Saturday, December 20, 2014

Running and Cookie Eating

Well I am caught up on all the "big events" of the month! Tonight we are going to a Christmas dinner down at the club house. The tickets were $20 each so hopefully the food is good haha. (yes I am cheap, I admit it!)

After Thanksgiving I fell off my Mayo Clinic Diet and then seemed to go into carb binge mode. Horrible. I have eaten many cookies, desserts and all the food. I have pretty much gave up until the New Year. Ah 'tis the season right?

I have however kept on with my running every day, although mostly I've just been doing one milers the last week or so. It's been raining almost every day. Not that I'd melt in the rain but running in the rain just kind of sucks. And as you can see by all the posts I just did that we have something almost every day of every weekend so I've been doing a "quick run" to get it done before we go onto whatever.

Today will be day 118 of running. Which, is kind of amazing to me, even though some are short, it still takes a bit sometimes to get out the door and do it.

Tomorrow I'm going to go "Do The Double" although I'm doing the shorter version they have this year. It's a 5k and then after a little break you do a 3k. Totally do-able!

I've also signed up for another half marathon in October of next year. (see side bar) My friend Sarah is really good at talking me into doing half marathons with her!

Ok off to go run and shower so I can go do a little bit more Christmas shopping before the dinner. Scott and I went out last night and got some stuff but I still have a little bit more to get done. Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is running out.

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Christmas Program

This year I didn't have any kids singing in the Christmas program at the school. Ahhhh finally. It's cute when they are little but after sitting through 15 years of them I'm kind of over it.

But wait! Trevor is in the band, and the band performs there. Argggg. So we trucked ourselves over to the school (and I forgot to take a picture of him in front of the tree because we had a little last minute visitor over at the house) to hear him play his two songs.

The school built a new gym and this is the second year for having the program in there. It's nice and big but the kids need to be up just a tiny bit higher so you can see them better and it would be nice if they would dim the lights a bit. Everyone seems to just keep on talking while the kids are performing. Drives me nuts.

Anyhow, so here is Trevor up on the stage, 2nd from the right

and the bald head in the way picture. I think I have this every single year lol

After he was done playing he came and sat with us. We watched a few classes perform and then we left. Yes, we are horrible.

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Tony's 12th Birthday

This year for my nephew Tony's birthday we went bowling. Fun times! Lots of pictures.

The birthday boy and his friends
Melissa and Adrian

The "guys" minus brother Joe

Adrian playing with Trevor

 Love this picture, my brother Joe helping Adrian bowl haha

Melissa cheering

While we were bowling I realized that Melissa and Trevor are not competitive AT ALL. Meanwhile all us adults had a fierce game of trying to beat each other.

After bowling we went back to the house for cupcakes, pizza and presents. We ended up staying quite awhile since the kids were playing and we were having a nice time hanging out.

Melissa getting some love from her cousins lol

Ava's elf is called "Elfie" and she had TP'd the Christmas tree

Adrian and Emma

Me trying to get the girls to take a picture with me

Birthday boy

Brother Louie with his son Vincent

Aall my little nieces

Scott doing planks with the twins lol. Vincent is almost crawling, he was scooting around all over.

Selfie with Emma

Trevor getting attacked by Ava

Mom and the babies

love this picture of Scott and the kids

It was a fun day! Trevor ended up spending the night with all the other boys.
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Christmas Tree

I only have one picture of the kids decorating the Christmas tree this year. They were all gun-ho (is that how you spell that lol) to get it decorated so I let them at it! They put the tree up and got the lights going almost all by themselves. I only had to help find the missing light bulbs that we had taken out last year for the moving ornaments. Oh and I helped put the garland on.

Kind of nice to have the kids do things. Then I can sit and relax ;)

While we had the ornaments out I took out all of Jessica's and her stocking and boxed them up to send to her. I sent them to her that week (which cost $50! and they say the post office doesn't make any money?) and then anxiously awaited their arrival and hoping they all made it there safe (they did). 

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Gingerbread Party 2014

My sister in law had her annual Gingerbread Party. The invitation comes from my niece Adrian, which is adorable. There were a ton of kids at the party this year! They kind of came and went in stages. Here's the beginning.

My niece Adrian is on the right with Ava behind her.

