Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Julie's World Tuesday Edition

Just got back from going over to my mother in law's house for her physical therapy with the new person. The new person is a young girl who is much more patient. Much better! MIL was all for it today. Like 360 from last week when she was like eh not doing it.

After leaving there I went by the post office (dropped mail in the boxes, love that you don't have to get out of the car) and then dropped off masks to a couple houses. Went through the drive thru at Jack In The Box and then ate most of my burger in about 1/2 the time it took to do that. Man that line took forever.

While I was driving through town I kept thinking of all of the businesses that are probably going to go under  because they are closed. All the poor people that have put everything into their business and what are they using for money? Hopefully they had some savings. I feel so sad for them.

The weather is so weird here today. A couple days ago it was 90 something and we had the AC on and today it's cold enough for a sweatshirt, windy and overcast.

My new neighbor is outside (I'm assuming she's outside) in her back yard singing loudly in her shouty voice. Apparently she's on a lot of medications but she just seems like a crack head. Every time she is outside she's yelling to her dogs. I'm like maybe just leave your dogs in the house or fence in your front yard? IDK she drives me crazy. I'm hoping they decide they hate it here and move soon. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Ok back to work. The work computer finally got all the stuff loaded so it will function properly. I think I'll just take some leave for my hours missed today, I don't feel like working later.Pin It

Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Again!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice mothers day. Didn't really do anything here but Scott waited on me and made me breakfast and dinner. I'll finish up the dishes in a bit ;)

Jess came by and brought me some snacky snacks! You can see I opened one and not pictured the Almond Joy I ate.

Trevor &Scott got me cards and Melissa sent me a text since she was off visiting her boyfriends sister in Nevada.

I've been really busy between teleworking, running to town for my mother in laws physical therapy/nurse appointments and making masks. My mother in law has decided that the physical therapist is torturing her so I called today to ask for a different person. Pure torture moving your feet and legs up and down but whatever lol. She's got to have something to bitch about.

I've been having quite a few Etsy sales still and I finally figured out it is from their new advertising. It was free for a bit but now if something sells with their new ads they take money out for it. So far I've increased all my items by $1.00 but I think I'm going to bump them up one more. It's nice to sell stuff but not if I'm only going to end up with $1 profit in the end (not totally the case, but some stuff could be if the price is low enough)

Last night I made my 327th mask. Crazy. I've only worn mine a couple time and I hate it lol. Mine is the very first one I made though and I think the elastic is smaller. I need to put longer elastic in it.  I have a huge order for my friend Carol (again) who works at a dialysis clinic and then 2 small orders and that is every one on my list. I'm kind of hoping that it stops there and I can just make up what I have cut out and put them on Etsy. Probably won't happen and I know I can "just say no" but eh what else am I going to do. Although I really need to work on my yard..

Last Monday I went with Jess and Daniel to see the baby's gender.

It was so fun to see him moving around! Hard to believe we'll have a little baby here for all the winter holidays! Everything is more fun when you have a little one around.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Birthday and Fun To Come

Yesterday I went to my mother in law's house when the nurse came so we could see what was under the surprise bandage on her bum. When the nurse took it off there was NOTHING under it! Whew, that was good news! I think they maybe just put it on there since her tailbone is so pointy and she has no fat on her. Just a bit of padding. We set up for the nurse to come out once a week for 4 more weeks since her insurance pays for it. That way if she's saying she hurts really bad we have someone to come check her out and don't feel like bad children not taking care of her.

The physical therapist is supposed to come again today so that will be one more trip to town. I've talked to my boss and I have a flex schedule so I can just add some time here and there and not actually have to use sick time. So far I'm only an hour short on my time card so I should be able to get that done.

So yesterday was Jessica's 26th birthday! She requested macaroni salad, tri tip and we had corn on the cob too. Scott got home early enough to bbq the tri tip so that was good. Usually we all go out to dinner on birthday nights but I kind of like having them at home.

I've forgotten how to actually do my hair and make up since I never go anywhere lol

Buster came out to be with the kids. He loves Melissa (and company of any sort lol) I can't believe I have a 17 year old cat. Notice Rusty there too. I need to get a couple more folding chairs. Our family is growing and I don't have enough!

So here is the big news, we have a baby coming in October! Jessica is due 2 days after Scott's 50th birthday! It will be fun if the baby is actually born on his birthday. Jess scheduled an appointment at one of those womb with a view type places for Monday so hopefully we can see if the baby is a boy or a girl then :) 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mother In Law Update & Catch Up

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! The sun is out and shining on me through the window. Probably in about two hours it will be hot and we'll have to turn on the air conditioner. Yes we are already racking up the PG & E bill here.

