Friday, May 7, 2021

Crumb Blocks and Wine Bags

Good morning, TGIF!

Yesterday I cleaned up my desk a bit and put my scraps away in their color coordinated bags. Brown & beige was over flowing so I made a few crumb blocks.

6 more added to the stash

I was trying to decide on what to work on next and decided to finish up these wine bags I had cut out at some point. I think in 2019! They all needed linings cut out. I swear that takes the longest trying to find fabrics to match.

They are all pinned together and ready to sew now. I finished one up all the way since it has been a little while since I've made them. Just like riding a bike ;)

Those should keep me busy for a day or two.

I have an appointment today to take my phone in for a new battery. Hopefully that goes smoothly!
If the weather is nice tomorrow I want to work out in the yard so I can get these seedlings I started into the ground soon. We'll see if that actually happens.  I should probably go soak the ground a bit.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Mother's Day is on Sunday and I am not prepared haha. 

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Sewing & Chatting

Good morning Happy Thursday! 

It's already getting hot here. I haven't even bothered opening the windows this morning since I'm going to turn the air conditioner on soon.

Yesterday I decided to make up those fat quarters I got at the antique shop into some zip bags.

One side

Other side


and then I had a little bit left to make some mug rugs

I put some stuff I made up on Etsy. Trying to do that as I go now since the craft shows I had all stacked up keep getting cancelled or suck haha. I don't think I am going to sign up for any outside of May until September since it gets too hot and I just can't handle the heat.

I have May 16th at the Outlets & May 29th little car show out where  I live.

My sister in law got some tickets for them to go to the Monterey Aquarium. They were trying to make it a big family trip but I wasn't able to get tickets for the same time as them FOR JULY so I said we'd just skip it this time. The first time I tried to log on to get tickets there was literally 11000 people in line ahead of me. When I tried again later it was like 2500. By the time I got in there was nothing until an hour later than everyone else's tickets. I don't know how long they let you stay in the aquarium but if it was only an hour that wouldn't be worth "going together". 

Oh well we are going to plan our family camping trip for the week after that so that will make things less stressful.

I have an appointment tomorrow to take my phone in for a new battery. I haven't even had it a year and the battery is failing. I think it is all covered but even if I had to pay a bit it would be worth it to not have to have it plugged in all the time. So annoying. Last night it wouldn't charge over 1% even though it was plugged in for hours. It did finally charge up over night but I still have it plugged in because it usually just drains really quickly.

I think I am going to buy myself a new laptop since Trevor has pretty much taken over mine and held it hostage. There is a lot of stuff I still like to do on the computer vs my phone.

Well hope you all have a great day! Probably going to play with some scraps and work on putting some fabric on my book case Scott finally fixed last weekend. I need to be able to close the sewing room door when he's yelling at his baseball team ;)

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Good morning Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last night I finished up working on these. This fabric is so cute

My neighbor claimed a couple of the mug rugs. She bought 2 of the yellow lab ones off of me from the first round I did.

I got all the laundry done yesterday including Scott & Trevor's clothes to be nice. I was rewarded with a $3 tip! 

There is already another loads worth of laundry to do and I want to wash my bedding so there is that. 
Today is staff meeting day. So exciting. Not. 

My dog Rusty has been limping a little bit since yesterday evening. Hopefully he just did something to make himself a little sore and fit feels better soon.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fabric at the Antique Store

Good morning, happy Tuesday! Yesterday I did a bunch of laundry and even put it away, go me! Also worked on keeping the kitchen cleaned up and the sink empty, although I have a couple things to wash this morning. I made a roast in the crock pot so dinner was easy. I think I will throw the chicken I have in there for tonight's dinner. I'm pretty much sick of chicken but that's about all I've got. Scott usually goes shopping for his mom on Tuesdays after work so I'll have him pick up some more meat. I really need to go to the store and do one of the slow walks down all the aisles to just stock up the whole kitchen. One of these days haha.

I almost forgot about the few things I bought on my trip. We stopped at my favorite antique store in Jackson on our way to Reno. I got these two fat quarters of funny cats and mice. There is a tiny bit of salvage showing that says they are Moda Fabrics.  They says "Sneaky mice and a lazy cat are all that's needed to keep them fat." Kind of funny. I just like the cute pictures mostly.

Also got another Campbell's kids mug. My grandma collected Campbell's kids stuff and I got a few of her mugs when she passed away. We like them so much and use them for coffee too. A few have got broken over time so I just pick them up whenever I find them reasonably priced. 

