Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Well Poop

I thought for sure I'd had dodged the sick bullet. hahahaha. Ugh. Currently sitting here with tissue shoved into my right nostril because that's easier than wiping it every few seconds.

Today I actually got to work on time. Woohooo! They totally came out and filled all those nasty pot holes. Hey maybe I should call the county more often instead of just trying to avoid them.

I went to the thrift store on my lunch and got a nice fat pack of fabric scraps for $4 plus some other pieces they had rolled up. Also a vintage Peter Pan sheet that will make a really cute bag or something. Hmmm. Of course that has to hit the washer and dryer before I can bring it in and play with it.

At work we had a baby shower for the boss in the other department. It was really nice. The gal that put it on made it a surprise which had her freaking out for like 2 weeks all worried about the logistics. I just do not work that way. Why go through all that bother, just tell her you're having a baby shower for her. We have parties for everyone so it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Save some stress!

Anyhow, look at this cute banner that she made.

I was thinking something similar would be cute for my booth to put my shop name on. The girl that did the lettering just used a sharpie or something similar to do the letters.

After work I went and met the car guy that had commissioned me to make some stuff for him. I was so glad to get done with his stuff last night. I was totally stressing on it all. I was thinking he was going to be uptight about stuff but he was so laid back and chill. Nice! So got that stuff off my plate.

He had this idea for making phone cases but I told him I'd rather not make anymore. He was ok with that and paid me for what I had made. He is in a Corvair car club so he had this fabric that he stamped. I found the printed fabric online, it was a bit expensive but it's really nice if you are a Corvair car guy!

So now that that is done. On the way home I was driving past a thrift store and found two nice vintage sheets. One is a print I already have and use for a table cover a lot so I think I can combine the two to make a nicer real tablecloth or two. The other is a cute print.

When I got home I ran inside and took a cold pill real quick and took the dogs out. Doesn't matter who is home and how recently they went out, they think they have to pee when I get home. 

Then I went down to bingo where I won THREE games on one card. I won a whole $8 lol. Living it large in the river club.

I need to start working on cleaning up for Easter. Of course it's going to rain up until a couple days before Easter (so far). I'm going to try and get a bouncy house for the kids to play in. My friend's daughter rented one for $100 and all the littles are just the right age to really enjoy it. 

I'll probably be home sick tomorrow if I still feel the same as I do right now. Don't want to be snotting and sneezing all over everyone. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All Flat

So today started off nice, enough, I don't have a fever (all my kids have had/have the flu now, I just got a little cough). Trevor was staying home from school again today since he's still coughing up a lung. I was ready to go a bit early so I left thinking I can get in an extra half an hour! Nice since I stayed home sick yesterday.

I get just a ways down the road and BAM! I hit a fucking pot hole. My low tire pressure light comes on immediately. Mother trucker. I pull over and get out and yep. Flat as a pancake. Luckily the wheel is still on straight though, after that I though for sure I had bent something. So I pull up the AAA app and it finds my location, says someone will be there in like an hour. So much for going to work early. Also, this new car has no spare tire. So this is going to be a long day.

I text Scott and he tells me to cancel AAA, we have coverage with Kia, they will tow the car to Kia and replace the tire for free, remember we bought that extra coverage since Julie likes to hit curbs and such? Ok cancel AAA, get out so I can read the phone number on the sticker on the car window. Get back in the car. Hey maybe they should put that so you can read it from the inside, that might be nice.

Call Kia, takes 5 minutes to get through all the push 1's, sends me a text for something I can't remember what, finally lands on a person who asks me all the things I just pushed 1 for. She can't find where I am. I don't have an address I'm in a country intersection. I'm getting so annoyed at this point I tell her my home address and which way to follow the map to get to where I'm at. Ok she's got it.

Finally she says she's done and I'll get a text message saying how long it will be. I hang up. Five minutes later no text. WTF? How many hours am I going to sit here. I've already wasted 1/2 an hour on that phone call. I call back and get someone else that I haven't been slightly rude to (God how hard is to to find an intersection by Google I do it all the time-I did apologize to the first one too and told her I was a bit stressed). New gal finally gets it to send me a text. Ok someone is ACTUALLY coming to get me.

Tow truck driver calls me tells me he's in Banta (cool that's like 10 minutes away). I tell him where I am thinking he's a tow truck driver, he knows the roads. 30 minutes later he finally gets there.

