Sunday, March 17, 2024


Good morning happy St. Patrick's Day Sunday!

Yesterday I put a bunch of fabric on the FB group but it was mostly crickets. That's a bit disappointing. At least I sorted it out and got it in a box for now. I went through 4 or so boxes of patterns and did a listing with those and nothing there either. Everyone must have been outside since it was a nice day haha. I did condense down a whole box of them though so that was good.

These two will apparently never be friends lol. They fight over a cardboard box on the desk that they both like to sleep in. No smacks today (yet) lol. 

After doing a bunch of organizing yesterday I picked out my next quilt fabrics. I got them all cut and pinned for the first round of sewing. Lots of pink. My favorite haha.

My little buddy went and saw his first theater movie with his mom and dad! Jess said he did pretty good and better than some other kids there so that is good. 

Last night's dinner. I actually got it done before Trevor went to work. Guess I should figure out what we are having tonight. Scott & Trevor went to the store yesterday and filled the fridge back up for a couple days.

I've watched a bunch of movies on Peacock the last few days.

This one was pretty good. The girl with the long hair on the left is from Mad Men. 

She was in this one too although just a smaller part. 
This one was really good.

Cried at the juke box scene on this one

Dumb don't waste your time

Does anyone else think it's kind of weird when people make multiple movies together? Jennifer is so beautiful in this movie though! Definitely didn't see the ending coming on this one.

I totally enjoyed this one!

I think my neighbor breaks out his riding lawn mower every day. He's got this big pile of wood going in the field next to his house and he's mowing around it right now. Seems like such an odd place to dump wood too. 

Ok off to dig out some fabric someone asked about (yeah!) and then probably get started on sewing these quilt pieces together. 

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