Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Good morning happy hump day!

I was going to go into the office again today but I'm dragging ass AND Trevor went to work today so I think I will go in tomorrow instead. I haven't been alone in the house since he went to the hospital and that wasn't any kind of a pleasant day.

Yesterday I went into the office and worked on printing stuff out. I went through FOUR REAMS of paper. Crazy. It would have been about 1/2 that if the other printer was working since this one does not do double sided. I still have 7 more folders and letters to finish up for that project. I went to do the postage of all the ones I got done before I left and it said there was no internet connection to the postage machine. Hopefully that fixes itself next time I'm in.

I was supposed to get my pap smear done tomorrow but Aunt Flo showed up. Reschedule! Moved that two weeks down the calendar.

Tonight I am going to call for bingo! I have never done that before so we'll see how it goes. I volunteered back when they were trying to get it going again. They kept saying they didn't have enough callers so here I am.

Today's plan: Do some laundry & wash the dishes in the sink 

Trevor cleaned his room so there are 100 cups in the sink. Exciting day!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday after work I worked on dispersing the dirt pile. Yes, I still had that big pile of dirt that got delivered forever ago. I've worked on it on and off and Daniel did a big chunk of filling up the trench where the dirt caved in for the leach line. I pretty much just went along and added more and then put some in the back where it needed it. There's probably about 10 more wheelbarrow's full to move around. Hard to tell in the picture. The neighborhood cats have been using it as a litter box so that was pretty disgusting too. If I ever order more dirt from this place it will have to be something less sandy. Eventually we will need more in the back yard I think to flatten it out. Some day! I tried to mow the side and back yard some more but couldn't get the lawn mower started with the janky shoe string someone put on it for a pull string. I worked until it got too dark then came in and made dinner.

Also maybe some day someone will take care of that house back there. When we first moved to our house this lot had this giant old boat and tons of garbage piled all along the fence. The man died a few years after we moved here. The woman ended up going to a care home for years because she kept falling (from drinking...) and breaking herself. She had a son who was a lot like Scott's sister with some kind of damage from falling when he was a baby. He went to a care home and then a step sibling took him to another state I guess (he's in his 70's now). The woman's sister apparently owns the house now and plans on moving there "after heart surgery" my other neighbor says. From what I've heard the house is FULL like a hoarder (and it's a split level) so I don't know how an elderly person who's had heart surgery is going to be fixing it up. Maybe I can plant some bushes along the fence line  since 1/2 of the lot is mine now. I don't want to do any trees because of the leach lines. 

Got to work this morning and moved all my stuff from my temporary desk to my boss' office. I was like so many people walk through this area I might as well sit at my desk (the whole having to be in a closed room is stupid anyhow IMO). She told me to move my stuff into her office (we're all mostly still working at home anyways). So  I got everything dragged into here now. The plus is that there is a printer in here so I don't have to walk down the hallway (put mask on each time etc).  Our NEW printer/copier is already broken! Ridiculous. 

Ok lots of stuff to do today! Have a good one!

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Monday, October 18, 2021


Hello Happy Monday!
Today is Scott's 51st birthday. We celebrated last night since Melissa has to work tonight. Our family is getting too big to go out to eat so we had dinner at home. I made lasagna, meatballs and cake!

I bought 2 Caesar salad kits and one was missing the "kit" part, just lettuce. What a rip off! 

Here is everyone minus me and (big) Daniel who came for cake but I forgot to get a picture of him.

The baby enjoyed his dinner haha. So cute sitting at the table with everyone. After dinner he took about 5 steps! He'll be walking soon for sure.

Helping Grandpa blow out his candles

Tubz was cracking me up in the box, they'd pass around the box to pet her. She's such a guy's cat.

I got all the dishes washed before bed, go me! So now my house is pretty clean and the front yard is cleaned up a lot. Feels like a new place ;)

Logged into work this morning and had 122 emails, not bad for a week off. The funny part is my boss took care of all the payments so I don't really even have anything to work on today. I am going to go into the office tomorrow and do more folder/letter work. I have a ton of work to do IN the office. Apparently our brand new printer/scanner/copier is already not working too. Yeah! 

No fancy dinner plans for tonight since we did that yesterday. Just going to cook up some shrimp I bought awhile back and do a skillet meal thing I've made before.

