Friday, April 18, 2014

Field Trip!

Monday I went on a field trip with Trevor's class.

No work woohoo.
Still had to get up early though to get Melissa to the bus booo.

I took Trevor to school and talked to the teacher a bit and ended up taking two other moms in my car for the ride up to Sacramento. One mom offered to buy me coffee for driving.

Don't have to twist my arm, Starbucks drive through here we come!
These two moms were great and I had such a nice time visiting with them on the drive there and back.

I kind of think I MAY have went to the state capital on a field trip when I was a kid. I have some really vague memories of something. I'm just not sure if they are real memories or not. Weird. Hey I guess I could ask some school mates on Facebook. I bet someone knows.

[just confirmed that we did indeed go to the capital and old Sac on a field trip]

So anyhow, it was like seeing it for the first time for me. Well not the outside, I have driven by that quite a few times. (Should you say I have drove or driven? I'm not sure on that one)

When we got there we were able to park really close to the capital building because the other mom had a handicap placard. Score on the parking! Sad to have to have placard though (she has a spine disease).

First thing I had to do was make a quick trip to the potty. But first we had to go through security. The one mom had a huge mom purse and they actually had to open it all up and go through it because they couldn't tell what she had in all her little zipper pouches lol.

This is right inside looking up through the top of the dome. So pretty! you can't tel that it's super high in this picture.

 Below the dome are these sculptures

After using the potty we went back out and waited for the kids. They kind of hung out for a few minutes outside on the steps. This is the two classes that went.

The kids had to go through security. It was funny one girl was all worried about the change in her little wallet. They were kind of grouchy about the kids moving on down the hall and lining up. It would have been nice to have a tour guide in the beginning for more instructions.

Here we are on the 2nd floor getting our first talk to.

I was slightly distracted by my surroundings. 

There were a couple ladies working on dusting the stair case. What a chore! All that wood. So  pretty though. 

This was the Senate house in shades of pink but they called it red. I wondered how often someone had to dust those chandeliers. 

 And then the Assembly house, which is quite a bit bigger in shades of green.

 Look how fancy the ceiling is.

Back out in the hall are all these pictures of past Governors. A few were missing, Schwarzenegger, who they said has not given them a portrait yet and the current governor who is actually up there for his last time he was our Governor. (Jerry Brown)

 They said that each Governor gets to pick their own artist to paint their picture. I like how Jerry Brown's is so different.

Around the center area (looking up would be the dome)

I would have liked to walk around a bit more but we only had a little bit of time there.  We ended up back outside by a rose garden waiting for the buses.

The kids got on the bus and we moms got back in my car and we drove right down the street to Old Sacramento. I love Old Sac and have been there a ton of times. Today we got to park for free thanks to that placard! 

We met the kids and ate lunch and then had just enough time to go to the bathroom, walk down one row of shops and look around in a couple stores and then walk back again. I was like WAIT I need more time!! 

I had five kids in my group, including Trevor and they were a great bunch of kids.

They spent a ton of time in a toy store. I finally was like ok I'll wait by the door for when you guys are ready...This guy is outside the store . That's a lot of little yellow Legos.

We finally made it down to the candy store that they all wanted to go to. 

When we walked in one of the kids said "now don't go acting like we're a bunch of kids in a candy store". 

Baaddum dum too funny. 

 They were offering free samples of chocolate covered crickets. This guy took one. Haha LOVE.

Apparently the after taste wasn't the best haha. 

I had to kind of rush them in there because we had to walk all the way back to the bus area in like 5 minutes. I could have used at least 4 more hours there. 

Great ride home with the moms. I was kind of sad to see them go!
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zoo Zoom 2014

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to go to the Zoo Zoom.

I knew it was going to be hard having two days worth of stuff back to back and it was. Sacramento is over an hour away. I had signed Trevor up to run the one mile and it took a lot of coaxing to get him up and ready to go.

We got there with enough time to hit the porta potties and to hang out for a bit. Scott and I were both running the 5k and Trevor wasn't running until later. My sister in law and her dad were also running but we couldn't find them. I had to give Trevor some strict instructions on where to go and to "look for Uncle Joe" along the finish line.

Sporting my new "Lion" pants that I got on my birthday. They started off as a joke. I saw them at Target and took a picture to show my friend Kristin who thinks my Tiger pants are the ugliest thing on earth haha. I posted it on Facebook and next thing I know I've got Lion pants on my birthday.

When one has Lion pants they must wear them to the zoo run. Right? haha

The three of us before the race (Scott in last year's race shirt, this is his 1st one to run a 2nd time)

I remember when I ran this last year (I did the 10k then) I didn't really like the course because of the way it loops around. I like it better when I have more of a mental picture of where I'm at and going. I felt the same this year too even though I was only making one loop on the 5k.

I had not ran in 3 weeks since my half marathon (how crazy is that?) so i didn't really expect to do all that great.

I came in at 30:30 for my actual chip time. Which wasn't bad for not running for 3 weeks but kind of sad that I didn't get it in under 30!

Oh well! I can only do so much and the days are definitely not long enough all ready.

When I was coming through the finish shoot I thought I heard my brother Joe. Trevor was sitting over on the side lines by himself. They were probably only about 100 yards from each other but had not seen each other.  
Scott came in not too long after me.

