Friday, August 17, 2018

Always doing what I said I wouldn't

So I know I said I wasn't going to do any more crafts hows until it cooled down and closer to Christmas but I can't pass up a free opportunity haha. The gal that runs the Handcrafter's Boutique posted that this guy was looking for some more people for his little art show tomorrow in front of a coffee shop so I emailed him. I was like not sure if what I make would meet your qualifications but it goes with coffee lol. He said it's a free space and in the shade. I didn't have any other plans for tomorrow other than maybe sewing or going through more stuff to sell so I'm going to go. I went and met up with him after work so he could show me where they are setting up. Looks like it will be a nice chill (but probably too hot outside) environment. I think it's just going to be the artist guy, his brother, me and some other guy.

Currently I'm waiting to take Trevor to the high school football game and he might go to the dance after. All you have to do is add "girlfriend" to any event and he's game haha. His GF has super strict parents apparently so he has to take any time he can get. I hope he has fun.

Scott and I are going to go to sushi while he's there. I totally forgot to buy cat food on the way home so I need to make sure and do that while I'm in town or I'm going to have some really pissed off cats. They already weren't too happy with me. Usually I have a couple cans of tuna around that work in an emergency but there wasn't any of that this morning either. I gave them a little milk and they thought that was ok.

I am also looking online for where I got the little flower border I used for my price signs. It's saved on my dead computer but I got it online somewhere.. I wanted to update a few signs since my last show was slow so I marked some stuff down. Also I usually mark down my keyfobs when I don't have very many character ones and I made up a bunch of new ones since the last show.

Fun stuff.

Oh I almost forgot one more fun thing from today. We have a room in the back that we have all nick named "the cave" because it has no windows and only one door. It's really supposed to be a storage room I think but they put cubes and a lot of people in it. I used to sit back there for years and I was sick a lot when I did. Very poor air circulation. Anyhow, someone finally decided that it's not safe. DUH! I've been saying I think it's against fire code  & OSHA for years.  So today I had to help my boss order some new cubes. They are going to swap 2 rooms (if they can get the electrical worked out) so they are more in a hallway type room instead of a storage room. We'll see how it goes!

Well hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully I make few dollars tomorrow and don't die of heat stroke. It's supposed to be 99 tomorrow. Good thing that coffee shop sells smoothies.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

What's bouncing around in my head today..

Trevor asked me to pick him up after school today. He said to go to the gym but I knew that was code for "hang out with the girlfriend." He asked me to pick him up at the store where my dad works. I drove up and texted him and called him but no answer so I went inside. It was quiet when I got there so I talked to my dad for a few minutes (Trevor finally answered that he was down at McDonald's waiting for his milk shake). While I was talking to my dad he told me that they are thinking of moving to Arkansas. It's cheaper to live there and my step mom's grandson lives there, which he confirmed was a reason to move there. I was like we'll I'd probably see you about the same amount of time, which he kind of chuckled and said yeah.

And here is where I get pissed off even though I try REALLY HARD not to let this bother me. My (bio) dad lives 12 miles away and has ZERO relationship with any of his blood grandchildren (all mine since I'm his only blood child), but he wants to move across the country to be with the golden grandchild.  I try to rationalize this with my kids had two other sets of grandparents who actually took the time to be in their lives, and my step brother's son has just them. Although maybe he has his mother's parents too, I have no idea. It just make me angry that we aren't worth the effort.

They come to some parties that I invite them to but we do not get invited over to their house and it's not the kind of atmosphere where we can just "drop by" like most parents are. I have not been in my dad's house in years and it's because I haven't been invited over.

We used to trade off doing Christmas at each other's houses but then I guess that was too much for them or something because that turned into we'll get together in January (that never happened) to a Facebook message of "Merry Christmas".

I keep trying to just not care but it's hard. I guess it will be easier if he moves away. No having a good time when we actually do get together, to make me wonder why he doesn't want me in his life the rest of the time. I'm pretty sure it's mostly that he just doesn't think to make any plans that include us. It is what it is I guess.

