Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Hello happy Tuesday! It's been a busy work morning. Caught up for the moment!

Yesterday Jess asked me to come hold the baby while she got some stuff done. Uh don't have to ask me twice haha. She had him all wrapped up so cute. He was like she's lying I wasn't being demanding ;)

Daniel showing me all his toys

Rosie watching Ms Rachel and not napping

They went to their other grandpa's house while mom and dad went to Great Wolf for her birthday. They went and picked them up this morning so they could go swimming too.

Moose stayed home so I brought him over to play this morning. Simon is exhausted now lol.

Last night's little walk. My hip was hurting so we didn't go too far. Just a big block.

Last night's dinner. Mine looks nothing like theirs. The liquid was watery and theirs looks thick. I must have done something wrong. It had good flavor but wasn't too exciting lol. 

Why I stopped buying water bottles. My family is a pack of wild animals just leaving shit all over.

Today I need to make chicken enchiladas, a cake and clean my house. And work. Scott is off today. I think he just went outside so he's not in the middle of everything. This morning he made a big breakfast which was nice but I washed 1000 dishes yesterday and now there is 20 more. 

Kids and my mom & dad are coming over around 6 for dinner. Going to be a busy day!

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Monday, April 29, 2024


Good morning happy 30th birthday Monday to my Jessica!! She has plans today so we are going to do dinner tomorrow night.

Yesterday was my dad's 76th birthday. We went over to my brother's house for cake and ice cream. My other brother's family was sick so it was just a few of us.

Stella and little Joe playing with him

Trevor went with us and we had In & Out for dinner on the way. No picture, what a bad blogger. 

I started working on some misc projects for the craft booth yesterday. I've got some Nightmare Before Christmas keychains and zip bags in the works. I also pulled out a bunch of "almost done" stuff out of my finish later box to work on. That should keep me busy for this week.

Need to go to the store and get stuff for the birthday dinner tomorrow and clean the house up a bit too. Probably leave the cleaning mostly for tomorrow ;) I do need to wash 1000 dishes again. I swear they are never ending!

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Sunday, April 28, 2024


Hellooooo happy Sunday!

Friday night I made this chicken potato casserole. It was just "ok". Put it under the broiler at the end to crisp up the cheese. 

While it was cooking Simon and I went for a walk. I got the whole perimeter of my section done. Next goal is to go around the lake there. 

I walked along one side of it. Simon thought about chasing the geese. I got a good arm work out holding her leash. 

How could I be so tired and it wasn't even 2 miles.

Saturday I was up nice and early to go to the car show! I got Scott to load my stuff in his truck and then also drove my car down there so I could have it if I needed to run home for anything. He hung out for quite awhile so that was nice. 

I had them put a cone over a huge hole so no one would step in it and break an ankle. 

All I bought all day was food lol. Oh and a shirt too. The church ladies always have a bake sale so I got my usual banana bread. 

Part of the raffle table with my quilt I donated

I sold (that I remembered to write down)
28 zip bags
5 keychains
6 coin purse
1 wine bag
1 $2 coaster pack
5 cross body bags (sold them for $10 each tired of looking of packing them up)
2 little tissue packs and
2 quilts!! (the 2 with trucks & dogs)

So with the quilts added in there that bumped my sales up to a good day haha. Next weekend is the Lodi Street Faire. I ended up loading all the stuff in the car after since my friend Eric and his son had come to hang out and helped. I was thinking I'd just leave it all in the car but I think I will have to unload it today to go to my brother's later. Don't want to be driving all over with the stuff in there. 

After I got everything packed in the car I went in the bar for a couple of drinks. None of my chatting buddies were in there so left after a bit. Came home and vegged out for a bit and then Scott and I went to Mexican food. Wasn't as good as I was hoping. Going to have to go back to the fajitas at this place. Those are REALLY good. 

It's been a slow morning here so far. Only got up because Scott made breakfast and I had to give all the animals their morning snacks when I got up too. 

Probably play around in the sewing room (surprise)  and then go to my brother's tonight for cake and ice cream for my dad's birthday.

Oh and after 24 years of selling on and off on eBay I finally have 2001 feedback haha. I was stuck at 1999 for a few days.

