Thursday, January 16, 2020

It's Friday Eve

Who's excited for the weekend?? I know I am so ready to sleep in on Saturday. One more day to go.
I saw this car yesterday. Kind of hilarious. The only person I'm paying to pick up dog crap is my kid. Well maybe Scott if he'd actually do it haha.

Today at work I went and pulled out my left overs I brought for lunch. SURPRISE, that was the left over UNCOOKED ground turkey not the yummy cooked food I thought it was going to be. Lucky for me I had some other left overs still at work and ate those with my salad. Well not like I couldn't have went out and got something but I've been trying to not do that as much.

After work I went to the thrift store that has .10 books on Thursdays and .10 sewing patterns all the time. I spent $7.80 for a bag full of stuff. Not much to sell though. 

Pretend this is sideways. I got a couple kids books to keep (I collect the I Can Read Books and I don't think I have the Whales one yet).

The fire cat! I already have this book but it's one of my favorites from when I was a kid so I couldn't leave it behind. If it's not worth anything for resale maybe I'll give it to my little niece.

Thought this old A's playbook would be some entertainment for Scott. He's snoring at the moment so we'll see what he thinks when he's awake lol.

Pretend this isn't upside down. I got a planning Creative Memories box with pages and page protectors! I have one of these boxes from back in the day when I sold CM. I keep picking up pages when I find them for "some day" when I get back to scrapbooking lol. I have a lot of stuff sitting in process and poor Trevor's have a way to go to get caught up. This was my big purchase ($6 lol)

A few patterns (the bag one is cut so that's for me to maybe make up)

I might keep these since they don't sell for much, 2 Stampin Up catalog/idea books (good for reference too). I also got 2 vintage pillow cases that need a little washing up.

Here is the lace and pattern I got the other day at the little thrift store for $7 and some change. Not sure how she came up with the total since I thought the lace was $1 each but it's all for charity so whatever lol.

Here is what I sold the last 2 days on Etsy. Not big sales but sales of any kind are still good.

For dinner tonight I made this Skinnytase Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili but on the stove and with ground turkey since I forgot to put the chicken on the grocery list. It was super spicy. What's up with all these over spiced dishes lately sheesh. I had to add some sour cream to tone it down a bit. I also made some more cornbread because you have to have cornbread with chili right?

Ok I did all my to do's for tonight. I'm going to go lay on my bed and watch some more Grace & Frankie. I thought I might have finished it last night but I still have several episodes to go. That's what happens when you take fancy cough syrup and fall asleep lol.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Made It Through

Made it through almost a full day of work today. I say almost because I went to get lab work done this morning and missed the first 1 1/2 hours of work.  I'm pretty sure it's just going to come back that I like ice cream too much and have ate my stress for the last 2 years.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and since "I" pointed out that every time I go there I have high pressure I am now on high blood pressure meds. (It's high at home too). I'm past the point of thinking I'll just lose some weight and into the realization that I don't want to stroke out. Really I'm just hoping the buzzing in my ears goes away. They have been doing that for quite awhile now and it's really annoying. I've been doing better about eating out (and hey I haven't went to the bar at all since NYE since I've been sick lol) so I think that's the first baby step to losing some weight.

And back to ME pointing out that I have high blood pressure.. I'm thinking maybe I should get a new doctor. Like wtf why aren't you even noticing that it was high when they took it? Also he kind of scoffed at me when I mentioned that my daughter did 23 and Me and it showed we have something genetic. He scoffed after the "23 and me" part, before I even got to what it was.  Apparently he doesn't hold any stock in DNA tests that show you have genes that can cause issues in your health?

Anyhow, I also left there with a steriod inhaler, fancy cough syrup that has a label saying I might become an addict if I drink too much of it and a new regular inhaler since the one in my purse expired in 2015.  I think the steroid inhaler is helping a lot. Still coughing but not as much.

I spent pretty much all morning before my appointment listing things on Etsy & eBay. I only had one sale though. 3 Barbie Patterns. I'll take it!

