Tuesday, September 16, 2014

River Club Anniversary Party

Trevor and I rode our bikes down to the club house where they were having the anniversary party. When we got there I was a little disappointed that it looked like everything was mostly done. There were some booths for kids games but not much going on. The whole thing had started at 10 so I guess by the time we got down there at 2 every one had already been there.

All my hanging out buddies were gone so I just walked around with Trevor for a bit and then found a few people to talk to.

Trevor did pop some balloons on the dart game and won these glasses.

After that he went over to the paddle boats they were "renting". One is ours and one is my mom's that we donated for them to use so Trevor got to take ours out and ended up giving kids rides. For like three hours!

I bought some raffle tickets but by the time I won anything all the good stuff was gone (they had stuff donated and you got to pick anything off the table). I won a 2nd time and told them to just pick someone else lol.

I had a beer and talked to people, including a gal that Scott rides the train with that moved out here. She has a road bike and I was talking to her about maybe going out riding a bit. She seemed interested, which would be awesome to have another woman to ride with right here where I live! Although if we got a flat I'd be screwed since I haven't figured out how to fix one yet. On the to do list.

After a bit it was just so dang hot I left Trevor there and went home. Not too long after it was time to play taxi again and go get Melissa. I was wishing I had bought dinner tickets so that I could have hung out with people for that but we were supposed to go to that party that got cancelled. Oh well! I spent the evening watching tv and dozing on the couch. Rough life.Pin It

Monday, September 15, 2014

Squeeze Burger

My poor little blog is so neglected! I'll have to start making myself make sure and post at least something every day again. The dang kid just keeps hogging it whenever we are home.He's actually playing on my Kindle at the moment (homework procrastination!) so the computer is free!

My space bar is all jacked up so I have to keep going back and fixing it. I think I'll just type it  all and fix it when I'm done. So annoying. Note to self: order a new keyboard off Amazon.

I've started just ordering things I want off Amazon since it's easier than making time to drive to the store. I'm so lazy! Plus there is the added bonus of being able to research what you are looking at without having to stand in an aisle with a bunch of people in your way. Plus is only usually takes 2 days to get what I order so SCORE!

Anyhow, so this weekend I was supposed to go hiking with some people from a running group but that got cancelled. I was also supposed to go to my niece Adrian's birthday party but she got sick so it got postponed until next weekend.

I had got up and went out running so that I could get it done early since I knew we would probably stay at my brother's late. I was just about done when they called and said she was sick. It was kind of nice to get it done early. Plus I got this great picture.

Sometimes you just have to pause your run and take in the view!

Scott had plans to go to a baseball game with his friend so I ended up taking Melissa  anda friend to the mall, getting Trevor some new shoes (size 9 in men!) and then I took him to lunch. My friend had just went to the Squeeze Inn. I always see the sign when I get off the freeway and then she went so I decided to try it out. I guess Guy Fieri had done a DDD at one of their other locations and that made them famous.

I let Trevor get a milk shake and then we both ordered a burger and a fries to share. His milk shake came out first and I got a few spoons of it and he drank the rest. He only ate a few bites of his burger and a couple of his fries and I could tell he was feeling a bit green. My burger was so good (although the cheese that makes it famous wasn't all that great to me lol).

I maybe should have ran a bit more lol. Right after I got done eating Trevor got sick in the bathroom from the milk shake. Not sure if it was just too much or what it was made with but he said he's "Never having another milk shake.Until he's older" lol. He slept on the way home and then he was fine.  Silly kid.

After we got home we went down to the club house since they were having a 75th anniversary party. I'll save that for my next post though!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014


In an effort to get myself running more I decided to start doing a runstreak again. What's a runstreak? Running at least one mile a day every day.

Once I run today I will have been doing it 14 days. Two weeks. I'm finally starting to get to the point where my mind can wander a little bit away from  the fact that I'm running. This week I mostly ran 1.5 miles for my runs except for Friday when went to the A's game.  Next week I'm going to focus on making it 1.75 miles. I figure if I keep bumping it up a little each week eventually I'll be where I want to be. Once I get to a higher mileage then I'll switch off lower mile days with higher but for now 1.5-1.75 is not really that much to do every day.

It feels good to get back out there and even when I really don't want to go I remind myself that I can run a mile in about 10 minutes and really what is 10 minutes out of your day? Nothing!Pin It

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color The Skies

Last Saturday I went to the Color The Skies hot air balloon festival to run a 5k. I left with plenty of time, or so I thought until I was almost there and there was a huge line of cars for several long blocks. Apparently the festival did great this year.