Of course now it's starting to rain. The tow truck driver is this skinny tatted up man child with one gauged ear. I wonder what happened with the other one. Did it rip and he had it fixed? Didn't want to commit? Needed that ear for the phone?

He's super nice and tells me I can get in the truck. Yeah!  It takes him about ten minutes to get the car loaded up and then I give him directions on how to get to the car dealership. No GPS needed with Julie in the car..

As we start driving back towards my house I have to pee so bad. I asked him if he minded stopping at our little corner store so I could use the bathroom. He's like oh yeah sure no problem! I go to the bathroom and come out and he's buying 2 Monsters and a pack of powdered donuts. Yep, man child lol.

On the way to the car dealership we start talking about dogs and then he says he has a pug. I tell him I have a pug too! We bonded over pugs for the rest of the drive. So funny.

When we get to the dealership I go inside and am instantly greeted by Mr. Jackass Service Man. I tell him what happened and ask about how long it will take to get the tire fixed. "OHHH we probably don't even have those in stock!" WTF. I mentioned if I had know that I would have just had the car taken to the tire place. He says oh well I just have to check, you know, we can't stock all the tires! Well why not? Why can you not stock all the Kia tires? Makes no sense to me. The tire store stocks them and MORE!

I mention that I have a tire plan on my car from when I bought it. He tells me I probably don't. Something about how you usually only get that when you buy 4 tires. I'm like I bought 4 tires and a whole fucking car! Left out the fucking out loud but GD he was making me angry.

So after he gets me bristled up (but I'm still being mostly nice, I haven't unleashed the angry Julie yet), he says he can get a tire by 3 and he'll find out if I had the tire coverage after the other department opens. If I don't it will be around $130. Ok. I can do that. I just need my car.

I called Jess since she was the closest to where I was and she picked me up and dropped me off at work. On the way I got a call that the tire is covered. Thought so jerk off! I finally get to work 2 hours late. So much for being early.

I called and filed a complaint about the potholes. The woman who answered the phone was the nicest woman I've ever talked to. She sure is good at her job! No way you can be angry with someone who talks so sweet.

I didn't bring a lunch so I asked my coworker if she could give me a ride since she usually goes out to lunch and she did. That was nice of her. By the way she has light beige interior in her car. The inside of my car is black and it's still dirty! I don't know how beige is even possible.

My mom had said she'd give me a ride home so I took her up on it. She picked me up and took me to pick up the car. TG I have family around or I would have been doing Lyft.

Got my car picked up and I didn't have to pay anything. The final bill would have been $171. Whew glad I added that extra protection that only cost me about $2 more a month.

PS Looking into getting a spare tire for the trunk. A donut kit is like $200. Ouch.Pin It

Monday, March 19, 2018

Handcrafter's Boutique

Saturday I did the Handcrafter's Boutique in Manteca again. This is the most organized craft show I have done. The gal the runs it does a great job. BUT when it's supposed to rain they get it mixed up a bit. Which of COURSE it had rain in the forecast. So I got there and they said I could pick a spot with a stick and a number, bring back the stick. I pick a spot then go get my stuff, go back and someone else is setting up there. WTF. So then go pick another spot. So this was my first time being since a row instead of on the end but it was still ok. I should have set up my cozies on the long row instead of the short one. I did sell quite a few key fobs and tissue holders though lol. Several bags too.

I like the white tent a lot better, it measures the same size but it is bigger.  I think maybe because the other legs were more slanted? Someday I'll actually make some tablecloths that look nicer. I keep meaning to do it then forget or get too busy. 

I ended up taking one strip of elastic off the mug cozies so they'd be easier for people to look through. I got a lot of compliments from people on my boards. Must have been people that also had their stuff fly off  the tables! 

The morning was super busy. I was wishing I had one of my girls there to help but then it was lunch time and it slowed down (and the girls showed up lol) and at 2 it started to rain and pretty much died down except for a couple sales. 

My next show I've signed up for is back by the movie theater April 14th. Hopefully it won't be windy or rain!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Lazy Friday

Good morning my friends! I took the day off work today so I am enjoying my coffee with Snookie on my lap. Braless. Ah it's the finer things in life.

Tomorrow I am doing a craft show so that means it has been raining all week and most likely will rain tomorrow.  Effening rain! Always raining on my plans.