And that is why I originally texted the kid that I was there so I wouldn't have to go inside. I swear ever time I do I end up upset later.

It's so annoying to me that I let this get under my skin. It makes me ANGRY that I care.Pin It

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Need A Geek

I'm so over technology shit.  I'm so going to be that Grandma that's like "hunny can you just fix this for me??" Sadly I seem to be the one in the house that still figures all the computer and printer shit out.  Even if it takes me TWO DAYS to figure out how to install the wireless printer onto my wireless computer.  So frustrating. Then the stupid printer has a screen where it's trying to force you to enroll in their ink to your door program. Like hello? Amazon? I can get it just as quick and not have to be in a "subscription". I have enough monthly bills thank you. Finally just exited out of that and tried to print something and it worked.

Work is finally picking up a bit now that my boss is back from her 3 week vacation. So much better to have things to do than just sitting there bored to death.

I'm having thrift store withdrawals. I like to go on my lunch to chill out and a change of scenery but I have TOO MUCH STUFF and it is giving me anxiety so I need to stay out of the store. I usually do buy things to resell but I need to clear out more of what I have before I buy anything else. I don't have any plans this weekend (AGAIN SO EXCITING) so I will probably work on clearing out some more fabric. It's just hard to get rid of some things that I want to maybe make something out of. Usually I just give those a higher price so it's worth it if it sells. Games I play with myself haha.

It's just about time for bingo. Wednesday is about the only time I get to spend with Melissa since she's always at her boyfriends. She's been here the last couple days but she is all holed up in her room. One time I peaked in there and she was doing cross stitch. I think it's so cute that she is doing a hobby that I did at that age. Although I also was married and pregnant by that time. So weird to see how young I was through an older person's eyes if that makes sense. I'm like what the hell was I thinking! Probably that whole "he's so cute thing."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Is It Friday Yet?

Can I just say how much I hate having a period? I know they are great to still have since it keeps things young, but MY GOD can we just tone it down a bit. I was never one to complain about having cramps and such for the first 40 years of my life, so apparently we are making up for some time here. There is nothing more disturbing than getting up to help someone at the counter at work and feeling all the blood inside my body draining out at the exact moment that you say "Can I help you?"

Ahh hemm

Moving on, I have been working with this customer on and off for over a year to get his contract changed from a now defunct business name (on paper but not in his head) to his personal name (which is really a trust because we have to make it more confusing.) Today they finally came in to sign the paper work. PLEASE GOD LET IT GO THROUGH.  I hope I didn't forget to do anything. This guy sounds like a tyrant on the phone but when he comes in he's the cutest little old man. His wife is a bit gruffer but  I had them both laughing a little before they left. Then I had to chase after them because I remembered one more paper I forgot to have them sign. Whoops. They were cool though.

That was about my only excitement all day.  I came home to the usual pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I swear the animals are cooking and eating while I'm gone at work all day. Dirty little bastards. I totally forgot to take something out to cook for dinner so I have chicken thawing in the sink. Scott finally got the propane filled the other day so I'm going to make him BBQ it when he gets home.

I broke down and bought the new Quicken program for my new computer. Although now I'm only buying it for a year WTF everything is so GD more expensive these days.  At least it was on "Sale" for $59 for the home and business. We'll see how it works. Currently I'm importing my accounts which is pretty easy.

Ok now it's like an hour later and I'm still messing with this since it doesn't have the calendar set up exactly like my old Quicken. I think I might get it in a month or two..Pin It

Monday, August 13, 2018

I'm beat!

Well for having no plans all weekend I sure worked my butt off! I literally spent all weekend working on selling fabric & stuff. I got a lot of stuff sold and took it to the post office today but it doesn't even look like I made a dent. Can't quite figure that out..

I love that I can just drop my packages off at the counter and don't have to wait in line. Too bad I don't live in town where they can just come pick it up at my house. I do take some to get picked up with the mail at work sometimes but I don't like to do too many since the poor mail man would have to carry them.

