Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

This time change is so hard the first week. I'm like ok I'm getting up early. Then snooze snooze snooze ok not getting up early at all lol.

Here is my sea turtle quilt! The gal I sent the pics to still hasn't seen them. Hopefully she logs into the FB soon lol. I just love the colors.

Next up, trains! Not even sure where all these train fabrics came from but time to use them up. Might be 2 different quilts since some are more kids and some more adults. Also was thinking I might mix the primary color ones with some other car/truck fabrics that are the same colors. I'm still working on cutting them all. I've been cutting everything down to different size squares and 1 1/2" and 1" strips to use for another project later. 

I went to town to get something to take to Bunco after work yesterday. On the way a cop pulled over a semi in front of me. There was also a train stopping the traffic. I was like 12 cars back. The semi and the cop were 1/2 way off the road. The train was almost done and everyone was moving up in front of the semi so I started to go around and the cop SCREAMED at me and made me go back behind him. What a crazy person he was. I was like why are you yelling? Apparently I should have known they were going to move up and turn after the track and the light or something. What I was doing was legal so he was just a psycho. Scary that he's on the streets with a gun. Definitely unhinged.

Anyhow, got to the store and couldn't find anything party like pre made. They must have sold it all over the weekend so I just got cookies. I was a little frazzled too and running out of time (thanks train).

No one made anything substantial for our bunco meal so here's my snack dinner lol. I didn't win or lose so just made my donation of $5 to the winners. My mom didn't go because she's having surgery next week and trying to not get any new germs.

I came home and laid on my bed since it was already 9pm and I was tired. 

It's sprinkling this morning and Simon is not impressed. She finally gave up and is napping. Poor baby just wants to be outside. 

Darts tonight. All the fun in the beginning of the week. 

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