Scott's mom came home from the hospital day before yesterday. Turns out she had a bleeding ulcer which they were able to fix up and now she's on her 8th life or something. Her and Buster just keep ticking. I thought she'd really lost her marbles when we were driving home from the hospital. She was telling us how that man said she was poisoned. We were like ? are you talking about? She said that man! That man from the Federal Government! He called her and told her she had been poisoned by Bayer Asprin!!

Omg lol. So I think she got one of those class action lawsuit phone calls or something and while she was at the hospital they had told her to stop taking the baby asprin because it could have contributed to her getting the ulcer (doubt it). Thinking she combined those two things and that's what she came up with in her head.

Try explaining scam calls to a 90 year old. I'm almost wondering if she heard it on a commercial or something since she hardly ever answers the phone. Anyhow, she was happy to be home and we got a bit of a talking to about how we wouldn't want to go in a home when it was our turn. We never said anything about that to her but she said they were trying to talk to her into going to one in the hospital (probably not).

Yesterday someone called about physical therapy for her. Not sure how my phone number got in the mix but apparently I'm the only one who answered. Someone is supposed to call today to set up a time. I figure I'll run to town when they are coming so I'm there while they are there since everyone is paranoid that someone is going to steal something or whatever. Someone might want that cigarette smoke smelling pile of clothes from 1970 for sure.

ETA they just called so I guess I'm going to town sooner than later.

On the home from I'm still making masks and selling A LOT of stuff on Etsy. Kind of crazy. I think my store must have got bumped up in the algorythm or something. I mailed out about 20 items from the weekend and this morning I woke up to someone buying 8 items. Works for me!  I have tons more stuff to list but I've been busy making masks still.

Last night I was working on this pile of fabric I washed. I put them in mesh bags so that they don't get so wound up but one bag blew a hole in it and it became a mess. I got them untangled and was ironing and cutting some out. Ended up just ironing a bunch while I FaceTimed with my friend Traci last night.

Actually have real work to do the last two days so don't have time to work on it on the side til after work.  Currently I'm waiting for my map program to open up. For like 10 minutes. Shit takes forever.

Tomorrow is my Jessica's 26th Birthday. Last night she was making a surprise that I can finally share once she shares it haha.  She came over to work on her little project and made banana bread out of all our turning bananas.  Trying not to eat it all today!Pin It

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Early Morning Calls

Well today has got off to an early start. Scott's sister called at 3:30 because his mom was throwing up blood. We called 911 and then went to town. By the time we got there they were already gone with her. We stayed with his sister for a few hours until the hospital called. They said she will be admitted so nothing we can do now. I think there needs to be some discussion if they release her to maybe go to a care home or to have hospice come in. His poor sister is exhausted and Scott can only do so much for her.

Wednesday after work I drove up to Jessica's place and spent the night and then yesterday morning we got all their stuff loaded and moved to my mom's cabin. I was praying the whole time that her boyfriend's car was going to make and and whew it did.  The trailer they were living in was in the full sun and would have been so hot in the summer. Since he got laid off and she wasn't working either there was no point in being up there since they both hated it and it was three hours from all the families.

I got a few masked made last night. I'm just about out of usable elastic. I have some that is supposed to show up on Saturday so I might have to get all the orders (got a ton more) done up to the elastic part. I ordered from someone on April 4th (a different order) and they finally made a shipping label yesterday. Hopefully it actually gets in the mail today. The gal was like oh I have a lot more coming in and I'm like well it took me forever to get this order I don't think I'll order again sheesh.

I'm making my way through my fabrics, soon I'll be out of all the super heros I think. I was able to condence 2 boxes of fabric last night so that is good. I really had too much stuff anyways. I have a bunch of prints in the dryer right now for the next round.

Well, we will see what the rest of today brings. I guess I won't be starting work late today haha. I still have 45 minutes before I start. Scott just went to work too since there is nothing we can do for his mom and can't be with her. So weird how things are now. Just have to drop off your loved one with no advocate and hope they take care of them. They'd probably kill Scott if I had to do that with him.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Random Tuesday

I just put another round of flea meds on all the animals. We have not had fleas this bad in YEARS. It just amazes me that the only time any of my animals really go outside is to go to the bathroom (dogs only) and we are infested with fleas. We used to just have to do one dose of flea meds and everything would be fine but apparently we either have crappy flea meds now or they are super sonic fleas.

I don't have any Etsy sales to mail out today! First time in awhile. I have not listed anything new since I've been on the mask making binge. I have two more orders to do then I think I have everyone covered that asked for one. I'm going to finish making the ones I have cut out and offer them up on FB and /or put them on my Etsy site then I'm done.

Yesterday I took a break from mask making and didn't sew at all. I have sewn almost every day for weeks. It was nice to take a break. Over the weekend Scott painted my old pattern filing cabinet I got YEARS ago. It has been in the shed with household stuff in it. Since I sell so many patterns now I thought it would be fun to use it for what it's for and he offered to paint it for me.

