Saturday, December 4, 2021


Good morning happy Saturday! It's almost noon here already. I'm glad I got to sleep in a bit to make up for my 4am time haha. That seems to be my new wake up time.

Yesterday when we didn't have any power I cut my recent scraps into 1" and 1.5" strips. I finished that up just now. My scrap box is getting pretty full so I'm going to have to make something with them soon! I have a big bag of black scraps that aren't all cleaned up into strips yet so that will probably what I work on first when I play with those.

Here is the cute Strawberry Shortcake bags that wouldn't load yesterday.

I worked at the office until a little after 4 yesterday then went to Dick's Sporting goods to see if they had any darts to add to our collection. I got a set, some tips and flags. When Scott got home he had went to Big 5 and done the same. We won three out of seven games last night. I won one myself and got two low tons so that was cool. I caved and had two drinks last night. Didn't have any more fun than if I hadn't drank though so probably done with that haha.

I got a present in the mail! Chris from Diet Coke Rocks sent me this lovely table runner all the way from New Zealand! So sweet! I need to make a nice table setting and set it all out. Thanks so much Chris!

My twins looking out the window. 

It has been so foggy here lately. Scary to have my kids driving in it! My neighbor said she prayed for Trevor when she heard him leaving for work yesterday because it is so bad.

Well that's all the excitement here. Guess I'll work on my sewing! The next two Saturdays I have craft shows so this is my last quiet weekend for a bit.


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Friday, December 3, 2021


Hello Happy Friday!

Today has been fun! Scott woke me up like 500 times last night/this morning. First he was trying to charge his phone by stealing my phone charger that was attached to my phone behind the bed. Dropped my phone on the floor I think (or his phone). Then it was a bunch of light when his phone kept turning on. Snoring. Snoring. Oh now it's the alarm going off at 4:30 am (I was actually already awake). He hit snooze three times. I was about ready to snooze him! He finally left and then Trevor warmed his truck up forever. I fell asleep after he left. When it was time to get up the power was out. JOY! Laid in bed for awhile before getting up. We didn't have any water either since our whole area is on a well with no back up generator (WHY?). Finally the power came on at 10:30 but not the internet. Washed my hair and drove in to work since I had to do my time card today. Get here and I don't have my work keys since Trevor took the mail key and it's on the same keyring. Had to call into the office and TG someone answered that was here to open the door.

So got my time card done. Might as well work til 4 now lol.

Here is what I got done sewing last night minus one group picture that refuses to load.

The little blue and white coin purses are my favorite so far. Might have to keep one.

I watched this movie. At first I was like why is this rated so high? It was pretty slow. BUT THEN the ending makes up for it all if you paid attention! Still thinking about it lol.

This was a pretty cute movie minus the bad singing.

I got a quesadilla from the corner place by my work. So nice they have signs all over masks required and only one employee is wearing a mask and I was the only customer in there with one on. Either we all wear them or no one, lets get this together. This place used to be really good but their portions keep getting smaller and the prices go up. I ordered a large soda before I saw the price of 3.99. yes it is big but I won't order one again there. 

Ok guess I should do some more work while I'm here!

Darts tonight, I hope we win :)


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Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Good morning happy Thursday!

I have to type this out before I forget haha.

I always sleep the best after Scott leaves for work, it is so weird. It's only for about an hour. This morning I had one of those weird dreams where you are looking for something and you can't find it. I was looking for the dart board for darts and all I could find was ones that didn't have our game on it haha. So freaking weird.  Yes we have darts tomorrow ;)

A couple weeks ago I took all my cash I had here from my shows and stuff and put it in the bank so I'd stop using it (actually put it on my credit card bill),  now I'm like uh I don't have any cash for that. Going to have to get cash for darts tomorrow, but out of the OTHER account that we share lol.

I spent all work day yesterday going through people's applications to find what they need to be "eligible" in the system since the temporary boss was telling the planners that if people don't have their land control paper work in they can skip over them. I know that will come back to haunt me since I'm the one to tell them if it is missing. Even though I was told last year I didn't actually have to do that until they were selected for funding. Every year they change the rules but you still have to somehow do it the old way. Only like 100 more to go, sigh. The good thing is once it is done it's done until the next year or if we get new apps in.

Dinner last night! Not turkey! Trevor and I actually killed off the last of the turkey he cooked Monday.  I had turkey sandwiches for lunch for two days. That free turkey I got from the grocery store is going to be in the freezer for AWHILE.

Sadly all the meat I had to cook for dinner was chicken. It turned out good though, I love the McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning (yes on chicken). It is just a bit spicy.