I got a new canopy, which is actually the canopy that my mom had bought at the same time I bought one. Originally we were going to go halves on one but now I'll just pay her back for it (or trade sewing :)) since I will be using it all the time. I also bought some weights to put on the legs. Scott is going to pick up some sand or small rocks to fill them with today for me. I'm so paranoid about the tent flying away now.

I don't think I shared the boards I made to keep my mug cozies from flying all over.

I think they turned out pretty well. Now to see how they actually work out. I used elastic to hold them on so that they can still be slipped out to look at. I'm pretty sure I also want to make some more so I can spread out the themes a bit. Or maybe I'll just sell a ton so I have more room haha. I probably have about 100 more cut out that just need to be sewn together. *not an addict. *maybe

I keep praying I am not going to get the flu since I hung out with Jessica for most of the evening on Wednesday and ended up taking her to the ER because she couldn't stop coughing and her chest was hurting. While we were there they did a flu test and it was positive for type B. They gave her some tamiflu and she's been doing ok. 

Tomorrow is going to be such a busy day. Craft show, then as soon as I get back we have the St. Patrick's Day dinner at the clubhouse that I might have just skipped but the kids want to go. I also got drafted to help with the cake booth. Tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of the day that my father in law passed away.  

So off to read some blogs while the day is young. Good thing I had to take the kid to the bus this morning or I'd probably still be wasting it away in bed!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trevor's 15th Birthday

Trevor turned 15 yesterday! He's counting down the time until he can get his driver's license permit. I'm counting down until I will have to pay even more for car insurance!

We went to dinner at New China in Ripon.  I was trying to find somewhere to go in Tracy but every place has horrible reviews. New China wasn't all that great but the lady that works there was fantastic so she made it fun. Next time we'll just have to save up so we can eat at Dave Wong's in Stockton. I KNOW that place is good.

We just had our little family for dinner since Scott wasn't feeling well, Melissa was supposed to have class and Jess had been in Monterey. Somehow we all made it to eat.

Trevor and Melissa had fun folding the cloth napkins. They are looking at other ways to fold them on the phone.

The crew, our little family which looks not so little and Jessica's girlfriend Brooke.

This gal was so cute. She said it was her birthday too!

So 6 months and he can get his driving permit. God help us ;)

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Craft Show

Good morning! I have a day off today, thanks Presidents! Figured that's a good time to make a blog post haha.

Two weekends ago I did another 2 day craft show by the movie theater. It ended up being a bit windy on Saturday. What a pain! Also I couldn't get the internet to work on my phone for most of the day so I lost some square sales. Some guy showed me how to do a work around to get my phone to work later but by that point it was almost time to go home.

I did meet some great people though! One plus to doing these things. Lots of networking.

Here is my booth Saturday morning when we started. This was my first time having someone on both sides of me. I like my stuff put out to the front since it's little and draws people in so I tried a different way to set up. The gal next to me ended up leaving a little room so people could walk on the side too.

After the wind started kicking up I put all my stuff in baskets and condensed it to one big table and one small one and pushed it all out to the front of the booth.

On day 2 it was a beautiful day! There was no one to the left of me so I could spread out a bit more.

Business was doing a little better until all of a sudden this HUGE wind gust came up and took my tent and threw it at the booth next to me and all my stuff blew off my table out into the sidewalk into the road, down the street. Talk about shocking. Thank God no one was in the area next to me at the time and no one got hurt. My tent is totally junk and I ended up ripping off the top so it would stop trying to be a kite while we tried to wrangle it into a foldable position. 

Random people ran around and gathered up my stuff for me. A woman was pretty much laying on one of my tables  holding everything down. Someone wrapped up the other table with the tablecloth/sheet and put a chair on top to try to get things to stop blowing. 

Talk about insane! I just brought everything home like that, wrapped up and a mess. I don't think I lost anything though, how amazing is that? I had 2 mug cozies that got a little dirty but that's it. 

So thanks to me this event planner is now requiring 25 pound weights on the corners of all the tent posts. Not such a bad idea. I need to buy a new tent so I'll get weights when I do. 

I've been thinking up ways to hold my mug cozies down so they don't fly away too. 

The event planner offered me a free booth space at a future event because she felt so bad about my stuff lol. So far I haven't picked one. I will though! My next one is with a different outfit at the church on March 10th so I have a bit of time to get my new tent and weights haha.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today is possibly the start of another furlough. BUT it's also my birthday! I took the day off and tomorrow too since HELLO 4 day weekends are nice.

So far today I've dragged myself out of bed to take Trevor to the bus and read some blogs with Snookie on my lap. Productive day lol.

