Monday, April 1, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! 
Easter yesterday was fun but tiring too. We definitely need to set up an outside area next time like I used to do. Just never got around to it and when it kept raining that threw us off.

Finally took out Easter stuff that has been in boxes for at least 4 years. A couple things got broke so there is less to put away next time haha. I'm only keeping one box worth of stuff so if it doesn't fit it's getting donated ;) I had 2 boxes when I pulled them out but there were a couple things that weren't actually Easter in there.

The Easter Tree is about dead so I need to get a replacement. Daniel had fun playing with it. 

The kids got like 4 Easter baskets from all the grandparents and one from home lol.
My mom and dad stopped by and dropped these off. They were doing Easter dinner with my brother Joe.

Daniel's family came over to celebrate with us. This is his grandma, his sister on the right and her boyfriend.


Chaotic egg dying. 

Attempted to make my mom's/grandma's beans. They weren't that good but they did taste good this morning with nacho cheese and chips haha. Not sure what was missing other than more salt lol

Nachos and roast beef sandwiches

Potato Salad, Mac Salad, Caesar Salad, Ambrosia Salad, Deviled eggs, Spinach Dip, cookies, brownies and jelly beans haha. Never did get my table cloth put on the table or the table pulled out.

Rosie wanted nothing to do with finding eggs. Daniel thought it was great.

Baby Nate was a happy boy all day.

My friend Dee gets the kids the cutest holiday clothes.

Our next door neighbors came over to see the baby

Daniel gave Steve some bunny ears to wear lol

Jess took this picture of our house. Love it!

I stayed up and did most of the dishes before bed. Just left the bean pot and the nachos pot to soak. I woke up 500 times last night so I'm dragging butt today.  It's nice that my house and yard are mostly cleaned up. Now to keep it that way and make it better.

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