When I wasn't working or cleaning off the counter 26 times I got my little projects all prepped up. I ran out of interfacing so I couldn't do ALL the keychains I had cut out but there is still quite a few. Jack and Sally is pretty popular so I'm sure those will sell. Now to just sew it all up!

I might be babysitting tonight while Jess works. If so I need to run the vacuum. I should really do that every day but I don't. Maybe eventually I'll get in the habit of doing that. I've been doing really good with keeping things picked up at least!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Good morning happy Wednesday! 

Yesterday the little one came over while his mom went to the doctor for the new baby!

About 10 minutes after he got here, crashed out. Cracks me up. He found the afghan my Grandma made in my room the last time he was here and kept playing with it so I brought it out for him. Kind of fun to have a little bit of Grandma with him.

Rusty is a total pain in the ass the entire time he is here. He is constantly trying to get my attention. I've put him in my room, put him outside, yesterday I gave him a Benadryl lol. Probably should have gave him a couple for it to do anything.

His poor little ear is broken now. When we all had Covid it was swollen (we think Snookie bit it) and now the cartilage is messed up. 

I decided to go down to the kitchen/bar to get tacos for taco Tuesday. They are $2 each. Last time they were soft taco size. This time? TINY. I ended up ordering 2 more after I saw how small they were. Not really worth it for how small they are. (that's like a 4" box)

I finished up the masks I was working on for this round, these are all kids

and 2 adults

Then worked on the rest of my stuff. I did a little bit of piecing on the coin purses and a lot on the keychains. We'll see what I get finished tonight :)

Currently listening to our staff meeting with our substitute boss. FUN! Sounds like we will be going into the office two days a week really soon and I can sit at my old desk woohoo. I miss my desk.  All my plants are mostly dead because I keep forgetting to water them when I go in.


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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Good morning, happy last day of November! Hard to believe this year is almost over.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my little buddy. Him and his mom have a cold. I went over to help out a bit and then brought him back over to my house so she could take a nap. 

When I brought him back to the house he fell asleep right away. He woke up and I was holding him and he fell asleep again. So he got a pretty good nap in.

I got an email with a pizza coupon so Trevor went and got some and that is what we had for dinner. The little guy hadn't wanted to eat all day but scarfed down some pizza!

Before and after he was here I started on some more of my use it up fabric sewing. I've started doing at least one animal theme, one character and now one sports.

This time we've got some elephants, Hello Kitty, an Elvis, Nightmare before Christmas, Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, and some Raiders and 49ers. Most of these were small pieces but I was able to get a few masks out of them. Mostly kids since I'm doing that craft show at the school. People are always wanting the kids once since they have to wear them to school here.

I got an email this morning talking about the new telework agreement. Sigh. It will be back to work in the office soon. Looks like they are saying we would have to go in two days a week so that is not too bad if that is the case. It is so nice staying home and just going in occasionally. The only thing I really ever need to go in for is letters and filing. If only they went all digital that would all be eliminated. 

Today Jess has a dr appointment and has to work so I will have the little guy for awhile. If she doesn't call out of work that is. Hopefully she is feeling better today.

I saw this last night and thought it was funny!

Snookie's stomach is making so much noise I just heard it from across the room. So weird how it does that. She's fine 90% of the time.

Ok have to take the dogs out and that requires pants! Have a good day!


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Monday, November 29, 2021


Good morning, it's Monday again! I didn't go into the office today, mostly because I forgot to "book" the room I work in but also because I got the really important stuff done already.  Just need to do some file maintenance when I go back in.

I spent the whole weekend in my sewing room, it was nice!

I decided to make coasters with the small Christmas scraps I had left. I cut 5 1/2" squares, then cut 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" and 1" strips of what was left.

The ones on the right are strip pieced, they are my favorite of course haha. Although that horse one is really cute. I think I'll just put them in a basket at the craft show for $1 each

I still have a big piece I made by sewing 2" strips together that I'm not sure what I want to do with. I think I might just cut that up for coasters too. Cut, sew, cut haha. Probably should have had a better plan.

I have all this stuff  I've sewn to put away in my inventory boxes. Debating on putting some on Etsy first or not.

The mess after! There is a trash can under there. I did take the trash out before I started too. Time to clean up again.

Thought this was a little funny ;)

I watched 2 more shows on Hulu, I tried a comedy but it was too dumb. Back to documentaries. This one Enemies of the State was interesting.

I enjoyed this one, Red Dog.

Trevor is cooking the turkey he got from work. All the other left overs are gone except for the dry stuffing. I think we even killed the appetizers that were left. Going to have to use the turkey in something to use it up I think! Might just pop it in the freezer for later. We had Chinese food last night.

