Thursday, March 14, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday I ended up being pretty busy with work for most of the work day so that was nice. Better to be busy than bored.

I got my train squares sewn together in their 4 groups and managed to scrape out enough batting for them all. Got the back fabric cut (decided not to go with the train tracks too hard to match up) and everything pinned together. 

Trevor made us his spam stack things for lunch. I should have only ate 2 they are very filling

Another Hello Fresh meal for dinner. Kind of like a taco bowl thing. Added the salad for some veggies. I guess they think adding tomatoes makes a vegetable to their meal. It came with the chips though! lol

Today is more spreadsheet work checking apps to make sure they have all their info (snore). Yesterday I did a bunch of fabric shopping on Whatnot, bad me! Got quite a few pieces that are 4 yards super cheap though which will make great quilt backs. AND I can always sell it if I don't use it lol. 

Trevor was up early this morning and out the door to go take his written motorcycle test to get his license. He already did the driving part in the class he took. Darn kids growing up and doing things without my consent. ;)

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