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Sunday, October 17, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday! Last day of "vacation" before I have to go back to work. I wonder how many emails I will have? I don't think I've ever taken a whole week off of work before (except when I was sick maybe)

Yesterday I cleaned out the car and here is my goodies from one of the antique stores lol. Yes THREAD! $3 a bag and then 20% off. Not too shabby. The little wine bag was .50 and 20% off also. I think I am going to cut it apart and make a zip bag out of it, The little cat is so cute. I also got 2 Tupperware egg takers. I borrowed my mom's once and I cannot for the life of me figure out where it went. I have one of my own also. So I got one for my mom and an extra one for me since we seem to take food over to other places here and there now. They were only $3 each.

Yesterday Scott finally worked on mowing/weed eating the yard. I kept not watering thinking he would mow but then he didn't and then it was all over grown and dead. Looks like shit for sure. I am going to try and work out there a little bit every day now that it is not 90 every day. He is making a load for the dumps to get rid of the big green corner couch thing we had and one of the big bookcases. I was going to put it out for free but apparently it fell over in the big wind storm (Scott had put it on the porch). 

I went to the store yesterday and my friend Cassi came along for the ride. I got stuff to make lasagna  for dinner tonight for Scott's birthday. He is working tomorrow and Melissa is too so we are going to do dinner tonight. Also going to make a cake from scratch, we'll see how all that turns out. Oh and meatballs since Melissa doesn't like eating lasagna anymore. One time we had lasagna and then she got a stomach bug. 

When we were out I got some pink curtains from the Grocery Outlet. I'm going to redo them a bit for the living room windows and maybe for the kitchen window too. I saw them awhile back and kept thinking about them. Yes, pink, I know I know but it will look nice with the boring gray.  I need to get a darker paint color for the windows I think. It's all so boring. Not that my house is magazine worthy anyways. 

Apparently Scott isn't making breakfast today so guess I'll make a smoothie.  Off to do things!

Scott was just telling me the thing in his throat makes him snore this morning. He's so funny! I'm like uh I think it might be your weight that's more of a contributor and that thing back there is just hurting from you snoring. Trevor was telling me I snore a lot too. Sucks being fat. Definitely going to be working on that now too.

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Saturday, October 16, 2021


Hello Happy Saturday! We made it home in once piece yesterday, just in time for darts!

Let's see last I left off we were in Cheyenne. We drove out to Wheatland the next day with the maybe idea of going to Casper but it was going to snow and it was getting really cold so that was as far as we got. Trevor liked the smaller town more than the bigger one. I was just thinking there are NOT enough people in this area for me haha. Although I guess it would be kind of like living in the river club but you'd have to drive more than 10 miles to get to the store. 

When we got back to Cheyenne with went to some stores on the main road. We got a few things in the kitchen store and a couple antique stores. Nothing too exciting. Then we went back to the hotel and eventually decided on Outback for dinner since it was in the same parking lot. I tried to order online but of course that didn't work so I called and ordered and then did the curbside pick up. It was good but would have been better in the restaurant :)

That night the storm hit and it was so windy all night. The wind was whistling through our hotel window so I slept even less than normal.  This was the parking lot before we went to sleep. When we got up most of the snow was gone and it was just slushy.

All the roads were closed going West because of the high wind. Soooo we decided to go SOUTH!  My friend Sarah lives in Dalhart, TX so we decided to go visit her. We took an hour longer route so that we could go through one more state for Trevor's list of "been to's". 

We went from California, through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and then back to California. 75% of that looked like the desert. I didn't take may pictures since I did all the driving.

Here is my friends Sarah and her dog Ellie. I was telling Trevor it is kind of funny that I met Sarah online back in the day on a yahoo group for Scrapbooking. She grew up in the area where I live. We got together to scrapbook a lot back in the day and she got me the job where I work now. Funny how things work out!

We spent the night at her house and went to breakfast the next day. Then we went a little out of the way to Cadillac Ranch since "why not"

It's all fancy since the last time I was there, they have a trailer selling paint and a trailer with coffee!

and trash cans! People left partial spray paint cans on the ground so that was super nice. We took 2 from Sarah's but played with some others too.

The cars are so caked in paint. It's like they need a fresh coat of one color so you can see what you painted. I only sprayed a tiny bit.