After the Dr I went to Goodwill which they have rearranged into CHAOS with narrow aisles in the hardgoods section. I didn't buy anything. I took the chance and went to see if this little hole in the wall thrift store was open and it was. I ended up buying some lace and one craft pattern for $7. It's out in the car though so no pictures today haha. 

I WAS going to make dinner but I got sucked into CHEER on Netflix. I just clicked on it thinking it was probably some teeny bopper movie and I ended up watching all the episodes (ending at midnight-yawn, I fell asleep a little a few times lol). It was so good! I have a new found respect for the big bow athletes! 

Scott ended up making dinner when he got home. I forgot to take a picture since my friend Cassi dropped by right when it got done. We had pork chops and scalloped potatoes. I just realized I left a couple of items off my shopping list but I think it will be fine since I have been thawing out the turkey I had in the freezer. Time to get that bad boy cooked up (Saturday) so it will stop hogging all my freezer space haha. 

Ok off to read a couple blogs before I drag myself into the kitchen to make dinner. Cya around!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Another sick day

Well I have a doctor appointment for later today. I was going to go to work in the morning but I'm just so exhausted. I think I'm out of sick time after today (until next pay period then I will get 3 more hours.) It's super fun when you're at work and everyone is telling you how horrible you sound. I KNOW.

I didn't do anything exciting yesterday other than cook dinner and list a few things on Etsy. I sold these 2 items yesterday. I just listed the little book over the weekend so that was nice it sold. There was some that went for more on the Ebay solds but mine had a little bit of damage to it. Totally happy for $20 for a little board book! I picked that up at the flea market awhile back.

For dinner last night we had beef enchiladas. I just used some canned enchilada sauce but they turned out ok. I'm liking the I make a list and Scott does the shopping for the last two weeks but I already know I need to be really specific and you know, add extras I'd just grab like bread to the list. He's so funny he will buy exactly what's on the list and nothing extra. 

Finally made a salad. Yeah! Green stuff. 

Oh and today is my mom's real birthday. She has now the oldest of the last 3 generations before me. My Grandma died when she was 67 and her mom was only in her early 40's. There's hope!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Weekend Recap! Thrifting, Etsy Sales, Mom's Birthday, Food & Sewing

Well it's Monday again. Booo!!! But I had a pretty good weekend even If I was still coughing. I'm going to throw a party when I'm not coughing anymore!

Friday I went to the flea market on my lunch. I got what I thought was a nice crisp vintage table cloth for $1 but it's a repro, still cute though :) And a big box of rubber stamps for $10. There are some really large stamps in there that I can probably get $10 each for so that was a good find. I have quite the collection of stamps that I need to list somewhere. I will probably put them on Etsy since I seem to have better luck for crafty stuff on there. 

Also check out my $5 lunch. I barely ate any of the noodles and rice and was stuffed. The chicken skewer things are so good. I think next time I might just get one of those and some noodles.

 After work I went over to the dollar store to get some little baskets. I've been working on doing a little organizing here and there. I cleaned up the 2 kitchen drawers and used a few baskets in the bathroom and my bedroom underwear drawer too. Not sure how long the drawer on the left will be like that I need a bit more room for the long utensils. 

I thought I was going to sew all weekend but I only got these 3 bags finished up. I have a whole stack of cat print bags that just need the top stitching by the zipper and then to be sewn around the edges.

I cooked Friday and Sunday dinners. Saturday we had dinner with my family at my brother Joe's house for my mom's birthday. We had some nice Chinese food! No pics of that though.

Friday night I made Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken. There was a lot of grease in the pan which kind of grossed me out. Probably won't make that one again.

Last night I made the "Flu Fighter" chicken noodle soup since I'm so sick of coughing and it sounded good. I may have ate way too much garlic bread. 

My brother Joe lighting some candles for my mom. He just put a random amount on there and it was still a big flame lol. She will be 68 on the 14th.

My cute kitties who helped me work on my projects this weekend. Tubby on the left and center (she loves that cookie bowl and has a feather from a feather duster) and my overly expressive faced Lucy on the right.

