Tuesday, August 16, 2016


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Friday, August 5, 2016


Have you guys heard all about these Yeti cups?

Apparently they are great, they can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. They also come with a bit of a price tag.  I'm all for a good travel mug but here is my question. Why does your drink need to stay hot or cold for HOURS?? Like why aren't you drinking it?

I usually drink my tumbler full of coffee on the way to work. I might have a little bit left over when I get there but not too much. I drink almost a gallon of water a day, that first cup is going to be long gone in just a matter of an hour or so.

Am I the only one that just doesn't get it? Now if it's like really big, like a thermos maybe but otherwise I think it's just another big  hype.

One of my friends has one child, she lives in a house that is probably at LEAST twice as big as mine and she is really wanting to finish her basement so that they can make it a playroom. She says all the toys are taking over the living room.  I'm like well who are you having come over that can't see the toys? The Pope? 

Honestly I don't get the need to always want more and bigger. My house is small. I raised three kids in it. Yes it's a mess a lot and yes we used to have toys all over but we were all together in the living room and it's ok. I think we keep getting told we need to have separate rooms for this and that and MORE SPACE for MORE STUFF.

Yes, I'm a bit of a minimalist. Part of that is from having a small house and part of it is from the way I grew up. We didn't have any extra money. That meant we didn't have a lot of stuff. We also didn't use the dishwasher or the dryer because that would make the electricity bill more expensive.

Some people I know also grew up this way and it had the opposite affect on them. It's like they have to compensate for not having things growing up by HAVING IT ALL. I just feel like having it all isn't worth the extra stress of never being home because you are always chasing that dollar bill and you rarely get to enjoy all that stuff because even when you are off work you are still working in some way or another.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's Going On

I'm pretty sure I'm going to die of boredom this week at work. Pretty much nothing to work on. I already reorganized the supply cabinet and labeled all the little drawers a few weeks back. Not sure what else I can "find" to work on.

My blogger friend Sara went in to have her fourth baby this week. She was posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram and then it got quiet. We all know that after a few hours that's not a good sign. Turns out she ended up having an emergency C-section and had an amniotic fluid embolism, which sounds absolutely terrifying. She was in a medically induced coma for a couple days but is now of the ventilator and able to talk to her husband. I cannot wait to see her post something herself so we know that she is feeling better. In the meantime a friend of hers started a Go-Fund Me page for her. I think all of us blogger friends feel so helpless that it feels good to at last contribute a bit to her family. Sara is a type A super organizer and I can just imagine how pissed off she is going to be that this messed up her schedule :) This picture just makes me want to bawl.

I've been back on the counting calories and running/walking wagon this week. I upgraded my Lose it account to Premium so I feel guilty if I don't use it (although that's only partially working for the gym...). I made my menu and shopping list last week so I've been doing good cooking and staying on track. I am not allowed to buy those little coconut ice cream bars any more though. They are just too yummy.

I decided that I need to walk or run at least a mile for every day of August to get my ass out of the house. So far so good. I start by taking the dogs around the block since Rusty thinks he HAS to go when he sees me getting ready and Snookie is a fat pug and about has a heart attack going any farther than that.

After I drop them off I do a round of couch to 5k to hopefully get me back up to being able to run without dying again. When I'm done with that I've been close to a 5k and 10000 steps on my Fitbit so I just keep going until I have both. So far this whole thing is taking me about an hour. Once I'm running more I will be able to do that in 1/2 an hour-ish again. That will be nice.  I've been going out around 9 since that's when it cools off and my dinner is all settled (and my phone charged).

Last night I slept so well it took me a second to figure out what the noise of my alarm clock was.

Melissa starts her senior year of high school on Monday. So far I've shelled out $200 for the yearbook/sweatshirt/student body pass, $40 for school pictures (not the fancy ones we'll do later) and still need to do $180 for the bus and maybe some school shopping.

Trevor starts school Wednesday and definitely needs new shoes and probably some new t shirts and a pair or two of jeans.

Still looking forward to my raise in November....

Saturday Melissa is going to Warped Tour with some friends. The original girl she was going to go with wanted to do this elaborate plan on getting there. This plan included staying at a few different houses over a couple days, trains, etc. I was like uh how about I just drive you? So I will be driving her and her friend there Saturday. My Mom is going to go with me and we are just going to hang out all day. I need to find something to do in the area. I'm sure we'll have fun!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pool Time with friends

I missed pool time with my friends this week because I was sick. We got together several times over the summer for pool days (mine were always pool evenings since I had to work though). One day I took the day off to do something with my mom and then took Robert with me so he could have fun with the kids and go swimming.

This is Adalie, my friends granddaughter


Robert is such a cutie

Robert and my friends twins, they are a year younger but slightly taller than Robert and they all play together great.

My friend goes back to work tomorrow (she works at a school) so that's the end of summer play dates! Bummer. We'll have to find some weekend time to meet up.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Don't be buying steak.

Yesterday at book club someone brought up the whole thing about "those people" who are using "our money" to buy steaks with their six kids with their nails done and cell phones again.


Nothing really pisses me off more than people who have way too much worrying about people who have way too little.