I got an order on Friday for some trailer mug cozies, I had to sew 2 up (already had them cut out) but I was so busy all weekend I didn't get to them until tonight. Going throw in the trailer key fob since the lady liked my stuff so much :)

I need to pack up someone's order from the FB group where I sell my fabric stuff then I'm going to bed. I'm so tired. My hips and back are hurting, probably from sitting so much.

Oh I almost forgot I took Trevor to get a few more things for school yesterday. He's now like his dad where we just have to hunt for the larger sizes first, then see if they are something he likes. TG for the internet. Need to get that kid to shop for some clothes online. 

Work was boring as shit again today. I miss the busy season. Also I wish Berkeley mom was retiring soon. Just the sound of her voice makes me want to go smack her lately.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy No Plans Weekend!

Ahh so excited to not have any plans this weekend. Although at some point someone needs to take Trevor to the store to get some school stuff and a few more shirts. Hoping to get someone else to do that.

Last night I had the weirdest thing happen. I was looking at my phone and it got all wavy like. At first I thought it was my contacts so I took them out but it was still doing it. I was also making dinner so when I got to a stopping point I went and laid down for a minute and it stopped. Always something I swear.

Then after dinner I had total indigestion which I'm sure was from eating hot cheetos on the way home from work lol. Look what happens when I eat the Pepto tablets now. So gross.

Last night I finished watching the new season of Shameless. Totally hated the whole Ian story line, but I know that stuff ready does exist. One of the kids that hangs out with us was sent to a camp to make him ungay (didn't work lol) People are just crazy.

After I finished that I started on Insatiable. It amazes me how people were all up in a roar about this show. So far it's pretty good.

So this weekend's goal is to get rid of the boxes of "stuff" in my living room. Which is fabric and notions that I have picked up here and there. It's hard to part with stuff I maybe want to keep but I have no where to put everything.

Happy Saturday!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Computer Fun

Woohoo I'm up and running!

I got my new computer yesterday but only had a few minutes to play with it before it was time to leave for bingo.

My old computer loaded up a little bit but then I accidentally unplugged it and now it won't load again. Darn. Might see if someone wants to try and extract the pictures I had on their for me. Most of my pictures are on FB or my blog or both so I don't think I've lost anything too important.

I'm trying to decide if I want to get rid of the cabinet that the desktop computer is in. I'll have to find somewhere to put my printer and router though. Did think about maybe moving my sewing desk in it's spot. That would make more room in my bedroom but then I'd definitely have to sew in the living room so maybe not. I like to be able to close the door when Scott is annoying me when he's yelling at the TV. Yeah definitely not doing that.

Since my check register was on my dead computer I had to recreate something to keep track of my bills on. I had a really old version of Quicken on my computer. I'm just going to try a spreadsheet and a calendar since that's basically what it is. I just spent forever going through my bank to make sure I got all my automatic withdrawal things added.  Remember the days when we just wrote checks for everything and used a paper check register?

I was thinking yesterday about how we used to "float" a check at the grocery store before payday. I used to do that all the time. Then Wal Mart got some scanner thing that made your check go through faster so I quit doing that lol. I think Scott is one of the only people that still gets a paper paycheck. I finally got him to deposit it on his phone instead of having to ride his bike to the bank on his lunch. So much easier.

I've literally spent all day looking at spreadsheets today. I've been working on my little side business record keeping. I'm up to May! I need to find a few note books where I wrote down how much cash I made at my booth sales. I think I know where they are..

I've been driving Trevor to school all week for his 0 period class. We have to leave the house around 6:40. That seems so early. Today he said that he only has to do it MWF now. He was going to take the bus which used to show up around 7:10 most days. Today we got there at 7 and it was long gone so I had to drive him to school. DOH! I guess it's actually coming at like 6:50 now so I won't get to sleep any longer either way! At least if he takes the bus that's less miles on the car.

