Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quick Post

Oh man I have so much to post and I just never seem to have time to sit down and write anything. I still haven't even finished posting what I started almost a month ago!

In that time my computer crashed when it loaded Window's 10 (even though I told it to cancel it) and I lost all my pictures on my computer. Thank God I have so many here and on Facebook. I was able to do a reset and get it to work again but now it's all empty  (which isn't so bad).

Melissa turned 17 and we went to Santa Cruz for the day with my mom.

Jessica is coming to visit Thursday night until Monday afternoon. I have been working on the yard and got one side looking nice but the other side still looks like a jungle. I'm trying not to panic that all these people are coming over to my house on Friday and I have 15 loads of laundry to put away.

So eventually I'll get back here to post more of my pictures and what I've been up to! Pin It

Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Field Trips!

Wednesday, Day 3 was another half day in the office (we had Wing Stop for lunch, no picture!) and then went out in the field again.

This time we went out to this place called the Center for Land Based Learning which is a really cool place. They have tons of things going on here.

A really big long hedgerow (tell me something new..)

Funny thing when we were walking a long one of the trainers asked me if I was learning anything new. I was like well not really. Too bad he didn't ask me that at the end of the day.

This is a "cover crop" which I learned a bit about. They plant this mixture of things, I think this was Fava beans and some other stuff and then they just disc it under when they are ready to use the land for a crop again. It keeps the dust down and adds nutrient to the soil. These were also on small plots of land where they let new farmers lease for a short time to find out if farming is for them or not. That is with some other programs too so it's a bit complicated but interesting.

These were blackberries that they grow on a trellis and then tilt it to the side. Apparently the fruit will all grow on the one side so it makes it easier to harvest. 

A native bee box

Next up we went to this walnut grower's place. You can tell he's just a mad scientist disguised as a walnut farmer lol. He had a lot of ideas about cover crops and had his irrigation lines hanging from the trees.

We illegally rode on this (I'm sure totally against policy)

Over to the other side of his place to see this big monster. This thing uses walnut shells to make energy. He had to get a LAW CHANGED to get it up and running. He also uses pistachio shells. I had put sunscreen on when I got up in the morning but at this point I had my sweatshirt on my head trying to shade my face. My forehead was so burnt and I could just feel the sun beating down on it.

I was happy to leave and the trainer slowed down for me to get a picture of the "office" which I thought was super cute.

Next up, my favorite place of the day. A sheep farm! I've never been to a sheep farm before and they had just hatched lambs! I really liked these people, they were like hanging out with your favorite down to earth Aunt and Uncle.

They had a set of twins and triplets in the "nursery"

and a flock out in the pasture

and a lot of cool rocks

After that we went back to the hotel where I tapped out for a nap instead of dinner. A couple hours later I got a "did you eat" text from Justin and I went out with him and Harold to this little Salsa Tacos dive looking place that was delicious!

After dinner we made a run to the store for "refills" and then sat out by the pool with a big group of people. Well, until we got told we needed to come inside because people were complaining we were too loud. Then we went back to our lobby hang out.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

More Training Fun Day 2

The good thing about this training was that we went out "in the field" quite a bit. The bad thing was the old guy trainer that was driving that I thought was going to kill us lol. Some how I ended up in his car twice. Knowing better the second time I just sent Scott a text that I loved him, you know, just in case I didn't make it back.

So Tuesday we spent the morning in the classroom going God knows what, I can't even remember. Then we  broke for lunch and I went to Fuji Sushi & Buffet with Janet and Tye. I went to this place the first time we were there and it was so good and FUN! This time I sat up to the counter and just picked things off as they floated by. I totally rolled out of that place stuffed to the gills.

After lunch we all came back and met in front of the building. I saw my friend Fanny who used to work in our office and found out that she was our field trip organizer, so that was cool. 

First we went out to this one guys farm where he told us about how they basically change what they are farming every so often to keep up with what is more profitable. He had tomatoes, walnuts and almonds (and maybe some other things that I can't remember. The clouds were so freaking awesome out there!

He also had a "hedgerow" which is native plants that are planted to attract native bees and other pollinators. A hedgerow is also that thing I was always complaining about working on at work, when they'd send us out to "work the corner" lol. Thankfully in my new position I won't have to do that anymore.

Next we went to..wait for it.. Hedgerow Farms! At this place people can order plants and or have them grow some plants for the seeds and other crunchy things. To me it was like ALL THE PRETTY FLOWERS.

They took us down the road to show us this canal where the owner had planted a hedgerow. That would never happen around here because everything gets sprayed with weed killer.

Pretty though.

Next stop was some range land down the road that had a few projects going on. One of which was a new hedgerow! Go figure.

They had planted some of those native flower seeds and they were so pretty

big old oak tree

barn and a pond

California Poppies (state flower)

We got back and I was FRIED. Shit. I had sunscreen but I totally forgot to take it and put some on.

