Monday, April 8, 2024


Hello happy Melissa's Birthday Monday!

Melissa is 25 today and her boyfriend will be 28 tomorrow. We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

Last weekend ended up feeling super busy with Jess being sick Friday night and then babysitting for most of the day on Sunday. I could use another day off haha. Lucky for me the work load is light today.

Saturday I got the bicycle quilt done. The lady who lives down the street is buying it for her granddaughter for Christmas. She says she needs one more lol

I started cutting out 2 more quilts. It's such a process to find the matching fabrics why not do 2 at once lol. I have a unicorn and a fairy with babies one that I've been working on picking out and cutting fabrics for. 

Saturday I made the last Hello Fresh meal. 

It was pretty good

Sunday morning I got up and then went over to the kids house to watch them there since it was still kind of early. Only the tiny man was awake at first. He's started smiling now, so cute.

Rosie woke up with bed head lol

Daniel watched movies in his mom's room almost the whole time I was there. He only got into a little bit of mischief in-between all the times I'd check on him.

Little man only took 5 minute naps the whole time I was there until I was sitting in the rocking chair with him and Rosie. They both fell asleep and Daniel decorated me with Buzz and Jesse.  This is how I sat until Jess came home lol. 

Rosie was playing with my phone and put her picture back to the background again. I swear she's a smart little cookie. 

Tonight we will go to dinner. Darts is on Thursday this week so not for a bit. Scott is off today for his Monday off. He's been watching Game of Thrones. He did make us breakfast and took all the dirty clothes out to the garage for me. I hate lugging the big baskets out there. 

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