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Friday, April 26, 2024


Hello happy FriYeah! 
All I have for pictures today are food. I hope you aren't hungry.

I went to the office yesterday and packed myself some breakfast. Just some cottage cheese and strawberries. 

For lunch I went to the chicken bowl place. So good. 

I stayed busy all day working on the big pile of papers I was given to make files for. When I got home I had just enough time to make dinner and eat real quick before darts. 

I just ate the little bowl that was left for breakfast lol. 

Darts was pretty awesome because I got a HIGH TON! That's over 150 points. I got 2 bullseyes and a triple 17. AND then I won that game. I won another game too and our team won overall. That was our last game of the season. So far it's looking like they won't have enough teams for a summer league so I might have the summer off. 

I stayed and hung out with a couple friends after.

I don't know what I'm doing with myself today. I should go out and get my craft show stuff out of the shed since the car show set up is really early tomorrow. Nice thing is it's right down the street so I don't have to go far. Thinking I'll ask Scott to put my stuff in the truck and taking it down for me so I don't have to play Tetris in my car.

I have the car show this weekend and next weekend is the Lodi Street Faire. I half want to sell everything super cheap to get rid of it lol. Maybe at the street faire. I have so many boxes of stuff in my room I'd like to clear it out a bit.

Probably work on cleaning my sewing room up a bit until something grabs my attention to play with ;)

It's cooler and windy today. Praying for not much wind tomorrow. Wind is the worst for the car show.

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Thursday, April 25, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! I made it into the office this morning. I thought I wasn't going to have anything to do but Lisa just brought me over a huge pile of applications so that will keep me busy.

I finished my Mickey bags yesterday but forgot to take a picture before I put them in the box. Not sure what I'll work on next. I should probably work on some sports keychains. I had a bunch of Giants ones started.

For lunch yesterday I cooked up the Italian sausage that's been hanging out in the fridge with some pasta sauce and put it with the leftover rice and green beans. It was good but I was still hungry a bit later. 

Got my menu done and grocery shopping list made and hit the store.

On the way I got a milk shake and 2 cheap tacos for dinner lol.

Got home from shopping and took Simon for a walk. Just need to add one more road that goes along the lake and then the road around on the right to do the whole "section" around my house. 

Wasn't even 2 miles lol. Simon had fun though. My hips were hurting a little bit on the way back but I seem fine today so that is good.  

I felt so guilty leaving Snookie this morning. She is like glue on my leg when I'm home. Her eye is getting kind of gross I need to make her a vet visit. I thought she was just getting a cataract but it's different colors and icky. Sigh. I think her time is going to be limited she has aged so much since Rusty died. Darn animals getting old :(  

Tonight is my last dart game of the season. I'm signed up for the summer round already too though so it won't be too much time off I think. I missed it the one time I didn't sign up.

Ok off to mail 2 letters and do some organizing :)


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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I watched the kids at their house for about two hours so Jess could run to the store. Baby Nate is full of smiles :)

When you restart because your computer is being slow and it updates for 30 minutes.

I tried out the new sewing machine I got from the neighbor for $125. It is so quiet! It uses different bobbins than my machine so I ordered some off Amazon. I just did a few test runs to try it out for now.

Finished up a few bags

A few more to go!

Simon and I went for another little walk. We went a bit farther. Pretty sure that was at least a mile plus. I found the Runkeeper app in my phone so I can use that next time to see how far we walk. She is super hyper when we start off but has been calming down about 1/2 way through. She really wants to run and run fast lol.

Dinner was almost done when we got back. It turned out pretty good for not having a recipe.

Went to bed early because I was done with life for the day. 

I'm going to have to go to the store maybe today or tomorrow. There is about 5 things in the fridge. I need to wipe it all down while it is so empty. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I mostly worked on listing some stuff on eBay. I had started the day by pulling a pattern I had sold and thinking well this box is pretty empty I bet I can condense it with another one. Which I did and then I was like well I have this other box of patterns in the sewing room that I never listed so I went through those. Then I listed some other books I had sitting here. Somehow that was almost all day lol.
I have two grocery bags of not worth selling patterns now to donate. Hopefully I'll remember on Thursday when I'm out and about and can drop them off.