Eventually I got to the parking area and paid my $5 to park (total pet peeve to pay for parking when I also paid to run a race, I hope some charity got that money). It was ohhhh at least a mile to where you checked in to run. Then of course I got a bag of goodies so I had to hike back out to the car to drop it off and then walk jog back to the area where the race was starting.

Oh and the parking lot? Full of goat head stickers. I didn't have time to sit and pick them all out before the race so I just drug my feet around and hoped for the best.

The air was kind of muggy and it was HOT. The race course is an out and back down a little road with almond orchards on both sides.  I ran about a mile and then I gave in and started walking a bit. 

My time was super crappy compared to last year's almost sub 30 race and I couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself. But then I was like eh, at least I'm out here and running right? If I keep at it, eventually I'll get back to where I was. 

This year they had finisher medals for everyone, which was really nice. I still need to get some kind of hanger to hang all mine on. They are stuffed here and there.

This girl I met recently does tons of runs for the medals. Is it weird that I get more pumped up for the times than a medal?  I guess that's my competitive spirit.

A little sweaty selfie before I left haha.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fun Times

I forgot how much fun it is to ride bikes with my kid. When I first started exercising the two of us would go out and ride. Somewhere along the way we stopped going together and then I stopped riding my bike around the neighborhood all together.

I've pulled out the old rusty Wal Mart mountain bike that I used to ride before and  have been riding that again with Trevor (the roads are too rough to ride the fancy road bike).  We've been going out and riding 5 miles every night after dinner, every day this week.

One thing I remembered real quick. When you ride when the sun starts going down there are a lot of bugs. We had to stop to make sure we got bugs out of our eyes at one point last night.

We tend to divide our neighborhood up by lakes. We have 3 little man made lakes. We have the church lake, the lake by Grandma's house and the lake with the hill. The lake with the BIG hill, which somehow does not seem big at all now that I've actually rode my bike up a mountain, is Trevor's favorite spot to ride. We go around that lake 3 times every night.

As we were going around we saw little kittens and OMG they are so cute. I'm sure they are wild rip your face off feral cats but they are cute to look at. Every time we would go around they'd either be running across the road or sitting on the side playing. The last time we went around the mama cat was out there and they were all nursing on her. Trevor was saying how if we go by and one is squished in the road he's going to be really upset. Lets hope we don't see one squished any time soon.

The night before we saw a big owl fly out of a tree and across the sky. It was kind of awesome.

Yesterday I signed us up for a 25 mile bike ride. It's in 3 weeks. I think he'll do fine since there are plenty of rest stops. It's not a race so no need to hurry and we can take breaks. Plus it's on really flat ground so it shouldn't be too hard! I'm kind of excited to have him do the ride with us.

I also signed myself up for the 2 mile run that is in the morning before the bike ride. We'll see how well that works out haha.Pin It

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To It

I'm pretty much feeling exhausted today. I'm pretty sure that's not good English either but that describes how I feel.

I've been getting up at 5 am to go run. I fell off my running routine awhile back and nothing seems to be working to get me back into it so I decided I just need to make myself run (no walking!) at least a mile every day. So far today was the first day I "only" ran a mile since Sunday. I might have went farther, but I was giving myself the excuse that running without headphones really sucks so I'd just do a mile. Melissa keeps borrowing my headphones since hers broke and I forgot to tell her to leave them on the table for me.

I'm really, really not a morning person. Scott leaves around 4:30 every morning and gives me a kiss goodbye (even though I've told him it's totally ok if he doesn't wake me up to tell me goodbye) and then I usually lay there nodding in and out until about 5:45 when I go into a deep sleep for 15 minutes lol.

So since I'm usually kind of awake anyways I've told myself that I need to just get up and go run. I've declared that I will run at least a mile a day on Facebook and Instagram so you know, that means I actually have to do it so I don't look like a liar.

I've determined the only good thing about running in the morning is that it's done and I don't have to think about it anymore. It's REALLY dark at 5 am. It's dark when I run at night too but for some reason the dark in the morning makes me more nervous. Weird.

I've also been going for a bike ride every day with Trevor after dinner. He's decided that he wants to ride 5 miles every day. We set up Runkeeper on his phone and he's been using it for his bike rides. He even set a goal for riding 1200 miles for the year. I'm impressed!

I REALLY need to get a more comfy seat for one of our mountain bikes though. The ones we have have been really killing my ass and I've been trading them around all the bikes (we have a collection of bikes for some reason) trying to find one less painful. I'm pretty sure one does not exist at our house and I think I need to just go buy one. I'm pretty sure your crotch is not supposed to be numb when you get off the bike.