After we got back I thought we were going to go walk down the road to some shops & places to eat. Instead I came down and the people I had been talking to were in a car and we went to this place called Broderick's. We ended up sitting at two tables, eventually all the guys at one and the girls at another. All different people than I had been with before (for the most part). We were back in a corner and it was super dark but I guess that's good for a bar type place. I was like can this old gal get some light so I can read the menu.. I ended up ordering the pulled pork sandwich on a gluten free bun which was good but spicy. The fries were super good. I didn't end up drinking because I ordered a soda to start with and then they just kept bringing refills so I figured ah it's cheaper anyways. The guys were having a great time with the happy hour drinks though! This place was good but it was like a huge deal to get separate checks. The waitress had all kinds of reasons why should couldn't do it but did do it in the end. You'd think they would be used to that in this day and age when everyone has plastic to pay with. 

After dinner we went back to the hotel and I got our car to make a Wal Mart run for some things along with a couple other girls. Then it was back to the hotel lobby for some more hanging out time!
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Thursday, March 31, 2016


I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! This has been the longest week EVER. Mostly because I'm all caught up at work so all there is to do is work on changing some old files over to some new folders which is beyond mind numbing. I listen to Podcasts while I do it usually but I'm all caught up on those too!

Last week I was in Davis all week for a new employee training. Which is funny since I've been a contract employee for 9 1/2 years. What's even funnier is that we took field trips to places I've already been and stopped for people to buy souvenirs in Lodi, which is where I graduated High School.

There was only about five people there from California, the rest were mostly from North Dakota, one from Montana (she was a lot of fun!), two from Florida, one from Washington State and one from ALASKA! So really I was kind of the minority for a few things. One being I was over the age of 30, a woman, and from the area. Also my co-worker and I had JUST went to another week long (well 4 days) training 2 weeks earlier in you guessed it, Davis (and even in the same room).

The first training we went to was called Managing for Excellence and was kind of about personalities and how to get along with others and "manage" people. We did this little test thing to find out what kind of personality we were and I was a "Dominant" personality. Go figure haha. My 2nd highest was the "C" which is a lot of me too. What was funny about this training was that there was like 5 of us that had the same job position and all but one were Dominant. Goes to show what works best in that position, eh?

So back to last week's "New Employee" training. The training started at 12:30 on Monday so Justin and I drove up after working for a couple hours in the office. We had lunch and then went into the meeting room. They had name signs on the tables so we had to sit in our assigned seats. Kind of a bummer but it did make you talk to the people around you all week. The guy to my left was named Howard and he was a young (31), and yes I knew most people's ages by the time we left, guy who I just know is going to make something of himself some day. He was talking about going to law school so he could get paid more money for stuff he's already learning about. 

The guy on my right was really quiet and I actually never did talk to him much. He was a newly wed (26 or 28) and had a new house and lots of toys. The only time I really connected to him at all was when we had to do activity where I was blind folded and he had to tell me what to do. Then it was back to being quiet at the table.

After the first day which was learning about who the agency got started (The Dust Bowl-we watched a video from PBS that I've actually seen before but was more interesting now) we were free to go to the hotel. This training was a lot better than the last one because everyone made an effort to hang out together. We were quiet a bit away from where we stayed last time so everyone was coordinating driving the vans that we could use and who wanted to go where. 

But first I checked into the hotel, which was nice. (Hampton Inn & Suites in West Sacramento)

Then a bunch of us jumped in some vans and they drove towards Old Sacramento. We were not the lead car so I couldn't give any input but they ended up parking in a garage. Everyone started walking away from Old Sac and I was like um do you guys know where you are going because there is a lot more stuff OVER THERE. (There's that D trait) Everyone turned around and we walked over to Old Sac and half of us went to Joe's Crab Shack. I was still trying to avoid eating flour items (but not totally gluten free) so I ended up getting this bacon wrapped shrimp that was stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos. So good! I gave away the hush puppies of course. 

A lot of people got the buckets of sea food but that was too spendy for me. This was our table, the only group pic I took. 

Mira, Harold that I was talking about before, Mark, Janet from Montana, Heather who works in Petaluma and I bonded with at the last meeting, me, Justin and Tye (but it had some other spelling)

After dinner we came back to what was our hang out for most of the week. This long counter like bar that was in the lobby of the hotel (they said it was ok for us to hang out there).

I can't remember the guy's name behind the candle thing but he can drink A LOT of beer.

The next day we all piled in to the vans and got driven back to the training. I may have wanted to wear my sunglasses inside for a bit..

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

I helped out a bit again this year and went down and stuffed the Easter Eggs for the big egg hunt they do down at the campground for all the neighborhood kids.

Inappropriate laughter for packaged eggs.

After stuffing the eggs I may have went into the bar and ate a basket of these new "chips" they have in there along with a couple drinks with Scott.

Saturday I went down and took some pictures.

I didn't have any kids participating but wanted to put some pictures on the Club Facebook Page.

The "little kids" lined up

and they're off!

My friend Traci with her Grandson Marcus

The "middle age" kids. I watched one girl run all the way to the end and get a ton of eggs while the rest worked their way down there lol

and then finally the "big kids"

The Easter bunny arrived on the back of a golf cart

Kids got some "prize tickets" in some of the eggs

And free hot dogs!

The kids had a ton of fun and I got a little bit more sun to add to my base burn of the summer.

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