I was trying to do my "list 5 things a day" rule for myself this weekend but then ended up just spending ALL DAY listing this and that. I also pulled a bunch of stuff that wasn't worth listing and put it in my thrift store donation boxes. I'll probably take those tomorrow.

Here is what I sold on Etsy this weekend. I just listed the Irish sweater pattern yesterday. I got that in a big box of old knitting patterns at the flea market for $10 (for the whole box) I think a month or 2 ago. The doll and coat patterns were either .10 or .25 cents each depending on what store I bought them at, the Doily books I've had for awhile and paid .10 each for. The needle book I've had for awhile also. I got that in some stuff off Marketplace I think, and I sold 2 mug cozies for $5 each which is funny because I had put those on sale LAST week for $2.50 each.  I've had those for over a year now so it's time for them to clean out!

Hopefully this will be the week I stop coughing! No plans for tonight other than to make dinner. We'll see what I end up getting into.
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Thursday, January 9, 2020

One more day to go!

Wednesday I tele-worked! It was fantastic. 

The only annoying co worker was this guy who kept bothering me to go out to poo.

I sat at my desk and watched all the wild cats go through my yard and pee on my bushes

For dinner yesterday I made our favorite Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Today it was back to work in the office. We can only tele work one day a week. I'm going to see if I can do it again next week. Just need to save up some work to do that I can do at home.

So many people at work asked me if I felt better today. Nope. Still coughing.
Stopped at Walgreens on the way home to get some other medicine to break it up a bit. I've almost went through 2 bottles of Robitussin already.

For dinner tonight I made Salsa Chicken Casserole. But I cut up the chicken and cooked it first and partially cooked the rice since I only had brown rice. Then I mixed it all up and put it in the oven. Worked out just fine.

I got all the dishes washed and put away. My cats aren't allowed on the counter or the sink but this one? Always in the sink. Bad kitty! I swear the kittens are water cats.

Tubby loves sitting and sleeping in this plastic cookie tub we got from the neighbors. 

2 Etsy packages to go out tomorrow. Both Patterns. Didn't sell for a whole lot but remember I get them for .10-.25 cents each.

Woohoo I just yawned and my ears finally popped. Both of them! It's a miracle.
Ok off to hand up a load of clean laundry and then going to hit the hay. I'm exhausted. 
Happy Friday everyone!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It's All Her Fault

I made it through the day at work today but just barely. I had to go outside at one point because I had this stupid tickle in my throat and couldn't stop coughing. So annoying.

Just about everyone at work is sick or has been sick so I'm pretty sure that's where this horrible shit came from. I'm blaming Typhoid Mary aka Berkeley Mom who was so sick and kept coming to work. Took her a week of hacking all over everyone to finally take some days off of work.

I asked my boss if I could telework tomorrow and she said ok so HAPPY DANCE. I won't have to worry about coughing on anyone (pretty much out of sick days.) Too bad we can only do that once a week or pay period I can't remember which one (thanks to the cheeto administration for that one). I've only done it a partial day a couple times when our internet at work was whack.

When I got home from work I just wanted to lay on my bed and relax but kept having a coughing fit. I think I've pulled something in my stomach area from coughing so much. So I'd cough, be in pain and pee my pants. It's great getting older I tell ya.

I had Scott pick me up some more cough syrup on the way home from work and now my eyes are half mast. I also broke out my inhaler  which haha expired FOUR YEARS AGO. Probably should have got a new script for that on Saturday. I'll be surprised if I don't end up back at the doctor's office before the week is out though so there's always another chance..

Anyhow, the only thing I accomplished other than spreading my germs at work and doing all the work I missed in 3 days in 8 hours was cook dinner tonight.

I need to work on my picture taking game, I moved my good light into the craft room lol. Obviously I'm not working on trying to lose weight yet. My mom's birthday is January 14th and screws up my diet every year. Why even bother until after that lol. My only goal for now is to actually eat some real food I cooked instead of fast food.