Other than the seat pain I've been enjoying riding with him every day. It's nice to have some time to gether doing something.

With the running and the biking I haven't went to the gym. Seems like something always falls off when I pick something else up.

Saturday is the Color The Skies 5k run I'm signed up for and I'm feeling hopefully that maybe I can run the whole race. Last year I was trying to get a sub 30 minute run, which I just barely missed (but later smashed). This year I'll be lucky if I get a sub 35. It's amazing how much you lose in your endurance and speed when you take a break from running. Hopefully if I stick to it I can get back to where I was.

I'm glad that I gave myself the rule to do one race a month though. I'm sure I would have totally stopped running if I had not done that. Who would have thought when I was running so much just a short time ago that I would have stopped? Weird how that happens. I think I was just exhausted from doing all the long runs and then having a lot of emotionally taxing things going on at the same time. Somehow just laying on the couch seemed so much easier ;)

The important thing though is that I am attempting to pick myself up (again). If I keep trying eventually I'll succeed right? Pin It

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dry Creek Trail

Sunday afternoon Scott, Trevor and I took our bikes and went out to ride on the Dry Creek Trail.  I had only been on the trail once before when I ran the Resolution Run. Scott was just starting to run then so he didn't do the run but he had went to support me. I knew if I went to the school then I would know where the trail was so that is what we did.

Scott was all nervous about where to park but eventually he took a chance and parked in the high school parking lot. We put on our helmets and rode down the street to the trail and let Trevor set the pace.

I had said that anything over about 5 was probably going to be too much for him but he thought he could go farther. We ended up riding to what appeared to be the end at a park and then back which was 10 miles. I can't believe he rode 10 miles and didn't even complain.

The whole trail is pretty flat and has little windy paths along this creek. There are park benches, parks and even a couple bathrooms (one of which was open but no doors on the stalls ick). It's a great little trail! I think we figured out a better place to park next time too so that will be a little bit less stressful since Scott was so worried about them towing our truck.

There were a few homeless people in the last park we ended up at before turning around but nothing too exciting or scary along the path.

The whole ride seemed to go by really quickly. I guess that's what happens when you are used to trying to keep up with your husband for 50 miles.

I'm glad we got Trevor out to do something active instead of just sitting on the computer for the whole weekend.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Is Good

Yesterday after homework and dinner (and dishes) Trevor and I went out for a little bike ride. When we were riding he asked me "won't you be happy when we all move out and you can have a craft room?". My answer is a little different than it used to be when they were little and the possibility of them leaving seemed like NEVER.

Now that the kids are all getting older and I have got a glimpse into empty nesting from a few of my friends, I have to say that now my answer is "no". No I'm not ready for all of you to leave me. Sure a craft room is nice but it's going to be so quiet and lonely without my little ducklings here.

Although, I might be worrying about something that never happens too. I do know of someone that had to move out of her house to get her two twenty something sons to move on.

Funny how when you're younger and you watch those sitcoms with the mom that's always popping in and bringing plates of food you think how RIDICULOUS that mom is and how she should just let them go and live their own lives. But really, our kids ARE our all consuming lives for most of OUR lives.

Hmmm, makes me want to go call my Mom.

Also, to enjoy all the moments of when they are little for awhile longer. Even if they do include things like homework and having to get up extra early to drive them to town to make up something at school.Pin It

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back To School

Melissa started school on Monday. She is a sophomore this year.  She's quite the fashionista lately.

Trevor started school on Wednesday. He's in 6th grade now and could care less what he's wearing ;)

Jessica is signed up to take 2 online classes at the Jr. College in North Carolina.

The kids are getting all grown up. Before long they'll all be gone and I'll have a craft room! haha yeah maybe...

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Round Valley Regional Preserve

Saturday had me heading back over towards the Antioch-Brentwood area for another meet up with the new East Bay group of ladies.

This time it was Susie, me, Susie's friend Allison and a gal named Esa that I've been friends with online for a couple years now. I was excited to finally get to meet her!

We met up at the Round Valley Regional Preserve, which was about 45 minutes away from my house. Who knew that all these great paces existed so close to home?

Susie and Allison had done this hike before so they took the lead.

The path started off pretty shady but as we made our way up the hill there wasn't quite as much shade. I felt like I was panting by the time we got to the top haha. It wasn't too bad that I thought I was going to die or anything though ;)

They way down was much easier.

There were several runners and people on horses. We even saw a deer and wild turkeys. It was a lot of fun. I'm totally enjoying hanging out with other women who are like minded and getting a little exercise while we're at it! I'm hoping something gets scheduled for next weekend too.

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