Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday Sewing

What's up with Blogger not emailing comments anymore? I'm responding in the comments section since that's the only place I can see them..

Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing, it was great! Sadly the day went by really fast though. I've been using a hand me down sewing machine a bit since the light went out in my usual one. This machine sews really nicely but I can't get it to go in reverse or zig zag. I think it probably needs to be taken apart and oiled from what I've read online. It's not worth taking it in to get serviced since they charge so much for that and it's an old machine so maybe I'll give it a try when I get bored one day lol.

I finished all the little zippered sunglass cases I had started. Hopefully I'll sell a few at my next event. I sold all the ones I had before.

I even made dinner. Wow so domestic! Half the time I don't want to cook lately since no one is here or they just ate something 

or it's just too damn hot. It's supposed to be over 100 all week.

After I finished my little cases I cut up a bunch of squares for the next project I wanted to make. I actually got the idea from a customer. I raided my pink box of scraps.

Today at work went by really fast. I have been working on cleaning up some old files and listening to podcasts. Most notable today was Casefile which was about this stalker guy. People are effing nuts I tell you.

I had to go to the post office on my lunch so I went across the street to the "hot plate" mexican restaurant. I'm pretty sure they put the plates in under the broiler before they bring them out. This is cheaper (with tip) than eating a chicken sandwich meal at Carl's Jr if you can believe it.  The world is backwards. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sewing Saturday

Happy Sunday!

I wish it was a 3 day weekend! Here's my view when I left for work the other day. Don't mind my dirty windshield.

Yesterday Scott and our friend Allen went to A's & Giant's game. You can tell who is what fan. Yesterday's game was in SF and next week they are going to one in Oakland.

Trevor and I were home alone for most of the day yesterday. We watched all the Jurassic Park movies. I'm pretty sure I dreamt that I was getting chased by dinosaurs last night.

While we were watching I worked on some sunglass cases for my booth. These could really be used for anything but people like them for sunglasses. Just a bit of fleece on both sides, lined and a zipper. I actually have 2 in my purse with random stuff in it. Mostly because I can't find my sunglasses. ..

I had most of these cut out already from when I was cleaning up my scraps.

All pinned together! Then I sewed one and realized I had them pinned together wrong. DOH!

Here's the darker fabrics finished up.

Today I will work on the lighter ones. It's so nice to have no plans for the entire weekend. Next weekend I already have something to do both days.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sushi Date Night

Scott and I went to sushi awhile back for a date night. He's so cute.

When we first started dating and I would tell him he was cute he'd say "baby ducks are cute." Yes they are, but so are you!

After sushi we went over to the movie theater and saw Incredibles 2. We also had the worst movie popcorn I've ever had. Maybe Scott is just getting really great at making us popcorn that this was crap? I don't know, It had a TON of unpopped popcorn in the bottom so I think they scooped us up some old stuff off the bottom.

Amazingly I made it through the movie without getting sleepy. That's like four movies I haven't slept through now, I think that's a record!

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Sunsets and Kidlets

Today I worked on some old files that I keep putting off at work. God so boring. But I have been listening to podcasts while I do it so that makes the time go by faster. Why is it the minute I'm off work time goes by super fast?  

Anyhow, I just finished listening to one today called "Someone Knows Something, Season 2." It's about a woman that went missing and then they go interview all the people that knew her or might have something to do with it. I'm sure we'll all like WTF why don't they arrest that guy! There is a bunch of seasons so I'm trying to listen to them all in order and every once in awhile they will go back to an older case and do an update. I hope at some point they arrest the bastard. Amazing how people can commit murder and not go to jail.

I have NO PLANS for the weekend. So exciting. I am going to work on selling some more of the fabric I pulled out to destash and then maybe do some sewing. Honestly all I want to do right now is go lay on my bed and watch some Netflix and doze a bit. 