So tonight we had One Pot American Goulash (made with ground turkey instead of ground beef). It is good but too spicy. I knew better than to put so much red pepper flakes but I didn't listen to myself. I ended up adding some sour cream to mine so mellow it out a bit. It took an almost an hour to cook so while that was simmering I decided to make some Cheddar Biscuits. They were good but I should probably go take a Zantac now. Wait let me get my cane..

Ok off to try and lay down again and read a few blogs. If I start coughing I'm just going to sleep at the kitchen table. 

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Last Sick Day Hopefully

I don't think I've ever spent so much time laying in bed. Tomorrow I need to drag myself to work though.

I live in a zoo, all the babies but Tina comforting me haha

 Sunday our washing machine died so I had to get myself together enough to go with Scott to buy a new washer. First we went to Home Depot. They had a couple we liked but none in stock. The girl working said she couldn't see online or check by calling the other stores to see if they had them. This is why people buy items online. Why would I come into the store to talk to someone who can't help me? The only plus was being able to touch the machine and lift the lids. She said the soonest we'd get it was Thursday. I could order it online and have it in 2 days.

Next we went to Lowe's because Scott said it showed online that they had one in stock. So we went there and bought a washer. Nothing exciting, I'm old fashioned and want the top loading with an agitator. The new one is a bit bigger than the old one (that wasn't that old) so that is nice. Although I haven't used it yet because I came home and went back to bed.

I ended up binge watching Spinning Out all evening and then this morning I finished it off. Great show and I can't wait for the next season to come out.
After watching that I didn't want to comit to another series yet so I watched/slept through/rewound (not really but had to go back lol) A Family Man (horrible movie although Peg will watch it for her BF), Young Adult (stupid) and Up In the Air (mostly stupid).  Funny now that I look those up they are all pretty old movies I had never heard of.

I actually dragged myself out of bed to make dinner tonight. I made a menu and shopping list yesterday and Scott did the shopping.

Tonight we had Chili & Cornbread from Budged Bytes. I didn't check my cornbread and it got really dark. So weird. It was perfectly fine inside though. I also added about a pound of ground turkey. If I make this again I'll either cut the cornbread in half or add more tomato mixture since the cornbread ended up taking over. I stupidly grabbed the skillet handle after I had it sitting on the stove for a bit. Usually I put the hot pad on there but hadn't done that. Luckily I didn't burn my hand enough for any blisters.

so ugly

Last but not least in my exiting day, 
I needed to pack this stuff up that I sold and get the shipping labels put on.

  • When Monsters Roamed the skies (from church sale boxes I got for almost free) sold for $17.97 on ebay
  • The blue book is a Lutterlow Pattern System book (maybe paid .10 for this a year or two ago, finally listed it) and I sold that on eBay for $9.97
  • A mug cozies from my liljewelscreations Etsy store (mostly just my time to sew it) for $5
  • Pattern from my JewelsSewingBasket Etsy store (paid .10) for $7.97

So I sold about $40 of items while I was laying around the last 2 days. Not too shabby for minimal effort haha.

I've been coughing a lot less today so lets hope the big huge coughing/gagging sessions are over. Hoping I have enough work for me when I get to work tomorrow that I can bring home and telework 1/2 a day or the next.

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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Sick & Watching Movies

I was up all night coughing so dragged myself to the Urgent Care this morning. I would have been the first one there but some guy walking behind me took the stairs and I took the elevator.

Just like I thought I most likely have bronchitis or will have it soon. He said my ears weren't looking that great either. Hoping my meds kick in soon. I finally fell asleep for a little bit after I took an Advil cold and sinus and used some nose spray (generic Flonase). 

I haven't done anything important today but sleep through about half of the Anne with an E series (3) I've been watching. The series is good but I've accepted that they are now so far away from the books it's it's own being now. The only thing that is the same is the character names. Interesting enough to watch, but it will never be the original. (Just read season 3 will be the last)

On New Years Day before I was full blown sick my friend and I went and saw Little Women. The movie bounces back and forth in time which was rather annoying. I'm sure if anyone didn't know the story they would have been utterly confused. I had a hard time too since Little Women (1994) is one of my favorite movies too. 