Like why would you be buying a steak if  you are using an EBT card. Like why is it your freaking business if they are buying a steak? Maybe they saved up for a special occasion. Why do you care!

Also, that woman with six kids, how do you know they are all hers? Maybe she's got a few extras she's taken in. Someone actually said at book club "I stopped after one because I knew that was all I could afford". REALLY NOW.

I pay for my daughter's cell phone so that I can keep in touch with her. How do you know someone isn't doing that for them? Maybe they painted their own nails. Are you supposed to look like shit because you are down on your luck?

It just amazes me how people are so quick to judge. As someone who has used a "government card" while my husband was on disability and I was on unemployment it just chaps my hide.

Like lucky you that nothing has ever happened in your life to knock you down.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Park Day

A couple weekends ago I took Robert (to give my mom a break!) and met up with my friend who has 3 little boys that she has adopted.

Robert is 5 and her boys are 8 and twins that are 4. Before the boys she had her two girls who are Jessica's age, never fought, got fantastic grades and were angel children.  Now she has three boys haha. It's so funny to see the difference.

So we met up at her house and then I followed her over to the Ripon water park (Mistlin). When we first got there the water fountains weren't on so the boys just played on the playground. Then they turned on the water for the first time this year. We didn't even know that they were off or getting turned on so we timed that just right. It wasn't very crowded and I'm sure that's because no one else was in the loop either! The boys had a great time playing in the water, throwing Frisbees and rolling down the grass and then the playground equipment too.

 You'd never know by looking at these boys rib cages that they eat NON STOP

2 second break

We were there for HOURS. Before we left my friend told the boys they could ride their scooters down this long bit of concrete. They let Robert take a turn too since we didn't bring one for him.

This is my friend walking down to talk to one of the twins that THREW HIS SCOOTER when his big brother "won" on the way back. He was so mad he got off, threw it, then after a minute or so he picked it up and THREW it again lol. I had to try hard not to laugh. Bad kid! He broke it too. Too bad for him!

I some how got completely sunburnt on my face even though I'm pretty sure I sat in the shade most of the day. Darn it! Peeling faces are so pretty.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wedding in Kirkwood

One of my co-worker friends got married a few weeks ago. She got married in a meadow at Kirkwood Resort which is on the way to Lake Tahoe.

I booked us a night there so we wouldn't have to worry about driving home after the wedding (it's almost 3 hours away). We got there a couple hours before the wedding which was just enough time to relax before we got dressed.

I don't have any pictures of the meadow wedding since they asked people not to take pictures but it was cute (and hot) and a nice ceremony.

The reception was back up in one of the lodges next to ours. The patio was all set up for dinner and there was a little bar inside with cheese and crackers and such. Wine, champagne, open bar, NICE!


boss friend and her son

Me, my horrible hair cut and the bride :)

1st dance, pretty sure they practiced lol

another co-worker

and another :)

we hung out until the party was over, fun times!

Our room was pretty nice, although they don't have AC since it's mostly a winter resort. Thankfully they do have fans. Our room had a little kitchen area too although I didn't get that in the pictures.

Out the window & door was a view of the lifts. Scott didn't want to open the door at night because there might be bears (never mind we sleep in a tent when we go camping...)

In the morning we tried to go to a little restaurant down the road for breakfast. It was dark and not friendly so we left and then tried another place down the road where it was light but people were complaining a lot and after half an hour we only had coffee and hadn't even put our order in yet so we left there too. Eventually we got to Jackson where I was like we eat or I'm going to die (one time I didn't pack snacks). We ended up eating at the Indian casino, but not at the buffet like we were thinking because that was $30 a head and we are cheap.

After lunch we went and walked around the old part of Jackson and looked in the antique stores but it was over 100 out and so hot going in and out of the stores. I was glad when we got home and could just hold still with the AC on! 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Graffiti Night

I was excited that we could actually go to Graffiti night again this year. Melissa was dating a car guy at the time so Scott and I had a bit of a "double date" with the two of them, which was fun :) We need to remember to sit on the other side of the street next time though. The sun was in our eyes almost the entire time.

After we saw all the cars go by a few times everyone was hungry. We left and then stopped in Ripon on the way home to try out Pizza Plus that people are always raving about. It was good but I think I like other pizza better ;)

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Floating The Day Away

I can't remember which weekend this was but it was fun! We all got our floaties out and hung out on and in the lake for the day. Talk about a great day! This was the day of gin & tonics, while in and out of the lake haha. I remember later thinking we should have planned more food if you know what I mean. I think for dinner I had chips and more gin and tonics. What's fun about being out on the lake and dock is that more and more people just show up and hang out!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bev's Party

My friend Bev had a birthday and we were going to come hang out and go floating. I showed up in my swimsuit with a short dress over the top and then realized that it didn't really look like we were going to make it out floating that day. I sent Scott a text to come hang out and "please bring my shorts" lol.

I had made a cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top and it looked absolutely horrible so I didn't take any pictures of it but it sure was good! Everyone raved about it so that was nice. 

We spent the day hanging out and eating and drinking. Hard life and all.

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