Last week I had my cousin for the evening. I took him out on the paddle boat for awhile and then got these fantastic pictures of him in the sunset.

After these we walked down to my friend's brother in law's house where he had a new audience to talk up a storm. I swear that kid can talk for days. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

4th of July

Trying to get back into posting every day and catching up a bit!

For the 4th of July I was off work so spent most of the day cleaning and cooking some baked calico beans for a bbq at my brothers. We went over at 4 and hung out while the guys bbq'd. Once again I only took a couple pictures.

My brother just had his pool replastered, it looks really nice. Jess was the only one out of the big people who went in the pool. I was like well it's already 4 lol. The older I get the less I like cold water. Surprisingly it wasn't all that hot on the 4th (now it's going to be 100 for a solid week).

All the kids love my Dad. It's like they migrate to the quiet ones.


When it got dark we went to Manteca to hang out in the Costco parking lot with the River Club peeps. Melissa's poor boyfriend had strep throat and was feeling awful (he was on antibiotics already)

Also we need chairs.

Here's most of the crew that was there this year

My one neighbor friend drives her big o' motorhome with half these people in it every year and they tail gate in the parking lot.

Then we wait about 30 minutes for everyone to drive out of the area so we can go home. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Baby Shower

Sunday was my sister in law Maegen's baby shower. I will have a new little nephew the end of August!  I hardly took any pictures because I was too busy talking!

My step dad's cousin and her daughter came to the shower. I haven't seen cousin Teresa in years. Her daughter's name is Julie (she's a twin and I just remember them as  Julie & Gayle growing up). She is about 10 years older than me but of course when I was a kid she was like way older so I never really talked to her before. Teresa is Aunt Anna's daughter. She had moved in with her back when I was still visiting Grandma Susie. Now her daughter Julie and her special needs son live there too.

Anyhow, Julie and I had a great time chatting it up but they had to leave after awhile since she didn't like leaving her boy at home. Also we were moved outside and it was HOT out there.

They got a "taco truck" apparently they set up outside without the truck. Pretty yummy though.

 They played a game where you have to drink the liquid out of the baby bottle. I didn't play since that was a bit out of my comfort zone lol. No one ever did empty the bottle since the nipple had such a tiny hole lol.

This was the bigger gift I got then a couple little matching separate clothes pieces. I thought this was cute since it would last more than a few months. I know they won't have any more kids so everything will just get given away after this.

My only niece that wants to play with me lol. Fancy had her hair done and cute little bows. She's a maltipoo and oh so cute.

Sister in law with all her gifts.

and that's all the pics I took! I think they are naming the baby Joseph after my brother but with a different middle name. We'll see! Won't be too long before he will be here.

***I'm not getting many emails with the comments, what the heck! Is it just cool to reply on the blog? Not sure how to get that "reply" option to show up after the comments.***

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Liberty Festival

Sunday I had a booth at the Liberty Festival. Originally I had signed up for both Saturday and Sunday but then my sister in law had her baby shower on Saturday so I asked if I could just do Sunday.

I signed up for this months ago before we knew we were going to have a 100 degree weekend. Fun times!

Pretend this picture is turned to the left (I turned it 4 times and it still shows up this way). I stayed up late Saturday night making a patriotic bunting for my booth. I think it turned out pretty cute. Wondering if I should make a few different kinds to sell.

I got to my booth space around 8. I was a little bummed that I didn't have 2 free sides since there was someone on both sides of me. I was there earlier than a lot of people but if I would have come later I would have asked to move. Next time I'm going to ask ahead of time for an area where I can have 2 sides free. It's much easier to get people to shop my booth when I can have a table all the way out front. A booth with someone selling fancy knives with only one table does not need a corner spot..

Here is my booth when I first set up. After the gal next to me was set up she had a back on her canopy and I asked Scott if he could fine the one someone gave me and bring it, along with some sunscreen and my rocks I forgot. 