I plan on doing some sewing after I get done farting around on the computer. This weekend I'm doing a 2 day craft fair by the movie theaters again. I have been doing a lot of sewing to prepare for it.

Tonight we are going to go to dinner. Jess has to work and my mom has a class for foster care so I will go to lunch tomorrow with them.

Last night I went to Bingo and my friend Traci had a birthday crown and boa waiting for me lol. She's so cute.

Fact: If you wear a birthday crown into the bar someone will buy you a drink haha

Anyhow, Happy Birthday to me. I'm now in my "Mid" Forties. God the years go by fast don't they? I can't believe I'm that old already. One good thing is I don't have much gray hair yet lol. "all natural" :)

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Mom's Birthday

Well today was my official weigh in day (for myself only lol) and I have now lost 10 pounds since Jan 1st. WOOT WOOT. Very happy with that.

Mom's birthday was Sunday but my brother invited us over on Saturday for some cake and ice cream. I had a little sliver of cake and it was delicious!

I love her smile in the bottom pic :)

Before and after going over there I was working on cutting out some fabric and also selling some online on one of the Facebook Fabric Destash groups. I love those groups. I pretty much did that all weekend in between the other things I had to do.

Sunday I had to go to Joann's and my friend's household was finally not sick so I could take the presents I made for her boys over. 

They loved their bags. The 2 younger boys already had the toys I bought them but they just pulled them out and they all battled together.

Monday I had the day off and had planned a lunch with my mom for her birthday (before my brother planned his thing). She invited my aunt Cheryl who brought her daughter Chelsea and I brought my girls since they were all coming. Trevor declined.

For some reason I scrunched down when she took the pic. 

Chelsea is my 1st cousin and she's younger than Jess lol. We have a bit of an age gap in the cousin department on that side of the family. I was the only grandchild for 7 years *spoiled* by Grandma haha. 

We all got the salad bar. Afterwards I was wishing I would have just ordered a straight meal so it was easier to figure out the calories. 

I splurged on a little dessert too.

My aunt and cousin left after a bit and then we sat there and talked for a couple hours. Started to get embarrassing that we were there so long when the waitress shift was changing over  lol. Time go to! haha. 

I so wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I could use a couple more days off. Hopefully I won't get them in the way of a furlough next week though.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Week

So I've been logging my food into Lose It for one week and I'm down 5.6 pounds. Woohoo. Although I really did party it up on New Years Eve so who knows how much of that was just cocktails lol.

The Friday before NYE I went to the grocery store with my list of groceries I needed for the week. That was a good idea.

Here's what I made for dinners last week

I ended up not cooking on Friday night because I had to go to the grocery store (again) after work and I was starving so I had El Pollo Loco. That was my first time going there. It was good and under 500 calories.

So there's proof that you can eat real food and still lose weight ;) My internet at home is so slow lately it's taken my 2 days to get this post done. Maybe it's partially my old computer though too. Who knows. Our microwave died over the weekend. It's always something.
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Friday, January 5, 2018

New Years Eve

Oh my gosh you guys! I only need another $1.36 in ad clicks to make it to $100 which is what you need to actually get a check lol. Not bad for 10 years or so of blogging haha. I put those on there a long time ago when I blogged a lot and actually had hopes that it would go somewhere someday. Now it feels almost like an ancient practice.

So since it's already the next weekend I should tell you what we did for New Years Eve right? As usual the Entertainment Committee where I live threw a NYE party (which ends around 9pm for a "New York" New Years, and then we find our way to the attached bar lol). I went on Saturday morning and helped set up the hall, then Sunday before the party I went and got 20 balloons from the dollar store which is always fun.

They served a standing pork loin something or other, little red potatoes, fantastic salad and a baked apple. It was a ton of food. I ended up giving half my meat to Scott.

Hopefully this will be a great "before" picture in a few months..

You can tell the pictures closer to midnight by how squinty my eyes are haha. We had a great time and got to sleep in the next day woohoo!  Glad for the day off. Work has been so quiet this week with no nasty deadlines and everyone being on vacation. I can't wait for the days when I earn 10 hours of leave a pay period. Although I might be almost old enough to retire by that point ;) Retire. hahah maybe if I had been hired on as a permanent employe back when I first got my job 11 years ago instead of 2. Ah well something is better than nothing right?

So glad that we don't have any plans for this weekend. We really should take the tree down though!

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