Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Hello happy hump day! 
I made it through the long boring meeting day yesterday that included 4 hours of driving. 
My car hit 100,000 miles on the way home. (I could have taken a work car but I don't like to since they don't take very good care of them)

The sunset on the way home with the swirly clouds was nice.


Tuesday I got one part of the ballerina quilt sewn together and the next part pinned. I'm going to run these through the machine in a minute.

I made one of the Hello Fresh meals Tuesday it was pretty good. 
Crispy Kickin' Cayenne Chicken Cutlets. Not too spicy.

Our team did pretty horrible at darts Tuesday. Somehow we won 2 games, I think the first and the last. No thanks to me haha.

Today I am going to a new dentist for my tooth that is bothering me. Lets pray I just need a new filling and not a root canal or something worse. Hopefully this dentist & office are good. They had all good reviews on Yelp compared to others in town that had all 1 star reviews. I'll pass on those places thanks. I was going to try to go to my mom's dentist but she's not in my network. 

Hopefully it doesn't rain this weekend. The grass in my yard/field is so long it's embarrassing. Our mower is broken and then it keeps raining every weekend that we are home. I told Scott just go buy a new mower already. I think he maybe ordered parts to fix the one(s) we have but not sure. 

He's been coughing like crazy. I hope he gets done with that soon and it doesn't just get worse. Of course he went to work too. If he doesn't get better soon he's going to have to go to the doctor.

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