Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Paying Respects

Saturday was Scott's dad's 90th birthday so we went out to the cemetery to pay our respects. We took his mom and sister Suzie out there with us. Scott and my kids had been out there since he got the headstone.  His mom, sister and I had not been since the funeral over a year ago. His headstone is very nice. He's in the "Little Arlington" section since he was a veteran.

One thing about not moving far from home is you have a lot of family in the cemetery. This is Gene's mother's. My mother in law was upset that the headstone didn't look as nice as it used to. I think there is some way to shine them up isn't there? It's marble.

Next my Grandma and Grandpa on my dad's side. I always have a hard time remembering exactly where they are but now there is a big headstone next to it with my aunt's picture on it. That's a bit creepy since she's alive and well. Her 2nd husband is buried there and she has bought the plot with it for herself.

Then my Grandma Marilyn. I can usually walk pretty close to hers without looking too hard. I swear she's driving around in the car with me half the time so there's that. 

Probably should have took some flowers to fill all those empty flower cups. Scott's dad's does not have a flower spot. I noticed some people put little potted plants so that would be nice.

I have told everyone that I don't want to be buried, I'd rather be cremated so everyone doesn't go broke trying to put me in the ground. That got me to thinking of how different things are when you don't have a site to visit. I guess you'd just do something else in memory right?

After our outing we went to lunch at Perkos. Of course the seat my mother in law sat in on the bench seat was worn down but it never occurred to her to just move over a bit haha. Just complain that makes it all better! Gotta love the elderly. We all had burgers and fries but of course hers were too salty. The doctor doesn't want her eating too much salt or drinking coffee (Scott said he has not heard him say anything about her food..) 

I think that's the most exercise she's got in years since she had to walk from the car to the graveside and then around a bit. I keep telling Scott we need to take her out more so she gets out of the house. I can't imagine only ever leaving the house to go to the doctor. How depressing. 

She'll be coming over to my mom's for Christmas dinner so hopefully she enjoys that. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Random Picture Day

I told myself I was just going to get on the computer for a little bit and start dinner at 6:00 but it's now 6:30 so we know that was a lie lol.

But my bills are paid and my pictures are a bit more organized on my computer now.

What is it about little boxes that are so hard to throw away. I started to, paused, then later threw it away lol. It WAS broken after all.

Scott makes breakfast every weekend. This is what happens when he watches football while he makes breakfast lol.

We've basically been storing this car for free for years now. YEARS. I am tempted to go do a lien on it and put it in MY name since no one else will do anything about it. The other day I came home and one of the stray cats jumped out of the tail light. I sent this to Scott lol.

A girl at work decorated her cube. I'm so jealous it's like a fort at work. (also that was my desk years ago lol)

I love this picture 

Tacos from the place down the street from work the other day. So yummy.

Jess is working at a card room type casino now. She got this for a tip yesterday.

Got this enormous box of office supplies I ordered the other day.

Which could have fit into an envelope.

Ok now to go throw some shit in the oven. Happy Tuesday Evening!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mourning Day

Well I feel a bit rude but I'm super happy to have the day off today. I was pretty young when George Bush was president so I don't really have any opinions on how well of one he was. Of course it's still sad he died but at least he was old and lived a long life!

My friend Traci's brother in law Dave passed away this week and he was just early 60's and that is just so sad. He had just retired and moved out here to be closer to his brother Tom who tragically died in his 50's. It's all just so sad I can barely handle it.

My best friend Dee's daughter Miranda had to have her baby at 34 weeks yesterday morning.  I think she had preeclampsia from what it sounds like. After she had the baby via c section she had to get a magnesium treatment so she wasn't going to be able to be with the baby for 24 hours. The baby is of course in the NICU.

Look how adorable little Lyla is

She is just 3.5 pounds. Hopefully she will be able to go home for Christmas!