I've been attempting to not eat flour and sweets much. Yesterday I went to Bingo thinking I wouldn't have any drinks. One of my friends was there wanting to buy me drinks so that I will hem her dress. I gave in (to a couple) and she ordered FLOUR tortilla chips and set them next to me. I have no willpower SIGH. 

I may have also ate 2 pieces of pizza when I got home from work today. Good thing tomorrow is a new day.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Back To School

Well today is the first day of school! I think it gets earlier in the summer every year. My plan was to get up when Scott left for work today, but then he left an hour early which messed up my plan in my head. I tried to go back to sleep but it smelled so bad outside (I had my windows open). I don't think I ever really fell back to sleep and got up at 5:20.

I drove this guy to school since he has a 0 period class and there is no bus for that. It was kind of nice having time in the car with him, although I'm sure after the first couple days we'll be dragging ass to get up in the morning lol. I'm so not a morning person!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was Adrian's birthday party. Her birthday isn't until Sept 11 but her mom is having a baby on August 25th. We decided to skip the bowling part of the party and just go to the part back at the house. She is going to be 9 already.

Yesterday we went to the A's game. We took Bart, then tailgated with the neighbors in the parking lot. We sat in the inside seats by the window.

Only I could get sunburnt sitting INSIDE at a ball game lol. I think the sun was only on me for maybe an hour. I was a little cold so it felt good. Little did I know it was burning me.

The game was a pretty quick one since the other team didn't get any runs. Trevor went with us to the game and thought it was pretty sweet sitting inside the fancy club room, I did too!

There is this neighborhood girl that people call "Drunk Debbie" (change her name, but you get the picture). She came in when the game was about 1/2 way through or so. She is such a loud mouth. Total low class. I guess she made some comments to Scott about his legs. He is NOT impressed with her lol. It just amazes me that people can be so rude and think they know what they are talking about when they comment on other people's medical problems. Like no one is telling you to get your brain fixed you idiot.

I was glad to leave right after the game was over. They were doing some kind of after party in the parking lot. It amazes me sometimes how much people can drink and still function and definitely should NOT be driving anywhere. That is why we take the train. We only had a little bit to drink when we were tailgating and that was enough. All these people are going to need new livers soon.

So trying to get back on the healthier eating wagon. I'm going to do no flour or sweets for the rest of the month to start. That will help me get away from my sugar addiction hopefully. Seemed to work last time. I felt so fat yesterday. I've got that huge roll on top of my pants back, it's lovely.

Just ordered a new computer (laptop) so hopefully that will come in the next couple days. I keep hoping I can get my Quicken to load my calendar with my bills on it but it doesn't look that that's going to happen. Guess I'll have to just figure that out again. Good thing I had paid everything early last week.

Have a good day everyone!

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Friday, August 3, 2018


Well I think my computer has finally bit the dust. Looks like I’ll have to go buy a laptop or something. I do kind of like having a desk top though since it’s less likely for the kid to kill it.

This is where I always feel old. I don’t know what all that crap is in the computer I just want to turn t on and have all my stuff there.

Using my phone to post and it’s tiny so just an update of one more thing to spend money on lolPin It

Thursday, August 2, 2018

iCloud Educated

Woohoo I finally figured out how to delete pictures off my iCloud. Thanks Google. Now my phone can finally stop screaming at me that it hasn't backed up my pictures. I take a lot of pictures of misc things and things to sell so I definitely don't need to pay for storage on a bunch of stupid pictures.

Today's work excitement was that I actually got to go out in the field. I haven't done that in ages. When I first started my job I used to spend all day driving around looking for orchard chippings. Today a gal at worked asked me if I could help her out and do 2 drive bys.

Yep, that's corn

Yep, corn there too.

She said something about having me do a few tomorrow. Let's hope there is enough to last all day lol. So funny just went back and looked for blog posts of the olden days at work. Found lots of funny posts. Might have to do a Peggy and share some of them again. I used to really just type out whatever I was thinking back when I first started blogging with no filter. Those were the days when the internet was newer and not as many people could find your stuff lol.

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