Monday, March 11, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! 

Getting up an hour earlier and logging onto work sucks. Not as bad as having to go into the office though. That's tomorrow. Yuck.

Scott is home today. He is going to start taking every other Monday off to have a life besides driving to and from work for 4 hours each day. So far it sounds like he's listening to some kind of piano music thing on his phone 😆

Yesterday I finished up the sea turtle quilt. I got that one done fast! It's out in the dryer still and I am not motivated enough to go out and get it and take pictures yet. So here is a picture of it before it went into the washer haha.

After I got that done I vacuumed and cleaned up the last week's worth of Trevor & Scott bachelor pad mess in the living room and the kids came over for a few hours. Daniel's face is changing from a little one to a bigger boy now. 

Rosie's little pants were so cute.

They were here about 4 hours. Rosie fell asleep for the last bit. The kids got us McDonald's on the way back from town so we had that for dinner. We need to cook the last Hello Fresh meal from last week today. It's burgers so maybe for lunch if nothing else. I have Bunco tonight so I won't be eating dinner at home. I need to get something to take to that too. Maybe if Scott goes to town later he can pick something up for me.

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