Friday, April 19, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!
I thought I was babysitting this morning but Jess said Daniel is off work today so I'm off the hook. I was a tiny bit sad but I'll see the kids on Sunday :) I haven't seen them in two weeks!

Here's my work lunch from yesterday. Supporting the little hole in the wall business down the street. There were two other people there while I was there yesterday. It used to be full and a line! Hopefully I'm just missing the rush when I go in there.

After work I took a break and laid on my bed for a bit. Then I cut up 2 chickens and Trevor BBQ'd them for dinner. I forgot to take a picture. Hopefully there are left overs for lunch, you never know with these 2 guys.

I decided to just go ahead and make up the extra unicorn quilt pieces. I had to cut some more fabric to make up the difference. Now to sew them together. 

Holy cramps this morning. Aunt Flo is like but wait I don't want to go yet! Girllll you been here for 39 years it's time to leave! We have no use for you anymore!

No real work to do for work today other than a payment I don't know how to do and to turn in my time card. I guess I'll get that done.

eBay has woke up for me last night and this morning and I have 4 (small) sales. Whatever I'll take it I just need to sell all these patterns. I've been doing big sales now that I've figured out how to do that. Marking them down like 60% for their last week and such. I should put the more expensive ones on Etsy but that requires some work. 

Ok off to do my time card!


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