So since I brought that in I've been doing a bit of rearranging and cleaning up. Trying to straighten up the things the cats keep knocking over all the time. I swear they are like little wrecking machines.

Yesterday I worked on putting some more fabric on the comic boards I had. I used up all the ones I had. I think I'm ready to order my bookshelves I really want (again only this time the right size) so I can get rid of the wall of boxes behind me. The bookcases won't be as deep as the boxes so I'll have a lot more room. Plus it will be so nice and pretty :) Here is a link to something like what I am wanting to do . She mentioned that she uses an Ikea shelf. I just went on there to look and they have some nice ones with doors even. Hmmm that might be a better option. Ack too many choices!

Ok off to do something constructive while I wait for some "work" to arrive for me to do. Tonight I'm going to drive up to where Jessica lives so I can help her move back (to my mom's cabin temporarily) tomorrow. They are hoping to rent a house with a friend in May so lets all pray that works out! She's totally over trailer living and the area they are living in.

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Well I guess no one else is going to do it

Well I completely fell off my every day blogging there didn't I? Mostly because the days are pretty much the same, work and then sew masks. On the weekend it's just sew masks.

Yesterday though we ended up going over to my mother in laws. Scott goes over there almost every day, but she called with a weird message again and he gets so upset. I think it's mostly because he can't fix her and he feels sad and also anger because he has 5 siblings and he's the only one that helps (besides the sister that lives there that is mentally challenged a bit).

Anyhow so we went over there. She's been staying in bed most of the time and of course then everything hurts. It hurts because it hurts and then it hurts because she's laying in bed all the time. And then it hurts because she's laying in a room that has CRAP piled everywhere and she's just looking at the wall and the ceiling.

Her favorite spot in the house has always been the living room so we got her talked in to moving her bed into there. I was like since we are going to be moving you around, when is the last time you had a shower?


Oh my God.

So we got her into the shower which doesn't work right (no cold water, WTF) and washed her up with a tub and a cup and wash cloth. Poor thing was so exhausted, when we finally got her to the bed she laid back and didn't move. We went to the store and came back and she still hadn't moved.

So needless to say I think we'll be spending a lot more time over there. I was always hesitant to go in and do things because the sister in laws are really mean spiteful people and like to make up stories (like I stole a jewelry box and sold it on eBay WTF)  but obviously they don't GAF about her well being so they can just piss off.

Going to be looking online for some comfy PJ's and bright bedding without holes for her. Sheesh everything in that house if falling apart.  They need a new water heater and I'm like uh now is the time this is ridiculous.  All the plumbing is jacked up and needs to be redone. No hot water in the kitchen but no cold water in the back shower. It makes no sense.  Old people just live with it because they don't want to spend the money. Meanwhile you can't take a shower for months and have to boil dish washing water on the stove.

Stacks of papers, I saw a bag of old mail, she's so worried someone is going to get her name and address and steal her identity or something.

Anyhow, that's how the second half of my Sunday went. I came home and had a drink and ate some Chocolate.

Cheers!Pin It

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Shelter in place day 5 million 86

Shelter in place day 5 million 86. Feels like it this morning anyways.

I was thinking Trevor had to start his school work this Monday but he actually has one more week since this was when they had scheduled "spring break". Kind of crazy.

I've been working on writing letters and doing checklists for work for the last week and a half. I'd probably be done already if I had the folders in front of me. Instead I have to look at everything online. If it's not online I have to ask one of the girls at work to upload it (we have 2 girls trading off staying in the office). Half the time they can't find it, so that's fun.

After work yesterday I cut out some more fabric for masks (requested prints), washed 5000 dishes and got dinner going. Trevor grilled the chicken for us. That is nice that he likes to do that.

I had to order more flea meds yesterday. Everyone is still scratching even though they all got a dose. Everything should be here tomorrow so I'll dose everyone up again. I swear my dogs are hardly ever outside so we had some super power fleas to infest everyone (cats are indoor only).

I only got 3 more masks finished up last night and then it was 10pm and time for bed.

My friend Dee stopped by to pick up her masks I made her. She also brought me a wheelchair to use for Scott's mom if she needs it. His mom is feeling a lot better now that she's got some antibiotics. 

OMG you have to go watch this woman cut her hair lol. She's hilarious

 lady cutting her hair

Ok that's all I've got for today! Have a good day everyone!

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Weekend

It's Monday again. No celebrating here. I wish I could just do what I want Monday-Friday too lol.

I think not having the transition from home to work and work to home kind of sucks. I mean I'm just jumping up and running in and setting up the work laptop. Coffee, where's my coffee..

