Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thrifting & Reselling

A lot of times on my lunch I'll go to the thrift store. It's a good mental break! I like to look for fabric and crafty stuff. A lot of stuff I buy to resell but of course I find stuff that I keep too.

I picked up this embroidered owl quilt top for about $2.50! I know! What! That's crazy. All those hours of work someone did. There are several vintage sheet groups on Facebook and on some of them you can sell things in an auction format. I did that with this and sold it for around $75! The girl who won it was super excited to get it finished for her niece so I feel happy that someone's hard work is going to be enjoyed for years to come.

I think it was the same trip that I picked up these books (for some reason almost all my pictures turned sideways here hmmm). I looked them up and they seemed to be selling well. I decided to list them on eBay separately.

They are called Lutterloh and they are all like do it yourself patterns. Most of these were from the 90's and early 00's.

I was showing a friend of mine and she was like yeah sure who is going to want that??

Well when I woke up the next morning one had sold and someone bought the other 2 the next day.

I think I may have paid $1 each for them (I can't find that receipt anywhere!) and sold them for about $150 together. SCORE!

These little guys aren't worth much and were actually apart of a group with some other pieces but aren't they cute? 50 cents.

Lots of great fabric! I sold some of the older pieces out of here. I love when someone donates all their fabric! Well except when it's that nasty old polyester stuff.

This sign at the thrift store totally cracked me up. Read the bottom line. The next time I went in the dresser was still there but it had a new sign haha.

I got this big bag of lanyards for $1. I figured I could use the little clips for my own lanyards :)

zipper day! I've been making a lot of zippered pouches so getting all these for a couple dollars is a total score!

I love my local thrift store! Do you thrift? What do you thrift for?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I do not thrift. My husband does.
I call him a picker.
He sold a few things this weekend he found, he picked up, he rooted for. All of the above.
He made some serious money.
And Julie those 50cent S & P shakers my friend would have paid you much much more. She collects s & P shakers.She pays ridiculous amounts of money for junk....err I mean her salt and pepper shakers.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You made some great money!!! Good for you!

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