Friday, March 8, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!
I don't have any pictures from yesterday so here is Tina sleeping on my quilt that I thought I was going to finish last night.

When I got home my mom was here so we just ended up hanging out chatting. It was after 8 when she left so I had 1/2 a pb&j sandwich and went to bed lol. 

At about 12:30 in the morning Tubz threw the 13x9 glass pan I got from Scott's mom's on the floor and woke everyone up. RIP jello pan. A bread pan also got killed in the incident.

I have a ton of work FINALLY for work. Woohooo so exciting haha. I love big busy projects so much better than sitting around doing nothing. I'm just about to get started going through all the might be funded next week apps to see what they need and get their letters started.

After work I will hopefully get the ballerina quilt put together. Then I need to relist the fabric I have left from the fabric buy a little cheaper and try to get that all off the table. I think whatever doesn't sell this time I will wash and then I can sell it with other fabric just as washed. I still need to finish ironing and putting away the fabric that I was keeping/has flaws that I washed last week. This week has been pretty busy!

Hopefully the lawn mower parts Scott ordered come today so we can get some mowing done. We're into the "our yard is embarrassing" point now. Sheesh. 

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