Monday, January 23, 2017

Mom's 65th

My mom's birthday was last (now 2) Saturdays ago (14th). She is 65 already. Wha? Crazy. I asked her what her plans were and she said to go to dinner at Sizzler. I was like hmm well guess we can come over for cake afterwards? I asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she said a spice cake so I made her one :)

Autumn Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Somehow got pictures of everyone but Me and Scott haha. Actually had one of him but it wasn't a good one ;) Oh and Trevor is there in his hoodie :/ Teenagers are strange ;)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I should just be fired

From blogging that is haha.

Apparently I didn't make a New Year's Resolution to blog daily.

So what's been going on?

We went to a New Year's Eve party down at the club. I only helped by buying party supplies off of Oriental Trading, decorating some buckets for the raffles and being part of a goofy skit. Oh yeah and serving the food and helping to clean off the tables. Then I went and hid in the bar and had a great time talking with people.

arg who is that fluffy girl.

They brought out all the photo boards I made last year, they look nice lined up like this.

Still hard to believe it's 2017!

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas seems to have been happening all week!

Friday I went by and dropped off Robert's present

Then I went by my friend Dee's to drop off presents for her boys. Her dog Meatball is hilarious.

Then it was off to a dinner party at my friend Ginny's house

We were all sitting around relaxing after dinner when someone was like "hey there is a dog outside". He came in and hung out and got some dinner too. Someone said he belongs across the way, hopefully he made his way back and they actually feed him. He seemed awfully skinny!

Christmas Eve I went to drop off Traci's wine gift bag that I made that matches her kitchen (and a bottle of wine) and the pillow I made for Marcus, her grandson. He was sick so he had just left to go to the doctor. She sent me some pictures though.

We went to Scott's parents for Christmas Eve. Scott made his awesome ribs in the oven recipe and then we plopped them in the crock pot and took them over there.  His mom wasn't feeling well so she mostly stayed in the bedroom but she wanted to come out and eat. She was having a lot of pain so Scott padded up the wheel chair that was in the garage and wheeler her in to eat. She ate quite a bit for how tiny she is now and then wanted to go back to bed.

So we mostly visited with his dad and his sister Suzie was in a good mood so she was out with us too. I made sweet potato pie since his mom had wanted that and Scott made some beans that she wanted and apparently always made but he didn't remember eating them lol.

I didn't take any pictures there since it didn't feel appropriate. :( Sadness when we left about parents getting older.  Wait I did take one picture, myself before I stripped off my sweater because it was 100 degrees in the house.

We decided to go to the movies to brighten things up a bit. We went and saw Moana and amazingly I stayed awake the entire movie. I didn't even nod off a bit haha. Maybe that was due to my 10 minute power nap between his parents and the movie theater ;)

Christmas morning we got up and did presents at home. No big gifts this year since everyone has already been spoiled with all the electronics and such. I sent Jessica a crock pot and some odds in ends (TG for Amazon!). Melissa got a ton of books that she had on her list and Trevor got some odds and ends boys stuff.

Rusty was super excited that Melissa had her blanket to snuggle ;)

Rusty with me so cute

Scott got me a gift card to the running shoe store which was super nice. He knows that next week I want to get back on plan. Starting to look like an oompa loompa again! Damn you fantastic tasting food. I got Scott a new Raider's shirt. We don't usually buy much for each other because we both would rather just buy what we want/need when we need it and we aren't big on "stuff."

After opening our presents I finally made up the lasagna to take to my moms. We all showered and then we were off to mom's!

I made pocket pillow cases for all the kids for Christmas (except Tony he got a gift card to Game Stop). Each pillow I did a little bit of a theme with the print on the pillow, a book mark, some books and a little blind bag type of toy.

Adrian being cute! She's getting so tall.

Emma, oh Emma, so is darling & busy lol


Emma is the 2nd youngest (by seconds I think) but she was too excited to wait to open her presents. (We open one at a time, youngest to oldest)






Jessica should be here. Hopefully next year she'll be home!





Insert me here (mom took one..)


Scott had helpers, so cute.



Charly (Maegen's dad)

Some snuggles after presents

I brought this snowman craft thing I've had forever. I think we spent a couple hours playing with them.

Vincent liked the pens lol

Mom took some pictures of dinner I'll have to try and get some from her. I made lasagna, she made Parmesan chicken, my brother made rice balls, his grandma's sauce recipe and my mom also made meatballs & sausage. Oh and my sister in law made potato soup. I'm still full at 9:30 the next day and I skipped dessert lol. 

All done until next year which is probably like tomorrow with how fast time flies once you get older!

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