After leaving there it was just "going home". We ended up driving into the sun for most of the drive through Arizona until the sun went down. We stopped to eat in Flagstaff then I decided I could drive a bit farther to Kingsman. The last hour was a bit rough but we made it in one piece. 

We got up in the morning and drove home. I missed the I-5 turn off so I ended up on 99 most of the way home in bumper to bumper traffic. There was about an hour of barely moving. Finally saw why, a car and a semi went head on on the frontage road and everyone was stopping to look. If the driver of that car and the occupants aren't dead they are lucky. Very scary!

Finally we got to where I knew the roads and I took the back way by my work and stopped to get us burritos and quesadillas for Melissa. We got home just in time for darts (and to change my clothes). We did horrible at darts but stayed after and played our own games with Trevor and Cassi just for fun and practice. That was a lot of fun!

When we got home I just went to bed to play on my phone and I got a nice hair dressing and back love from Lucy. I missed my furry children!

This is what greeted me in the sewing room though. Naughty little ones! It wasn't much to clean up though, I think Tina did her playing in the trash trick.

This morning we've had breakfast and I had to mail an Etsy item. Dropped off some mail on the porch for Jess and now I should probably go through some bill stuff from when Trevor was sick. Our insurance is stupid and mails us some checks to pay for the ER doctor and something else. I don't understand why they don't just mail it to the person that needs to be paid. So weird. 

Lucy has been zooming around the living room playing with this little stuffed mouse. I've never seen her act like that before! Maybe she will lose a pound!

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Scott's birthday and then I need to get my diet going so I can straighten myself out. Sigh. Yeahhh chicken and salad I'm so excited ;)

Ok off to do something productive!

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Monday, October 11, 2021


Hello happy Indigenous Day from Wyoming!

We woke up this morning and then went down and got some free breakfast (in Utah). I was super excited about the waffle but it was just blah and the coffee was DISGUSTING. If I had been less lazy I would have walked into the lounge to get a few more creamers to add to it but I didn't. I also tried some hard boiled eggs but they tasted funny. Might have just been my post covid tongue messing with me but maybe it wasn't. 

After breakfast we checkout and Trevor drove almost all day. This is what 3/4 of Utah we drove through looked like. They have all these road construction cones to close the lanes. You'll have two lanes for awhile then the left side will be closed. Go a bit then oh now it's the right side. I swear they do it to make it more interesting of a drive.

Here's part of that 1/4th nice of Utah

Don't mind my disgusting cracked window. I kept telling the kid to use the wiper fluid but I guess he didn't want to.

Here's my "Welcome To Wyoming" picture since I missed the sign.

Most of Wyoming is also boring and just scrub brush although there is a little bit of change here and there (this is all from I80)

This part was cool

I dozed off for like 2 seconds and I think Trevor also dozed off WHILE HE WAS DRIVING because we went into the bumpy things on the left side of the road. Thank God for those. No more napping for me while he's driving sheesh.

We stopped at Little America mostly for my friend who kept telling us to go there for the .75 ice cream. We ended up getting lunch there too (I'd recommend just getting the ice cream and hitting something better for the food).  They had this old picture by the bathroom, kind of fun to see it from the 60's.

and I took this to be a shit and sent it to my friend. She has pictures of her kids with the buffalo and all of them eating ice cream. Her daughters live in Nebraska so she's always traveling this way. She loved it haha.

We switched who was driving in Laramie, so I drove the last part to Cheyenne. I think we might stay here two days since it's cute and a bigger city and there is a storm coming but hitting here last. Kind of hoping it just all blows over but probably not with my luck.

We went downtown to eat a light dinner and ended up at 2 Doors Down since the place we were going to go to across the street was closed due to staff shortages. My southwest salad wasn't overly exciting but it was a cute place and great staff working there. Downtown is super cute, I'd like to walk around in the day when all the stores are open. 

Trevor downloaded Tinder while we were driving (Apple told on him) . I told him no leaving to hook up while he's on vacation with his mom!

ok off to read some blogs! 

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Sunday, October 10, 2021


Hello happy Sunday night from Wendover Utah! My son and I are on a road trip to Wyoming. We just stopped for the night. I drove all day today (we left around 11, then made a few small stops and were really on the road around 11:45). I brought my lap top to blog but forgot the stupid charger so we'll see how long that lasts lol. I wonder if I can just buy a charger somewhere. Probably not right?

