Monday, April 6, 2020


Hello again, happy Monday!

I finally finished my pink zip bags on Saturday.

And then I finally had to go back on my word about making masks since they are really pushing for everyone to wear them here. I felt guilty that I have the know how and this huge hoard of fabric.

 Here was my trial run.

Yes I wear my Christmas nightgown year round, don't be judgy, it's comfy ;)

Apparently elastic is now the hot commodity. I have almost used what I had in my stash and my neighbors have been pooling what they have. There is a pipe cleaner for the nose area so we've been getting those together too. 

One thing I won't run out of is fabric haha. 

I also have quite a bit of bias tape so I'll move onto that after the elastic is gone. I ordered some more elastic online but it will be a week or two before it gets here.

Here is the first round I made, there are 2 of each. I've been going down my list of people that asked for them and offering them up. Only 3 left out of the first round and I still have a bunch of people to offer them to.  I put a basket out on my front porch so people can just pick them up.

Yesterday my friend came by and we talked through the window. Tina was all excited to see her and ran up and head butted the glass lol. 

Love that picture. She brought me some really cute fabric to make some masks for her and her family. I need to go wash it first though.  I'm trying to use some odds and ends fabric I have instead of all the super cute stuff, although I have one person that asked for some theme stuff. 

If I go missing I've turned into a mask..

I'm really NOT liking my new neighbor. She's so effing loud. Lets her little dogs run around and then she's yelling for them. Her daughter (I think) has been there too and has 3 dogs. She keeps all but the little one on leashes but she was really yanking on one of them yesterday and yelling at it. She has a small bus they are sleeping in I think. Usually they just stay for the weekend but the bus has been there at least a week now.

I can see myself opening the door and yelling at her. Must.hold.back.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Keeping Busy

Good morning!

I'd say happy Saturday but we started our morning by Scott's sister calling to have him come take are of his mom. He is there now. Apparently she's in so much pain she can't get out of bed. After much deliberation he's started by having her actually take the pain pills I got her last week to see if that eases the pain a bit. She has muscle relaxers too but can't swallow them because they are too big (they are not, I saw them..) I suggested he cut them in half. She doesn't want to go in the ambulance to the ER because it hurts her back too much and I don't know how else we'd get her there. Scott took my car so I'm stuck here just thinking of things.

Jess & her boyfriend drove to my mom's cabin last night/early this morning (mom's not there) to have a change of scenery from the small trailer they are living in. Of course now it's going to rain all weekend. It just went to nice and bright to overcast in the last 10 minutes.

Yesterday I worked on listing a bunch of old (mostly) knitting leaflets and stuff I had. Most of them are from the big box I had bought at the flea market. Some are really old and fun to look at.

Aren't the drawings so cute? 

I think these windows in here have a blue tint to them. I'm having a hard time with my pictures lately. I'm going to have to take stuff into my bedroom I think. That seems to be the best lighting in the hosue during the day. I usually use white foam board under the items but all my boards are wrinkly now or have holes in them and stuff. 

I finally counted out 100 of my empty thread spools and put them in my Etsy show. We'll see if anyone buys them to repurpose. Might put them on Ebay too, people buy all kinds of weird things on there.

This coworker thinks she needs to be held all morning (yes I know I need to trim her nails)

For dinner last night I made some spaghetti or pasta you might call it. Nothing exciting.  I was going to make some cornbread but we didn't have any milk. So it was some home made bread instead.

I finished off the last of that this morning for some cinnamon toast :)

Well I guess I'll work on finishing these pink bags! I'm to the point of pulling out the sewing machine finally. After that I think I might go into the world of masks since now they want everyone to wear them when they go out in public. My cousin messaged me and was like "I'll wash it if there is cat hair" lol. Even Etsy is like if you can make masks now is the time.
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Friday, April 3, 2020

TGIF I think

The good thing about the weekend is I don't have to be "working" aka waiting for something to pop up for me to work on for work. So far today I've answered the phone and one email (1 hour in). Oh everyone is showing up now.

I order supplies for 7 offices and it's so funny how people think we can just order Clorox Wipes. Like uh, where you going to get them?

Have you seen this cute idea?

I don't have any teddy bears but Trevor had a little one. I put it in the window and then someone kept stealing it. Finally caught her in action lol. Tina apparently thought it was for her.

Yesterday I got this delivery that I ordered. $40 for a all of that except the extra bag of bananas and onions. The bananas are REALLY green so hopefully they don't take too long to ripen up so we can actually eat them. Scott likes them on the green side but not that green lol

My cray-cray new neighbor got a riding lawn mower. She rode it along the edge of the field across the street yesterday and blew everything she mowed at my yard. Now I know my yard doesn't look that great and needs to be weeded but WTF. You can see the whole street is green. I thought she was going to do a second pass and was getting ready to go out and yell at her but she just went back along the side of her place. If I had a leaf blower I'd go out and blow the whole street into her yard.

