Friday, October 17, 2014

What's up in our world

Trevor has been gone to science camp all week! He comes home today. I've missed him so much. Five days is a really long time! I hope he's having fun. This is the first time he's been gone away from home that long (and not with family).

Originally I was going to paint his room while he was gone. Some how I haven't had time to do anything but wash dishes and cook dinner though. Oh and pay bills and update my blog..
And run, I'm still running at least a mile every day. Yesterday was day 53. The weather has been a bit cooler the last few days (not 90 finally) so I have went out and ran while dinner was in the oven. Nice to get it done before dinner instead of after. I know I should get up and run in the morning but I hate mornings and honestly it's really dark and kind of scary at the time I would have to get up to run. For some reason I find it more scary to run in the early morning that late at night. Maybe because it's so STILL outside.
I'm still working on upping my mileage, I'm not going to lie the 3.1 I ran the other day was HARD. I have a 10k next weekend and it's not going to be easy to run the whole thing. I am planning on doing a longer run either tonight or tomorrow depending how I feel.
While I was done seeing Jessica, Scott started working a new job. Now instead of getting up at 3:30, leaving around 4:30, taking a train for about 2 hours and riding his bike 5 miles he doesn't have to get to work until 8 AND it's 10 miles away. He's traded 4 plus hours of commuting for a lower paying job and a 10 minute-ish commute. So far it seems to be worth it. I think he gets his first check today so we'll see how hard of a hit it is. Just the fact that he's a lot less stressed out is definitely worth it though.
He's been riding his bike to work about 3 days a week. He has to take a different route than the straight shot 10 miles because our main road into town is like a mini highway with people driving WAY TOO FAST and there is no shoulder to ride a road bike on. On days he rides his bike he's riding around 30 miles a day. He seems to be enjoying it though.
Tomorow is his birthday. When I look at pictures of him from last year when he was just out of the hospital and so sick I feel so grateful that he is doing so well now. Life isn't all about how much money you make but the quality of life you have. YOLO and all that ;)
I just spent a few minutes looking for a post from last year on Scott's birthday and I didn't do one. I'm pretty sure it was because he looked so sick in the picture I took.
He keeps complaining that he's gained weight. I think he looks so much better now with more meat on his bones! He just looks scary in that picture. The beard didn't help matters either ;)
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

North Carolina Day 6, Last Day

Up and running! I'm so proud of myself for continuing my runstreak and running every day I was on vacation!

Squid welcomed me back to the house

This is Jessica's house they rent from the road. They have 3 bedrooms and rent out the extra 2. (one was empty so we stayed in it). Behind the house is a pond of sorts but they said the water is disgusting.

I meant to get a picture of one of the neighbor's houses that had a fire pit and stuff set up out by the water but forgot. It looked like so much fun. Kind of like our dock time here.

We left to go to the airport around 10:30 I think it was. Amazingly I didn't cy when she dropped us off. I knew if I got into the ugly cry my contacts would be miserable lol. Plus now I know that while it takes 8 hours to get there I CAN go and see my girl every so often.  Although next time probably not for so long so I don't wear out my welcome ;) 

We got home around 10:00 our time which was like 1 in the morning North Carolina time. Talk about feeling all messed up! I had to go to work the next day, which actually wasn't all that hard since I was getting used to getting up so early. I was totally dragging for the rest of the week though!

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North Carolina Day 5

Every morning I'd make myself some coffee (with the Keurig, I don't have one of those at home) and sit at the table. Sometimes before I ran sometimes after. 

I started having a little bit of company. This is Squid.

She's pretty adorable. She's like "oh hey that smells good whatcha got in there?"

The dogs would occasionally come hang out with us but they spent most of their time playing with each other. They are both pretty cute though :) (Ivory)

Jess was at work and we didn't really have any plans so I decided to go out for a little bit longer run. I went down the street and then around the corner until I got to 1 1/2 miles and then turned back. 

Soybeans anyone? If there wasn't tobacco planted it was soybeans.

My audience for the day

Running on vacation was so nice because it made it seem so much easier. Probably because I was more into checking out my surroundings than concentrating on my running.

Melissa and I played UNO for part of the day and I read my book The Last Secret.

I had told the girls I'd take them out for pizza for dinner but they said there wasn't any good pizza places. We ended up going to Kickback Jacks instead. It's like a huge sports bar & restaurant. Lucky for me they had lemon drops on special! 

We got a couple appetizers to share and got this beautiful salad for dinner.

Melissa got this giant pizza.

The other girls were too far away for me to snap pics of their pics like a crazy blogger lol. When we got back to the house we ended up all hanging out on our bed. Doing what normal people do. Play on their phones together.