And then my sister in law Megs and her dad Charly. 

After we got done we had about 2 hours to kill before it was time for the kids fun run. They really should do the kids first to get them done and out of the way. We went and got some thing to eat from the snack tent and then walked around for a little bit. 

I'm so glad we got Trevor to go because him and my niece Adrian had fun hanging out together. 

They had all the kids races as the same starting time but they actually had them start about 15 minutes apart from the youngest runners (Adrian) to Trevor's one miler. 

They were so cute all lined up waiting for the chicken to run so they could chase it. 

Trevor was so into watching Adrian he ended up running along the side of her. It was so cute!

She was so happy with her medal.

15 minutes later it was time to run the mile. Trevor said that they don't run the mile in school. Weird I thought all kids did that. We didn't do any training runs or anything so I was hoping he was going to be ok. He didn't want me to run with him even though I offered.

The poor chicken did the 220, 440, 1/2 mile AND the mile. 

The kids started coming in and I was watching to see how he was doing. Eventually I saw him coming, but wait? Is that Charly with him? It was! Charly had got behind the kids and ran with Trevor. So sweet!

I walked towards them a bit and Trevor said he got 3 cramps! He was walking a bit but when he realized how close he was to the finish he started running again. 

He got done around 13 minutes which was not bad at all for not really running! I may have got a bit teary eyed watching him run in. 

He was tired but pretty happy he did it.

After his race my brother and everyone else left and we went back into the zoo and finished seeing it all.

It's a tiny little zoo but fun for a little day trip.

I totally fell asleep on the way home. I woke up when we stopped to eat and then fell back asleep after we got back in the car.

When we got home I laid down on my bed and slept until the sun got too hot in there and then laid around on the couch for the rest of the day.

I'm one tired girl!

Too bad I can't sleep in on Monday. I'm off to chaperon a field trip for Trevor's class.Pin It

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Saturday morning there was no sleeping in. We were up bright and early to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to celebrate Melissa's birthday. She invited her friend and we picked her up on the way.

We got there right when the park opened and we could pretty much just walk onto the rides. It was great! I can't do many rides so it's kind of a waste for me to buy an all day pass but I got one anyways.

Melissa and her friend went off on their own and Scott, Trevor and I spent the rest of the day together.

First up? The Undertow, which is their new ride. The little car spins around and goes backwards. Nope. Not doing that one.

 Giant Dipper, sure I'll do that one (several times)

Kite Flyer, nope, go ahead I'll hold your stuff.

Swings? HELL NO. Have fun! 

Somehow I got tricked into to going on "Wipe Out" which was kind of like the tilt a whirl in the dark with loud music. Yep, going in circles still make me nauseous. 

So yeah I spent most of the day just hanging out while Trevor and Scott went on rides. It's ok though. It was a nice day and hey we were on the boardwalk.

Trevor liked this big gumball machine (that had jawbreakers in it)


For the first time ever we played miniature golf there. That was fun. This one part was kind of in the dark with black lights.

A view from upstairs. 

What's cool is that this area used to be a giant pool back in the "olden days". 

After mini golf we played some air hockey and then went back outside. 

Trevor wanted to do the rock climb wall. We had a coupon for it to be free so we let him do it. He got about 3/4 of the way up then said he was done. Which was better than all the other kids we watched do it while we were waiting in line. He said his knuckles were hurting. 

We actually saw a train on the tracks in front of the boardwalk. I've always seen the train rails but no train so that was kind of cool. Maybe something fun to do some time.

Around 6 I was freezing and Trevor had been on every ride at least 12 times (it felt like) so we rounded up the girls and started home. 

It wasn't long before these two were out haha.

We stopped at Denny's on the way home (Melissa's choice) and then I passed out for the rest of the ride. We got home around 11 and I had to set my alarm for 5 am!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flex Friday

Or not.

Friday I ate my planned meals all day.

Morning snack I had cottage cheese with some Cuties. 

Lunch was left over chicken breast, rice and broccoli. I had to add in some mayo since the chicken was so dry. Blah.

After work I had turkey muffins and broccoli (and ketchup lol)

On the way home I went to Costco and bought some tickets to Santa Cruz since that was where we were going on Saturday. Someone told me they had the wristband tickets there for cheaper and they did!

When I got home I finished wedding the vegetable garden and planted a bunch of my seedlings. If everything actually doesn't die off it's going to be over full but oh well!  I didn't end up getting more soil because I just don't have time to wait for that. My little seedlings were going to croak if I didn't get them planted.

For dinner I cut up some more of the little turkey muffins I made and made a little stir fry with them and some zucchini, onion and salsa. SO much better. If I have time in the morning I'm going to make those for lunch. I don't think meal prepping should have to have such boring bland food. There is no way I can eat like that all the time!

After dinner I went to the gym and did leg day. Another new outfit. The top worked well but the shorts waist band kept rolling down. So annoying! 

After the gym I had to run into the store to get some snacks for our trip in the morning. They had one checker working until it was my turn and then they opened up a second one. The cashier got mad at me because I wanted $100 cash back and didn't want a $100 bill and that was "all she had". I told her no since HELLO no one takes a $100 bill and she had to count out 10's for me. Poor thing. I totally ruined her night.

Got home and passed out about midnight.Pin It
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