Monday, July 15, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!
Monday sure comes around quick. Scott is off today for his every other Monday off even though he'll be off next Monday.. Hopefully he goes and finds some stuff to do.

Watched the kids yesterday morning until a little after 3. 
Daniel with his Cheezit Snack Mix buffet bowls haha.

Then he dumped them all out. He mostly likes the little puff balls and the sourdough pieces so I think he was looking for them. He spent most of his time here watching You Tube on my laptop. He's into some shows where they play with toys. So funny. Kept him busy though.

Nate man watching monster trucks with Grandpa

He's just so cute

Little nap. He woke up every time we put him in the crib so he got a supervised nap on the couch. 

Rosie took a really long nap too. I was laying on the little couch and she climbed up on me and fell asleep I rolled out from under her and she slept for probably 2 hours.

Simon waiting for snacks.

After they left I cleaned up the toys and stuff. I pulled out my little coin books to see if there was anything to add from all that change I found. I found a few slots to fill. Kind of fun in a 90 year old way haha. After squinting forever with a little magnifying glass I figured out I could have just used the zoom on my phone camera to see the dates better. I need to get some more books to fill for the newer dates.

Silly stuff I do when I'm not sewing haha.

Simon and I went for an almost 2 mile walk. It got dark while we were walking. We were walking on the levee and I saw something go over it in the distance and couldn't quite make out what it was. When we got closer the stupid thing ran back over behind us. Not sure if it was a raccoon or a cat or now that I think about it maybe it was that small dog that was missing. It didn't want anything to do with us but Simon wanted to chase it for sure. 

Today's plan so far is I pulled some pre-seasoned ribs out to put in the crock pot but waiting for them to thaw out a little so I can fit them in there. 

Some kind of cleaning but not sure what yet lol. I should start with the laundry!

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Sunday, July 14, 2024


Hello happy Sunday!

We babysat this morning so I never got around to posting. 
I finished all 25 wine bags yesterday. I told myself no more sewing until after we get back from vacation. Need to work on doing some cleaning/clearing out I think.

Scott and I went to Sizzler for dinner and I got an expensive cheap steak and grilled shrimp. It was good but I was hungry again a few hours later lol. 

Then we went to Target for him to get some new socks and look for shorts (good luck, didn't find any). I debated getting this shirt but didn't since it had the arm holes all funky.

There was still a little light out and it wasn't super hot so Simon and I went for a mile and a half walk after we got home. The sky was great.

I got up early-ish this morning to get some cleaning done before the kids got here and to run down and vote for our new board of directors in the kitchen. I had to miss the meeting but I am glad I went down and voted.

Simon played outside for a very short time this morning then came in and passed out on the cool floor lol.

Aunt Flo showed up yesterday so hopefully she'll be gone in time for vacation! Isn't that nice. Hate having to deal with that when we are doing stuff. 

I have a roast in the crock pot so it is going to be an early dinner tonight haha. Nothing like smelling your food cooking for hours to get you salivating. 


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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Yesterday I made some fruit salad and sang the Wiggles song the whole time. 
I love fruit salad and cottage cheese. I had some for breakfast and a snack last night.

I mostly just sewed wine totes yesterday. 9 to go!

I went and picked up my meds and amazingly there was no line in the drive through and they had them all ready to go. A miracle! So that's taken care of for a bit. I just needed to make sure I'd have them for when we go on our trip. Next Saturday we will be leaving woohoooooo.

So this week will be getting laundry all caught up so I can pack and all that. I told Scott we need to take more food stuff with us this time like stuff for sandwiches. Just something a little more substantial than crackers and the like. 

It was supposed to be under 100 today but they changed it this morning. No 90's for us! I'm looking forward to not waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. 

I never did any outside clean up yesterday. It was so hot I was like eh lol. Gotta start early for that. Still need to clean up the weed pile I made too.

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Friday, July 12, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah! 
Feels like this week went fast minus being so hot.

I got up early this morning and moved to the couch. The ac was completely off. Sheesh. Glad someone wasn't hot. Nothing like laying like a  star fish trying not to have any of your skin touch itself because you're sweating to death.

The twins were play fighting this morning. Hardly ever see them interact with each other. None of my cats are buddies with each other. Kind of weird. 

Yesterday I got the table outside the back door cleared off (still have to CLEAN it) and found all this change. I swear my husband just rains change. Most was in a plastic bag and a Burger King cup.