So what did I do this weekend? I sat in my theater window and watched the show outside. My new neighbor is freaking cray cray to the max. I'm not sure exactly what happened but my garage band neighbor's dog ended up at the new neighbor's house. She apparently thought the dog was lost and was going to put it in her back yard and call animal control. At the same time she had the dog I could see the garage band dad come through the field. Next thing I know garage band mom and kid are over there too, every one is yelling calling each other fing this and that. Eventually the garage band people are holding their dog's collar (big lab) and dragging him home to their house.

THEN the sheriff showed up, went to both their houses, a second sheriff came and eventually it was quiet for a few hours.

My other neighbor saw it all happen and apparently garage dad hit the cray cray neighbor, broke her glasses, she fell and had a seizure. I couldn't see all that since their car was in the way but OMG what craziness. All because she was trying to help the dog (but her mouth probably got in the way too).

Before all that happened I joined in on the Easter Car Parade around the neighborhood. We drove around the neighborhood for about an hour and waved to everyone. I didn't get around to decorating my car but still joined in. It was nice to see everyone. We have a lot of old people in our neighborhood so they enjoyed the show lol. Oh and the Easter Bunny who is usually at our egg hunts was riding in the back of a truck so that was fun for the kids too. I took this video at this big loop street to share. You can't see the truck 2 behind me with his huge Trump flags flying though, oh darn.  Attempting to upload that to You Tube since blogger said it's too long. 

Other than that I was sewing masks all weekend. I mailed my friend Laurie one and she got it.

This is someone I met through doing the craft shows and her daughter. Her daughter is required to wear one for work now.

Then I changed my program and cut a ton of fabric and laid them out but colors and when I got to someone on my list I let them pick what they wanted out of those (although I do have some fabric in the dryer I need to go get of some other requests). This is helping me get through my list much faster! I can see the end! When I'm done I will sew up what I have left and put it in my Etsy shop I think. Or offer them up to friends on Facebook. Not out to get rich on this stuff but I am using all my supplies and have spent money on elastic (some day it will come in the mail...) and stuff. 

I had another visit from my friend and her mother in law! So funny, she calls me and we talk to each other through the window. Love it!

This is the first year in like 20 years I haven't had to kill myself getting ready for Easter. No one came over, it was just my 2 boys and me. We ate nachos for dinner and I sewed all day.

Melissa went to the park and found a tiny kitten in the middle of the grass with nothing else around. She's attempting to bottle feed it, I hope it makes it through, it's so tiny. 

Ok off for another cup of coffee and back to work!
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Friday, April 10, 2020

woohoo it's FRIDAY!!

So excited to not have to work tomorrow. Also no big Easter party so I don't have to kill myself cleaning and doing yard work. (kind of glad about that part)

Looked through my phone to see what I have to share from yesterday. My cats are so hyper in the morning Buster was all like ooo I love you all day yesterday. He must be feeling peppy because he even came into the bathroom for his drink out of the faucet and he hasn't done that in awhile.

Ahhh Tubby! On the highest point in the room. Knocking shit over and making a mess.

So I tried out Instacart yesterday. Other than them saying it was delivered about an hour before it was ACTUALLY delivered it was awesome.

Here is my store receipt

and how much I actually paid

I may never shop in the grocery store again. My parents even downloaded the app.

The IT guy kept insisting that I needed to upload this new software for my work laptop. I'm like I'm working from home during a pandemic doesn't seem like a good time for this?? Ohhh it will only take 20 minutes he says. So I started it at 3:30pm yesteray. It is now 7:41 and my email doesn't work and it still says its installing.  I got past the screen below after restarting since it wouldn't take my security card thing.

I had put Tubby's cookie bucket on my desk and found her curled up in it. She loves this silly bucket lol

So after work I was just getting ready to start sewing masks when Scott asked if I could come to town and meet him at his moms so he could take her to the ER. She's been in pain like 2 weeks now so it was time. We finally got her up and out of bed (seriously like 10 minutes for that to happen) and loaded up in the car. We pulled up to the ER and Scott went in to their make shift check in desk and then someone came out with a wheel chair. Then they wheeled her in and we left because no one can go in with them. We called a couple time and 2 hours after she was there she was STILL in the lobby waiting. We had went back to the house to be with his sister. Eventually I was like I'm going home but I took her cell phone to the hospital so she could at least call us if she wanted to be picked up.

Finally at 4:30 am she called that they were discharging her. She said they never told her what was wrong with her just sending her home. An RN wheeled her out so I quizzed him. He said nothing was conclusive but she might have a UTI. All they gave her while she was there was Tylenol and an IV. She has a prescription for some antibiotics and Tylenol (why do they even bother with that). Hopefully the meds will make her feel better. Scott is waiting for the pharmacy to open so he can go get the meds and then go to work (maybe?).

So Happy Friday! Lets hope she starts feeling better over the weekend and this software updates some time soon!

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