Tuesday, October 24, 2017

On The Brink

Well I've spent the last few days mostly in bed dying of this gungarot cold I have. I had book club at my house Sunday so I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday morning cleaning. My throat was hurting so I knew it was coming. After book club I went to bed and that's pretty much where I've been.

I got up this morning to go to court with my mom for Robert, we went to breakfast and then I came home and went back to bed. I almost didn't take any more cold medicine for my last dose but my head and teeth were hurting (always get that with my sinuses) so I took another dose.

I'm feeling a bit better now so I got up for a bit to do some things on the computer. Scott just went to bed before 10, which he never does. That means I can't go be all bed hoggy and lay all willy nilly watching my kindle to put myself back to sleep now.

I have watched 2 plus seasons of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is rather stupid but sometimes funny and keeps me just interested enough that I will go back and find where I fell asleep haha. I'm on the 3rd season now. The crazy lady with the curly hair, how funny that I remembered her from when I was a kid and my Dad watched the show Taxi. Wayy back.

Anyhow, hopefully I'm alive enough to go to work. I'm probably about out of sick time. I'm going to Nebraska Friday for a wedding and I still need to find something to wear. I really need to do that tomorrow. This being sick stuff sucks. Hopefully I'm not going to be that annoying cougher on the airplane on Friday.Pin It

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Need More Days In The Weekend

Oh my gosh I'm so happy it's Saturday! Looking forward to doing some sewing, although really I should just be cleaning since I'm having book club at my house next weekend and it's a wreck!

All the controls are on at work now so I can't read blogs anymore. Sad panda. Well I can on my phone but I have to have a lot of extra time to do that.

Last weekend I went to Chicago! To cheer my friend on while she ran the Chicago Marathon. I had scheduled my flight super early so that I would get to the airport at the same time as my friend but then she changed plans and was already in Chicago. Oh well! I know what the freeway is like at 4am now. Good thing Scott is a morning person. Sunrise on an airplane!

I took Lyft for the first time from the airport to the hotel. The woman who was directing the cars at the airport is going to be lucky if she doesn't keel over from a heart attack. Jesus. Relax lady! I don't even know why they even needed anyone out there. People can figure out how to pull over on their own. So the guy picks me up and then we get like 4 big blocks away (or more) and then he gets a call for a 2nd rider back at the airport (I'm cheap so had done the share a ride option). I thought that was rather rude that we'd circle back around but what do I know. It took almost an hour to get from the airport to the hotel. 

I was starving by the time I got there so we walked down to Yolk and had lunch. I had this yummy fritatta thing. It was so freaking loud in the restaurant though so it was a bit hard to hear.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel and then a couple hours later we went to another restaurant to meet up with some people from the Fat to Finish Line Facebook group that my friend is on. I didn't know anyone but I had a great time talking to a gal that is a Navy mom with 3 boys that are close in age to my 3 kids. This poster was in the bathroom. I might need one!

After "dinner" (I just had drinks and a little slider tray) we went back to the hotel and chatted a bit. I feel asleep super early which was probably a good thing since Sarah had to get up at 3 something. Here she is before she went out to go line up!

We (there was another girl there at this point) went back to sleep for awhile and then woke up with a start that it was 8:45. We threw on some clothes and went out to see if we could catch Sarah around mile 2. I was thinking at this point that we were just going to go out and catch her to cheer her on and then go back to the hotel so I didn't put on good shoes or you know, shower. 

I have a bunch of pics I was going to post but my computer is taking forever so I'll finish up later! I want to do some sewing today!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Topping off

We have a ton of people at work with newborns lately. Yes I'm staying away from the water! Just kidding of course but wow! I started thinking about it and we had a really wet winter last year so I think everyone "stayed in" wink wink.

So as the seasoned mom it's SO HARD not to give my 2 cents on everything.

Most recently I about bit my tongue off when one guy was talking about how his wife breast feeds the baby and then they "top him off" with formula. Just in case.

I cannot tell you how much this bothers me as a 3x nursing mother. Amazingly I did not say ONE WORD but I really thought about going into his office and telling him how insulting that is to do that to his wife. Who knows who's idea that was but what the heck!

I'm glad I nursed my kids before pumping became so popular. I did have a battery operated little pump that didn't work very well, so I didn't ever really use it. I was also lucky and didn't work when my kids were babies so I didn't HAVE to be a slave to a pump and/or give up breastfeeding to support my family.

When Melissa was born (my 2nd) she was 9 pounds 5 ounces. I had a c section so I was in the hospital a bit longer than moms with vaginal births. Babies always lose weight after they are born. It takes a couple days for your milk to come in so they are just getting colostrum at first. This is how nature works! Someone was concerned that she had lost about a pound (hello she was still over 8 pounds!) and pressured me into them giving her a bottle of formula. I gave in and let the nurse give it to her while I cried in the bathroom (hormones anyone?). I have to say I still remember being extremely happy when she spit it up all over the nurse.

I knew my body was perfectly capable of feeding a baby and it did just that. Three times.

And before anyone says anything I don't care how you feed your kid, it just really bothers me that people think that if they can't see how many ounces the kid is consuming it's a problem.  That's why they weigh your kid at check ups every month in the beginning. Obviously if then your kid isn't thriving there is an issue.

Anyhow, I give kudos to the women at work who are always in the room with the door and blinds closed and the sign that says "do not disturb". I don't know if I could have done itPin It

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just another day of fun!

I keep meaning to do a nice post but ack never get there lol.

I get so frustrated at work sometimes. We are working on cleaning out files (AGAIN) at work and doing a ton of shredding. Basically one shelf of the filing cabinet produces one big black bag of shredding. The first day we were work on it I told the gal that is in the office by the shredder I could close her door if she'd like while I shred. Then she went into this MISSION on moving the shredder so that she didn't have to hear it. The other guy in the office was complaining too. I was thinking how about me? I have to hear it lol. So I just stayed out of it for the most part and let the boss take care of it and it got moved into the small room where the files are so that's fine.

Then the janitor guy came through and I asked him if we could get another roll of bags. He gets all worked up about me saying I was going to toss some of the bags in to the dumpster because the guys that come pick up the recycling only come once a week. We already had about 12 bags of shredding from one and half days. Where the fuck are we supposed to store it all while we wait for the recycle guys to come around. They came today and got what we had (minus the two I chucked in the dumpster yesterday). Now it will be a week before they come again so we'll see how that plays out.

Our project got sidelined today by an audit that we had to do on some 80 something files. I got my 40 some odd done right before I left today. Then shredded two huge piles of papers.

There are some random guys in our office fixing something with the heating and air conditioning unit. I swear someone could totally just pose as a worker and get in our office so easily. Totally freaks me out.

I actually didn't have anything to do after work today other to pay a couple bills so I'm sitting here doing some blog reading and a quick rant post ;) The kids went to go get a pizza since they didn't want "chicken again". Such whiners. Whatever, guess I don't have to cook right?Pin It
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