Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Wristlets

Sooo guess what I did this weekend! Yes, made more little phone wallet/wristlets! These were all cut out last week so I just had to sew them together. That made for a nice relaxing Saturday of Netflix and sewing.

The box that I grabbed first to work on was Sports and Misc so that's what I've got here.

Work has been so agonizing boring lately. Definitely my "slow time"

So it's nice to have something to use my brain on.

I got this dragon fabric in a bag with some others from the thrift store. Isn't it pretty? I only had a couple small pieces.

Every time I see this fabric I think of Jessica and sure enough she liked this one. I tried a little bit different method on this one to do some top stitching on the inside pocket area but I didn't like how it turned out for the inside corners so I won't do that again.

I like the orange with this one

I just had a small piece of this fabric too, "Rock and Roll"

More music notes

And Raiders with a girly touch!

Next up on my pile is some more of the bigger phone wristlets. These will fit a regular iPhone and the bigger ones will fit the PLUS phones. I have them all ready to go, just have to sew them up.

I had ran out of interfacing so I went to JoAnn's to get more. They had a 70% off coupon for interfacing so I bought a whole bolt. Should be good for awhile!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I like these. You do such nice work.
I wish I'd use one.

Chris H said...

Oh they are super neat... can you gimme the pattern please? I would love to make myself one.

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