Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bike Riding with Trevor

Sunday Trevor wanted me to go for a bike ride with him. I really just wanted to work around the house but if your kid wants to go out side and get some exercise you should probably just stop what you are doing and go do it. You can clean later.

So we went out and went for a ride and ended up going around all 3 lakes. He hasn't been riding his bike much so he had to take a few breaks. Amazingly I felt great even though "I" have not rode a bike in forever either!

The weather has been so foggy lately. It's horribly depressing weather. I hate it and can't wait until I'm complaining about it being too hot again ;) Just bring out the sun and let it dry everything up. I can feel myself laying on the grass soaking it all in.

But for now, damn cold for here. I should have worn one more layer.

When we got to the house we were at 3.75 miles. He was done but I went down the street and back to make it an even 4. 

I thought I was going to ride bikes with Scott Monday morning but he decided the weather was too shitty. I swear we've all got the foggy blues around here!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Years Resolutions

I wrote this early in the month but never finished it...

I have that stupid New Years Resolution that everyone else has this year. Ahh to lose this 20 pounds again! I'm back on the no more crap diet. Which is not to be confused with the I hate my life diet, I'm not doing that one again.

I'm just back to counting calories and trying not to eat too much bread or packaged products. I've still been running at least a mile every day (which lately is just run only a mile every day) and I've also joined a Diet Bet to help keep me motivated for the month. I've never done a Diet Bet before but I figured since I have a little bit to lose I might actually be able to lose 4% in a month without killing myself. So far so good, although my scale battery seems to be dying. Here's my pictures I had to send in to validate my weight.

I attempted to change it yesterday but first I had to unscrew this TEENY TINY screw and then it wasn't even a normal battery. One of those stupid little flat round ones. Is it bad that I was thinking it might be easier to just buy a new scale? Ugh, so lazy lol. Actually I think I might have one of the batteries it takes in my car. I had bought one once to try to change the battery in my clicker thing for my car, which of course didn't work and still doesn't work. So I've had that battery kicking around for awhile, which means it's probably really dead so won't even work. (looked later and it's not there)

I had the 1st-the 4th off of work. I spent most of  the time napping and laying around. Because I'm SICK. Ugh it sucks. I haven't been sick in years. I just have a little bit of a cold so nothing that's totally keeping me down. Just enough that I don't really want to go and do anything fun and exciting.

And now, an update. I have been sick for almost the whole month! It's pretty much gone now but I just have the occasional runny nose and coughing. Just enough to make me not feel 100%. I totally ate crap all last week and I've been avoiding the scale. Although I did order some batteries off of Amazon. Scott said he needed some for his bike light and they were pretty cheap on there. I was a tiny bit stressed out working on the baby shower stuff and trying to get stuff done at work. I've been working full time the last week and a half.

But those are all excuses (although kind of valid lol). I obviously have a hard time staying on track when I'm feeling stressed. I'm sure most people have the same problem.

I have still been running at least a mile every day, although I'm thinking of stopping that on day 150 (147 was Sunday and I'm writing this on Monday to post later). I need to start ramping things up a bit and I'm stuck in that just get it done mile rut. I'm doing a half marathon in May and I need to be running some longer runs before I get to the training part so I don't totally die. I put the training runs on my calendar and they will start in a few weeks. Time to get it going and get my shit together!Pin It

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday is on the 14th so we planned on the 10th to go to Jamestown and go through the shops and spend the day together.

On the way there we stopped in Knight's Ferry at the little 50's diner I've driven past a few times (on the way to the Salmon Festival) and had lunch.

It's a cute little place called 50's Roadside Restaurant. (picture from Yelp website)

I was trying to be relatively good so I ordered a "mini" chef's salad. Which wasn't all that mini. It was good though! (I ordered the avocado extra)

selfies with mom

After lunch I took her down to see the Knight's Ferry Bridge since she's never seen it before. Blinding her in the sun haha. You can see the whole bridge here. (dang my kids were little!)

And then we went to Jamestown and walked through the shops until everything started closing down.  I bought a couple little things to put in the yard once I spend a century un-burying it from all the weeds out there. 

By that time it was kind of late and mom wanted to have dinner there so we tried out a little Mexican place called Morelia Mexican Restaurant. It was in a little Victorian house (here's a picture from Yelp). We sat in the bay window up front. 

