Sunday, March 31, 2024


Hello happy Easter Sunday!

Are you ready for some pictures? We went to the Easter Egg hunt down at the campgrounds with the kids yesterday. 

Rosie looked around saw all the people and the swings and said YEAH!!!

I took her on the swing and that's all she wanted to do lol.

Scott tried to take over for me at one point and she said no lol

Pulled her away for the egg hunt but that only lasted a minute for her. She'd open it then throw it all down haha. Then she made a bee line for the swings.

Scott & Jess did the egg hunt with Daniel he got a ton!

They got bubble wands from the special egg pick lol

Scott and I were ready for a nap when we were done haha

I got the mac salad & potato salad done and had to do a taste test. Scott saw me and I ended up giving him half.

Scott and Trevor got the yard mowed before it rained again. I have to go put everything back on the porch since I think they forgot that part.

Trevor went to work and Scott and I went to sushi.

While we were there we missed a hail storm at home. We got some rain on our way back and a cool sunset

Last night and this morning I'm having some pain in my lower stomach area. I thought maybe it was cramps then maybe I'm dying. Maybe it's just gas. Ugh sucks. Hopefully it stops soon. So much to do still. Going to be a "good enough" day I think lol.


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Saturday, March 30, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! Today they are having an Easter Egg hunt down at the campgrounds. Hopefully the rain holds off until after that. I need to take a shower soon so I can go down with Jess.

I got all the boxes from Scott's mom's house into the shed yesterday with Trevor's help. I couldn't even pick up 2 of the boxes he put his trains in so I'm glad he was here. I forgot how many empty tote boxes I have out there. When the weather is nice again I need to go out there and rearrange a bit and I'd like to work on Scott's side since he just throws everything in a heap. 

I got the house picked up and vacuumed just in time for the littles to come over and play. My first time watching baby Nate! Trevor was here but he wouldn't hold him so that wasn't too helpful when Rosie and Nate were both crying at the same time haha. We all survived though.

She was super mad when she woke up so that was the fun part. 

After they left I washed some dishes, put in the chicken pot pie that I bought at Costco and then went and laid on my bed. I got up officially at 9 this morning haha. I did get up several times just not to stay up. I would have been better off sitting in the sewing room than just going to bed, at least I would have done something productive ;)

We have a 20% chance of rain now at 6pm today. Let's hope it does not rain and the sun comes out so it can dry the grass in the front yard and back yard since that didn't get mowed :( If not we'll have a nice long yard for Easter. At least Trevor did the side yard so that isn't bad. I don't expect us to be outside much tomorrow anyways since it's not going to be too hot. 

Today's plan:

Easter egg hunt
clean the ceiling fans
Mac salad
potato salad
maybe make beans, I got all the stuff for that the other day. 

Go through the Easter boxes and decorate or whatever with them. 
Then throw the boxes away because they are old and broken. 

Wash dishes 12 times. 
Maybe clean the shower. 
Maybe clean the porch. 

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Friday, March 29, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!! AND I have the day off today since they sent out a free 8 hours off email yesterday. I was like I would like to use that for Friday lol. So now I have 2 days to clean my messy house. I need to get all these boxes from my mother in laws house out to the shed and hopefully they will fit in there. Might need to do some rearranging to fit it in.

Yesterday I went and got my filling done. Then went to Walgreens with my numb face and tongue talking like an idiot to get my prescriptions. I didn't pick them up fast enough so they had to refill them.  Of course now one was out and for some reason now they sent it to the Dr to get approved again. Stupid. Oh now it's been approved by the Dr. just got that email.

After that I attempted to take the portable sewing machine to the sewing machine shop but they were closed for lunch. I went back by there on my way home and they had closed for the day. An hour and a half early! So that didn't work either lol.

I went to Costco and got the cheese & chips and some other junk for Easter. Walked around a bit. Debated on this giant dragon for the kids but I'd have to have Scott blow it up with the air compressor lol. It's huge! 