You can see how much better it is with the backing on and the sun. This is a new layout I tried. It was nice if there was just one person because they could walk in, but more than one person couldn't really shop at the same time so not that great. I did like the flow of it though. 

The people on the left of my booth had some handmade stuff too. They had 2 large clothing racks out in front of the booth which blocked the view of my booth. I kept thinking I wonder if they got charged extra for that..

The gal on the right side of me sold Scentsy. I think I saw her sell one thing.

This is before the back side was added

Trying to get a pic of the bunting but it was so bright

The day was SO SLOW. A lot of people would just walk down the middle of the row and not even look at the booths.

Slow and hot and sucky.

I was looking at the sunscreen Scott brought me. Hmmm might be time to replace this lol. Only expired 4 years ago. Still worked though!

I took a little ice chest full of water and filled with ice. I had a little cool towel thing and kept dipping it in the water and cooling myself off with it. I drank 10 bottles of water, 1 can of Diet Coke and one large Diet Coke from McD's the neighbor girl didn't want.

Originally we were going to be there until 6. Someone came by and said that we were going to close at 5 instead. At 4 I started packing up and by 5 I was driving out. Full on heat exhaustion in the works. I got home and napped on and off and watched Netflix. Wherever I go the dogs go lol. they were so excited I was on the couch since I hardly ever sit on there.

Scott made us a nice dinner although he forgot to actually clean up after.

So no more craft shows until it cools down. Also I only made $34 for the day and my booth was $45 so that was officially my worst show and the only one I didn't make my booth fee back. Awesome. 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Crazy Train

Wow I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I last blogged. I just read my last post and I left you all on a cliff hanger! When I was here last I was going to go to the eye doctor to finally find out what was wrong with my eye ball. I had made the appointment in my home town instead of the bigger one where I went before (I guess this Dr. goes all over). I got there and it was in this little tiny office. The office was full of people. Families.  So one person would be there for the doctor and have at least four people with them. What the hell. Needless to say there was almost no where to sit. I lost my seat when I went up to the counter to pay my copay. Who does that? Just grab someone's seat like that. I ended up on a little bench in a hallway across from a room that they would call people in, see them for a few minutes, send them back out, then call them back in when the Dr came around. Talk about maddening. I lost my bench seat for that too but asked someone to move over lol.

The Dr. said I have a drusen. I was like what the heck is that? He said I was probably born with it and nothing to worry about. Shew. Thanks for all the stress that I'm dying or have MS for nothing. I'm just a bit more defective. Lets add that to my extra rib haha. Also, always ask for a print out when you go to the doctor and he has a thick accent so you can figure out what the heck he diagnosed you with. So helpful.

So what have I been up to? Working! Both at work and at home. You see awhile back I saw an advertisement on Marketplace for someone selling some fabric. I bought about 20 bins of fabric for $200. Which, if you don't buy fabric is a HUGE DEAL! I just had my little car so luckily they had some trash bags and we put it all in there. I was doubtful it would all fit but it did!

Of course while I'm driving home I'm like what the heck did I just do!?! I texted my friend and was like hey do you have a place I can put a dead body? Just kidding, it's just fabric. BAGS of fabric. I took about 10 bags over to my neighbor friends garage and took the rest home.

Months later I am down to about one box of fabric that I didn't sell. I've made about $2600 reselling it on Facebook groups. Score! But, a lot of work.  I may be a tad bit addicted now and scouting out other sales posts on Marketplace. I have bought a few more things! (Yesterday I drove 40 minutes away to check out someone's stuff and buy a bit.)

I could really use an extra room in my house! Or a garage, or a shed! Garages at our house are only for cars that don't run and take up a lot of room apparently.

Along those same lines, my oldest has moved back into our house. Trevor so nicely gave up his bedroom for her (he likes to sleep in the living room all summer usually anyways) so now I have a teenager living in the living room. Have I mentioned we could use a bigger house? I know all this is just temporary though since everyone is on the cusp of moving on. Just give us some notice if you want to come over ok?