I didn't take any pictures until we stopped for dinner and to get gas. The first time we ate somewhere but the car. We stopped at this place called Teriyaki Madness.  It was pretty good and what's funny is they had wall with a Bob Ross quote and it was playing on the TV.

Here's my only picture of the trip so far since I was driving all day. Driving through Nevada on 80E is so incredibly boring. It is just all scrub brush forEVER. Trevor says he will drive tomorrow so maybe I'll take more pictures haha. Today he played DJ with his Spotify. The boy has some really strange taste in music. Not really bad but strange for an 18 year old lol. After 5 Frank Sinatra songs in a row I was like they all start sounding the same... haha. Later we had some 70's and 80's music mixed in.

Onto pictures from yesterday! The baby's birthday party was a lot of fun. My friends Dee & Carolyn & Allen came and we sat out on the patio for the whole party. It was really nice. Someone took a picture of us but it looks like a wide lens of my me so no one needs to see that. Good God.

Getting his shoes fixed, he loves to run around in the walker.

He loves my brother Joe, I'm pretty sure it is the beard. My niece Stella actually let me hold her for about 10 minutes before crying. I think that's a record!

This face cracks me up. I'm pretty sure I have some pictures of Jess making the same face.

This is the tricycle I bought

All the kids putting it together lol

and we took him for a little walk in it, love this picture!

Came back and not too long after this he fell asleep on me and was done for the night!

After the birthday party we went home for a little bit and then went over to the Tiki Party. I danced a little but my neck was really hurting me. I think I'm going ot have to go to a Chiropractor or something. So annoying.  I have like a big knot on the left side of my neck into my shoulder.

After dancing my friend Cassi and I sat at a picnic table and talked for awhile and then eventually Scott came over too and my friend Traci and Sheryl the Tiki Party owner lol. They have a Tiki party every year and so many people come. Our resident DJ George does music and everyone dances. People bring food to share (we didn't this year since we didn't eat either and it was later when we went). I do think this is the first year I didn't see a fight break out. Lots of people drinking leads to people being dumb for sure. This was my first mostly sober year. That wasn't quite as much fun lol.

Last night I had HORRIBLE leg cramps for the 2nd night in a row. I'm positive it's from the blood pressure meds I started taking again. There is a water pill part of it and I was reading that can cause the leg cramps due to depleting potassium in your body. I have some potassium supplements but I'm wonder if I need more than one? I'm scared to take the BP pill since it hurt so bad. I bought a couple bananas today too. Think I'll skip today and see how tonight goes. Probably take a day to get it out of my system. Can't win with anything I swear!

Ok that's all I've got, going to read a couple blogs and eat a banana lol.


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Saturday, October 9, 2021


Hello Happy Saturday!!

Today is the little guy's birthday party. It's not til 2 though so I have some time to putter around. Currently working on doing laundry so I have some clothes to take on our ROAD TRIP! I think we will leave tomorrow. 

Yesterday I went to the Dr and my blood pressure was pretty high while I was there. It is NOT that high when I'm at home. what's funny is that it was just a bit higher than it was in the past when I had to ASK for blood pressure meds and this time it was like I was being a bad girl because my prescription had run out and I stopped taking them (it wasn't too high at home so figured it was ok).  My doctor is all about prescribing meds and doesn't even say hey maybe you should try to eat healthier. I grew up in a household where meds were like the enemy (my mom is still very anti-meds) so I'm like yeah yeah I'll just work on my diet (again, sigh).  I also asked about getting a pap smear and a mammogram since they never ask about that. So I have the pap smear scheduled and the paper to call for a mammogram. Maybe I'll be healthy when I'm 50 lol. I did pretty good when I was turning 40 lmao.

After my appointment I ran to grocery store to get stuff to make macaroni salad. I asked Trevor if he wanted me to pick up something for lunch and he said Togos or Subway so I went with Togos. I haven't been in there in a long time but this is how you order now.

I'm like what? is this? lol. So annoying! I'm like do we go behind the counter and make our sandwich too?  Before you would go up to your sandwich maker and have a little chit chat while they make your sandwich. When I was doing the check out it has a spot for tip and I'm like what am I tipping for? Hey thanks for doing your job without having to actually talk to me. Sheesh. Yes I'm 100 years old now.