I'm starting to need breaks from my coworkers. This one thinks she needs to be touching me at all times. This is her preferred spot. 

There she is again.

I had a killer headache yesterday. Finally remembered I hadn't had any Diet Coke in 3 days. I went over to my mom's cabin to see if she had any over there. Nope. But I did find some Mike's drinks and a candy bar lol. Sent her this message in case she wanted those one day when she went there and they were missing haha.

For dinner last night we had taco/burritos whatever you want to call them. Nothing too exciting but no one went hungry. 

I ended up working on my Etsy store instead of sewing. I finally got all the community cookbooks I had listed along with some other things. I am going to work on it a bit more today too I think. I finally got my laptop away from Trevor for a few minutes.

Oh and yesterday they cancelled regular school for the rest of the school year. Now they are going to do online or packet pick up that will be graded starting April 20th. We'll see how that works out.

Might have to go to the store this weekend. My neighbor has been using Instacart or something like that to get things delivered. Might check that out too.
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Adventures In Bread

When Scott and I went shopping a couple weeks ago I bought some extra flour and some yeast so I could try to make bread if we ran out. I had never used yeast before, although I've bought it a couple times and then tossed it later.

Yesterday we were down to two pieces of bread so I decided it was time to give it a try! I opened up my trusty Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (wedding present, best one ever) to the bread section and read the tips on making bread and then turned to the White Bread recipe.

Did you know there is milk in white bread? I sure didn't. Luckily I had exactly the amount of milk left that was needed for the recipe. I got it all going and was just as the kneading stage when Trevor came in the kitchen all excited to help. Apparently he watches some baker people on You Tube. Who knew! So I only kneaded the bread for a couple minutes and then he took over.

The bread turned out perfect! I'm so proud of us haha.

This one is blurry but you get the drift. Trevor was saying how it was nice that the edges were a little crunchy and then proceeded to eat 1/3 of a loaf.

I've been doing some of my teleworking from the kitchen table so that when I'm not working I actually want to come sit and work on my sewing stuff. Sitting in the same spot for more than 8 hours isn't really all that fun. Yesterday I walked to the mail box (with out the dogs) on my lunch break. I took my phone but didn't see anything worth taking pictures of.

When I got back I opened the window for a bit and the cats just loved it. I'm just waiting for one of them to bust out the screen though. We need to go around and redo all the window screens. 

The other day I went through the fridge to take a bit of inventory and steamed up all the veggies that I had. Now we have options for dinner and they aren't going bad because I forgot about them.

Last night for dinner we had some grilled chicken (Trevor grilled it, so nice!), generic Rice A Roni (man that stuff is salty) and veggies.

After dinner I went in to work on my little bags again. I went through and picked out some rick rack and got the linings and batting cut to size. Today I need to iron on the batting and then I can start sewing.

Buster has been sleeping on my desk. He slept on a blanket for awhile then kicked that out. Hard to believe he's about 17 years old.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Banana Bread makes everything better

Hello my friends! How are we all doing today?

Turn off the news, life is better without numbers. Just scrolling the headlines makes me feel depressed. That's enough of that!

Yesterday my blog came in handy once again to look up the last time my daughter Melissa's inlay in her tooth fell out. Who knew this thing would be so handy! It's fallen out 3 times now, and the last time was just over 5 years. So now she has a partial crown. Poor kid. I'm glad that the dentist office was able to help her.

At around three yesterday Scott called me and asked me to go take care of his mom. She had called him and wanted him to take her to the ER when he got home from work. Noooo no no we do not want to take a 90 year old to the ER for her back hurting. I went over to her house and we were able to do a phone appointment with her doctor. He prescribed some pain pills and muscle relaxers for her. Pretty sure she just has a pinched nerve or something, also she has bad osteoporosis. I went to CVS and picked that up for her (wish they had a drive thru like Walgreen's where I go) and then got her a cheeseburger from McD's. She seemed ok when I left the house.

It just irks me that she has 4 daughters. One lives with her and is mentally challenged but the other 3, where are they? No one even comes to take care of their 90 year old mother but my husband. His brother won't even answer the phone when she calls yet thinks everything is his to deal with ($$$)

After I got home I made some dinner but forgot to take a picture. The highlight of the day, gone! haha It wasn't anything exciting just some cut up chicken and rice with the extra gravy from the other night added in .

Oh I do have one picture to share. I made banana bread yesterday.

