfacing on hand).

 A cute little Mickey Mouse by request

Some "vintage sheet" material

and another one

and another Mickey Mouse by request.

I have 2 more for the "plus" size cut out of the vintage sheet scraps to work on this week. I really like the way they turned out with the added fleece and "wristlet" with the D ring. 

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Phone Wallet

Earlier last week I decided to make up this cute little phone wallet.

I messed up a bit since I wanted this flower fabric to actually be on the inside but I wasn't paying close enough attention to the instructions. They called this piece the "pocket" which it is but I was thinking the pocket was the inside.

As I was cutting it out I kept thinking it seemed a bit small. Sure enough I could barely squeeze my phone in (iPhone 6). On the first one I made I tried making a button hole and having it close that way. It was really hard to get it to button up though. The original uses Velcro but I was thinking that I'd like it to have a more secure closure (also I didn't have any Velcro lol).

So back to the drawing board. These pictures are a bit darker which goes with what time I finished it haha. I added 3/4" all the way around on the pattern but then cut a bit off the straight edge of the flap.

This time I made a little fabric piece to hold on a clip. I finally ordered some D rings after I made this one so I can use those for the next one. Also that was supposed to be on the left side but I forgot to sew it on, ripped it apart and then when I got done it was on the wrong side so it got to stay there haha.

I also added the closure like I do on my coffee cozies but I don't like how it pulls. I'm thinking I will add some of the fusible fleece to bulk it up a bit and that will keep it from doing that.

All in all I think it turned out pretty cute! I think when I make it with the D ring then I'll make a "key fob" and it can connect to make it a wristlet.

I used this one for Bingo last week, since I don't like to take my purse. I have a couple people who would like one and they have the "plus" phones so I'll have to figure out how much larger to make them. My mom was saying she would like one she can also put her reading glasses in so I guess I will play around with that a bit more too! 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend Work $ and Sewing

Saturday we were supposed to go on a little family outing with my brother, sister in law, maybe some of their friends, and my parents to Pinecrest. I decided a couple days before that I really didn't want to go so I bailed. Scott was happy to get to stay home too but the kids decided to go.

I spent the day working on destashing my fabric. I worked on it one other day earlier in the week also. I sold quite a bit of it on a Facebook group which is awesome. I have a couple stragglers to get paid though. One gal just ignored me altogether which is very frustrating. Now I've been working on sorting out a bunch of the smaller pieces of fabric I have that I had just basically dumped in some boxes. I've been trying to sort them by color and fold them to be about the same size. I have A LOT of pieces (mostly thanks to thrifting) so I think I will sell some of those too once I get them all cleaned up.

The kids got home around 6:30. When we asked if they had fun they responded with all the things that they would do different next time and said that there was so many people Scott would have hated it. My mom sent me pictures later in the week and they are right. WAY too many people.

Sunday I worked on a couple orders that I had. This one is for my friend's mom to give as a gift. She wanted the bag a little bigger than the original one I made so I added a border fabric. I was ALL done sewing and went to clip a thread and clipped the top of the bag. Talk about cuss words. I had to take the straps off, figure out how to fix it and (folded the fabric over and sewed it), cut MORE border fabric to make it look right and sew it all back together. It actually looks better now than it did the first time around so a little pat on my back for fixing it. My friend's mom loves it so that's good :)

This set was an order from someone on my Facebook group (who I'm not sure how she ended up at my group but hey it's an order :)). I had everything done but the big bag since I had to buy more of the fabric off of eBay. It didn't take long to get that made up.

Next I'm going to making some more little phone wallets but I'll share those in another post.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Book Club on a Houseboat

One of our book club ladies bought an old houseboat and is fixing it up. She took us out there a couple weeks ago! We caravanned over in decorated cars.

The houseboat is at Bullfrog's landing, which when you first drive up to seems like a real dump but it's fun when you get there. She has already done a lot of work on the inside with fresh paint, fabrics and elbow grease.  It was a lot of fun hanging out and super relaxing sitting on the front facing the water.

For lunch we went down to the store/dock area and sat at the tables with our picnic and wine (it said no alcoholic beverages but I guess that didn't apply to us)

after lunch we went back to the boat and hung out for awhile then on the way home we stopped and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. I'll call that a great day! (also kind of think having a houseboat might be kind of fun...)

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