Tomorrow is the 4th and we'll be going over to my brother's house for some swimming and bbq. Although it's not happening at 4 so unless it's really hot I don't see myself getting in the pool.  The older I get the less I like cold water. I just realized this morning that hey I probably need to go to the grocery store to get some food for tomorrow. That should be fun.

Saturday is a baby shower for my sister in law Maegen and Sunday I am doing a craft show thing. I should be sewing all week for that. I need to get busy!

PS just noticed I had some comments that were in the moderated area, sorry about that!

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eye Doctor Day

I'm off work today to go to the eye doctor again. This is the appointment they made for me last time after my emergency appointment to make sure I didn't have MS or something. I still don't know what IS wrong with my eye since I did see the pictures. I think today they are doing a regular eye exam (hopefully NOT dilating my eyes again) and then in a week or so I go back for a follow up where we talk about it (I think).

Last week I got a bladder infection. I went to the doctor and got a prescription (Bactrim) and after 3 days it was making my legs twitch. I had the same thing happen when I took some antibiotics a few years ago (Cipro). I called the office on Friday morning and told the nurse I was having a reaction to the meds and asked for a different prescription. She told me "that's not normally a side effect". I was like well it's listed on their page for side effects? Sheesh make me out like I'm a weirdo. So no one ever called me back Friday. Saturday I called during their clinic hours and left a message. Monday afternoon I get a call from the pharmacy that I have a prescription to pick up. Nice! So glad they spend the time to communicate with their patients.

So I've been taking this new antibiotic (Macrobid) for a couple days and I my legs are feeling tight and a bit twitchy again. WTF. I'm starting to wonder if I really do have something wrong with me and my body can't handle being on antibiotics now or something.  Hoping it stays to a minimum so I can at least finish off these meds and be done with them. Kind of freaking me out!


So since I am not going to work today I took Trevor to the bus and came back. When I went to drive back in there is a dead cat. It must have been dead under my car and I didn't notice when I backed out. Poor thing. I called the neighbor since he feeds all the stray cats around here and he said that she was old. I hope that is all it was. She looked really skinny.  He said the other neighbor had got her fixed about five years ago.  He said he'll take care of her (TG wasn't quite sure wtf to do with her). We live out in the country so yeah I can call animal control but seems silly for an old mostly feral cat.  The neighbor will bury her somewhere. TG for neighbors!


After my eye appointment today my mom and I are going to hang out and then later go to the movies to go see the new Book Club movie. Looks like it will be funny. Hopefully they didn't show all the funny parts in the previews!Pin It

Monday, May 7, 2018

Should Be Sleeping

Or crafting or something. Well writing is kind of like crafting I suppose, right?

So since I was last here I did several craft shows, most of which were slow but I still made a profit so that's good right?

Today at work someone came in and was asking questions and the woman he had with him was doing a video on her phone. Kind of rude. I thought of asking her what she was going to use it for but decided to just try and be nice and helpful. I have half a mind to find out who she is and go to where she works and do the same ;)

I have about 100 projects I want to be working on but all I accomplished today was going to the grocery store and cooking dinner. Oh and washing dishes. Always dishes. I swear I can leave or go to bed with no dishes in the sink and when I look again it's full.

I had planned on going grocery shopping last week like a normal person but someone decided to use my debit card WITH PIN down south. Seven times at a Chevron for $84 and change. That's a lot of money they took out of my account. I was so worried that some of the automatic withdrawals and a couple checks I had out were going to bounce while I was waiting for my money to be returned. I called the bank every day asking them "where's my  money". One day they put some in and I paid a bill and the next day it was gone. Talk about freaking me out. Anyhow, I think that is situated now so I went grocery shopping lol.

I had a ton of stuff I was going to blog about but all I can do is sit here and yawn! I guess I should just call it a night :)Pin It
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