I made my beautiful salads yesterday. 

Left them on the counter so the meat could cool off a bit more before I closed them up. Took my bowl in the other room and came back to one salad on the floor and the rest missing most of the chicken and bacon. Simon had herself a snack :( Apparently she's not big on hard boiled eggs and lettuce.

Bad dog cooling off

I got all these wine totes done yesterday. 15 to go!

Took a shower and went to darts. This guy on the other team must be almost completely deaf. We had a whole conversation with him sitting right there and he apparently didn't hear any of it lol. We were waiting for someone to show up from his team and so we started with game 2. I turned to him when it was his turn and was like are you playing today and he says huh? lol

We lost 5 out of 7 games. Booo but I did close out the last game so technically I won that one. 

Hung out and chatted with my friends Sheryl and Shirley.

What's my clean up thing for today? I think I need to put away the 2 folding chairs on the front porch and then there are some bucks/dead plants by the garage that need to be delt with. I think that will do it. It's supposed to be 112 today. Surprisingly Simon is still outside for her morning sunshine. I don't think she'll be out there much longer!

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Thursday, July 11, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! 
I have darts today so I'll be showering at some point ;)

The neighbor came and picked up the recycling so that feels great to get that out of here. 

Trevor and I ate the calzone I bought from the grocery store deli area for lunch yesterday. So yummy. 

For dinner I put the pork roast I bought in the crock pot and then made tacos with it. They turned out pretty good.

Simon and I went for a short walk last night. I started having some pain in my back and then some tooting and then OMG I had to go poo so had to hustle it back to the house and pray no one was in the bathroom haha. TG I just barely made it.  It was still super hot too so I was already planning on a shorter walk but not quite that short. 

Dear God please let this be the last of the 111's. I looked up the first stop on our vacation (not going til the 20th) and it is in the 60's there during the day. Woohoooo. Might have to pack a hoodie. 

After doing a few things in the sewing room I finally decided my next project would be to finish up these wine bags. I had pulled them out of my to finish later box awhile ago so they've been hanging out on my desk. I had to go through my hoard pile to find my interfacing but I was successful!

There were 25 cut out and ready to go. I cut the interfacing, ironed and pinned for the 1st step and got busy.

Here's some crappy pictures of the first 4 I got done.

I'm sure I'll be sick of them again by the time I'm done but they will be pretty stocked up for my craft booth haha. Once I do that again. I have 2 shows set up for October and November. I should try harder to find some others but it's hard when I babysit on Sundays. 

Just made this sale on eBay. Every time I tell myself I should just stop thrifting and reselling stuff haha. I think I paid $1 for these. SCORE!  I have been putting all the patterns on sale for like 70% off in my eBay store trying to get rid of them and had 2 people ask about combining shipping this morning. Someone just purchased a few. 

Trying to do a mini project around the house every day to clean shit up. I think today's will be to clean off the table out the back door that Scott and Trevor have been using to house misc crap. Most of which needs to go in the trash I think! Need to do that soon before it gets too hot outside. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday! I survived a day at the office and then went grocery shopping. Now I'm back to the compound (joke we call our neighborhood) for a bit lol.

Simon wanted to go for a walk last night and there was a nice breeze so we went.

It's kind of surprising how low the river is when we had so much snow this winter. 

These wildflowers (wild weeds?) are growing all over right now. They are kind of pretty. I took a picture to see if my friend knew what they were but not sure if it's the one she came up with or not. I'll have to look at them closer.

I've been buying these salads and keep telling myself that they are so simple I can just make them myself. I bought the stuff to make them yesterday. Now to put them together. I have a bunch of the containers saved too. 

This morning I got the sprinkler put on the front yard (bought a new end for the hose at Home Depot yesterday on my lunch) and then got all the recycling rounded up to give to a neighbor. My kids won't ever take it and it's taking over the back yard. I need to find somewhere to take it when I just have a few bags so it doesn't pile up so much. Go me for getting that done it was a mess. 

Another scorcher today. Snookie and I were on the couch from 1:30 am and on this morning. My bedroom is like an oven since it's where the sun bakes for the last part of the day. I even have black out-ish curtains on the windows. I've never been so excited for it to be in the 90's!

Ok back to work! I've been trying to get a few things done that keep getting messed up and now it's back in my court after going back and forth!

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