I got the chicken flautas (so much for being good) with a side of cold meds because my nose kept running and making me cough.

Dinner was great. We drove home after that but stopped on the way to go into Target to get something. I took my mom back to her little house by me and we hung out for awhile longer until I begged off since I still had to go do my mile run for the day. We had a great time hanging out like we always do!

The next weekend (yesterday after the baby shower) my brother had a little dinner for her and some cake. Happy 63rd to my mom! Or 36 ;)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Kristin's Baby Shower

My friend Kristin is having a baby soon! A bunch of people at work all wanted to have a baby shower for her so finally I just took the lead and my other friend Kristin (yes there are 2) offered up her house to have it at.  She is doing the baby's room in pink and gray so I went with those colors for the decorations.

I started kind of late on the preparations because I've pretty much been sick since new years! Colds really suck. I THINK it's about gone but then I'll have a day where my chest feels heavy again. Hopefully soon it will be gone completely.

Anyhow, I didn't do a whole lot of decorations but I did have fun once I started crafting some stuff up.

I made these to put on the cupcakes

and wrapped up some plastic ware with some cute napkins

and made some tissue paper flowers to hang from the ceiling (dollar store tissue paper is awesome for these). You can find directions on how to make the flowers here)

They looked fun hanging over the table

I used some pink polka-dot wrapping paper to decorate the table. It was cute but once it got wet it had marks on it. Might be better to have a thin plastic table cloth over the top if I do that again. We used to sell vinyl on a roll when I worked at the fabric store for pretty cheap and that would have been perfect.

 Another gal brought this cute banner and mimosa makings

I made up some sheets for a "poopy diaper game". My friend is pretty crass and is ALWAYS telling me about her poop stuff (heaven help me) so I named it the Shitty Diaper Game in her honor ;)

I got the image from here, and then made them up on the computer along with tags for the diapers.

I used 6 candy bars and put them in the diapers, crunched them up and then I could still kind of tell what they were so I put them in the microwave for a few seconds. That did the trick.

Watching everyone try to figure out what they were was so funny. The 2 kids that were there were totally grossed out. 

The winner got 4 of them right, not too shabby! The 3 Musketeers bar threw everyone off. 

We also played the "my water broke" game where you freeze little plastic babies in ice cubes and then when someone has one that melts they say "my water broke!" and win. That one was a nice mellow game too.

and the other game we played was the Baby Bingo which I used for my sister in laws baby shower. I love that game because everyone really gets into the gift opening and pays attention. (original image from here)

Almost every one that came to the shower brought a dish to share so we had a little potluck type meal going on. The mom to be is on a restricted diet so almost everything was pretty healthy. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

And now I think they are ALMOST set for the baby girl to get here :)

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Did you all have a fabulous New Years Eve?  I worked for a little more than half a day. Someone gave me these poppers on my desk. Wasn't that nice? Everyone had some kind of NYE gift. It was all from one girl at work. 

After work I ran to the bank (huge line) then home. My friend Kristin came over for a few hours. Originally she was going to go to the New Year's Eve party at the club with us but her boyfriend got off of work early so she just came over to hang out for awhile. We played a few games of UNO and just sat around talking. Oh and I made us some chicken fajitas for dinner. She said she was feeling a cold coming on so left not too long after that.

The club party started at 8 and we went down to the club house right about then. They had revolving appetizers all night and a few casino games (I only played one), a guy playing DJ (he does all the parties) and of course the bar was open.

Most of my book club buddies were there and we sat with them out in the hall. It was like our own private section because most people were sitting in the kitchen area.  Although once the games started people wandered in and out.

I think Scott may have had a little bit of fun. I had to ask him to put his phone away about 100 times. Really? Playing chess on your phone while you are at a party? Redic. Might as well stay home if you are going to do that. 

I was feeling all of my extra weight I've gained when I was getting ready to go. It's not really THAT much but I ate crap for all of December so that wasn't helping my poochy belly any either.  I was actually kind of amazed at how many people told me how great I looked and how I've done such a great job keeping the weight off, etc. Boosted my ego a bit and made me realize a lot of what I see is in my head.

In the bar area

Before midnight someone came around passing out little hat things, blowers and poppers.

Before we knew it, it was midnight! We stayed at the bar for a little bit longer and then came home and went to bed.  I'm glad we have made so many friends out here now, it makes staying close to home a lot more fun.
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