Saturday, April 6, 2024


Hello happy Saturday! 

Late start to the day today since I was up late watching the kiddos while there mom was at the hospital with stomach pains. She is feeling better this morning, hopefully she stays that way!

This little guy looks so much like his mommy. 

I almost finished sewing the rows together on this quilt. Hopefully I can get it done today!

I made some progress on putting clothes away that had got tossed into the baby bed. Kind of pissed me off that most of them aren't mine! Might have to go back to just washing my own stuff so I'm not being taken advantage of around here ;) I swear these boys would live in a pig pen full of shit if I wasn't here. 

Let's hope for a nice calm day for today. 

Tomorrow I'm supposed to watch all the kiddos in the morning while Jessica goes to work. Hopefully she is feeling well enough for that.

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