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North Carolina Day 4 Aquarium, Pier, River Walk

Lots to do today! Started off with a quick run, shower and then we were ready to go. I did a little out and loop this time. Picture taken from Jessica's driveway looking out.

We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast (ew) and then we were on the road. It was about a 3 hour drive to get to the coast. This was really the only thing I had in mind that I really wanted to do. Because how often does a born and raised West coast girl get to the East coast?

The girls had decided that we could check out the Fort Fisher Aquarium. Jessica really likes aquariums so it was a good choice for her. It was relatively inexpensive too so that was a plus. 

When you first walk in there is a combo of fish tanks and misc things like a young bald eagle, alligators, and I can't remember what else.

Then you go into another area and it's all about the fish and under water life.

Can you see the fish?

Sea horses

Gigantic Lobster

There is a little outdoor section with some hands on kids stuff and you walk along a little path. I thought these turtles were fake at first, but there were a bunch swimming in the water too.

 There is a butterfly exhibit too but it was a separate fee and we were kind of tired of the aquarium at that point so we skipped it.

When we were on the way to the aquarium Ariel pointed out this long pier and I asked if we could please stop there so I could check it out (plus I just really wanted to go out to the ocean!)

You have to go through a little store to get to the pier. It's called the Kure Beach Fishing Pier and it's huge!

All these people were lined up on both sides fishing. This was about half way down the pier.

My Melissa (had her take one of me but it's horrible!)

The beach! I wonder how much those places rent out for? I'm sure it's a lot being right on the beach like that.

Other side

 After we walked down it we went down to the water but I didn't go in. We were all wearing jeans so that wouldn't have worked out too well. Jess and Ariel went and put their feet in though. I was wishing we would have brought a blanket, lunch and a book :)

After that we got back in the car and went to the "River Walk" where Ariel wanted to eat lunch. There was a festival going on and we ended up parking a bit away so we got a nice walk through this really old section of houses. LOVE! I took these on the way back to the car but I could have just spent hours walking up and down the streets taking them all in. Something for next time I guess! (maybe if my mom goes out there with me, she'd love that)

We didn't actually end up eating lunch on the River walk but we did end up getting a funnel cake and I may have got super big corn dog. Maybe..

I would have liked to sit here and eat at one of the restaurants but the kids thought it was too expensive.

The fair food held us over until later when the girls made us a taco casserole of sorts. It was pretty delicious! We all fell asleep on the ride home but Jessica who was driving. Good thing she stayed awake. That was a pretty long day! We ended it by playing UNO, which was a ton of fun and just like old times. 

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North Carolina Day 3

Day 3 of our trip was Saturday. Jess didn't have to work so after I got up I went for a run. I really enjoyed all my runs while I was there even though I mostly just ran up and down the same road.


The sides of the roads all have these small irrigation ditches so people have creative markers by their driveways.

Cute horse

Tobacco field

and a "mostly harvested" tobacco field

When I got back we made a big breakfast. Ivory visited with me for a bit, she's about 6 months old, isn't she cute?

Then we decided on going for a ride to the Crabtree Mall. I'm pretty sure we went to the mall so Jessica could take advantage of my Victoria Secrets card, but I could be wrong ;)

While we were there I noticed that there was an area where you could get a chair massage. My neck and shoulder had really been bothering me every since we went on that long bike ride. I decided to take advantage of it, because hey I'm on vacation!  $18 and 15 minutes later I felt like a new woman.

We ate lunch in the food court. I was good and got a 3 salad plate from an Italian place. Score for me!

After that we drove back home for a bit and then went over to Ariel's aunt's house. Ariel's brother was moving to Florida so his aunt had a little get together for them before he left. When we got to the house (which was really cute I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture), we hung out for a little bit and then took the golf cart and went out to "the creek" where the girls like to take the dogs to play. They said the creek was down a little bit but the dogs still loved it. They ran around and around through the woods and then through the creek having a great time.

I found a little tree to sit on after a bit. I just had to make sure and get out of the way when the dogs started to run at me!

I kept seeing these HUGE spider webs. I posted this picture on Instagram and people told me that it's not actually a spider that makes them but a "webworms". I looked them up and they are pretty disgusting.

How about a cute little mushroom instead?

Here's Ivory getting dried off a bit by Jess

After that we went back to the house for dinner of hamburgers, beans, coleslaw, potato salad and chips, and key lime pie. Good thing I had a salad for lunch ;)

Eventually we went back to the house, changed into our stretchy pants and watched a movie in Jessica's room. We watched Silver Linings Playbook, which was really good.

I tried to go to bed earlier so I could get up early the next day so we could go to the coast but I still ended up staying up late.Pin It
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