Saturday, March 16, 2024


Hello happy Saturday!

Here's my lovely dinner from last night. I forgot to put the roast in the crock pot so I cooked it in the oven instead. Ended up cooking it a bit too long but it was still good.

That reminds me to go pull something out for tonight. The boys went to town and are going to go to the store. I wonder what they will come back with lol. Earlier Trevor was like you should go to the store and I was like why don't you go to the store? Three adults here why does it have to be me lol.

Yesterday I sorted out some fabrics that are hanging around me and this morning I listed them on the FB group. So far only one person claimed one thing. So weird how it's a hit or miss time for posting on there. Put them in a box for now. I'll relist them later if nothing sells. 

Trying to decide what I want to work on today. I think I might go through my pattern boxes again to condense them.  Maybe sewing later! I didn't buy tickets to the St Patty's dinner tonight since no one really to go with. Scott and Trevor said they didn't want the food lol. Scott has also started doing Lose It again. Maybe I'll join him at some point ;)

Oh and someone claimed the train quilt to buy. The same lady who got the ballerina one. She's collecting them to give as Christmas presents for her great grandkids I think. 


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