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Sunday, November 28, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday!

Already did a little rant about cleaning shit up when you're sitting in view of it. Everyone is blind to mess but me apparently.

Also had to make my own coffee two days in a row, what the hell lol. I'm not spoiled with much but it is nice to be half awake and just pour a cup of coffee in the morning ;)

Spent all day in the sewing room again yesterday. Finished up the stuff I had cut out. 

Then I started playing with some small Christmas fabrics and I'm still messing around with those.  Not sure what the end product is yet haha.

I ended up watching a bunch of movies on Hulu yesterday. 

I've seen this before but had forgotten until I started watching it.

This was cute, an older movie with boobs in it!?!?! lol

This movie was sad I wish it would have went a bit farther than the ending

Another sad but suspenseful one, working in AG we hear of accidents every so often. Not too far from where I live a young woman ended up in the canal on her tractor. Her poor father couldn't get her out and she died. Super sad.

I should probably look for some comedies today, too many deep ones yesterday!

I went and stayed at Jessica's for about an hour last night while she ran Daniel's sister home. She had babysat for her while they were working but had to go to work in the morning. I mostly just slept on the couch haha.

No plans for today other than eating something besides turkey! We pretty much finished off the Thanksgiving meal stuff and I've had Thanksgiving dinner about 5 times haha. I'm good til next year I think!


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Saturday, November 27, 2021


Good morning happy Saturday! Love these long weekends :)

Yesterday I spent all day sewing and working my way through the Thanksgiving leftovers.!

I got these finished

I just have a small pile left of stuff all pinned and ready to sew.

While I was sewing I watch the documentary Dig Deeper The Disappearance of Birgit Meier on Netflix. It is dubbed but ok for watching while sewing. It's amazing how many disgusting evil people there are in the world.  People always say times are bad now but we just didn't know about  everything in two seconds before.

After that I went a bit lighter and finished watching the British Baking Show. They never pick the person I think they are going to pick. Then they give them a dumb cake plate. Like how about a cake plate with a money cake. 

Now to find something to watch today!  Time for some coffee and banana bread! I'm sure I gained back that 3 pounds I keep losing and gaining over and over again ;)


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Friday, November 26, 2021


Good morning happy Black Friday! I am doing no shopping today haha. I did take the day off though. Of course now that I have decided not to do the big black Friday event that I used to do because the weather was always horrible it is nice and sunny outside.

I was going to post yesterday but then I got side tracked and forgot! Here is all the masks I finally finished on Wednesday.

Thursday morning Scott was like well I guess I'll go out and clean up the yard. I was like why are you going to do that, no one is going to be out there. Vacuuming would be more helpful. 


So that was nice. We weren't eating until 5:30 so I actually got kind of bored lol. The house was pretty much cleaned and it was just my kids coming over so no need to be extra.

Here's my little buddy having some appetizers

He is just so cute and I can't believe this time next year we'll have another one to love on!

Melissa's boyfriend spent the day hanging out with his dad so she came solo this year. Here is the spread! Jess made the mac & cheese since Daniel's family usually has that. I messed up the sweet potato pie by not warming it up enough first before putting it under the broiler for the marshmallows. Oh well more for me later haha.

I did the mashed potatoes while I was bored and put them in the crock pot, worked out good. That crock pot is very vintage now, we got it when we got married almost 30 years ago.

My plate, ate it all, died later haha

The crew minus me

A little family picture for Jess

Everyone was gone before 9. I had started cleaning up then took a little break to lay on the couch for a bit and had a Lucy cat napping with me.

The kids left the playpen and I was like the cats will probably get in there.
Didn't take long lol. Tina's like thanks for the new bed!

I boiled up the bones and the scraps and made some stock? broth? Can never remember which one it is lol to use later. Used up all my jars. 

and made myself finish cleaning before I went to bed because it is nice to wake up to a clean kitchen.

I just had some banana bread I made Wednesday to go with my coffee. Scott is off today also (that's not a usual thing so his boss must have been feeling nice lol). No plans today but to do some sewing. I got these little Marilyn Monroe coin purses in the works! I will probably get my little pile of stuff all ready to sew at cone though. I have some more zip bags and keychains partially cut out. Trying to work my way through some of this fabric stash!

I have sold several things on Etsy this week so that is nice!  I'm a little concerned about the school craft show I signed up for. It is in two weeks and I haven't heard a thing from the person organizing it. My friend that works at the school was going to check up on it for me. I'll remind her next week. 

Ok that's my 100 pictures for the day ;)

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