Came home and went back to work for an hour and a half and then I was off!

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen. Found the kitchen table again (sheesh everyone's dumping ground) and wiped counters down and stuff. Picked up the living room a little since it wasn't too bad. Just need to clean out the entry way's crap and that part of the house is clean again. 

I cooked some chicken I picked up for dinner so we'd have something to eat before darts. I wasn't hungry but I got the boys fed. Trevor came with us to sub for one of our partners since they were out for a wedding. Trevor did really good and won several games. He's like oh it's just beginners luck lol. Scott was being his usual self where he has to keep trying to change up darts all this and that instead of just relaxing and having fun. I only missed the board a couple times and got the winning points for the last game! Much improved haha.

I have to go pick up the pizza for the party at 1. Hopefully that goes smooothly lol. Just over to Costco.

Jess brought over the cushions I covered for the rocking chair she had. She said the rocking chair died so it was going out so now I can take the fabric back off and use it for something else lol. I might see if they fit on the rocking chair I have but I think they are too big. Tina LOVES the cushion lol.

Cats are so funny! Well when they aren't scratching my couch anyways. Well that's all I've got for this morning, have a great day!
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Friday, October 8, 2021


Today is my little buddy's 1st birthday! Hard to believe that was only a year ago, seems like so long ago. Side note I definitely look like my dad on the top half of my face lol. Weird how you see things when you look at pictures. His party will be tomorrow at 2. I have to make a macaroni salad haha. Gotta make sure and get all the stuff for that when I go to town today.

It's amazing how much babies grow in a year!

I went to work yesterday and I could not find my stapler but this sad thing was on my desk. I was like someone stole my really nice stapler and left this in it's place. What nerve! Then I was using it all day and I was like well this thing actually works really well. When I was cleaning up to go home I actually found my stapler under all the files I had put on my desk lol. So no idea where the sad one came from but now I have two good staplers haha.

Side note when I was looking for my missing stapler I found a government credit card an employee left in a drawer. She doesn't even work in our office anymore. My boss had me put it in the locked cabinet. 

I got 10 packets done yesterday for the new contracts. I have about 15 more to do. I did the older ones first though so we won't be THAT far behind. It was nice seeing other coworkers and talking a bit. The boss in the other department is pregnant. She has worked in the office longer than me so she's been there the whole 15 years I've worked in the office. 

Today's plan is to go to the doctor to talk about my blood work results (cholesterol and 
A1C were a little high but not SUPER bad and the liver one was bad so probably dying).  Also want them to look at these little spots on my face to make sure I don't have skin cancer. Figure I'll ask them about getting a mammogram and pap smear while I'm there since I'm over due for those too.

I asked my boss about taking next week off for a spontaneous vacation and she approved it but of course on the way home Trevor said someone finally texted him from work so we'll see if he's going to get hours next week or not. My luck we'd be in Wyoming and he'd need to be to work the next day. So debating on not taking vacation or just taking it and doing some other stuff if they do schedule him.

Today we get off two hours early for the "holiday" on Monday. So I won't be working much today! I took off from 10-1 for the doctor.

Well off to read a few things and then get ready, have a great day!

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Thursday, October 7, 2021


 Good morning, happy Thursday! Currently waiting for the kid to get out of the bathroom so I can get ready to go into work. 

Yesterday I spent all day working on my Etsy listings. I have everything but my character cozies, make up bags and masks on there now. Oh and the big bags. Kind of sick of working on it so we'll see if I do some more lol.

I was using my phone to load the pictures on there and it was taking forever so I finally moved them onto the computer and it was like lightening speed to get it done. Wish I would have done that from the beginning.

My friend Cassi asked me if I wanted to go for a ride to pick up Chinese from New China with her so I got some for Trevor and I for linner last night. That place definitely is not as good as the place we've been going to in Tracy. 

Playing around with the idea of going on a road trip with Trevor next week. They still haven't scheduled him for work and my work is kind of slow other than things I need to do in the office that aren't that time sensitive. It could be fun! It could also not be fun but let's not think that way haha. That's my I'm getting old brain kicking in ;)

Well the kid is out of the bathroom so I can get ready now. Have a good day!

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