A coworker asked me to make her a diaper/wipes bag and gave me some dimensions. Man I fought with that thing and finally made it "good enough". I need to find a pattern for doing boxed bags to make the top corners correctly. Most of the ones I found had the top fabric go over the side about half way. The girl was thrilled with it so hey, it's ok lol. I love this fabric, so cute. (from Joanns)

I keep telling myself I need to be productive today and work on cleaning up some of my crap around here. So far I've cleaned out my purse. That's a start right?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Robert's 8th Birthday

I can't believe Robert is 8 already. Time sure does fly. My mom threw him a party at Sky Zone. I have never been there but my kids have.  I only took Trevor with me since my girls had to work.

Robert is wearing the bright yellow shirt in the middle here

Getting a little help to get out lol

Trevor, Tony and Adrian

After the hour was over we went into the party room for lunch and cupcakes

Dad and brothers like clones lol

3 nieces in a row!

Every single present had Legos in it, I guess we all thought alike!

After wards my mom, Tony, Trevor and I went shopping for our Christmas presents from my mom. I couldn't think of anything I wanted but finally found a couple things (she won't take I don't want a gift for an answer). Trevor picked something out and Tony went to 58 stores looking for a pair of shoes. After we were done shopping he found some online...

We ended up going to the Mongolian BBQ in Stockton for dinner. We go to the one in Tracy all the time but this one was kind of dirty. I thought for sure my parents would tuck tail and run but they ate it lol. So far Scott and I like the Tracy one the best. That one is pretty clean and more comfy.  Trevor decided to spend the night at my mom's so he could go to the Gingerbread party (I didn't know about it until after I had booked my event), so I came home by myself. Mom was nice enough to bring him home the next day. Always nice to not have to drive to Stockton 2 days in a row!
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Monday, December 3, 2018

Santas Coming To Town Craft Fair

Hey I finally did an event INSIDE! Well actually my 2nd but this one was more of a normal even than that other sip and shop one. 

This was put on by the same people that do the movie theater events I've been doing but I think it used to be ran by someone else and she took over. It was almost all handmade stuff which was nice. I like those events a lot better since the people who come to shop know that they are there for handmade items. 

They supplied one 8' table but my table clothes are made to fit my 6' tables so I just used my own. I did the same zig zag set up as last time. It worked pretty well in this environment too. 

I kind of forgot about having to decorate a bit for Christmas so I just pulled out those little Christmas fabrics to put on the table. Ah good enough lol.

Here's my usual stuff on the tables all set up. I actually made $25 while I was setting up so that was nice. It was pretty busy for the first couple hours and then it slowly died down to NOTHING for the last 2 hours. Talk about boring. I need to start bringing a book or something. Crocheting works good too but how many scarves do I need lol.

Me and "Santa". This guy and his boyfriend/husband not sure if they are married are my favorite customers. They are so much fun and get excited about my stuff every time. I'm wearing my cute pug ugly Christmas sweater my friend got me. Sadly a couple pom poms fell off already. I have one to sew back on.

It's weird how at some events some things sell more than others. I sold 2 key chains, a few wine totes, a few tissue packs and then the rest of my sales were the mug cozies and sunglasses holders. People love those things for some reason!  I've sold about all the cute wine totes. I should probably make some more for my next event in 2 weeks. I'm glad I have this next weekend off with nothing to do other than a Christmas party at my friends house. 

When I got home I took about an hour and did nothing. Then I made a Warriors Wine Tote someone ordered from me forever ago and I needed to get finished. A late night picture.

Then I worked on another project for a girl at work but I've just about effed that up into tear apart mode so no picture of that yet. I gave up and went to bed about 11:30.

This morning I woke up with my eye swollen a bit and feeling funky. Hopefully I didn't pick up pink eye at Robert's birthday party on Saturday (post coming soon!)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


For Thanksgiving I made a Turkey to take to my brothers as a back up, peanut butter pie and little smokies wrapped in bacon with brown sugar for an appetizer.