I felt like the new Jo must have watched the old Jo's performance. She seemed to have the same way of speaking and mannuerisms as Winona Ryder's character. In the end I liked the movie but I did have to seperate the old one from the new in my head. Weird how that works haha. I just LOVED Christian Bale as Teddy in the older one. The new guy was this tiny little twig. Maybe it's because I'm like 26 years older now too... I thought I had the older movie on DVD but don't. I'll have to look for that one next time I go to the thrift store. It's not on Netflix or Prime either (unless I want to pay $3 to rent it). 

While I was looking for that I came across How to Make an American Quilt and watched that. Still a good one! I love how it shows how one decision we make can change our lives forever. 

THEN I watched The Talented Mr Ripley since it had been so long since I saw that I could only remember that someone died on a boat. Wow what a movie that one is. Kind of leaves you on a cliff hanger on what happened next too. Did he get found out? What happened to the guy's body?  (also just saw this was a TV show in the 50's..)

Did I mention I've been sick? I never just lay in bed but I've been there about 1/2 the day for the last 3.  I ended up watching the latest season of Good Girls too. The younger sisters eyebrows drive me crazy in that show. 

Ok now to try and do a little bit of sewing. I've been working on some zip bags when I'm not laying on my bed. 
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Friday, January 3, 2020

Thrift Store Haul

Last week I went to the thrift store to drop off 4 boxes of Christmas stuff I didn't want anymore. Might as well go inside while I'm there haha. Only came out with one bag so it was a good trade ;)

What did I get?

I didn't look these up ahead of time since I have a bunch of stamps I need to list one of these days.
Stampin Up Punch Pals set for $4 (sells for about $12 plus shipping on eBay)
Stampin Up It's Snow Time set for $4 (sells for about $10 plus shipping on eBay)
Stampin Up Extreme Elements set for $4 (sells for about $8 and up plus shipping on eBay)

Creative Memories 12x12 black pages new in the package for $1-I'll probably keep these for when I finally get back to working on my scrapbooks (sells for about $15 plus shipping on eBay)

Egg poacher $1 for myself and Trevor :)

3 new in package Sony HF cassette Tapes (90 minutes) -I read about these somewhere so I've been picking them up when I find them (any sealed cassette tapes). They can sell for crazy money in a lot! 

3 Patterns at .25 each-I never look these up ahead of time since they are cheap, I put them in my Jewels Sewing Basket Etsy shop 
New Look 6130-might get about $5 for this
McCalls 6102-might get about $6 for this
McCalls 9632-no solds on this one

4 pieces of fabric, $4.50 for all 4 (will use or sell at some point)

And a big bag of bias tape/seam binding/rick rack for $3. I will use some and sell some others!

I've been thrifting/reselling more for a full year plus now. I am almost done updating my spreadsheet and I have to say I impressed myself haha. It's fun and rewarding. I was able to help buy Chrismtas presents, pay some bills and when Scott was sick it helped us from being totally broke.

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Happy New Year!

Boy the years sure go by fast the older you get, don't they?

We rang in the new year down at the club house. We had a standing pork roast dinner. Mine was just "ok" my green beans and apple were under cooked so a bit disappointing for a $25 dinner.

Around 10 I asked Scott if he wanted to go home but he said no so we hung out until midnight. Next year maybe we'll just stay home.

I would have liked to this year but my friend always pressures me to help out with the parties. I manned the pull tab table for a few hours but that's all I helped with this time.

I was cracking up at this item for the raffle, the lady that does these is having bad dementia, probably forgot Made In China isn't desireable.

I felt a little bit sick but now I'm all the way sick. I've been home yesterday and today with the death cough. Hopefully I don't end up with bronchitis.

Also hoping I'll be good for work on Monday. I had a low grade fever for awhile last night too so that's not good.

My friend Cassi, me and friend Traci

 Hope everyone is having a healthier Happy New Year than me so far haha.

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