Tuesday, July 28, 2015

4th of July Party Part 2

We had enough trophies that everyone could just pick one, that worked out well.

Trevor got one since he was the "captain" of my mom's boat.

and Scott got one for us

After the boat parade we did some bike decorating for the kids and then later they had a bike parade and got ribbons. My niece Adrian crashed her bike while she was riding around, poor kid!

And in between all that we had the cake booth. We have "cake ladies" out here who all donate cakes for the cake booths for parties. You put .25 cents on a number and when they spin the wheel that number gets a cake.

And then there was some food

and a watermelon eating contest for the kids! That was pretty exciting and a little girl won lol

We had a water balloon toss that I was in charge of that just turned into a water balloon fight haha. And then we all went swimming in the lake, then had a few drinks in the bar. Someone brought a bunch of food over and we ate that for dinner. Trevor had went home with my mom and Melissa had went to watch the fireworks with her friend. Scott and I went home around 6:30 to check on the dogs and just fell asleep. What a day!
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Monday, July 27, 2015

4th of July Party

I've started trying to get more involved in our little community here lately. I'm working on the Entertainment Committee and I've been going to more of the community board meetings and I've also taken over the Facebook Page.

So working with a group of people on a party is a new thing for me. I'm kind of a loaner when it comes to party planning but doing a party for a community is WAY different.

The person who was in charge was a bit of procrastinator so the other people and I were in a bit of a panic that shit just wasn't going to get done. It all got worked out well enough in the end but the Club President has now appointed someone else to take over as the "leader".

A couple days before the party the maintenance crew came out and cleaned up the beach and there was a mini get together of people hanging out in the lake. That was fun.

Then the day before the party we came down and did some last minute planning and decorating.

Later that night we heard some music and saw some lights and this came by. This little boat belongs to one of my book club ladies husband. He got it from another neighbor and a bunch of people worked on it to make it all cute. That's the owners daughters in the boat, it was really cute. 

My friend Ginny who is also in my book club and an amazing artist remade these trophies for the boat parade prizes. How fun are they?!?

The day of the party I was so exhausted from all the pre-party prep I didn't get down to the party until about an hour before it started. Pretty much everything was set up at that point (bad me but I did do a lot before the party) so we just got ready for the boat parade. Scott decorated our paddle boat for us and Trevor and my nephew Tony & Adrian took my mom's out. I didn't take any pictures of my own when we were out on the water since I didn't want to ruin my phone.

It was a lot of fun and I hope next year we have more people bring boats out!

That's a lot of pictures for one post so I'm going to continue the rest of the party in a new post

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tap Tap Tap

Is this thing on?

I feel like I have lost my blogging abilities lately! Whenever I am home our internet seems to be shit or the kids are on the computer or watching Netflix which sucks up all the internet our little house can handle (apparently). I just got on before the kids got up so I snagged the computer and no one is streaming anything yet lol.

We have been so busy lately and instead of over sharing I have this boring old blog to show for it. I really need to work on that. I've really been thinking about buying a laptop. If the internet is being crappy I could always sneak off to Starbucks and blog there on their wifi right? I know jack about computers though. I just want something inexpensive that I can use for blogging and general stuff. Nothing too fancy.

So for the months of June & the beginning of July Scott has been sick with various things, I've had this weird infection that I couldn't get rid of, and Melissa had several visits to the doctor because her ears were hurting her (ended up having an infection and wax removed).

Just about every day I'm getting something in the mail from the insurance from our claims. Lucky for us we have some insurance. I think I have finally **knocking on wood** got rid of my infection and Scott seems to be ok for now. I say for now because he's always doing something to himself.

I've still been running every day (today will be day 336. I'm just aiming for the one year mark now. I'm starting to train for the Yosemite Half Marathon in October so I think once I get to the one year mark I'm going to just go back to running 3-4 days a week. My motto lately has been "run before fun" because going out and having a drink or two and then having to go run after is not very smart lol.