We were supposed to eat dinner at 4 so we left around 2:30 to pick up Scott's mom and sister Suzie. The kids all came in the girls cars. We had Scott's mom's walker in the back so I rode with a turkey between my feet lol

We didn't end up eating until about 5:30 or so so it was a good thing I made the little smokies! Next year we need more appetizers we were all starving since we had only had breakfast.

These two were too cute. I got all the kids the little marshmallow turkeys at the sip n shop event I went to.

My sister in law does a great job decorating. Look at my place setting!

Even the baby had a spot :)

After dinner Melissa playing with the little cousins.

Trevor and Tony

Our whole group for Thanksgiving. 

The kids took some more pictures, I'll have to get some from them. The family pictures is a lot of fun though!

I can't believe we are already done with Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here. I don't even have a spot for a Christmas tree so I need to get busy figuring things out lol.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Craft Show Trifecta

I survived my 3 days of craft show but just barely. Actually Sunday wasn't all that bad but Saturday night I was totally exhausted and went to bed at 7:45 pm.

Of course the first morning I'm always up crazy early and like OMG I have to get there on at such and such too early time!  Scott is such a morning person so it's amazing when I'm having to load the whole car up and he's magically sleeping in. Like how are you sleeping with me getting ready and back and forth in the bedroom looking for stuff. And the HAIR DRYER. How can you sleep through me using the hair dryer? I wake up when he rolls over a certain way lol. So anyhow, I was out in the garage getting the VERY LAST thing to load in the car and he runs out like he was going to help. Yeah thanks buddy!

He made up for it later when he brought my 2 side walls for the canopy though. Damn it was freaking cold and rained a bit on Friday. The 2 walls helped a bit.

Before he brought those this was my set up for Friday. (I know these are probably boring for other people but I like to go back and look at them)

Friday was my best sale day but that was also probably because 2 of my friends came and bought from me :)

Saturday I got up a little later, I started off with the 2 walls up and then took the side one down after a bit. Later I took the back one off because the wind was blowing and I was afraid it was going to take my tent. I do like the the way the walls close in my booth so you can see things better. I'd like to get a couple more of the gray walls (got that one at Wal Mart a few months ago and it was the only one they had) so they all match. The gray is kind of nice, different from other people.  I do feel anti social though having it up, I actually took it down so I could see the guy next to me. He was a cute collage kid with a great personality. Fun to talk to. I told him he could sell ice to Eskimos!

The booth 2 over was selling mini donuts they made right there in front of you while you wait. So cute. I may have had these 2 days in a row.

Saturday I almost made the same as Friday, just $20 shy. I sold a ton of wine bottle bags. $5 is the magic number to sell those apparently. I have a couple I have had since the first round I made. I'm starting to think I'm just going to cut the fabric and make them into something else if I don't sell them by my last craft show. No point and carrying them around for years.

Like I said before I was totally exhausted when I got home Saturday. I probably would have just went straight to bed but I told someone I'd make them a mug cozy for the next day. I had a drink and made that and then went to bed. 

Sunday I was dragging ass and waited as long as possible to get up and leave the house. When I got there we had to figure out how to squish another gal in between me and the people to the left of my booth. I had to set up a bit different since I was losing my corner.

This really is a great way to set up when you don't have 2 open sides. It works really well!

Oh look more donuts ;)

I sold a ton of the sunglasses cases that I made. Probably at least half. I had one person buy 5! People love them in the Disney prints. 

I marked down what I had left of the zippered bags to $3 and still only sold 2. I'm about ready to cut those up and make them into something else lol. I've been debating on making some more of the rounded bags but I'm not sure. It's so funny how usually if I have a ton of an item I sell that item better. Although I think I only sold 2 of the treasure bags all weekend and NONE of the Christmas ones. What the heck! Hopefully I can sell some at the next 2 events. If not maybe I'll be giving them to coworkers lol.

Ok off to bed. I went to Bunco tonight. I had a great time but didn't win any prizes darn. We did do an ornament exchange so that was fun too. My mom got the one I brought. Man I look horrible. I should probably do something about that.

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