Almost gone already! I think I might look for a bread recipe now. I've never made regular bread or worked with yeast before but I was thinking I might give it a try. I bought some last time I went shopping.

No sewing again last night. I started to pull out lining fabrics but then had to go take care of the mother in law so that's what I can get back to today.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Last of March

I think it's Tuesday, yep, just checked. Tuesday!

I ended up going to be early last night. Maybe a tiny bit of depression. One more month of teleworking and the world turned off. Let's hope life can resume after that. Fingers crossed.

I have watched so much Netflix lately.

Yesterday I went to change the laundry and saw the hedge trimmers. I ended up trimming all the bushes on the one side of the house.

Later I went to take the dogs out and we went for a walk around the block. It felt good to stretch out a little I feel like all I've done for a week is sit. I definitely need to buy an office chair.

I finally saw my neighbor's son and confirmed that he did pass away last weekend. (well 2 Saturday's ago now) He said he died in his sleep. He'd been having dementia for a couple months and then problems with his legs. He was 92 so lived a long life. He said he heard his dad talking to his mom the day before he passed away. She passed away about 5 years or so ago. I may have cried standing in the street talking to him. I asked him if he was going to live in the house now and he said his dad left it to his 2 granddaughters. One with two children might move in. It would be nice to have some little kids on the block again.

I didn't do any sewing yesterday but I did cut out my bags from the pieced pieces. Now I need to pull out some coordinating fabric for the lining.

For dinner last night I made Chicken Orzo Soup I had taken a screen shot from a recipe from Pinterest but then the instructions didn't totally match up with the ingredients so it ended up being a toss this and that in the pot haha. It turned out ok. I made some drop biscuits to go with it and they were so good! Not sure why they were so good since it's just basically flour water and butter. It had to have been the butter right? lol

Now to decide what to make with some more chicken breasts for diner tonight. Cooking is like the evening entertainment around here. Sadly I don't find laundry as exciting.
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Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Sewing & Cooking

Hello!! Happy Monday!  I've done the one item I had to do for "work" so far today and answered the phone 3 times. I still think that's so weird haha.

What did we do this weekend? SEW and cook and get fatter lol.

Friday night! Corned beef in the crock pot used for sandwiches. Turned out pretty good. Scott some really good rolls from Rayley's on the way home from work. I'm pretty sure they were like a week's worth of carbs in one ;)

I had bought a 2 pack of whole chickens at the store awhile back and finally thawed them out. Saturday night we had roasted chicken.

Sunday I put the other one in the crock pot. The idea was to use it for soup but there wasn't much actual chicken left so I'm going to cook up some chicken breasts for soup to go with the juices from the chicken. Also I made mashed potatoes and gravy which didn't turn out all that great but eh no one is starving here.

All weekend I worked on pink scraps. Sewing them together and then making the right size strips for some zip bags. Last night I had 12 sets made up for bags and still all these strips left. Each bundle is 10 strips. Anyone want any strips? They went into a bag for some other day lol.

Today I can iron these and then cut them into bag size. I finally had an ah ha moment and realized if I just do 10 strips together that is one bag. I think the first one or two I didn't coordinate the prints, just colors but then I started putting together strips with the same fabrics so they are more matchy matchy.

That's all the excitement around here. I should probably do some laundry today since I'm down to the not so favorite underwear ;)

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Friday, March 27, 2020


Seems to be weird to be happy it's Friday when I'm not even leaving the house, but I'll be glad to not have to fire up the work computer and find things to do for 8 hours.

Wednesday night I finished up all my little yellow bags. I think they turned out cute, nice and bright! I even got them added to my Etsy store with my handmade stuff.

After I got that done I cleaned up the floor of my studio. Thread everywhere! I'm kind of sad I don't have anyone to send my tiny little scraps to now. I debated on saving them but ended up tossing them. I have boxes of fabric I don't need to save 1" and smaller pieces..

Dinner Wednesday was stew and cornbread again. When we went shopping I didn't have a menu made because I thought it would be hard to find food. So now I have meat and have to figure out what to do with it lol.

Thursday we had a super gourmet dinner, I know you are jealous haha

I decided that I should finish up the mug cozies I had abandoned before moving onto something else. So I got those all sewn up, I just have to add the buttons. 

Once I get those done I think I will go through and add all the new ones I've made onto my Etsy shop. 

I watched a few shows on Netflix the last couple days. Tiger King of course, because everyone is talking about it. I had listened to a podcast about this whole thing awhile back. 

Self made, I really enjoyed this one

and then Lost Girls, so sad.

I just saw the next season of Ozark is out so I'll probably watch that next! I love that bad girl in there, can't remember her name at the moment. She's such a good actress.