I took Simon for another little walk. We went one more little block down. My hips were a little sore on the way back but not too bad. We were only out about 15 minutes. I'm in such bad shape now. I hate that I did that to myself after being a runner! Going to try and walk a little bit every day to build up some stamina. The first day I went I didn't take my phone and it was a beautiful sky but this time it was like there was a fire somewhere. Simon was wishing I was on a sleigh so she could run like a crazy sled dog. Probably need to put a harness on her instead of using her collar. She is super strong.

I was trying to get her to sit with the full moon but she said no.

Today. What are we doing today? Maybe eBay maybe finish up the Mickey bags. Maybe finish up the dishes. I got one tub washed this morning already. Never got to them yesterday other than to organize them. I'm like where do these all come from? 

Trying to decide if I took my meds this morning or not. Pretty sure I didn't but can't remember for sure. 

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Monday, April 22, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! I missed posting yesterday morning since I had to close up the sewing room and that meant I had to push all my boxes in the door way into the room lol. I need to work on cleaning that up and destashing some more.

Here is my finished Unicorn #2 Rag Quilt. Still available if you want to buy it haha. $60 plus shipping. I have a few to put out for the car show this weekend now. 

Saturday I pulled out some Mickey fabrics to make some zip bags and I still haven't finished them yet but they are on their way to being done. I worked on them a bit last night after the kids left. 

The kids came over yesterday morning around 9:30 until about 4. I'm glad I had Jess bring them over to my house. They are so much easier to watch here. Plus Scott is here to help. 

This was so funny Rosie went in the dog pen

Then her brother locked her in. You can tell by the look on her face she wasn't too happy about that. He let her right back out and then she was done with that.

Simon was loving the baby

He was happy sitting in his seat for awhile so I just left him in there for a bit (sitting right next to him)

He spent a lot of time watching TV with grandpa lol.

Maybe one more time in the bassinet? Just about has it filled up. He took two little naps in there until his sister woke him up (both times). 

The only picture I took of Daniel and he had his eyes closed. 

After they left I went into the sewing room for a bit and Scott BBQ's some steaks and even cooked a vegetable! 

I worked on my Mickey bags a bit and took Simon for a little walk. I went to bed at like 9:30 and I'm still tired this morning. No plans for today other than work and sewing and washing 100 dishes again. 


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Saturday, April 20, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday!

I was trying to listen to our club board meeting this morning but the IT people can't seem to get it to work right. 

I finished the 2nd Unicorn quilt last night. It's in the washer now. I think I will work on some non quilt stuff for a bit. I have 2 craft shows coming up so I guess I should work on stuff that actually sells at those ;)

Nothing else exciting going on today.  Hopefully I come up with something productive. I'll start with a shower ;)

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Friday, April 19, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!
I thought I was babysitting this morning but Jess said Daniel is off work today so I'm off the hook. I was a tiny bit sad but I'll see the kids on Sunday :) I haven't seen them in two weeks!

Here's my work lunch from yesterday. Supporting the little hole in the wall business down the street. There were two other people there while I was there yesterday. It used to be full and a line! Hopefully I'm just missing the rush when I go in there.

After work I took a break and laid on my bed for a bit. Then I cut up 2 chickens and Trevor BBQ'd them for dinner. I forgot to take a picture. Hopefully there are left overs for lunch, you never know with these 2 guys.

I decided to just go ahead and make up the extra unicorn quilt pieces. I had to cut some more fabric to make up the difference. Now to sew them together. 

Holy cramps this morning. Aunt Flo is like but wait I don't want to go yet! Girllll you been here for 39 years it's time to leave! We have no use for you anymore!

No real work to do for work today other than a payment I don't know how to do and to turn in my time card. I guess I'll get that done.

eBay has woke up for me last night and this morning and I have 4 (small) sales. Whatever I'll take it I just need to sell all these patterns. I've been doing big sales now that I've figured out how to do that. Marking them down like 60% for their last week and such. I should put the more expensive ones on Etsy but that requires some work. 

Ok off to do my time card!


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