After work I was so lazy and just laid on the couch looking at Tik Tok's. I may be obsessed. So much fun stuff out there. Girl living in her van, a funny girl who has stories about working in a fabric store, someone with a crazy neighbor, etc etc. 

Around 8 I finally went into my sewing room and worked on my mug rugs and zip bags a bit. Today I should get these finished up, just need to trim and sew the backs on the mug rugs and sew the zip bags together.

I was supposed to have a booth at the outlets this Saturday but they cancelled it due to forecasted wind. Great! I'd rather stay home then be out in the wind. So the next one is for the same place on the 16th. Sad part is now I'll have to unload my car. Well if I need to use the back of it before then anyways haha.

Ok off to do the two things I have for work so far. We were supposed to have a soft deadline this week and we so aren't going to make it. This is the most behind I have ever seen our office. Hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Weekend Fun


Saturday we watched the baby with Melissa while Jessica and Daniel went away for the night. First time leaving him!

We pretty much passed him around all day taking turns with him.

Melissa took him to his house for the night and brought him back to Scott in the morning because she was exhausted haha.

I was at my craft show. Of course it was super windy. I started off my day by spilling my coffee all over my sweatshirt I brought. I was more sad that I didn't have any coffee left. (That reminds me I need to go wash that). 

The super windy set up. Everything tied down.

I didn't sell much and I was by myself so it was kind of "not fun" haha.

I kept waiting for someone's tent to fly away but amazingly it didn't happen.

I had homemade tamales for lunch, they were yummy.

The gal across from me was selling masks for $1. She wore one hanging from her neck all day but never put it on. Thought that was interesting. I wore mine for most of the day except. Some people had them on and some didn't. Her booth was pretty busy but she never sold out.

All I wanted after the show was some ice cream. I went to McDonald's and of course they didn't have any lol. Ok Diet Coke it is.  My next show is at a fancier place on Saturday. The weather report says wind but I hope it will blow over by then. Also I think it might be a bit more sheltered from the wind so lets hope!

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Jessica's Birthday Party

 Good morning! I'm exhausted from my weekend! I think I'll do a couple posts since I have so many pictures of things.

Thursday was Jessica's birthday so we went over to her house for a BBQ and cake and ice cream. Earlier in the day my mom came over and brought us breakfast. I had a big sink full of dishes that she offered to wash for me lmao. No MOM! I can wash my own dishes. I washed everything later and put it away and sent her a picture lol. Clean sink lasts longer in a picture that's for sure! 

Over and Jessica's, the baby was so cute touching Scott's face.

Playing with Daniel's sister. He loves his aunties.

With Auntie Melissa (that's Daniel's mom on the right, she was there visiting)

Actually ordered a cake for the first time in forever. Usually I make the cakes but she wanted the one with strawberries from Safeway. They have the best cake! The one they just sell off the shelf has almonds and she is allergic to them so she got fancy ;)

Goof balls

Melissa & Eric

She said she wanted her name for her piece, well just the first 4 letters (what she likes to be called)

Dinner was great (hamburgers and hot dogs) and nice to have a party at someone else's house haha. Now we are done with birthdays until October (for our immediate family). Woohooo
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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Jessica's 27th Birthday!

Good morning!
Today is Jessica's 27th Birthday! Here are a few cute pics from when she was little/first hatched.

She LOVED the jumper thing we hung up in the door frame.

Scott's parents, ahh they look so young. 

My mom, look at all Jessica's hair! So cute.

My baby shower. I made this top, I think I made pants too but must have decided not to wear them. Scott's mom next to me. Look at how straight and tall she is!

Cutie patootie! We are going over to her house for dinner tonight. I have to make a macaroni salad and go to town to pick up her cake that I ordered after work.

Today is also my friend Dee's birthday too! I dropped off a gift for her when I was in town yesterday. Might have ended up drinking one on her porch outside lol.

I finished all these cute yellow lab/green trucks yesterday. All are sold already! They are so cute. I am going to have to make a couple more for my booth.

My dog Rusty is whining at me. I just took him out so he's been out twice already today. What the hell is his problem? He has been driving me nuts. I put him outside on the tie out but then Snookie ends up barking too much so I have to bring them in. Yesterday it was a nice break from the dogs to go to town haha. This is what my life has become, needing a break from the dogs!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Taxes and Sewing

Good morning happy hump day!
Raise your hand if you're exhausted...

me! me! me!