Ok I'm going to work on doing some posts of things that we've been doing! Hopefully I'll get a few done before the kids suck up the internet again!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Do Nothing Day & Joe's Birthday

I have nothing on the calendar to do today! It's like a miracle. I swear we have been so busy lately I hardly ever have a "down day". Of course I should probably do some housework, that never has a day off, but I don't have to leave the house to do that.

Last Friday was my brother Joe's birthday so we went over to his house for dinner (I ate Chinese food for the first time in YEARS, didn't feel like I had missed much so that's good), cake with blue frosting so we all had blue mouths and a bit of family time. I was going to just pick one of these pictures but I like them all :)

My Dad and my other brother Louie lighting the candles

Joe fixing the Karate guy my Mom bought to go with his cake lol

and taking it all in while we sing Happy Birthday.

I'm amazed that there was no wind to blow out his candles. You could never do this out where I live, it's always a bit windy it seems like!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jessica's Visit The Last 2 Days

Sunday was probably my favorite day when Jess was here. Just the two of us went shopping. First we went to Old Navy to get her some work pants and then we went to Ross. We had a great time trying things on like the good old days. I think that's really what I miss the most about her being here all the time. We had a great time shopping together (even though we don't always agree on what's ugly lol)

After we were done shopping we hit up Jamba Juice and then went and picked up my Mom to go to Modesto with us. We went to the mall and then out to an early dinner at Mimi's.

After dinner Jess was busy talking to her girlfriend on facetime so I went down to see my friend Traci and hang out on her dock. Traci's other neighbor and our friend Bridgette, my Mom and Traci's husband Tom were there too.

Ahhh the best way to end a night!

Monday we decided to go BOWLING! Something fun we could all do as a family. Apparently all I need to do to make my other 2 kids competitive is to add Jessica to the mix. They actually tried to knock the pins down this time instead of seeing who could get the most gutter balls.

After bowling Scott and Jess were going to do the batting cages but it wasn't working. So we took Scott home and then went over to my Mom's for a bit and ended up laying a few games of Mr. Mouth (one of my favorite games from when I was a kid, this one is almost the same, I found it at a thrift store)

and then the girls played a few games of pick up sticks.
Then we went and borrowed Traci's paddle boat. The kids kicked me off first than Trevor lol It was pretty windy so hard to get anywhere.
We hung out with Traci for a little bit and then went home and got Scott and went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Trevor opted to stay home since he had had enough family togetherness for one day.

(the older I get the more I look like my Mom I think?)

Before we left the girls and I took some pictures with the timer on Jessica's phone. I'm pretty sure I need to frame some of these!

Tuesday morning we were out the door at 3:15 am to take Jess to the airport. So early. So sad. We are hoping that maybe she can come out for a visit for New Years. I might have to take a trip to see her before that though!

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Jessica's Visit Party Time and S'mores

Saturday we had a party so everyone could come over and see Jess. Originally I we were going to BBQ but Scott still wasn't feeling 100% and it was like 102 outside so I decided to just get pizzas from Costco instead.

 My Aunt Cheryl and cousin Chelsea

My step mom, dad and nephew Ricky who was here visiting from Arkansas

Loving up on the twins, Vincent on the left Emma on the right

My brother Louie's family

Melissa and Vincent

My mom making her cry

I had the dogs outside in the dog pen but brought Snookie in so Adrian could play with her for a minute. Vincent was SOOOO excited about her! Snookie had fun for a couple minutes but then wanted to hide on my lap.

Next door neighbors Steve and Joyce

Tony &Trevor

My friend Traci & mom

My friend Allen and his daughter Chloe who is going to make him a Grandpa in January

Aunt Corine

And a bunch more people that I got side tracked and didn't take pictures of. 

Later we went out to light up the fire pit and make s'mores. I put on some bug spray and then carried out the marshmallows and got a mallow man tattoo totally on accident. How funny is that?

We had fun making s'mores around the fire pit

Until everyone got too tired

and the a few girls that came over slept in then tent  and I went inside and passed out from exhaustion and happiness :)

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