Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday is on the 14th so we planned on the 10th to go to Jamestown and go through the shops and spend the day together.

On the way there we stopped in Knight's Ferry at the little 50's diner I've driven past a few times (on the way to the Salmon Festival) and had lunch.

It's a cute little place called 50's Roadside Restaurant. (picture from Yelp website)

I was trying to be relatively good so I ordered a "mini" chef's salad. Which wasn't all that mini. It was good though! (I ordered the avocado extra)

selfies with mom

After lunch I took her down to see the Knight's Ferry Bridge since she's never seen it before. Blinding her in the sun haha. You can see the whole bridge here. (dang my kids were little!)

And then we went to Jamestown and walked through the shops until everything started closing down.  I bought a couple little things to put in the yard once I spend a century un-burying it from all the weeds out there. 

By that time it was kind of late and mom wanted to have dinner there so we tried out a little Mexican place called Morelia Mexican Restaurant. It was in a little Victorian house (here's a picture from Yelp). We sat in the bay window up front. 

I got the chicken flautas (so much for being good) with a side of cold meds because my nose kept running and making me cough.

Dinner was great. We drove home after that but stopped on the way to go into Target to get something. I took my mom back to her little house by me and we hung out for awhile longer until I begged off since I still had to go do my mile run for the day. We had a great time hanging out like we always do!

The next weekend (yesterday after the baby shower) my brother had a little dinner for her and some cake. Happy 63rd to my mom! Or 36 ;)

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Annsterw said...

Looks like a great couple days with your mom!!! I love the cake!!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Fun time!
I love the 36 on her cake.
Great idea.

Chris H said...

How lovely to spend such a nice day with your Mum. She looks lovely with her cake.

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