My friend who works at a school in another district just got noticed that school is going to be closed through May 20th, but they have notebooks for all the kids for virtual learning. They are planning to have the last 2 weeks of school in person if it works out. Freaking crazy. So for my son's school district just has paper packets they can do for busy work that won't be graded so we haven't bothered with that. I don't know what they are going to do to finish out their school year. They are closed through April 20th as of now.

Things are going to be crazy once everyone can go back to work. I saw someone post that they had to cut their own toe nails. I find that kind of hilarious.  (unless you are diabetic)

Everyone is going to have long hair unless they cut it themselves. Not to mention roots unless they go the box route! I don't dye my hair so far so I'm good lol.

All the Reseller You Tubers I watch are like trying to come up with ways to source more stuff to resell so they have content for their You Tube channels. It's been interesting seeing what they come up with.

Well no big plans for the weekend. SURPRISE haha. Hope you are all staying home and staying healthy.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Yellow Scrappy Bags, Teleworking Day 4

Day 4 of teleworking.

My little Snookie is really annoying in the morning. She thinks I need to hold her ALL DAY. She makes the most annoying little whining grunting noises until I pick her up or yell at her to go lay down. Yesterday I put flea meds on everyone which made them ALL clingy. Who knew my animals coworkers were so annoying. I had to run over to my mom's cabin and I told her if she had wifi over there I'd go work there for awhile for a change of scenery. If Scott gets laid off I might even pay for it to be installed (assuming someone is still working for their company..)

For work I'm basically waiting for someone to email me something to do, or should be doing Ag Learn which is like online courses and OMG so boring.

After work time yesterday I worked on my yellow scrappy bags. This one turned out to be more brown than yellow and I didn't like it all that much so I tried doing some machine quilting on it. I like it now!

and I got 2 yellow ones finished! I like these a lot, nice and bright and cheerful which is what I was wanting to look at. I have 4 left to finish, just need to sew on the rick rack/yo-yos if I pinned that on already and then sew the sides together.

Don't really like the 3 of the same fabrics together on the back of the top one but nothing I can do about it now lol.

I'm really enjoying doing these scrappy bags! I think I might do reds next!

For dinner last night we finally used up the hamburger buns we've had forever (seriously they cannot be good for us they never went bad). Originally Scott bought them to make burgers but then I used the meat for something else. When I went shopping I bought some patties to just toss on the BBQ so we had those last night. All I had to do was put the salad together. Easy!

I'm going to make a stew for dinner tonight. I guess I'll probably make some corn bread too since that's how we do it here :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My Mother In Law Is 90!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday was my mother in law's 90th birthday.  We debated on what to do but went with the "Under 10 people" gathering. Scott is doing her shopping so are germs are pretty much over there anyways. So hard to make decisions on things like this.

So I had to go into the office yesterday to do a report (I had left my binder with passwords in my locked desk drawer, not expecting to be staying home). It was kind of nice going in and working. Weird, you wouldn't think that right? Got my report done.

Sent my mom a text asking if she needed anything while I was in town. She went back a little list so 3 stores later, still no TP. I tried a few different stores to check out what the inventory was like (and to not go too far out of the area I was in).

In Dollar Tree there was 6 teenage boys with their skateboards. I'm like where are your parents? You shouldn't be out and so close together (in my head). I overheard one boy saying they weren't worried about getting the virus because his family has strong genes. I hope you're right boy!

Then I ran into the Mexican grocery store. No TP there but I got a pack of paper towels just in case.

After that I went to Cost Less (I think that's what it's called) and got everything else on the list except flour and TP. But I did get an 8 pack of paper towels (just in case).  I'm glad I got an extra thing of flour when I went shopping I can just give mom some of mine.

After that I went and picked up the pizza, we always do Papa Murphy's. After Scott got home we went to his moms and had pizza She ate 3 pieces and then sat back and said how horrible it was. LMAO. No surprise she always complains about food. I think it's kind of hilarious. Like why did you continue to eat it if it was that bad? (Also she totally wanted some of the left overs for later)

I made her a little smash sized cake for her candles (getting all weird about blowing candles now since someone always has something) and cupcakes for everyone else.

She sat there for awhile before she blew out her candles. I was like so there's a lot of wax there so I guess you can take your time haha.

She ate half that cake and then pulled out a huge cookie and ate that too. Not sure where she put it.

She got flowers from one of her daughters. She didn't hear anything from three of her children. WTF Is wrong with people? Who doesn't call their 90 year old mother for her birthday? They should have all been planning a party (that would have got cancelled-but no one even planned one).  Sad that people are so into themselves they don't think about their parents.

Anyhow, several of my mother in laws siblings lived into their 90's. Her father was 96 I think she said. Pretty good track record!

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