Melisssa, Tony & Trevor being a brat and not looking for me

Finished houses. Ava didn't want to take a picture because she wanted to play with the Candy Land game that was on the floor. As I get older I'm enjoying the defiant kid pictures lol.

Of course we played a lot of babies. They are getting bigger and a lot of fun to play with now. Even if they do puke on me every so often.

Emma and Melissa

Emma and her mommy Michele

The kids playing pool right before my brother came to rescue his felt lol

Mom and the twins. They loved the print on her shirt.

The kids got so rowdy that they all went outside to play for awhile. My sister in law said next year she's going to budget in a bounce house. All that sugar while making their houses all hit at once haha.

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Bev's Christmas Party

Way back on December 6th I went to my neighbor Bev's Christmas party. It was pretty much like all my favorite women (minus a couple) that live in my neighborhood. We were to bring a $30ish gift for the gift exchange game. "Something nice that you would want yourself". That took me awhile to find, but I finally settled on a gift box with a bottle of vodka and 2 pretty glasses. I thought that might be a fun gift that would get stolen and passed around a bit.

Bev has a really large living room with open beams and windows that look out on the lake. It's a really pretty house. Here's a couple pictures that show the inside a little.

She has a little bar set up in the corner and her kitchen is open to the living room too.  Here she is with her potato bar she had for us.

Bev has 3 dogs and they were kind of the life of the party for us lol. This little one is just 4 months old or so. She said her husband found it in some bushes covered with mites all over it's little ears and eyes. This is Dawn holding her.

And this is Ellie, who she found roaming the neighborhood. She's Queensland and Lab mix and the best colors and markings ever!  We hung out for quite awhile.

Not a great pic of my mom but proof she was there ;) And that's my buddy Traci with the puppy.

And Carol 

The gift exchange was fun. I ended up with a blanket, bottle of wine and some led candles. The girl that I got her gift was sitting next to me and she got mine (stole it from someone ;)). Her name is also Carol and we had  a great time talking and getting to know each other. She lives on the same street as me but on the other end. I should have got her phone number because I really liked her. She has two kids that are close to Jessica's age.

When we were leaving the party two of Bev's dogs got out, the mix one I was playing with and her yellow lab. We tried to help her catch them but they would let us get close and then run. I'm assuming they made it home eventually since I haven't heard otherwise and they were staying relatively close to home. Kind of a bummer way to end the party for her.

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Monday, December 1, 2014


Did you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving? I was able to get off work a few hours early on Wednesday which was really nice. I didn't put it to any good use though! I waited until Thursday morning to do any of the food preparation. I knew we weren't going to be eating until around 5 so I figured I had plenty of time.

First up? A run of course! Not quite a Turkey 5k but it was what was on my plan (5k-10k trainer). Scott went with me and did his couch to 5k that he's working on. We had almost the same amount of time to be out running (and walking for his).

When we got back I started making the deviled eggs (GOD I HATE peeling eggs, that sucks!)

Peanut Butter Pies for my brothers

and celery with peanut butter on it. I never realized how much stuff Jessica did for me on the holidays until this year. Usually she did all this stuff for me! 

By the time I was done with everything and took a shower and stuff it was time to go so we could hang out before dinner. This year we had Thanksgiving at my brother Joe's house. My brother Louie, Michele and the kids were there when we got there so got a lot of baby time! They were awake for almost the whole time they were there and super fun to play with. No one even puked on me, it was like a miracle!

Vincent has the white and red shirt on and Emma the with the gold heart.

Playing with cousin Melissa's shoe

With his Grandpa Howard

This is about all I get of Ava. Maybe she'll like me eventually ;)

The rest of the kids played on the couch (oh wait Ava's in there too ;)) They were playing squish Tony, he's under the pillows.


Louie, Michele, Emma, Mom, Dad

Uncle Bobby, Joe, Maegen, Charly

Scott, Me, & Howard

Trevor, Tony, Adrian, Melissa and Ava on the loose

After we were done eating the little ones were still being super cute

Just about everyone was gone by 9. I was ready to go but Scott wanted to stay and hang out for awhile. We played a few rounds of spoons and somehow I ended up napping on the couch. I woke up to my brother teaching Melissa how to count cards at like 1 am! Freaking party animals. I'm glad I didn't have to drive home.

Oh and here's Rocky my brother's horse dog. 

Overall it was a pretty nice Thanksgiving! We got to take a few left overs home so I've been carbing it up every since. 

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