The swing set is out. Maybe we'll get one this year. And a fence and a back door? In reverse order. 

Pizza for lunch in the car since there was no where to sit.

After that I went to the grocery store and got the food for Easter and a few things for until then. Came home and put the perishables away then took a few things over to Jessica's and played with the kids. Baby Nate has moved out the tiny newborn to the bigger infant baby phase now. :) He's getting so big already. Probably only a time or two more in the bassinet. 

After that it was time for darts where we lost horribly again. Only won 1 out of 7 games. I hung out til they closed at 9:30 lol. 

Here is the patchwork quilt I got finished. No takers so might have to keep it haha. I wouldn't be sad ;) 

After I get done with coffee and being lazy and trying to get motivated I'm going to do the 10 minute tidy game per room for a bit. 

Now getting asked to babysit later so I guess I'll start with the stuff the kids can get into!

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Thursday, March 28, 2024


Good morning happy Friday Eve!

Today I have a dentist appointment to get a filling so that's no bueno. Hopefully this dentist is good and I don't have any issues. 

I have darts tonight too.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Sarah. She lives in Texas but they have business stuff here so she comes back for visits here and there and we get to sneak in a lunch. I got her to come to Manteca instead of our usual place since I wasn't working in the office yesterday. 

Beef Taco lunch for me. They give so much rice and beans it's like a 2nd meal. 

Dinner last night!

Before I closed it up lol

Looking sad compared to their picture. I always feel like I should flip the potato wedges but they get stuck to the pan. I guess I should grease it a bit better first. It was good and now we are out of Hello Fresh meals for the week. Darn I have to figure out what to cook now. 

I finished my patchwork quilt last night. This is it before I started clipping. It took me 2 hours to clip the seams. I got it in the wash last night but it was too late to get it to the dryer. It is in there now. I can't wait to see what it looks like. Now I just need to sew the blocks together for the bicycle one. I kind of got side tracked and left that one behind working on the patchwork one.

My whole body has been achy the last few days. I thought Aunt Flo was here but she said just kidding so maybe she'll not show up this month. That sure would be nice. It's been raining off and on too. Thinking I need to work on my diet with some anti inflammatory foods and probably stop drinking diet soda for a bit and see if that helps. No fun ;) But hurting isn't fun either. 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024


Hello happy hump day! Today was lunch with my friend Sarah day. I'll share that tomorrow.
Yesterday I went into the office and had this for most of the day.

I ended up helping a few people at the counter and doing things I'm not supposed to do for my job now. I was thinking this spot in the back would be kind of nice haha. That's back in the "cave" which used to be full of cubicles until someone finally said it wasn't safe. We'd been saying that for years but someone important finally said it.

I went to the teriyaki bowl place for lunch again. It was so slow when I went in there last time I kind of feel like they need the business. Better to give it to a mom and pop then a chain.

Sometimes they have plants for sale out front. I have some of both of these kinds already. Last time I went they had a mixture of plants in one and I wish I would have bought it. 

I didn't go to Costco after work but I did finally replant my mother in laws plant. It was actually not as root bound as I thought it was going to be. 

I split it into 2 pots. There was so many individual plants in it and they separated easily. 

I put the big one here for now. 

Small one and I repotted the other friend plant on the left there. I think the cats have been snacking on that one. 

Then I went around and found a bunch of my empty pots and planted stuff that's been in cheap plastic containers and a cup of water in my kitchen lol.

Hopefully I didn't kill anything. I took Snookie outside with me and had her leash on the little chair there. Not that she'll run away but she wanders and can't hear me. The little shit barks like crazy every time I went in the house or around the back. 

Hello Fresh for dinner. Their picture..

and mine. This one was really good! And a veggie besides carrots.

I'm so tired after lunch and the weather outside is like "I might rain". I just want to go take a nap. Maybe once we're after log off time. 

I think I will work on my quilt blocks today too and get them done so I will stop thinking about them!


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