We had some kind of wild animal kingdom thing going on last night and the dogs kept barking and barking and barking. Scott got up and went outside at one point and said there were like 20 cats in the front yard. This morning when I took the dogs out there was a small branch broken off the tree in the side yard. Hopefully no one got eaten by a coyote or something. 

I finally got my taxes done yesterday. Money back from state and owe federal like 2x what I get back from state. So dumb. So federal will be getting back some of their "stimulus" money that I haven't been stimulating the economy with haha. Also got my sales tax taxes done so whew glad that is all done for this year.

I turned my strip squares into bags! I like them. Tried making a coin bag with the one square I had left over and a few more scraps. It is too long so I know when I make some more things with those little zippers to make them shorter. I think they are fun though. 

Next up I'm going to play with this fabric. I cut some apart last night. I think I'll make some little bags and maybe some mug rugs. The whole trucks are pretty big so will take up almost a whole mug rug but there are some partials on the sides that still look really cute.  

At some point today I have to go pay for Jessica's birthday cake I ordered. She said they won't make it until I pay for it. Jess also wants to borrow my car at some point today to take her boyfriends mom to the airport so we'll see how all that works out.

Work is still dead. It is going to blow up next week I'm sure! Guess I'll just enjoy the down time. 
Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Patriotic Strip Squares and Mug Rugs

Good morning! I woke up this morning thinking I had a car registration due in like 4 days but I looked and whew not due until the end of the month. We have THREE car registrations due in May. One needs to be smogged and has the check engine light on (my old car I gave to Melissa and she gave back). Scott has been working on Jessica's car for like a month. I think he's almost done with it for awhile.

I spent most of the day yesterday sewing. 

I made 4 more mug rugs to add to my booth stuff

and then decided to make some strip quilt blocks with some of my small fabric pieces. I think I'm going to make these into some zip bags. My friends suggested a lap quilt (not big enough), a table runner (not big enough) and a pillow cover, which might be cute but doubt anyone would buy it.  I've learned small and inexpensive works best for my booth.

Look how cute this old TV is converted into a dog bed. Although my dogs sleep on my bed at night. The cats would probably like it. I saved the picture to show Scott, I think his mom has some old TV's in her garage.

That's about all I've got for today. Nothing too exciting going on, just the way I like it!


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Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend ReCap

Good morning! Happy Monday! I kind of feel like I had a busy weekend but didn't really go anywhere. Friday this cutie pie came over for a couple hours so his mom could nap but I think she just cleaned instead haha.

Ahhh so cute, that lasted like 5 minutes he only ever takes a cat nap here lol.

Drum lessons with Uncle Trevor

Look at his beautiful eye lashes! Jess had eye lashes like that too.

Saturday I mostly worked on cleaning up some more fabric and posting some for sale. I only sold a couple pieces. Might try listing it on another group before I just put it away. Saturday night we went over to a neighbor's house for a little bit. They have this cool patio area. They were almost three sheets to the wind as my grandma used to say (drunk) so entertaining haha. 

Sunday I made up a mask order for a return buyer, four kids masks for the kids going back to school I'm sure. My brothers kids got sick right after they went back to school so that shows how well that works for the little ones.

Here is the fabric I got from my trip. I got a few panels to play with and just some other prints I haven't seen before. The Smurfs is a pillow case. Some of their stuff is one offs.

I decided to work on this little patriotic print first.  I think the orangy-red is supposed to be more red but they turned out cute anyways.

I made 2 of the bike since my mom wanted one right away when I showed her.

I had that little flag in the left corner in my scraps, glad I saved it it turned out cute. My friend claimed that one and the 2 chairs this morning. I think I might make more of the chairs and the bikes for my booth.

I was supposed to do a booth at the Livermore Outlets on Sunday but there was a 70% chance of rain so the organizer moved it to the end of May. I think it got the yard a little bit wet here but not much. 

Tina has been my little buddy lately. Her and Lucy mostly hang out with me. Tubz shows up occasionally but she LOVES Scott so mostly hangs with him or Trevor. Guys cat for sure.  Hoping eventually I can get Tina to be more of a snuggler. She lets me hold her and love on her for a minute with some purring but that's about it. I miss snuggling with Buster.

I need to work on finishing up my records so I can get my taxes done. Definitely have to do my income tax ASAP. Most of that is from Etsy sales this time since last year I only did the one booth that was pretty dead. I have like 3 emails of stuff to do for work today so far. I'm on the calendar to go into the office on Friday. I have a ton of stuff to print out again.

Hope you all have a great day!


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